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Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, is China's important industrial base. It's located in a flat and low-lying land of an alluvial plain, and crisscross with rivers and streams along with numerous lakes and ports. Wuhan is at the confluence of the Yangtze River and the Hanshui River. It has the sub-tropical climate with an annual average temperature of 16.3 degree Celsius, rainfall of 1,260 millimeters, and a frost-free period of 253 days.

There is gifted natural resources in Wuhan, there is 2205.06 sq. km. of coverage of water area in all in the whole city, accounts for 25.79 percent of the whole area of the whole city, occupy the first place in national big city. Wuhan has enjoyed the reputation of township of the fishing rice, cereal crops, amounts to more than 240 varieties; Industrial crops, amounts to 50 kinds; Fish resources, amounts to 88 kinds, aquatic animal, there are 45 kinds in all. Wuhan city has already find 38 kinds of mineral deposit now, among them there are 24 kinds of ores whose reserves has been calculated (excluding the groundwater), accounts for 30.38 percent of the whole province has already verified the reserves ores.

Iron and steel, machinery and textiles are Wuhan's three major prop-ups in industry. Its foodstuff, chemical and papermaking industries hold an important position in China. Wuhan has a well-developed agriculture, and abounds in cotton, rape seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts, lotus roots, poultry, eggs etc. and is listed as a key base for production of commodity grains and freshwater fish.

Wuhan is a major junction of traffic and communication in Inner China. Historically, Wuhan is referred to as Thoroughfare to Nine Provinces because of her great convenience in transport. And now, one international civil airports, two international harbors, several national railways and highways allow Wuhan a greater capacity of transportation.

Wuhan is a China's inland key commercial center and the place of concentration and distribution for goods and materials, and Hankou in particular, is renowned for its flourishing commerce. It's also a famous Chinese historical and cultural city. There are quite a lot beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes. Its best-known sceneries include East Lake scenic area, yellow Crane Tower and Shengxiang Pagoda etc.

Wuhan has embarked on the road of building itself into the largest Chinese inland economic, financial and trade center, a key industrial and commercial port linking China's inland markets with the economic sphere of South-East Asia, North-East Asia and Middle Asia, and world markets, as well as an international metropolis.

Today's Wuhan ranks in third position in China in the field of Science and Technology. More than 500 research institutes and universities give Wuhan powerful resources for her industries.

Wuhan features solid and comprehensive industrial power, as well as textiles, plastics and ship-building. Wuhan is proud of her 4 pillars of metallurgy, automobiles, machinery and high-tech industries. The year of 1995 witnesses the comprehensive economic power of Wuhan ranked to the fore of 10 top Chinese cities.

Wuhan is the largest financial and commercial center in Central China. More than 2,000 financial estates are involved in savings and financing of capital, issuing and exchange of stocks and bonds. Both state and private-run commercial enterprises make Wuhan a flourishing market.

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Wuhan, also known as the River City (Jiang Cheng), is situated at the junction of the Hanjiang and Yangtze Rivers. According to archeological discoveries and records, people moved into the area 5,000 years ago. Development of the city can be traced back to the City of Panlong 3,500 years ago.

The site of the ancient town is located in Huangpi County, and it was the first city of the Shang Dynasty (16th - 11th Century BC) discovered in the Yangtze River basin. During the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770BC-221BC), Wuhan was ruled by the Chu State for a long time. The Chu Culture thus became the foundation of the present culture of Wuhan.

Divided by the rivers, Wuhan is comprised of Wuchang, Hanyang and Hankou towns whose histories, scale and rate of development are different.


Wuchang was established in the early years of the Three Kingdom Period. The Wu kingdom prepared to struggle against the Shu Kingdom for Jingzhou and transferred its capital from Jianye (present Nanjing) to Exian County, renaming it Wuchang. Old Wuchang had advanced handicraft industries, such as shipbuilding, metallurgy, coin minting as well as celadon and white porcelain manufacture. Worth mentioning is the rise and decline of the Yellow Crane Tower time and again since the Three Kingdom Period. Each of the dozen reconstructions of the tower has reflected different features of the age, illustrating historical and cultural changes in Wuchang.


The name of Hanyang is linked closely to the Hanjiang River. In ancient Chinese culture, Yang (the opposite of Yin) denotes a place south of a mountain and north of a river. Hanyang gained its name for it is located south of the Tortoise Mountain (Gui Shan) and north of the Hanjiang River. The name was changed from Hanjin in 606 of the Sui Dynasty (581-618) and the town rapidly developed during the Tang Dynasty (618-917). Hanyang, especially the Parrot Island (Yingwu Zhou) area, has been the distribution center for traders on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River since that time, and has prosperous commerce and handicraft industries. Contemporary with the construction of the Wuchang city walls, Hanyang city also has a history of some 1,800 years.


