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Zhuhai is located in the south of Guangdong Province, on the west bank of the Pearl River and Sea-Going Outlets and on the shore of South China Sea. It faces Shenzhen and Hong Kong across the sea to the east and is connected with Macau by the overland route to the south. It is 140 kilometers away from Guangzhou to the north. The city has a total area of 7640 square kilometers, of which the land area is 1640 square kilometers. Zhuhai is one of the five largest special economic zones in China. The municipality exercises jurisdiction over the Xiangzhou District, the Doumen District, and the Jinwan District. The municipal government is stationed in the Xiangzhou District. By the end of 2005, the whole city had a permanent population of 141.57 million, of which 78.52 million have a domiciliary register.

Standing on the west bank of the estuary of the Pearl River to the South China Sea, Zhuhai is a gardenlike coastal city with 146 charming islands. With its amazing large green area, the city is a modern ecotypic resort. The beautiful Jingshan Road and Qinglu Road (Lovers' Road) add romantic atmosphere to Zhuhai. In 1990s, Zhuhai City as a whole was selected as one of the top 40 tourist attractions in China. And in 1998, it won the Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment. Since then, Zhuhai has become known to the world as a most suitable place for human living.

Actually, people have lived there since the Neolithic Age four or five thousand years ago. A government administrative department was set up in the area in the Qin Dynasty (221 - 206 B.C.). During the following centuries, the area underwent slow but steady development. In 1953, Zhuhai County was set up there, upgraded to Zhuhai City in 1979. In 1980, a special economic zone was established in Zhuhai. Today, the city has under its jurisdiction three districts, namely, Xiangzhou, Doumen, and Jinwan.

In recent years, Zhuhai has made progress in economic development owning to its advantageous geographical location near Hong Kong and Macao, its ports with excellent conditions, its overseas Chinese contributions, and especially the policy of reform and opening up. Foreign investment, advanced technologies and management methods stimulated the economic boom of Zhuhai. As a result, the transportation and accommodations improved. Diversified transportation links provide a wide range of ways to get there or to travel inside the city. A variety of star rated hotels offer convenience and enjoyment.

The superior advancement in economy promotes the development of tourism of Zhuhai. The moderate climate of Zhuhai makes it an ideal tourist destination all year round. It has many attractions worthy of visiting, including the Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue, New Yuanmingyuan Garden, Pearl Land Amusement Park, Jiuzhou City, Meixi Royal Stone Archways, Huangyang Mountain and Baiteng Lake. Additionally, various appealing islands are recommended such as Dong'ao Island, Gaolan Island, Qi'ao Island and Hebao Island and so on.

Zhuhai is also famous for its hot springs and golf clubs where you can take a break from sightseeing. The consummate tourist reception and service system offers many choices of entertainment as well. Dining and shopping are also pleasant. Western and oriental cultures collide and combine here: an open, colorful, and romantic Zhuhai awaits you.

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Zhuhai View Zhuhai View Zhuhai View Zhuhai View

The unearthed cultural relics prove that our ancestors have lived and multiplied on this land early in the Neolithic Age 4,000 years ago. In the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Xiangshan Town was established in 757, which was subordinate to Dongguan County. In the Northern Song Dynasty (550-577) Xiangshan Town became a salt producer and thus had the nickname of Xiangshan Salt Workshop. In the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), the four seaside counties of Nanhai, Panyu, Xinhui and Dongguan were incorporated into one county named Xiangshan in 1152. In 1953, Zhuhai County was set up, which was the amalgamation of Xiangshan, Wanshan Archipelago, Sanzao Island and Dangan Archipelago. In 1979, Zhuhai County was changed to be Zhuhai Municipality. In 1980, Zhuhai became a special economic zone.

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Best Time to Visit
Zhuhai View Zhuhai View Zhuhai View Zhuhai View

Zhuhai has a low latitude subtropical monsoon climate. The city enjoys adequate sunshine and rainfall. The annual average temperature is 22.4 centigrade degree. The coldest months are January and February. Temperature goes up in April. From May to September it gets relatively hotter and more rainfall. The annual average precipitation is 1,700 to 2,300 millimeters. Wind blows in from the sea, bringing very pleasant weather all the year. In summer and autumn, typhoon occasionally harass the city. The average relative air humidity is 79%. Tourists shall pay attention to weather forecast so as to prepare timely clothes and rain gear.

Located in a low latitude area along the southern coast of China, Zhuhai has a subtropical marine climate. It enjoys sufficient sunlight and large quantity of heat. However it is frequently ravaged by the tropical monsoon from south Asia and by thunder storms, sometimes even typhoons in May, June and July. Weather in Zhuhai generally is warm and humid with abundant rainfall, 90% of which concentrates on the rainy season from May to October. So the half year from November to the next April is good to visit Zhuhai and the best times are March, April, November, and December.

