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Al Ain is a beautiful garden city in the Buraimi Oasis. Rising from Abu Dhabi's dry desert sands, it is the greenest city in Arabia and a settlement dating back to the 4th millennium BC. As the birthplace of the current ruler of Abu Dhabi, Shaikh Zayed, the town has enjoyed special treatment in recent years, and has glistening fountains, tree-lined boulevards and low-rise buildings. It is home to the country's largest museum and its biggest zoo. Visit in the milder winter months and explore ancient archaeological sites, or in summer to escape the coastal humidity.


The area, historically known as the Buraimi Oasis, has been continuously inhabited for more than four thousand years and Al Ain is considered central to the cultural heritage of the country. It is the birthplace of Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first president of the United Arab Emirates.

Today the name Buraimi refers to the Omani town whose urban area merges with that of Al Ain. Until September 14, 2006, Al Ain and Buraimi enjoyed an open border and functioned as one.On September 14th, the UAE government closed the open border and required all individuals to clear immigrations both entering and leaving the UAE. Gulf nationals cross the border at the main crossing whereas, expats are required to cross at either the Hili or "Intercontinental" border crossings. There are numerous underground water springs in the area, which explain its attractiveness as an area of settlement. Traces of its traditional past remain, including camel racing and breeding. The ancient falaj system of irrigation is still in use in some areas distributing underground water by a network of tunnels emerging eventually into open channels whose flow can be directed and regulated.

Getting Around Al Ain

By plane
Technically, Al Ain has its own international airport, but the vast majority of flights arrive at Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

By bus
Easiest way to reach Al Ain is by Bus from Abu Dhabi (140 km) and Dubai (100 km). Buses depart hourly from Abu Dhabi bus station, arriving at Al Ain bus staion and it takes 2 hours ( 10 Dhs , $ 2.70). Buses are clean Air Conditioned semi luxury type. Bus stops in half way for about 10 minutes. From Dubai, there are Emirates mini buses availble from Bur Dubai taxi station. Clean semi luxury mini vans charges 20 Dhs ( $5.40 Approx) for the 90 minutes journey.

Tourist Sites


Oasis known for its underground irrigation system "falaj" which is used to bring water from boreholes to irrigate and water farms and palm trees. Falaj is an ancient irrigation system that dates back thousands of years ago and is used widely in Oman, UAE, China, Iran and many other countries. Al Ain has 7 oases; the largest is Al Ain Oasis which is located just south of town center and the smallest is Al Jahili oasis. The rest are: Qattara, Al Mutaredh, Al Jimi, Al Muaiji, and Hili.


Hafeet Mountain. A very well known landmark in the Emirate and viewed as one of the highest mountains in the country. It is 1350 meters high and linked to the city by a 13-km long road. The top of the mountain is well provided with all required facilities and utilities that avail pleasure, easiness and comfort for visitors. At the bottom of the mountain is the Mabzarah Valley, which is a magnificent tourist place full of mineral water springs, swimming pools for men and ladies separately. A few miles afar from the mountain are the resorts and gardens of Ain Al-Faiydha which is a famous touristic resort surrounded by spacious public parks and gardens. The place is well provided by facilities such as a mosque, a motel, restaurants, outdoor games and fun area




Al-Ain Museum. Built in 1970 upon supreme directives by the President, His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan. It contains four sections, the first is dealing with the inhabitants social life (Ethnographical), the second is displaying antiques discovered in the city, the third is displaying the phases of oil discovery and exploitation, whereas the fourth is displaying the souvenirs and gifts presented to His Highness, President of the UAE by various world kings and presidents




Al-haili Archaeology. Al-Haili is an attractive archaeological place that stands to prove how far the city of Al-Ain is ancient. Already discovered archaeological pieces are dating 2000 years B.C.





Jabal Hafit Mountains

HAFIT mountain is the highest point in the country , offering a panoramic view of the Empty Quarter. It is popular tourist rendezvous and the peak is reached along and excellent mountain road where a hotel is being built , On the way to the top and at the top there are so many car parking, Places and areas where you can sit with your family and enjoy your time in special way!!