Historically, Hankou developed together with Hanyang for a long while until 1474 of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The Hanjiang River then changed its course to join the Yangtze River at the north foot of Tortoise Mountain, dividing the towns. From then, Hanjiang started 500 years of independent progress. Later on Hankou became a new trade port, greatly surpassing Wuchang and Hanyang in fame and rate of development.

Contemporary Wuhan

Wuhan played an important role in China's contemporary history. Around the 17th Century, Hankou was like an 'eastern Chicago', and listed among the four most famous towns in China. After it was founded as a treaty port in 1861, Hankou became the largest inland trade port of the country. A dozen countries, including Britain, France, Russia, Germany and Japan set up concessions and most of them established consulates. From this, Wuhan became a cosmopolitan metropolis in China, just like a state within a state.

Later, in 1911 the Wuchang Uprising began the Xinhai Revolution which symbolized the end of more than 2,000 years of feudal monarchy in China. In 1926, Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang merged creating modern Wuhan. After the founding of the PRC, Wuhan was approved as a vital engineering and metallurgical industrial city. Eight year later, the first double-deck bridge carrying both road and rail across the Yangtze River was opened to traffic.

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Wuhan lies in east of river of Chinese plain, middle of Changjiang river and intersection of the Han River, the geographical position of east longitude of 113°41'--115°05,north latitudes of 29°58'--31°22'. Wuhan is located the middle latitudes area of the inboard of Tropic of Cancer, belong to the subtropical monsoon (moist ) climate, make a clear distinction between the four seasons, the rainfall is plentiful , the illumination is sufficient . 8488 squar kilometers of area, urban area separate into Wuchang , Hankow, Hanyang 3 town by the Changjiang River, Han river. Have jurisdiction over 13 districts now, including: River bank District, Jianghan District, Qiaokou district , Hanyang district , Wuchang district , Qingshan district , Hongshan area , east and north lake district, Hannan district , Caidian district , JIangxia district , HuangBei district, Xinzhou district. The total population of the whole city is 8,310,000, among them, the urban population of 7 centres is 4,810,000 people.

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Best Time to Visit
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Wuhan lie in middle part of Hubei province, east of Jianghan plain, urban area is river Chinese plain and hills ground form of Dabieshan area, plain area average elevation is 50 meters among them, but hills area 200 meters, climate its belong to subtropical zone moist monsoon climate, make a clear distinction between the four seasons, the rainfall is plentiful, is a famous " stove " along the Yangtze River, it is very sultry in summer there, even stand by the Changjiang River, there is not a breath of air, the whole summer will have heat weather of more than 40 degrees for more than ten days. So travelling to Wuhan must avoid summer, otherwise the burning sun will shine so that there is not your interest of sightseeing completely ; And very sombre in winter in Wuhan, not suitable for either. So, it is suitable for two seasons of spring and autumn to travel to Wuhan.

The city owned moist monsoon climate of subtropical zone of Wuhan, the rainfall is plentiful , the sunshine is sufficient , make a clear distinction between the four seasons. The overall climate is with good environment, average annual rainfall is 1269 millimetres, and concentrate on June --August. Average annual temperature is 15.8 --17.5, annual frost-free period is generally 211 days --272 days, the annual total hours of sunshine are 1810 hours --2100 hours.

Summer in Wuhan is renowned for its scorching heat and high humidity. Unlike most areas in northern China, which have dry-heat summers, in summer Wuhan is known as an instant "steam box. Cotton, rather than nylon clothing is recommended.

Although the temperature in Wuhan's winter is not as low as those in the northern cities in China, the river winds and humidity can make it as cold as ten degrees below zero, and some travelers suffer from chilblains. Moreover, many hotels and guesthouses in Wuhan do not have heaters. For winter travel, bring heavy overcoats, gloves and scarves to protect against the wind and cold.

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Festivals Celebration
International Tour Festival in Wuhan of China International Tour Festival in Wuhan of China International Tour Festival in Wuhan of China Plum Festival of East Lake

International Tour Festival in Wuhan of China

Wuhan will hold a international tour festival at the beginning of October at the end of every September. International tour festival of Wuhan of China establish on 2002, run three already now, hold three times already , the hold time change from the 3days to 10 days now, gather a dozen performance group and artist performance , multinational travel grand ceremony that culture merge of country have a get-together.

Plum Festival of East Lake

East Lake Moshan mountain plum garden that build up in 1956 is the first-class degree of four plum garden in our country, take up an area of 33.5 hectares, since 1982, East Lake hold full-length Mei Zhan during February - March probably annual a early spring, the plum blossom was determined as the city flower of Wuhan in 1984, ran international Plum Festival of 1991 in the plum garden, 1997 the fifth national plum blossom wintersweet exhibition, China Wuhan large-scale to award May gala first Plum Festival ,etc. in 2002. During the Plum Festival, can view and admire more than 200 plum blossom and every quincuncial pile of school of variety in rubing mountain plum garden, and many plum blossom group scene and plum blossom calligraphy and painting photographic exhibition, plum skill performance ,etc..