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Doumen Peeler Crab Hengqin Oysters Baiteng Lotus Roots Wanshan Prawn
Steamed Tench Famous Local Dishes Famous Local Dishes Famous Local Dishes

The style of Zhuhai cuisine is similar to that of Shenzhen. It is dominated by Guangdong cuisine and also incorporates cuisines of other parts in the world. It is a good choice to savor the fresh and cheap seafood abundant in Zhuhai, such as fresh oysters, green crabs, lobsters, urchins, barnacles, the general's caps (a kind of abalone). The one worth mentioning is the Portuguese cuisine of Zhuhai. It is generally dealt with by chefs of Portuguese origin. It is a new fashion to take Portuguese cuisine in Zhuhai. Restaurants attached to hotels are capable of holding more than 20 thousand customers. The eight well-known schools of Chinese cuisine, western cuisines, the Emperor's banquet, Chinese medicinal cusine are all served here. The Zhuhai cuisine integrates delicacies throughout the world. The dishes feature a wide range of raw materials, diversified colors and new designs with rich flavor of South China. The famous dishes include Zhuhai roasted pigeon, roast pig, abalone cooked like a peacock, Deishi rock oyster of Yinkeng, lotus root of Baiteng Lake, etc.

The dishes can be tasted everywhere in Zhuhai, especially in the food streets. Tang Food Street at Jingshan Road is sure to be your first choice. With distinctive Tang architectural style, pleasant natural environment and more importantly the delicious food in a large number and at reasonable prices, it has become an increasingly popular place for tourists. Public buses Nos.13, 20 and 43 can take you there. In addition, Yangming Food Street at South Fenghuang Road Commercial Area, Yindu Food Street inside Yindu Hotel in Gongbei, and Seafood Street at Wanzai Town are also good choices.

As a holiday paradise for tourists from all over the world, Zhuhai has not only beautiful natural scenery but also many distinctive restaurants with various domestic and foreign styles and flavor, making dining in this city most convenient and enjoyable.

Famous Local Dishes

Doumen Peeler Crab

Peeler crabs live in the salted and fresh waters. It is a rare seafood. Its body shiny when cooked and the meat taste tender and fresh. The dish contains plenty of protein, and is an invigorating food well known in such areas as Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and Zhuhai, etc.

Hengqin Oysters

This is a kind of Offshore oysters, living in the surrounding waters of the Hengqin Island. The water flows smoothly around the Hengqin Island, with adequate salinity and temperatures, full of nutrition without pollution, and therefore is ideal for oyster growth. The jumbo oyster is delicious, tender, sweet and fresh, and it's famous for its large size, meaty body, white color, tender taste, and crisp texture at home and abroad. Oysters are a top marine product with rich nutrition and dietary values. It has good effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, restoring qi, replenishing qi and blood, resolving the hard lumps, calming the liver and subduing yang and treating dizziness, sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. it is also capable of preventing and curing diseases, such as curearteriosclerosis and cancer. Eating oysters regularly will make your skin lustrous, smooth, white and beautiful.

Baiteng Lotus Roots

The lotus roots living in the Baiteng Lake area is unique, natural, pollution-free. It is famous for its large size and pulpy texture without dregs in regions of Hongkong and Macao. Baiteng lotus roots are presented to relatives and friends as gifts and promoted on banquets. The dishes are "braised lotus roots with roast pork" and "braised lotus roots with frogs".

Wanshan Prawn

The Wanshan Prawn, also called "crystal prawn", is one of eight important staple marine products and important marine product resources along the coast of the country. The fishing fields of Wanshan Islands in Zhuhai have a long history of prawn farming. The prawn can be steamed and fried. It can be made not only into all style of delicate snacks, but also into all sorts of famous dishes.

Oyster Banquet

Oysters originate from the Fuxiang Bay oyster field in Hengqin. The Hengqin Island is an off island in the south of Zhuhai City. It is about 40 minutes' drive from the ferry quay of the Jiuzhou Harbor. The oyster field is opposite to Luhuan, face Macau across the bay. The period from November to April of every year is the ideal season for savoring oysters as oysters maturate gradually during winter times after being cultivated for more than a half year. The oysters raised in the Hengqin Island are especially large in size and thick in meat due to good quality water. They can be fried crisp, scalded, baked on iron boards and baked with ginger and scallion. It is also excellent for the dish of "surrounding the hot pot", a chafing dish cooked in a terrine. Oysters contain rich protein, which is believed to have effects of strengthening yang and preserving face. Therefore, as the oyster season arrives, a great number of "oyster guests" will come a long way from Macau, Zhuhai, Zhongshan and other areas to gorge on oysters.

Steamed Tench

Firstly, clean and scald the tench, make willow-leaf-pattern cuts in the sides, and place the ham slices, bamboo shoot slices, mushroom slices and shrimps in the cuts. Secondly, place scallion strips, ginger strip, lard and cooking wine on top of the fish. Thirdly, steam on a high heat for 15 minutes, put the tench on a plate, remove the scallion and ginger, and sprinkle with sesame oil.

Mud Baked Chicken

The Cantonese have many innovations in eating chickens. There are salt baked chicken, cold steamed chicken, chicken with gravy, countryside chicken and roadside chicken. Even if they don’t number one in the country, it will not fall behind the third and the fourth. According to the expert, “mud-baked chicken” is refined and evolved from the famous dish of Changshu “beggar-like chicken”, which literally means the dish is made by wrapping chicken with mud.

The chickens are transported from Qingyuan and “not too large, not too small” ones are specially selected. They are exquisitely processed through many procedures. The mud-baked chicken served on the table is so fragrant as to make your mouth water. The flavor is to the marrow and well absorbed. As the saying goes, a good wine needs no bush.

