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Washington (Washington State, abbreviations: WA) is a state located in the northwestern United States. The state capital of Olympia, the largest city of Seattle. Washington, north of the Canadian province of British Columbia, south Oregon, Idaho, east, west Pacific. The state with the first U.S. President George Washington named, and in November 11, 1889 to join the Union as the 42nd state.

Seattle is the state's largest city and manufacturing center of the world-renowned production of Boeing aircraft, the aircraft known as the city. Wood processing, paper industry developed as one of the main producers of American timber. Other departments are shipbuilding, munitions, food. Diverse agricultural sector, wheat, corn, peas, soybeans, potato yields are among the highest in the country. Cascade lowland eastern slope of the valley and the sea is the famous fruit-producing areas, the apple production accounts for about 30%. Sweet cherries, pears, hops production ranks in the forefront.

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Washington has four distinct seasons, spring and fall weather is very pleasant, the average temperature is between 15-25 degrees Celsius in general, it is suitable for tourism. But the summer is very hot with temperatures often above 35 degrees Celsius; very cold winter, and sometimes there is a snowstorm. Spring is the peak tourist season in Washington, bloom near the Tidal Basin and Washington Monument Cherry will set off by the beauty of the city, this season can go to Washington to witness the city's most beautiful side.
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Seattle Mount Rainier National Park Olympic National Park


Seattle is the largest city in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, but also the U.S. Pacific Northwest commercial, cultural and high-tech center, throughout the Pacific and Europe Scandinavia's main tourist and trade port city of Scandinavian peninsula. Seattle perennial surrounded by mountains, not far south of Mount Rainier is a famous American. Seattle official alias for 'Emerald City. Seattle is the most special landmark Space Needle , it is for the 1962 Exposition built in the 21st century, around the expo venue is changed to the Seattle Center, and is still a number of important folk and artistic events venue . Other famous tourist attractions also include Pike Place Market , Experience Music Project, here are the gourmands and art lovers will go to the ground.

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is also translated as Mount Rainier National Park, is a city located in Pierce County, Washington, USA, southeast of the National Park. Park built on 2 March 1899, the U.S. fifth national park. Park area of ​​368 square miles (954 square km), including Mount Rainier whole territory - a 14,410-foot (4,392-meter) high stratovolcano. The mountain from the surrounding plains in sharp rises, making the park an altitude ranged from 1600 feet (490 meters) to more than 14,000 feet (4,300 meters). 95% of the park is preserved in its original state, I was determined since 1988. The highest point in the Cascade Range, around full of canyons, waterfalls, ice caves and a number of more than 25 glaciers.

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park on the Pacific Ocean coast, is located on the northwestern tip of Washington's Olympic Peninsula. The coastline of 80 kilometers. It was founded in 1938 to protect the forests here and a variety of wildlife. Park was officially opened in 1946, the total area of ​​3,628.54 square kilometers Park, where the famous temperate rainforest ecological protection zone. Park Hill High sink deep, rich rainfall, annual rainfall of up to 4000 mm (this is the Huaxia Publishing House 'World Cultural and Natural Heritage scenario Photo Map Edition' data), creating a vast temperate forests and alpine glaciers. Geological and climatic conditions within the park is excellent, the west is lush temperate rainforest, glacier-covered peaks east. There are vast grasslands, rushing streams and crystal jade Creek Lake. Look around from the top of the hill, lined with mountains, lakes and clean, dazzling glaciers, particularly charming scenery. There are many steep rock uplift along the coast. Keep hitting the waves and erosion, forming a sea cave, sea cliffs and sea arch and other coastal landscape.

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Washington Metro was opened in 1976, a total length of 7.4 kilometers, connecting most of the downtown attractions; route is divided into red, blue, orange and three blue line leading to the international airport. Buses covering a wide range of urban areas, the fare is not expensive. And then if tourists want to take over the subway car ride, it can collect card interchange subway station next to the elevator, so designated subway / car transfer station on the bus for free. In addition, the city's hand on a conveyor belt at no cost to help pedestrians reach their destinations soot blowing force, but must face right standing, and people walking on the belt should be left.

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