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Cuisine Street Cuisine Street Special Features Snack Special Features Snack

Three towns in Wuhan have a long history, there are commerce prosperous foundations in especially one of the three towns of Hankow, then there is very long history of the diet here, long ago forming the unique local characteristic . More famous homely dish in Wuhan is sparerib soup and steamed blunt snout bream, the former uses that kind of big wicked tile pan, cook over a slow fire fresh sparerib, lotus root, kelp for several hours together, substitute it with potato in the season without lotus root, this kind of soup alcohol shaggy-fruited dittany is fragrant, very easy to drink; Please pay attention to, must take steamed living fish take blunt snout bream, could taste, offer traditional fresh smell of blunt snout bream like that.

Rank Hubei Province cuisine \, one of ten major styles of cooking in the whole country, is the place where with three places in Wuhan, Jing Zhou, the Huangzhou the characteristic to makes up, its raw materials have aquatic products of Han river of the Changjiang River, there is great wild of delicacy from mountain which leaves the mountain, having formed the characteristic in Hubei Province cuisine " is based on aquatic products, the seafood is a main material", among them there is more cauliflower colour assortment in Wuhan, pay attention to cutting and slicing skill duration and degree of heating, pay attention to match colours and model, especially the technology of cooking over a slow fire soup is original.

The Introduces of Some Special Features Snack

Steamed blunt Snout Bream Braise turtles yellowly Braised wild duck Thong Yellow Eel

Steamed blunt Snout Bream

The blunt snout bream is the aquatic products having won fame both at home and abroad, abound with it in Wuchang county. It is varied method to cook it, pay attention to very much, among them the most well-known one is the steamed blunt snout bream. Because the steamed method is the most representative, usually regard blunt snout bream as the name or description of the steamed blunt snout bream. Decide the material with one about lifelike the whale generally, complement it with more than ten kinds of batching condiment such as ham, mushroom, bamboo shoots, chicken soup, it is steamed to have the cage, control the duration and degree of heating strictly, make it just right. Well and then steam the red, green, yellow a variety of dishes silk in sewing on the fish, make it beautiful in colour, perfume assails the nostrils, the fish is delicate , soup quality is delicious. Except being steamed, they also use the oil to braise, braise in soy sauce, such methods as the flower formulate and so on more than 30 kinds of fish's food.

Braise Turtles Yellowly

It is the famous dish in the Hubei. Turtle ask soft-shelled turtle, soft-shelled turtle, thunder, soft-shelled turtle even, commonly called as cuckolds. Nutritious, there is function of invigorating yin and invigorating the kidney , first its meat of it is edible. Braise the turtle yellowly and mix condiment such as mushrooms chicken soup, delicious and fragrant and glutinous.

Braised Wild Duck

Its characteristic is that colour and luster is yellow and bright, meat is fat and tender and fragrant and crisp, fresh and sweet and delightful, the decoction is thick and strong and tasty.

Thong Yellow Eel

The method is stresses, so important with the fire work skill and technique particularly. Living yellow eel slaughter, clean, cut strip, wipe precise to paste over thick liquid, float, fry until skin crisp with three different oil of temperature, hang up the yellow juice of candy vinegar again, the thong yellow eel made like this, is similar to the rough skin snake one, the colour and luster is golden yellow and transparent, crisp outside, the interior oil is soft, taste is fragrant and sweet and mellow.

Fish's Cake Ball The chicken soup of earthen jar Fish maw with chicken cream of Shishou Chicken mud minnow

Fish's Cake Ball

It is the traditional famous dish of Jinzhou area, always take fish can't see fish, fish including the meat smell, meat have the fragrant of fish; Fragrant and lubricous and tender, the entry disappears and dissolves but shows unique characteristics. This fish's cake ball is sparkling and crystal-clear and pure white, the burger is pale yellow and smooth, the quality is fresh and delicious, the colour, fragrance and taste, shape are good.

The chicken soup of earthen jar

There are exclusive flavors in the earthen jar chicken soup of the small peach garden of Wuhan. The chicken soup and the meat is soft and rotten, the soup is strong and delicious, is the nourishing food that old man, patient, lying-in woman like, it is the good cooked food on the feast too.

Fish maw with chicken cream of Shishou

The mayor is very luxuriant in Shishou for the Hui fish in the Yangtze River valley, more than one meter long, weigh up to seven, eight or more than 20 kilogram, the quality is delicate, taste is delicious, the air bladder is loose and thick, unique and unique, the appearance is very like the brush support mountain by the Changjiang River of Shishou, there is red brush support mountain pattern in the fish glue, therefore the fish maw of brush support gains the name. Meat, fish maw with chicken cream of Shishou and chest of hen cook for main material Hui fish delicious and delicious, nutritious.