Stewed Rice Worm

Stewed Rice Worm is a famous Guangdong cuisine. It is soft and fragrant with rich nutrition, which is liked by many Cantonese. The rice worm, whose scientific name is tylorrhynchus heterochaetus, originates from the Pearl River delta area. It lives in the surface soil layer of rice fields at the juncture of salty waters and fresh waters and feeds on the rotten roots of standing grains. The rice worm has a shape of a chilopod while it has more feet than a chilopod. More interestingly, its body can vary between all kinds of bright colors at all times, whereas the body takes on a yolk color after being cooked. The rice worm, though small in size, contains rich protein. It is fragrant, fresh, tender, smooth, and tasty. The rice worm has the effects of replenishing vital essence, strengthening spleen, warming body, and dehumidifying. The inhabinants in the Doumen County or whereabout of Zhuhai City have the tradition of fishing for rice worm. In May and September of every year, people will hold an electric torch in hand and catch rice worm with nets on the grass marsh at night. The scene is extremely jolly. The rice worm in May is called “lichi worm” while that in September is called “autumn worm”.

Famous Local Dishes Famous Local Dishes Famous Local Dishes Famous Local Dishes
Famous Local Dishes Famous Local Dishes Famous Local Dishes Famous Local Dishes

Featured Restaurants

New Haizhen Fishing Harbor

Opposite to the Grand Yijing Bay Restaurant, the new Haizhen Fishing Harbor is the sole seafood restaurant situated on the seaside beach. The clean restaurant with smiling waitresses serves tasty dishes. Tourist can also enjoy watching the open stretch of the blue sky and the blue sea here. When winter and summer come, the restaurant serves authentic banyan snake and beef ball chafing dishes. The restaurant specializes in various of seafood, such as abalones, sea cucumbers, and shark fins at reasonable prices.
Location: No.86 the middle section of the Qinglv Road in Jida, Zhuhai City.

New Zhandian Restaurant

They serve a series of seasonal tonic dishes with raw materials brought from the mountainous countryside. The boiled countryside chicken slice is considered as the "treasure" of the restaurant for its authentic flavor. The seafood served here is also worth tasting.
Location: On the Yanhe East Road in the Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City; Tel: 0756-2133388 0756-2132288

Linggao Digital Posthouse

Located on the second floor of the Yihua commercial mansion in Waizai of Xiangzhou District, the Linggao Digital Posthouse is a western restaurant with magnificent decoration and graceful style, blending leisure, entertainment and dining together. It centers on western food and offers free internet service. Inviting several friends and taking booth seats, it is comfortable to go on-line for chatting and listening to music. The charges there are low.
Location:On the second floor of the Yihua Commercial Mansion in Waizai, Xiangzhou District; Tel: 0756-2121498

Jinyuexuan Restaurant

Average Cost per Person: about CNY100
Opening Hours: 08:00-24:00
Specialties: the best Cantonese restaurant in Zhuhai with a beautiful sea view, authentic delicacies and high quality service; reservations are recommended.
Location: 1-3F, B District, Rihua Commercial Plaza, No.265, South Qinglu Road, Xiangzhou District
Bus Routes: 4, 9, 13, 99, Sightseeing Bus 02

Deyuefang Restaurant

Average Cost per Person: about CNY150
Specialties: with an appealing scenery of Xianglu Bay and special boat-shaped dining hall with imperial style.
Location: inside Mingting Park, Yeli Island, Xiangzhou District
Bus Route: Sightseeing Bus 02

Shishen Restaurant

Average Cost per Person: about CNY80
Tangjia Branch: Dieshi, Gangwan Avenue, Xiangzhou District
Bus Routes: 3, 7, 10, 68, 69, Sightseeing Bus 02
Gongbei Branch: 1F, Nanyang Sea View Hotel, No.108, Middle Gaosha Street, Xiangzhou District
Bus Routes: 4, 9, 13, 207

Hengqin Oyster Restaurant

Average Cost per Person: about CNY60
Location: Fuxiang Bay Oyster Farm, Hengqin, Xiangzhou District
Bus Route: 14

Yuren Matou Restaurant (Wanzai Branch)

Average Cost per Person: about CNY40
Location: No.3013, Nanwan Road, Wanzai, Xiangzhou District
Bus Routes: 5, 14, 30

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Oysters Huangjin Eels Baijiao Rice Worm Huangyang Lichi
Oyster and Deishi Oyster Oil Xiaotuo Hill Orange Nanping Crisp Tench Qianwu Gristle Strange Fish

Zhuhai's superior geographical location contributes to its favorable natural environment giving an abundance of special local products. The various special products boast distinctive local features of Zhuhai and make good souvenirs as well as nice presents for your family or friends. Zhuhai has many flourishing commercial areas with a series of huge shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets that will make your shopping experience easier.

To be frank, Zhuhai is not a city from where you can buy your favorite antiques or souvenirs, yet there are still many other options for you. The various special local products of Zhuhai will certainly give you a new shopping experience, and the main shopping items are aquatic products and tropical fruits, including fish, eel, oyster sauce, crabs, prawns and teal.

Special Local Products


Big oysters are produced on the coast of Zhuhai which is at the boundary of salt and fresh water. They are rich in protein and minerals, which makes then able to be produced into a nutritious oyster sauce that is popular in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as Southeast Asian.

Huangjin Eels

It originates from the rivers along the coast of the Doumen County. Especially the reaches near Huangjin have the longest history of producing eels with the largest quantity of eels. Huangjin Eel has fat body and tender flesh. It sells well in Hongkong, Macau and Japan. It is crisp, fragrant and refreshing after being stir-fried and is glutinous, smooth and sweet after being stewed.