HAFIT mountain is also the site of archaeological finds dating back to the end of the fourth millennium B.C. The slopes around Jebel Hafit are full of caves which are explored by adventure groups. Settlements near it are famed for their honey and camel milk production.

At the bottom of HAFIT mountain there are many hot springs, where you can enjoy
a very hot bath, which is very healthy.

Note(all this is free!!, there is NO admissions, parking fees).
Location: on the South East of AL-Ain city centre


Ain Al-Faydhah is a resort, it is located on the west of Jabal HAFIT. In Al-Faydhah you can find what entertainment you want, there are two swimming pools, one for men and the other for ladies, there is a bowling center, Snooker, Pool and Peliard Centers. If you like horses and want to ride one, you can do that in Al-Ain Faydhah! If you are tired from the city life and you want to have a rest on the lovely quite garden, you do that in Al-Ain Faydhah Parks! If you want to spend a holiday with your family on the luxury shale, but you do not want to spend too much money, you can hire a very large chalet on Al-Ain Al-Faydhah at very low price!! If you do not wont a chalet, and you want to just one or two bedrooms, you go to Al-Ain Al-Faydhah Hotel, also you will not believe the incredible low prices!! Also there so many western and eastern restaurants, and a lot to see!!

Location: on the west of Jabal HAFIT.



AL Ain Zoo and Aquarium was opened in 1969 . So it is already well - known not only within the borders of Abu Dhabi but outside them as well in this short time. The Zoo developed on the instructions of the UAE President who maintains an active interest in the facility and in the welfare of its animals. The importance of this zoo lies not only in the its attraction today but also in its future value. Nature has since time immemorial attracted mankind . But it is in danger throughout the world.

In 27 years , the zoo has expanded into an enormous collection of both common and rare animals. The largest area in the zoo is reseved for Arabian antelope and deer . Extensive tree shaded paddocks offer good breeding conditions for a wide variety of African antelope , such as oryx , eland , gazzelle and lechwe. Also , there are many kinds of animals from all over the world.

The Big cat house opened in january 1985 holds lions , tigers , pumas, black and spotted leopards and the jaguars.

Al-Ain Zoo is open every day

Location: On the South, About 5 miles away from the city center.
The admission for Al-Ain Zoo is just 0.50 Dirham for children, and 1 Dirham for adults
(which equals $0.30 for adult)!!


Al -ain Museum

Ai Ain Museum was built by H.H.Sheikh Zayed's father over 80 years ago . AL Ain Museum is divided into two sections Ethnograghical and Archaeological.

The Ethnographical section contains artefacts such as traditional garments household items and utensils , and gold and silver jewellery which reflect the customs and traditionas of the daily life of the Bedouin people of the region .

The Archaeological section displays finds from discoveries made throughout the Emirates from the past three decades. On display are interesting finds from Jebel Hafit, Hili and Quattra in the AL Ain region , and also from Umm An - Nar Island near Abu Dhabi and Qusais in Dubai .

These discoveries date back to the Bronze and Iron Ages. Each passing year Al Ain Museum grows in wealth as new finds from recently excavated sites and gifts to the museum enrich its displays . The Entrance fee for young and old is modest by any standards at 50 fils .

SUMMER 8:00 AMTO 1:00 PM 4:30 PM TO 6:30 PM
WINTER 8:00 AM TO 1:00 PM 3:30 PM TO 5:30 PM

The Museum is closed on Saturdays , and open to the puplic on all official holidays except the first day of Eid holidays.

The admission for Al-Ain Museum is just free for children, and 1 Dirham for adult (which equals $0.30)!!
Location: On Al-Ain center.


The Camel market , which is best seen on Fridays where Camel dealers come from around the Gulf to buy and sell racing animals .

Camel Souk


Murjaib FortIt was built in 1898 A.D by the instruction of Zayed bin khalifa ( Zayed the First ) .

Location: On Al-Ain center.(Al Jahili area.

Al Murajib Fort

It was built in 1816 A.D by the instruction of Sheikh Shakhboot bin Diyab .

Location: in the entrance of the city.



Eastern Fort :

Eastern  fort

It was built in 1910 A.D by the instruction of Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al - Nhayan.