Chicken mud minnow

Its characteristic is similar to peach blossoms, float in the noodles in soup, the fish is tender.

Tangerine petals of fish round The dish a kind of sedge stir-fried smoked pork of Hongshan The Sanhe of Huanpi Three steamed dish of Mianyang

Tangerine petals of fish round

Make fish to be round, with chicken soup, mushroom batching, condiment to boil, the name says a fish is round on the tangerine, the colour, fragrance and taste, shape are all good.

The dish a kind of sedge stir-fried smoked pork of Hongshan

Hongshan dish a kind of sedge produce in Wuchang Hongshan red dish a kind of sedge of area promptly, the colour is mauve, crisp and tender and fragrant, nutritious, often eat and does not mind, one of homely dish for two season of Winter-Spring of people of Wuhan, praised as the two famous dish of Hubei and Hunan province together with blunt snout bream.

The dish a kind of sedge stir-fried smoked pork of Hongshan, the method is very exquisite. Dish a kind of sedge must select big mountain treasure plant around the coherent temple , take fresh and tender, take a kind of sedge mainly, a kind of sedge is rolled over with hands, long about inches, clean and drain it for subsequent use. The cured meat should cut a thin slice one inch long too, put into pan and stir-fry before stewing wonderfully first, then pull out, the stir-fry a kind of sedge again, mix the cured meat finally, the pan arises to put one. It is tender and fragile and fragrant to eat a kind of sedge of delicacies of the season, the cured meat is pure and sweet and tender and smooth, have a distinctive flavour.

The Sanhe of Huanpi

It is folk traditional delicacy of suburbs county of Huangpi of Wuhan, has already spread for several hundred years. Sanhe is integrates by fish ball, burger, meat cake. Local masses also call that the three kinds of delicacies. The three kinds of delicacies each have it that makes traditional skill. Fish ball select for use gill fish chop fine and soft, match egg white, very light blue, ginger juice, lard ,etc.to make. Burger select for leg of pork insert meat mince, mix fish to be fine and soft with various condiment, crisp deep-frying. The raw materials of the meat cake are the same as burger, but did into a cake form, steamed it. Three dishes are cooked jointly, the fish have meat smell, the meat has fragrant fish, have a distinctive flavour.

Three steamed dish of Mianyang

Mianyang is one large county of Jianghan plain, three steam is three steam dish, some say it is steam fish, steam meat, evaporate chicken, some say it is steam fish, evaporate meat, steaming balls, some say that mean the powder steams the meat, steams the pearl ball, steams white pill. Steam pearl ball while being what is called, it is chop fish , meat fine and soft to feed in raw material, crowd a ball, enlarge sift, rolling, glueing polished glutinous rice, have cage steam to ripe, the polished glutinous rice is sparkling and crystal-clear and transparent after ripe, like the pearl. If does not roll and glue the polished glutinous rice to steam, call steaming white pill.

The spout of curling Always know guest sunflower bean curd The tough beans cover of Tongcheng Beautiful steamed dumpling in four seasons

The spout of curling

Have another name called curl dragon dish, egg skin is outside,the fish meat, meat filling, steam ripe and take shape, convenient while eating, taste is delicious, it is not oiliness to be delightful. Take egg as the cover, fish to make the hall, roll into rectangularly, steam well donly, slice, put it in plate, enable to the shape of dragon, called curl spout cut which take meat not to see the meat.

Always know guest sunflower bean curd

Take the tender bean curd break to pieces, mix fish fine and soft, shelled shrimp, ham batching, cook meticulously, name sun bean curd, it is the first-class dish in fact. Decorations egg leather silk, stud with the green dish leaf around at one product bean curd that finish, make it like sunflowers, is renamed the sunflower bean curd.

The tough beans cover of Tongcheng

The method is to mix rub thick liquid mung bean, rice become the juice in pan, polished glutinous rice, meat cubelets that the bag deployment is boiled filling material, fry the oil well. Take fresh meat, fresh egg, fresh shelled shrimp as the core and make filling material, invent the beans peel of three kinds of delicacies, the suitcase is golden yellow and shiny, enter the mouth loosly and softly and fragrantly, win universal praise further.

Beautiful Steamed Dumpling in Four Seasons

Make fillings to stress, the materials are strict, chop the meat of delicious leg of pork into the meat mud first, then mix with meat jelly and other condiments, wrap up in thin face skin, have cage steam t ripe, the meat frozen to jelly soup, the meat mud is tender, seven is in a cage, mix with the sauced vinegar of ginger silk, unusually delicious. In order to meet different customers' need, besides steamed dumpling of fresh meat, make steamed dumpling of ovary and digestive glands of a crab, shelled shrimp steamed dumpling, mushroom steamed dumpling, chicken's fine and soft steamed dumpling and assorted steamed dumpling ,etc. at once .