Seashell Ornaments

After a tour to a seashore city, the most exciting thing would be to take back home some seashore souvenirs. There are many stores and smalls shops that sell beautiful seashells or other small ornaments.

Baijiao Rice Worm

There are a greatest number of damp fields in Liuwei, Qiwei and Bawei of Baijiao as well as the tidal flat in the newly enclosed reclamation area of Heye. There are two harvest seasons every year. The rice worms, which are harvested during the tidal period on the first day and the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar after the Qingming Festival, are called “lichi worms” while those harvested before or after August 15th of the lunar calendar are called “autumn worm”. The rice worm can be stir-fried, fried, baked, steamed, raw sunned, prickled and stewed. It tastes fresh and contains rich protein. It is a food with unique flavor.

Huangyang Lichi

It originates from the forestry center of fruit trees on the west side of the Huangyang Mountain and Dongwan County in Lianxi. Huangyang Lichi is super large in size and thick in flesh, newton pippin in color. It is transparent, crisp, tender, refreshing, and faintly sweet like honey.

Special Local Products Special Local Products Special Local Products Special Local Products

Oyster and Deishi Oyster Oil

Since the west bank of the mouth of the Pearl River is located at the juncture of salty waters and fresh waters, fresh oysters of Zhuhai are large in size with thick meat inside. They contain rich protein and mineral substance. Especially Dieshi oyster oil has a good market in Hongkong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Tanxiang Mountain and other places.

Xiaotuo Hill Orange

It abounds in the Xiaotuo Hill on the east side of the Huangyang Mountain. It is customary for the villagers to entertain the guests with tea and several oranges. Since the Xiaotuo Hill oranges have the effects of resolving phlegm, relieving a cough, causing diuresi, smoothing urine flow, whetting one's appetite and treating infantile malnutrition, it is very popular.

Nanping Crisp Tench

The Nanping crisp tench is cultivated with special methods. It is crisp and refreshing. It acquires it name from its place of origin, Nanping.

Qianwu Gristle Strange Fish

It originates from the Puzu Pit or whereabouts of the Qianwu reservoirs. It has a similar shape to that of common strange fish. However, it has smooth body with a dent in the breast. After being cooked, it bones are transparent and milky in color, and taste like bean vermicelli. Its flesh tastes fresh, tender and delicious.

Recommended Shopping Sites

South Yingbin Road Commercial Area Lianhua Road Commercial Area Jingshan Road Commercial Area Wanzai Seafood and Dried-food Market

South Yingbin Road Commercial Area

Extending from South Yingbin Road to Gongbei Port Square, this is one of the most flourishing commercial areas in Zhuhai.

Lianhua Road Commercial Area

This is a traditional pedestrian commercial street in Zhuhai and an ideal place for shopping, sightseeing and relaxing.

Jingshan Road Commercial Area

There are a series of huge shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets on both sides of the road, and they are arranged in a modern style, selling various commodities.

Wanzai Seafood and Dried-food Market

It is located near Wanzai Port, facing Macau across the ocean, selling aquatic products and native special products, such as sea horse, starfish, sea urchin, sea cucumber, sea snake, blood clam, oyster, crab, shark's fin and white bait.

Farm Products Market

Farm Products Market is scattered in residential quarters. The market opens early in the morning and closes late in the evening. Seafood, vegetables, flowers and various kinds of special local products are on sale. The market is very convenient for inhabit ants to get their daily necessities.

Shopping Mall

Wanjia Department Store
Address: International Mansion, No 1019, South Yingbin Road, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District

Yingbin Commercial Plaza
Address: No 1144, Yingbin Road (South), Gongbei

Address: 1F, No 1077, Yingbin Road (South), Gongbei

Zhuhai Department Store
Address: No.222, Jingshan Road, Jida, Xiangzhou District

Tax-Free Shopping Mall
Address: No.220, Jingshan Road, Jida, Xiangzhou District

New Seven-Star Shop
Address: Jingshan Road, Jida, Xiangzhou District

Minghe Department Store
Address: No.1118, South Fenghuang Road, Xiangzhou District

Maoye Department Store
Address: 1-3 F, No.301, Zijing Road, Xiangzhou District

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Bar Bar Bar House Bar
Bar Bar Bar Bar

Zhuhai is a coastal city with a number of islands; various kinds of water entertainment therefore prevail here. You can take a ferryboat to the charming islands of Zhuhai or just have a cruise in the offing. Also, you can do water sports like surf-riding, diving and sailing.

Besides those activities on sea, there are many other places for you to do sport. If you are interested in golf, two international golf courses in Zhuhai are ready for you. One is Zhuhai Golden Gulf Golf Club located at Jinwan Avenue. The other is Zhuhai Golf Villa Village in Tangjiawan. Other sports centers such as tennis courts, shooting galleries, bowling alleys, and kart racing courses are at your convenience.

If you want to relax yourself, the famous hot spring in Zhuhai is your first choice. There you can enjoy professional services of sauna and massage.

After tired sightseeing and other activities in daytime, there are many places for you to go at night, getting recreation and relaxation. Like in other places of the province, you can listen to the Cantonese Opera. Or you can take a special night cruise on the sea area of Zhuhai. In addition, large numbers of bars, pubs, nightclubs, KTVs, cinemas, theaters, cafes and teahouses can also enrich your nightlife.