Location: in the city centre(next to Al-Ain Museum)

Al Muwaiji Fort :

It was built by the instruction of H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al - Nhayan during his ruling of the eastern region in 1946 .

Location: 2 miles to the west of Al-Ain Center (in Al Muwaiji area).

Al Murabba Tower :

It was built by the instruction of H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan in 1948 .A.D., and it used to be the Police Headquarter

Location: in the city centre.


Al-Hili shrine locate on the north of the city center, this monumental tomb was built over 4000 years ago.


This is a sample of the villages in the U.A.E. 30 years ago, and it is located on the north east of the city center, in this village you can explore how we were living, and you can see the old houses, shops, customs and the excellent relationships between the people.


Hili Fun City is the Gulf's largest and most popular theme park . It has been called the Disneyland of the middle East and for good reason. Recently , its annual festival which celebrate the culture and history of the country , bringing thousands of visitors streaming from arround the region.

The permanent attraction at Fun City , which is managed by Abu Dhabi National Hotels Company , rival those at sophisticated theme parks in the west .

There is a looping roller coaster as fast as any built in the middle East , the Dynamic Motion Theater , the high flying sky flyer and a host of rides and slides which sum up to so much activity , that a day is not long enough . Hili Fun City offers an all inclusive admission ticket which covers all the rides within .

The admission for Al-Hili fun city is just 15 DHM. which equals $3, with unlimited rides.
Al-Hili fun city is located on the north east of the city center


Sand Trip

Beda'a Bint Saud is a very famous place in the desert, it is on the north of the city center, on Beda'a Bint Saud, you can go whit your family on a trip to the desert and camp there if you want to ( if you like the adventures), and explore the Arabian desert, I am sure that you will love it!!



Public Park

In Al-Ain city there are so many parks such as the Public in the city center, Al-Slmi Park, Al- Jahli Park(for ladies and children only), Al- Basra Park(ladies), Al-Maqam Park (ladies).


Camel Race


Camel Race is reflecting the traditions of the desert , besides it is a traditional sport. The Camel will more easily be noticed by the visitor, however , during the great Camel races held in Al Maqam Camel Race Track in the winter months, when owners from the Emirates and rest of Arabia pit their fastest steeds one against the other , The major festivals attract many hudered of camels to complete for prizes that total several million dollars . Camel - racing has become one of the country's most popular spectator sports.

Location: Al Maqam Camel Race Track is 7 miles away from Al-Ain Center, to the West
The entrance is free of charges.


Dogs Race Track is next to the Zoo where 36 dogs out of 53 are choosen to share the race.
The race takes place every Thursday during 3 months January , Febuary and March. At the end of the race , there are ten tickets which get prizes where every ticket of them wins 500 dirhams.
Location: next to the Zoo
The entrance tickets are , freely , distributed.


You can find Taxi everytime and everywhere in Al Ain which transport you where you want to go , on one hand . On the other hand , there is public transport suprervises by the Municipality of Al Ain where there are many buses for the vairous districts in Al Ain. Transport fees are so cheap.
Streets and avenues are broad and run across the length and breadth of the oasis. The roads are well signposted in English and Arabic and even casual visitor finds it easy to reach his destination easy.


  • AL Ain is far about 160 kms. from Abu Dhabi , so you can get to Al Ain by bus or by taxi along a beautiful and lightened road. Al Ain lies at the east of Abu Dhabi .
  • Al Ain is far about 140 Kms. from Dubai so you can get to Al Ain by taxi along an excellent and lightened road . Al Ain lies at the South of Dubai.
  • If you want get to Al Ain from Ras Al Khaimah 220 kms , Umm Al Quwain 180 kms, Ajman 169 kms , sharajah 155 kms and Fujairah 200 kms that you will pass through Dubai then to Al Ain.
  • It's too easy to get to AL Ain from Oman Via Buraimi. ( in Oman) or Mezyed ( in Al Ain ).
  • You can get to Al Ain by its International Airport which is far about 20 Kms It was opend in 1994.

These are some useful numbers in Al-Ain City

Fire Department
Al-Jimi Hospital
03 635888
Twam Hospital
03 677444


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