The small peach garden cooks over a slow fire the soup The boiled meat dumpling of Tanyanji The hotly dry noodle of Cai Linji The beef beans silk of Laoqianji

The small peach garden cooks over a slow fire the soup

The main variety has chicken soup of earthen jar, sparerib soup, upper part of a leg of pork soup, eight copies of soup, foot fish's soup, steamed beef soup, duck's soup ,etc.. The most famous with the chicken soup of earthen jar, its raw materials are 0.75 kilograms of in weight fat soft hens of the above of sense area of Xiaogan of Huangbo, chop into a chicken nugget, explodes and fries with oil first, enter chain saw whic have water, with the very hot oven grain to ripe, the small fire is cooked over a slow fire completely, the soup fresh meat is rotten, count the primary taste originally, nutritious, the old man, patient, nourish top grade by lying-in woman. Eight copies of soup and all characteristic of every county of other grain soup, fresh and fragrant and delicious, well received by customer of the restaurant.

The boiled meat dumpling of Tanyanji

From selecting meat, batching, the smell, making filling to wraping up, making boil soup, all process of boiling etc., have strict standard, make filling with fresh leg of pork, ox leg meat, pig hoof endure the soup, mix shrimps, mushroom, coriander, chopped scallion condiments, make filling of boiled meat dumpling tender, the soup is fresh, the shape is beautiful, the skin is thin, taste delightful and moisten the belly, lingering fragrance leaves pleasant impression after eating glibly.

The hotly dry noodle of Cai Linji

The hotly dry noodle with the noodle made by cuting in Shanxi, the Guangdong and Guangxi Iraq government office surface, the Sichuan Dan Dan noodles, north the noodles with soybean paste are five given names noodles in our country. It is not only different from the cool braised noodle but also different from the noodles in soup, the method to make is to employ the noodles to basically boil firs , then take out to arrange oil to be stand cool, take it in boiled water under the boiling hot water, The waterlogging, in addition add the sesame jam, the sun-dried shelled shrimp, the minced green onion, sauce radish Ding, the small sesame oil and the vinegar and so on the material. When upper opening the smell sharp aroma, chewy is interesting.

The beef beans silk of Laoqianji

The beans silk regards mung bean, rice as raw materials, rub and break to pieces the thick liquid, to become peels in the pan, cut to silk, Wuhan people like to eat very much, have soup beans silk, dry beans silk, fry beans silk many kinds of ways to eat. The Laoqianji manage fry beef beans silk, according to customer requirement when cooking, can withered to fry, can also fry softly, has his points in taste, distinguish it only in the duration and degree of heating. Main raw materials is Baigou of ox, wet beans silk, water mushrooms, water-soaked bamboo slices, etc., flavour condiments, fry with sesame oil stove fry to ripe. Taste beef to be crisp to slip tender, beans silk soft and moist, the beef and taste of one of beans are handed in and mixed together, have a distinctive flavour.

A Nest The good fortune celebrates and rice flour The Hunan rice flour of refined garden Tian HengQi pastes the soup powder

A Nest

Pieces of nest military some Hunter, spend iron spool , water, mix Milan thick liquid that wear into with rice , soya bean inside, have black sesame, put into the oil cauldron, fry it, make one pieces of side empty, colour yellow fragile fragrant round Milan cake in being thick soon. It is very unique for people to feel, taste thick place soft, thin and crisp, there is taste very much.

The good fortune celebrates and rice flour

The rice flour which manages the flavour of Hunan is remarkable. Powder quality is admired and slipped, delicious and delicious.

The Hunan rice flour of refined garden

Deal in the rice flour of the flavor of Hunan, famous for beef.

Tian HengQi pastes the soup powder

The characteristic of Paste soup powder is soup, it is fresh fish that feed in raw material, Adds on the starch to become sticks the shape, The rice noodle burns the dead person abundantly to have the fresh soup in the bowl, again scatters the minced green onion, the pepper, is extremely delicious. There is deep-fried twisted dough sticks that mixes the food. Economical and practical, customers of the restaurant are crowded.

The sweet-scented osmanthus red bean soup of Chubao The beef noodle of Baoqing Special Features Snack Special Features Snack

The sweet-scented osmanthus red bean soup of Chubao

Sweet-scented osmanthus red bean soup endure, make with sweet-scented osmanthus, red bean, polished glutinous rice, white sugar, starch, etc., it is not oiliness that taste is sweet.