Pubs and Bars

As an immigrant city, Zhuhai has many people from other places of the country. Bars are ideal choices for the immigrants and the local youths to have recreation and relaxation. Although the fittings, facilities and performance in the bars and the pubs of Zhuhai need to be further improved, going to bars at night anyhow becomes an unstoppable fashion.

There are many bars and pubs in Zhuhai scattered in the streets and lanes of the city, especially in Jida, Gongbei and along the Qinglu Road. Shuiwan Bar Street at the Shuiwan Road of Gongbei musters the outstanding and distinctive exponents of Zhuhai bars. With the support of the municipal government of Zhuhai, this bar street is set up to promote tourism even the local economy. The constructions of the whole street, about 300 meters (about 328 yard) in length, are of a European style combined with Chinese modern garden sights as well as the local features. Various bars, pubs, cafes and nightclubs along both sides of the street have their respective characteristics, showing different scenes and themes. You can get there by the bus Nos.4, 9, 13, or 207.

Recommended Bars & Pubs

House Bar
Specialties: A bar famous for its excellent jazz music, wonderful singing and dancing performances, table show, authentic cocktail and American bartender show.
Address: District H, Shuiwan Bar Street, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District

COHIBA (Xiyanghui Bar)
Specialties: This bar boasts that it is the most gentle one in Zhuhai, sticking to the traditional European style and English bartending method; the bartenders there are mainly from Hotel Lisboa of Macao.
Address: No.203-209, Shuiwan Bar Street, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District

Red Bar
Address: 1F, Haiwan Haoyuan Business Center, No.225, Shuiwan Bar Street, Xiangzhou District

Famous Bars in Other Places of Zhuhai
Disco Yesterday & Club Tomorrow
Specialties: It is the best disco bar in Zhuhai with ancient Egyptian-style fittings and excellent lighting and acoustics.
Address: 1F, Yuhuayuan, No.2041, Yingbin Avenue, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District
Bus Routes: 1, 2, 10, 11, 32

Mengdu Bar
Specialties: A bar with good environment, excellent DJs and acoustics.
Address: 1F, Taihe Business Center, Ningxi, Xiangzhou District
Bus Routes: 10, 11, 12, 14, 20, 32, 55, 56, 201, 609

Cinemas & Theaters

Zhuhai has many cinemas and theaters, which provide you up-to-date movies and wonderful performances. You can try the following ones:

Zhuhai Theater
Address: No.1014, South Fenghuang Road, Xiangzhou District

Qianshan Cinema
Address: No.76, Qianshan Road, Xiangzhou District

Zhuhai Theater Qianshan Cinema U.B.C. Coffee Hometown Teahouse

Cafes & Teahouses

If you want to have a quiet and leisurely time at night, cafes and teahouses are good choices. Here are the recommended ones:

U.B.C. Coffee
Xiangzhou Branch: 2F, No.289, East Renmin Road, Xiangzhou District
Gongbei Branch: 2F, north side of Yingbin Square, South Yingbin Road, Xiangzhou District
Doumen Branch: No,1, Second Jiangwan Road, Jing'an Town, Doumen District

Pele Coffee
Wanjia Branch: 3F, Wanjia Department Store, South Yingbin Road, Xiangzhou District
Maoye Branch: Maoye Department Store, No.301, Zijing Road, Xiangzhou District

Hometown Teahouse
Gongbei Branch: No.282, Yuehua Road, Xiawan, Xiangzhou District
Xiangzhou Branch: No.251, Ningxi Road, Xiangzhou District

Sanguiting Teahouse
Specialties: A teahouse with authentic tea arts and tea etiquettes show, simple but special fittings, and a unique vantage viewpoint of Xianglu Bay and the Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue.
Address: 3F, Sightseeing Building opposite the Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue, Middle Qinglu Road, Xiangzhou District

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Air Railway Highway Jiuzhou Port

Zhuhai has perfect transportation networks and quite convenient external access. It has initially established a comprehensive sea-land-air three-dimensional traffic and transportation network with the airport and harbor as the center. The city has seven first-class ports. It is merely over ten minutes' walks to and from Macau. The land transportation is even more convenient. The Lingding Ocean Bridge which leads to Hongkong is under construction. Work has also started on the construction of The Guang-zhu railway. In the near future the international city layout of Zhuhai will be established.

External Transportation


Zhuhai Airport is located at the southwest tip of Sanzao Island in the West Zhuhai, 31 kilometers away from the urban areas. The airport is surrounded by the sea on three sides.. With all the indexes reaching the international advanced level, the airport has reached the standards of the international first-class civil airport. It covers an area of 92 thousand square meters and composed of the hall in general, the departure hall and the sightseeing hall. The embarking and disembarking passengers use different paths. As a modern airport, it has direct flights to and from more than 20 major cities, such as Chongqing, Shanghai, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Beijing, Chengdu, Changsha, etc.

There will always a bus heading for the urban areas when every flight arrives at the Zhuhai airport,20yuan/person. If you want to take a taxi, you can choose from the red ones. Most of these taxis take passengers to the airport and the drivers are reluctant to return with an empty car. Therefore the taxi fare is relatively cheap and can be bargained at about 50yuan.

Most of the ticket offices in Zhuhai often practise ticketing business of the Zhuhai airport, the Guangzhou Baiyun airport, and the Shenzhen airport.


Unaccompanied Minor or Senior Passengers: Unaccompaniedchildren between 5~12 years old and passengers over 60 years old can applyfor this special service when you buy the tickets. Assistants will help themuntil boarding.