The beef noodle of Baoqing

It is remarkable to deal in the traditional beef noodle that the treasure of Baoqing,Xinhua of Hunan. Out of the common beef noodle of shop this, beef select teh leg meat of willing ox for use, make batching with stalwart stem long licorice root, noodles make fragrant-flowered garlic leaf shape, enter bowl pretend the ingot form. Taste is delicious.

The five leaf plums of Laohuibin

The famous five leaf plum of banquet have much ingenuity, not only skin thin filling fresh, but also handsome in appearance, similar to five leaf plum, five have flourishing the end, the end such as egg yolk such as leg respectively green coriander, white shelled shrimp, dark to take place dish, colourful, captivating.

The wet rice Ba

The thick liquid ferments to rub the rice, including flour, white sugar, soda ash ,etc. mix the kang to ripe. Outer cover golden yellow and burnt and fragile, the interior meat is pure white and soft and moist. Good and cheap, there is supply everywhere. assorted jellied bean curd : There is supply in morning and evening in the street of Wuhan, add with Shanzi, polished glutinous rice, shrimps, pork barbecue ding, hot pickled mustard tuber ding, sauced melon ding, five coriander, sesame, pepper, chopped scallion ,etc. batching, condiment in jellied bean curd, called the assorted jellied bean curd. Taste brain tender rice spurt, Shan crisp, dish fragile , many flavor taste fully , unusually delicious.

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Wood Carving Ship Special Product in Wuhan Special Product in Wuhan Special Product in Wuhan

With the development of urban construction in the last few years, the commerce of Wuhan is very prosperous, all kinds of shopping places stand in great numbers in each corner of urban area of Wuhan, it have large-scale one shopping place of Wuhan market shopping center, Wangfujing general merchandise, the new world general merchandise, Zhongshang square shopping center etc. the mart located in prosperity, among them the shopping center of market of Wuhan is known as commercial aircraft carrier, made up of electrical home appliances city, Wuhan square and World Trade Organization square three emporiums.

In addition, there are a lot of characteristic shopping streets in Wuhan, man's shopping precinct on the way of river such as being known as one hundred years old street, there are Chinese straight street small commodity market with a history of 500 years and the young people's gate business street of department of shopper's paradise ,etc., shopping street these some do shopping and view combine together, some assemble Central China various smalls of district, good and inexpensive.

The Special Product in Wuhan

The lacquer ware in the style of the ancients of Jiangling Lvsong Carving Wuhan Bronze Gong The Tender Flower Stalk of Hongshan

The lacquer ware in the style of the ancients of Jiangling

The lacquer ware in the style of the ancients of Jiangling coming from the ancient lacquer ware source of the State of Chu, have the characteristics that the model is elegant in appearance, beautiful in colour, durable in use. Jiangling lacquer ware adopt retreat all paint (rub paint ) to make, craft complicated and exquisite, designs and varieties have coloured drawing or pattern, gild , tessellate 3 big classes mainly. Jiangling in the style of the ancients lacquer ware that industrial arts factory produce have life apparatus and various handicrafts now. Handicraft imitate unearthed clear tiger flat flying bird, tiger flat bird sets of drum, mandarin duck beans that historical relic make, lie the deer, galloping hors ,etc., liked by Chinese and foreign visitors very much, it is a tourist souvenir which is rich in artistic value.

Lvsong Carving

The products of stone carving are divided into two big classes of ornament product and handicraft now. The handicraft has various personages, birds and beasts, flowers,etc.. Every personage's work, strive to make the skill in using a kitchen knife in cookery agile, primary and secondary is clearly demarcated, the lively and supernatural shape combines with. In this way, make ancient and present personages vivid, in addition turquoise is a kind of famous and precious malachite, turquoise personage's jade carving value is more valuable .

Wuhan Bronze Gong

Abbreviate " Chinese gong " as, with present gong, Beijing gong, gong Su with respect and call China four major famous gongs. The Wuhan bronze gong characteristic one is that the tone quality is pure, pronounce greatly and only and taking the mallet and saving effort. Second, the diameter of the gong is large. The big gong of several times exported to foreign countries in recent years, the largest diameter is up to 135 centimetres, it is the biggest bronze gong in the world so far. Certainly, the bronze gong factory of Wuhan produces the bronze gongs of different specifications, size too, meet troupe's , orchestra and different fields needs.

The Tender Flower Stalk of Hongshan

Only produced in Hongshan temple area of Nongchang of Wuhan, the dish stem is red, more thick than general tender flower stalk . It explodes to be crisp and soft and fragrant and soft fry with oil, have sweet taste, is good merchantable brand of vegetables.