Wheel Chair Service: Disabled passengers can apply for a wheelchair at the Enquiry Counter (see comment below) or Check-in Counter. A wheelchair and assistance for check-in and boarding will be provided.

VIP Service: Assistant service for onward transport formalityhandling, check-in, security check and ushering for boarding will be providedfor VIP passengers.

Baggage Packing Service: Near the check-in counter of the DepartureHall, baggage packing service is available.

Baggage Storage: Aside from the Baggage Packing counter, baggagestorage is available. The ticket and your valid ID


Bus No.207:
Xiangzhou→ Airport: from 06:20~18:40 with an interval of 24 minutes;
Airport→ Xiangzhou: from 06:40~19:00 with an interval of 24 minutes

Bus No.201:
Sanzao→ Xiangzhou: 06:10~21:20 with an interval of 6 minutes;
Xiangzhou→ Sanzao: 05:55~21:05 with an interval of 6 minutes

Bus No.702: Sanzao→ Airport: from 06:10~ 19:30

Of course, you can also take a taxi just outside the airport hall to the city center. It takes less time and usually costs CNY 80-100. You probably can bargain with the taxi driver.

Zhuhai Sanzao Airport Information Lines:
0756-7771580 (for flights leaving from Zhuhai)
0756-7771111 (for flights arriving Zhuhai)

Buying Airline Tickets:

Most airline ticket offices in Zhuhai supply the tickets of the airport of Zhuhai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
Zhuhai Airport Ticket Office: 0756-7771840, 0756-7771841
Zhongzhu Airline Ticket Office: 0756-8287888, 0756-8287999
Xiangzhou Airline Ticket Office: 0756-2250598, 0756-2250599 


Although there are no railways in Zhuhai, there are many train ticket offices, selling tickets for trains starting from the Guangzhou, which bring great convenience to train travelers. Be forwarned though, those offices don't deal with ticket cancellation. You have to go Guangzhou Railway Station in case you want to cancel your train travel plan.


Based on the high-grade arterial highways, Zhuhai highways system centers on the city and radiate to nearby counties and towns. It has established a land way traffic network system which connects major towns, ports, the airport and the harbor. There are highway coaches to and from many major southern cities in the country.

As the development of highway and freeways, especially the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai Freeway, long-distance bus becomes a very important option for going to Zhuhai. There are mainly three long-distance bus stations in Zhuhai, having buses headed for Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and many other cities within Guangdong Province. Nowadays, it takes less than two hours from Zhuhai at the southern tip of the Pearl River Delta to any other places in this area. For example, it just takes about one and a half hours from Zhuhai to Guangzhou by the freeway. In addition, buses bound for cities in other provinces are also available. Guilin, Nanning, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Chongqing, Nanjing, Changsha, Nanchang, Kunming, and Haikou are frequent destinations.

The following is some detailed information on the three main long-distance bus stations in Zhuhai:

Zhuhai Long-Distance Bus Station

This is the largest state long-distance bus station with a large number of buses bound for cities in or out of the province. Buses bound for Guangzhou generally depart every half an hour between 07:00 and 19:00. And buses headed for Shenzhen depart every 25 minutes or so during the operating time from 07:20 to 20:15. The interprovincial buses are usually run towards cities in provinces of Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Sichuan, Hainan, etc. Buses here sometimes are in poor condition however with low prices. For instance, the bus headed for Guangzhou charges only CNY35 per person, cheaper than that of the buses in the other two stations.

Address: No.59, Zijing Road, Xiangzhou District
Bus Routes: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 201, 206, 207

Qiguan Long-Distance Bus Station

It is a long-distance bus station having buses mainly headed for Guangzhou at an interval of half an hour. The operating time is from 07:45 to 19:00. Also, it has buses bound for Zhongshan, Dongguan, Shantou, and other cities within the province.

Address: Shuiwan Road, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District
Bus Routes: 10, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 601

Note: Qiguan Long-Distance Bus Station has a branch in Zhuhai Hotel at the Jingshan Road. The buses here run towards the same destinations as the main station but operate 15 minutes later. This branch station can be reached by the public buses Nos. 2, 3, 13, 20, 21, 23, 26, 40, 43, 60, 202, 206, 207, and 605.

Gongbei Long-Distance Bus Station

This station is in a comparatively large scale. Every day, there are buses headed for Guangzhou at an interval of 10 to 15 minutes during the operating time between 06:00 and 20:30. The charge is CNY55 per person. Buses bound for Shenzhen depart every 10 or 15 minutes from 07:00 to 20:30 and charge CNY75 per person. Besides, there are buses at longer intervals running towards other cities within Guangdong or cities in Guangxi, Henan, Hunan and Fujian.

Address: No.1, Lianhua Road, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District
Bus Routes: 1, 2, 4, 10, 11, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 601

Note: A ticket office is set up at the east side of the Gongbei Port Square, selling tickets for the buses of Gongbei Long-Distance Bus Station bound for cities in Fujian Province, including Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Wuyishan and so on.


Wanzai Port Wanzai Port Wanzai Port Wanzai Port

The Zhuhai harbor has eight port areas, with Gaolan and Jiuzhou as the main ports. There are in total 5 first-class ports and 17 second-class ports. The Jiuzhou port is a oceanic traffic conjunction of the South China and the Asia-Pacific Region and has a direct navigation to and from large harbors within the province and beyond. There are daily boats coming and going between Hongkong, Shenzhen and Zhuhai. There are also 24 navigations every day from the Jiuzhou Harbor to Hongkong with a single trip of 70 minutes, and 50 navigations (fliers) every day heading for Shekou with a single trip of merely one hour.