Wood Carving Ship

The wood carving craft of our country hits the traditional handicraft with unique folk style, the model is graceful, strong folk breath and strong one are ornamental and interesting. At skill and technique of carving, Hubei wood carving ship pay attention to pattern decorate, fretwork Sou flower with Seiko making moulding. The difficulty of skill that fretwork Sou flower is very big, the pattern is required clearly, well-balanced and very thin. And the coloured window, door dose, pavilion, railing, etc. are all finely carved all without exception, not bad at all. The skill of making mould has its distinctive qualities, its model based on different products, design all kinds of structure, the spare part requires the neighbourhood rule technically, hold in the mouth and draw and has not sewn, dismantle it freely, craft and structure are all extremely rigorous. Hubei wood carving ship for today, travel across the oceans yet, exports to a dozen countries such as Japanese, Canada, U.S.A., French.

Where to Buy

Han Zheng Street (Han Zheng Jie) Hanjiang Walking Street Central Department Store Wuhan Square

The commercial industry in Wuhan has long been well-known throughout the country. Like other medium cities in China, the Wuhan commercial industry is flourishing with shopping malls and centers, super markets, chain stores and shopping streets throughout the city.

Han Zheng Street (Han Zheng Jie)

In the center of Hankou Town is a century-old street, Han Zheng (Han Zheng Jie). In 2000, the government developed it into a tourist shopping street. Dazzling shops and stores housed in traditional buildings sell various goods. Today it is the largest wholesale distribution center in central China. Tourists are invited to find inexpensive items -- and are cautioned about quality. Learn to bargain.

Hanjiang Walking Street

Another featured street is a famous walking street near Hanjiang Lu in the town center. One hundred seventy-seven meters (252 feet) longer than the famous Nanjing Lu walking street in Shanghai, Hanjiang Lu is very popular.

Over 200 stores and shops housed in traditional buildings sell a complete selection of clothes, appliance, food, commodities and other goods. Five squares in different style are arranged along this street with greenery, springs, cafes and bars. Along the street are buildings that housed old banks, stores and statues depicting the everyday life of Wuhan people. Everything on the street tells the history of the city. Amenities such as public telephones, electronic screens, mailboxes and car parking are available.

Tip: You can take the tourist special line of Bus 401 from the Wuchang Railway Station or Bus 533 from the Hankou Railway Station.

Cultural Street in Xianggang Lu

Located at No. 209 Xianggang Road is a large antique market. An array of stalls and stores sell traditional Chinese folk artwork, chops, curios, Chinese paintings, calligraphy, furniture, jade and other treasures from earlier days. Both locals and travelers enjoy looking for favorites in a sea of choices.

Shopping Malls

New World Department Store SOGO Wangfujing Department Store Wuhan Int'l Trade Square

Wuhan Mall: No. 690, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou

Wuhan Square: No. 688, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou

Int'l Trade Square: No. 686, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou

Asian Trade Square: No. 628, Wuluo Lu, Wuchang District

Jian Er Mall: No. 955, Heping Dadao, Qingshan District

Zhongshang Shopping Center: No. 9, Zhongnan Lu, Wuchang District

Central Department Store: No. 129, Jianghan Lu

Qingshan Department Store: No. 1542, Heping Dadao, Qingshan District

Hanyang Mall: No. 134, Hanyang Dadao

Xin Wuzhan Shopping Center: No. 372-374, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou

New World Department Store: No. 566, Jianshe Dadao, Hankou

New World Square: No. 118, Jianghan Road, Jiang'an District

Wangfujing Department Store Wuhan: No. 888, Zhongshan Dadao, Hankou

SOGO: No. 374, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou

Xin Minzhong Leyuan: No. 608, Zhongshan Dadao, Hankou


Zhong Bai Group
Known as the king of supermarkets, Zhongbai has 20 branches in the city.
Branches in
Jiang'an District: No. 1378, Jiefang Dadao
Wuchang Distict: No. 19, Shuiguohu Road
Hanyang District: No. 269, Yingwu Dadao

Add: No. 43, Changqing Lu, Hankou

Zhongshang Square
Add: No. 7 Xudong Lu, Wuchang

Hualian Supemarket Wuhan
Hankou Branch: No. 681, Jiefang Dadao
Hanyang Branch: No. 408, Hanyang Dadao
Wuchang Branch: No. 75 Lianjiang Dadao

Hanshang 21 Shopping Center
Add: No. 687, Hanyang Dadao

Hankou Branch: No. 244, Zhongshan Dadao
Hanyang Branch: No. 687, Hanyang Dadao
Wuchang Branch: No. 1, Zhongbei Lu

Hankou Branch: No. 144, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou
Wuchang Branch: No. 1, Tiyuguan Lu (Stadium Road), Wuchang

Yi Chu Lian Hua (Lotus)
First Branch: No. 98, Huangxiaohe Lu
Second Branch: at the intersection of Baofeng Lu and Jieshe Dadao, Hankou

Hao You Duo
First Branch: No. 28, Changqing Square, Huangxing Lu, Hankou
Second Branch: at the intersection of Zhongshan Dadao and Minyi Erlu, Hankou