Zhuhai is an important harbor city along the southern coast of China. With such excellent condition of many islands and ports, it is called 'City of a Hundred Islands' and enjoys developed water carriage, facilitating the transportation of both cargoes and passengers. The following is information on the three main passenger ports:

Jiuzhou Port

Focusing on enormous passenger transport, Jiuzhou Port is a sea transport hub of south China and even the Asia-Pacific Region. It has direct sea routes every day to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and many other ports within or without Guangdong Province. Now, ships have become the fastest and most convenient vehicle for traveling between Zhuhai and Hong Kong or Shenzhen. It takes just an hour or so from Zhuhai to these two cities.

Ships from Hong Kong to Jiuzhou Port depart every one hour between 07:30 and 21:30. It takes about one hour and ten minutes and costs HKD165 (about CNY161) per person for the tourist class, HKD175 (about CNY171) per person for the first-class cabin, and HKD205 (about CNY201) per person for the VIP cabin. The return ships from Jiuzhou Port to Hong Kong operate between 08:00 and 21:30 at an interval of about one hour. The charge is CNY150 per person for the tourist class, CNY160 per person for the first-class cabin, and CNY190 per person for the VIP cabin.

Passenger ships between Jiuzhou Port of Zhuhai and Shekou Port of Shenzhen depart every half an hour during the operating time every day. The ships operate from 07:30 to 18:00 in Shenzhen Shekou Port while from 08:00 to 18:00 in Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port. The operating time extends to 18:30 between April 1 and August 31 however shortens to 17:30 from October 16 to January 15 the next year. The whole journey takes about one hour and costs CNY70 per person.

Address: No.599, South Qinglu Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Bus Routes: 3, 4, 12, 23, 25, 26, 99, Sightseeing Bus 02

Doumen Port

This is another important passenger port of Zhuhai, operating a sea route to Hong Kong. A passenger ship from Hong Kong to Doumen departs every day at 8:35 and makes the return voyage to Hong Kong at 16:30. The whole journey takes less than two hours and costs HKD160 (about CNY156) per person from Hong Kong to Zhuhai while CNY138 per person from Zhuhai to Hong Kong.

Address: Baijiao Town, Doumen District, Zhuhai
Bus Route: 304

Wanzai Port

Wanzai Port provides a sea route to the adjacent Macao. Ships between Wanzai Port and the No.16 Yuetong Port of Macao depart from both sides about eight times between 08:30 and 16:30. The journey takes only ten minutes and costs HKD12 (about CNY11.7) per person from Macao to Zhuhai while CNY15 per person from Zhuhai to Macao.

Address: South Nanwan Road, Wanzai, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Bus Routes: 5, 14, 30, 60

Internal Transportation

City Bus Sightseeing Bus Taxi Sightseeing Ferryboats

The traffic in the Zhuhai city is convenient and quick with the characteristics of a big city. The broad and even main roads run in four directions among flower beds and shades, connecting all the scenic spots together. Either the taxis which stop at your wave of hand and charge at marked price and the special air-conditioned bus lines leading to all the tourist spots, or the fliers which take you to all the beautiful islands, will bring great convenience to your tour around Zhuhai. And you will feel safe and comfortable in them.

>>By City-Bus

Generally speaking, public bus is an economical and ideal choice for travelingaround Zhuhai. The public bus network in Zhuhai is excellent. Nearly 100 busroutes extending around the city cover most tourist attractions of Zhuhai. Thelarge numbers of advanced buses in good condition really bring you convenience.The waiting booths at the stops of the bus routes are unique in China. They aregardenlike constructions, providing passengers a pleasant environment.

The starting time of the first buses varies from 05:40 to 08:30 in the morning,with most between 06:00 and 07:00. The finishing time of the last buses variesfrom 17:15 to 0:35 the next day. Usually, the buses such as No.2 or No.8 running in the central area of the city operate late even till midnight. A number of buses depart at an interval of 3 to 15 minutes. However, buses with long routes generally depart at longer intervals.

Most of the buses have no conductor, so you'd better prepare some loose change before getting on one. The charge is CNY 1 per person for an ordinary bus and CNY2 per person for an air-conditioned one. For the far areas in Doumen and Jinwan Districts in the west part of Zhuhai, the charge of public buses started from the central Xiangzhou District is often up to CNY 7 per person.

>>By Sightseeing Bus

Zhuhai has special sightseeing buses to facilitate tourists. The present two routes of the sightseeing buses cover most of the famous attractions of Zhuhai. The buses are air-conditioned double-deckers with advanced facilities like mobile TV sets. The operating time is from 07:00 to 21:00 and you need to prepare some loose change since there is no conductor on the sightseeing buses. Here is some detailed information on the two routes:

Sightseeing Bus 01 departs every 20 minutes during the operating time.

Ticket Price: CNY2
Route: Fenghuang Mountain Scenic Area<-->Dongkeng Park<--> Agricultural Scientific Academy<--> Meixi Royal Stone Archways Tourist Area<--> DreamWater City<--> New Yuanmingyuan Garden<--> Lanpu <--> Bailiandong Park<--> Lianhua Mountain<--> Jida<--> Jiuzhou City

Sightseeing Bus 02 departs every 30 minutes.