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Golf Recreation Bar Recreation

There are a lot of places that Wuhan is suitable for recreation amusement, KTV singing-hall -like Wuhan Rolling Stone KTV Co., Ltd. --Starting point club, Wuhan Yamao yashi go-kart club KTV, Mayan Karaoka disc, tulip cafe, Millennium predestination, golden pond, etc.; Build up body in the sports activity centre of the health-related exhibition of country of Wuhan, the woman of fire phoenix of Wuhan builds up body in the clubhouse, space all health clubs, Taiquandao club, the professional woman's cosmetic health club of the Yellow River, international Shaping club of her nest of Wuhan of Tai's Great Britain,etc.; There are coffee wine clangorous rose, sea Wang Jing's coffee, green tea garden, forest coffee music bar of morality, etc..

The gold and silver lake golf course of Wuhan is the golf course of an only international standard in Central China area, the floor space reaches 166.667 hectares, auxiliary facility is complete, an ideal place for commercial activity; Build the new people's paradise in 1919, through the rebuild in recent years, now not only keep the original characteristic style and features, and incorporate the modern amusement breath, it is the assembly place of the fashionable recreation. Come Wuhan, go Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge to view night scene is a relaxed recreation way of fatigue of journey too, the night scene is beautiful and grand, grand and magnificent .

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Aviation Railway Waterway Long-Distance Bus

Wuhan has been always known as "thoroughfare of nine provinces", it is a rare hub of communications that incorporates railway, waterway, highway, aviation into an organic whole of our country.

External Traffic


Wuhan airport lie within the territory of the Tianhe street of Huangbei of Huangbei district in Wuhan city, also called the Milky Way International airport of Wuhan, name was inscribed by comrade Deng Xiaoping, was built up and passed and confirmed in 1994 at the airport, it is the national first class civil airport, stay on 28 planes of field, civil aviation have go to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Nabchang, Fuzhou, Chengdu ,etc. domestic main city and world every large flight of city directly every day. It is the important hub of communications of aviation of Central China area.


Wuhan lie in the intersection of the Changjiang River and Han river, have Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Xiang-Chongqing line, HanDan line, Jiaozhi line, ZhiLiu line and Wuda line military,etc. railway traffic that make up, have the train leave for every train of city inside the province from Wuhan every day, go to Beijing directly to Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Luoyang, Chongqing, Xi'an, Kunming, Guiyang, Changsha, Liuzhou, Guangzhou , Nanchang, Shijiazhuang ,etc. domestic 21 large and medium cities at the same time. there are more than 70 starting trains of every day, 120 trains passing. There are two train terminals in Wuhan mainly, including standing in Wuchang south and Hankow railway station.


Wuhan is one of the heaviest trans shipment ports along the Yangtze River of our country, one group of passenger steamers come and go from the upper reaches to Chongqing, from low reaches to Shanghai. Because ship transport pace to be relatively slow, passenger to go by ship Wuhan already obviously less in recent years, therefore the number of runs of passenger steamer at present has reduced a lot, if take the passenger boat of the Changjiang River had better ask the clear situation .


There are national roads 107 , 316 , 318 through Wuhan, in addition there are expressways leading to other peripheral cities of Wuhan, make up one connection highway communication network of north and south, have the train leave for Nanjing, Hefei, Changsha, Zhengzhou large and medium cities, there is the one that leave for famous tourist sites such as Sanxia, Zhangjiajie, Mount Huang, JIngangshan mountain,etc. too, it is the large-scale bus, luxurious and comfortable to transport the style in majority.

Internal Traffic

Subway Bus Taxi Yacht


Wuhan urban subway initial to stand in the junction of Nanjing road and Xinhua road, walk to west along Nanjing road, pass through the Yingkou road, An'shan road, Haiguang temple, roll over to the north, turn on by south three road, west road, Dafeng road to Tianjin Pu railway of Wuhan west station, set up 10 stations together.


The bus system of the city is formed by ordinary circuit bus and special line bus in Wuhan, have some circuit adopt trolley-bus, city 3 town have a bus that passes through everywhere, in addition has also offered the travelling route of urban public transit, city service and appreciated the scenery in the circuit, suburbs travelling route etc. riverinly, help visitors go on a tour and choose, economical and practical. Ordinary bus admission fee of circuit from 1 and 1.2, the majority adopts the self-service ticketing, and the expenses of the special line bus range from several yuan to more than ten yuan.


The starting price for a taxi is 3 Yuan for one kilometer, 5 Yuan for two kilometers and 8 Yuan for three kilometers. It's 1.4 Yuan for every additional kilometer from 3 to 7 kilometers. Beyond 7 kilometers, it cost 2.1 Yuan for every additional kilometer.

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Map of Wuhan


Travel Map

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