Ticket Price: CNY3
Route: Dajinding<-->Zhuhai International Circuit<-->Pearl Land Amusement Park<-->Tangjia <-->Dieshi<-->Xiangzhou Port<-->Mingting Park<--> Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue<-->Jiuzhou Port<--> South Qinglu Road<--> Gongbei Pass<-->Overseas Chinese Hotel<--> JiuzhouCity

>>By Taxi

Zhuhai's over 1,000 taxies traveling around the city can really bring you convenience.As a coastal city of China, the price in Zhuhai including the taxi fare is some what higher than that in inland areas. A Zhuhai taxi charges CNY10 for the firstthree kilometers (about 1.9 miles), and CNY2.4 for each extra kilometer (about 0.6 mile). And CNY0.6 will be added for the waiting time of every one minute.If you take a taxi in the early hours after midnight, the charge will increase to CNY 13 for the first three kilometers.

Most of the tourist attractions of Zhuhai are near each other in the east Xiangzhou District, so a taxi is a good choice. However, some places in the west area of Zhuhai are a little distant from the urban east area; a taxi consequently isexpensive. In addition, it is hard for you to find a taxi in the distant westto the east area of the city.Complaints call:0756--2261133.

>>By Ferry

Ferryboat is necessary for going to various islands scattering in the offing east of Zhuhai. At present, Xiangzhou Beidi Port is the most important and busy passenger port. You can easily get there by the public bus No.11 or No.56. Ithas fast and slow ferryboats from the mainland of Zhuhai to those lovely islandsin Wanshan Archipelago, including Guishan Island, Wailingding Island, DanganIsland, Dong'ao Island, and Wanshan Island.

Fast Ferryboats

1. Xiangzhou Beidi Port<--> Guishan Island <--> Wailingding Island
This line operates three times every day. The boat departs from Xiangzhou at 08:20, 14:30, and 16:30, arrives at Guishan at 09:35, 15:15, and 17:20, and then gets to Wailingding at 09:55, 16:00, and 18:00. The return boat from Wailingdingdeparts at 08:00, 10:10, and 16:20, reaches Guishan at 08:45, 10:55, and 16:55, and goes back to Xiangzhou at 09:30, 11:40, and 17:45. A one way journey usually takes one and a half hours and costs CNY67.5 per person. The ticket price is CNY51 per person for the Xiangzhou - Guishan section while CNY44 per personfor the Guishan - Wailingding section.

2. Xiangzhou Beidi Port <-->Dong'ao Island<-->Wanshan Island

This line operates only once every day. The boat leaves Xiangzhou at 09:45, reachesDong'ao at 10:45, and then arrives at Wanshan at 11:10. The return boat departsfrom Wanshan at 13:20, reaches Dong'ao at 13:40, and gets to Xiangzhou at 14:35. A single trip takes about one hour and 20 minutes and costs CNY63.5 per person.The charge is CNY50 per person for the Xiangzhou - Dong'ao section while CNY31 per person for the Dong'ao - Wanshan section.

Slow Ferryboats

1. Xiangzhou Beidi Port <-->Dong'ao Island<-->Wanshan Island

This liner starts from Xiangzhou at 08:50 on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, reaches Dong'ao at 11:00, and gets to Wanshan at 11:40. The return voyage is only made on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The boat departs from Wanshan at 08:15, reaches Dong'ao at 09:00, and arrives at Xiangzhou at 09:00. A single trip takes nearly three hours and costs CNY42 per person. The ticket price is CNY32 per person for the Xiangzhou - Dong'ao section while CNY20 per person forthe Dong'ao - Wanshan section.

2. Xiangzhou Beidi Port <-->Wailingding Island<-->Dangan Island

This line operates three times a week. The departure from Xiangzhou is at 08:40 every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Reaching Wailingding at 11:50, the boat then heads for Dangan and arrives there at 13:50. The return boat leaves Danganat 06:15 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, gets to Wailingding at 08:15, and then goes back to Xiangzhou at 11:15. A one way journey takes approximately five hours and charges CNY75 per person. And just CNY50 per person is needed for the Xiangzhou - Wailingding section or the Wailingding - Dangan section.

Note: A permit is needed when you tour Zhuhai. Don't forget to bring it with you for it will be checked at hotels and during your trip to the islands.

Sightseeing Ferryboats

There are three ports in Zhuhai offering cruises on the Pearl River estuary in the surrounding area of Macau. The sightseeing ferryboat departs from Jiuzhou Port five times a day at 09:10, 10:15, 11:40, 14:00, and 15:15. The cruise lasts for one hour and 35 minutes. Buses Nos.3, 4, 12, 23, 25, 26 and 99 can bring you to the Jiuzhou Port. Or you can take the No.11 or No.56 buses to get to the Xiangzhou Beidi Port, which has sightseeing ferryboats departing at 09:30, 12:00, and 14:30. The cruise offered here usually lasts for about two hours. In addition, Waizai Haojiang Travel Agency Port, which can be reached by the buses Nos.5,14, or 30, offers such cruises. From 09:00 to 16:30, there are many boats departing at unfixed intervals. The cruise only takes 40 minutes. Varying in the journey time, however, the average cost of such cruises is around CNY35 per person.

Xiangzhou Beidi Port also offers sightseeing ferryboats shuttling between the port and Dong'ao Island. The boat departs at 09:00 every Saturday and Sunday. The whole journey takes about two hours and costs CNY148 per person for a group price, including the fee for lunch and transportation on the island.

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