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The history of Canada is presumed to be very old. The first trait of humans was found around 26,500 years ago in northern Yukon and around 9,500 years in southern Ontario .

The history of Canada holds that French were the first to colonize Canada . In 1603 Samuel de Champlain a French explorer came to Canada and in 1605 and 1608 established the first French colonies at Port Royal and Quebec City , respectively. The French colonists of New France colonized the St. Lawrence River valley, Great Lakes, Hudson Bay and the Mississippi watershed to Louisiana . The Arcadians colonized the present day Maritimes. The Britishers colonized Newfoundland and slowly captured the south of Nova Scotia and the areas around the Hudson Bay .

The French enjoyed a trading relationship with the Algonquin nations and nations of the Wabanaki Confederacy. Iroquois opposed the French and were in continuous war with them.

The occupation of the people in New France during this period was cod fishery,farming and trading of guns, gunpowder, cloth, knives, and kettles.

In the 17 th and the 18 th centuries the French were in constant war with the Britishers for the expansion of their colonial territories.

Toronto is a very diverse and vibrant city located on the north shore of Lake Ontario. In the 17th century, indigenous people living in Toronto region started to trade with the French and in the beginning of 18th century they established trading posts in Toronto. In 1793 British colonial officials founded the 'Town of York'. In 1867 when Canada became a country Toronto had 50,000 residents. Today Toronto is the largest Canadian city, and is the most important commercial, financial, industrial, and cultural center in Canada.

Toronto has a lot to offer to the visitor - from spectacular views from the world抯 tallest building, the CN Tower to a nice ferry ride to Toronto Islands; from a visit to a fairy tale castle in the middle of the city to the modern architecture of City Hall, BCE Place and TD Centre. Ontario Science Centre with more than 800 interactive exhibits, the Royal Ontario Museum the largest museum in Canada , and the Art Gallery of Ontario which houses a collection of over 24.000 art pieces are all worth visiting.

Harbourfront located in the downtown core on Lake Ontario is a huge complex of theatres, galleries, shops, and restaurants. A stroll along the lake is a nice way to relax or if you prefer sunbathing you can do that on the beach. Yes Toronto even has beaches!

Toronto is a world class city and one of the best places to live and is the most culturally and linguistically diverse city in the Canada.

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Toronto weather is quite inconsistent and only thing that is consistent about Toronto climate is 'changes'. It tends to be warm and humid in summer, freezing cold in winter, mild and pleasant in spring and fall. So it has something to offer for everybody.

On this page you will find brief overview of Toronto weather and climate condition which you may come across during your Toronto visit. So before you settle on your Toronto travel plan, consider the peculiarities of Toronto climate and then make final decision based on climate that best suits you.

Seasons in Toronto are easily differentiable from each other, so if you love distinct seasons like me, I ensure you that you won't be disappointed. You will discover...

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Toronto Sightseeing
tower tower tower
tower tower tower

Toronto attractions are as diverse as colours of rainbow!

Toronto is a sprawling city and like any top-notch tourist destination, Toronto has its fair share of must-see, irresistible tourist spots and sites that every visitor should make a part of their Toronto itinerary.

From the incredible heights of the CN Tower to the magnificent exhibits of the Royal Ontario Museum, from the allure of Casa Loma to the breathtaking adventures of the Wonderland, from glittery shopping of Eaton Centre to greenery of picturesque Toronto Island, the vibrant and exciting city offers a wide range of major tourist attractions and landmarks to the visitors of all ages and interests.

In fact, for many visitors, an overwhelming array of tourist attractions proves to be quite mystifying. They are not sure or sometimes even they don't know which Toronto tourist attractions should be included in their list of 'must visit' places of entertainment and sightseeing interest.

In order to remove the confusion and simplify decision making process, I have compiled list of must-see Toronto tourist attractions on this page. Here you will find glimpse of best attractions in Toronto. For comprehensive coverage, click on each of the Toronto tourist attractions in the list. The detailed pages are full of lots of useful information, photos, videos, tips and last but not the least my own personal experience and views. These pages will help you to decide which Toronto attractions you must not miss in your trip.

Take some time, explore the list of top Toronto attractions and plan your memorable vacation to Toronto.

CN Tower

The eminent engineering marvel is indisputably the paramount attraction in Toronto and offers the bird eye view of the city from top. The soaring CN Tower is truly great spot to kick-start your Toronto vacation.

Take the glass floor paneled elevator and enjoy the unique ride up to the observation decks. Experience the thrilling see-through glass floor or enjoy the awe-inspiring view while you dine at revolving restaurant high in the sky. Don't forget to grab souvenirs from the Marketplace. More about CN Tower.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a medieval castle, famed for its unique architecture and intricate design. Loaded with rich past, the magnificent castle is an outstanding Toronto attraction and a must for a history buff. A real feast for the senses!

Explore the well decorated rooms, hidden passageways, beautiful conservatory, an 800-ft tunnel, horse stables, Queen’s Own Rifles Museum and enchanting 5-acre estate gardens. Enjoy the spellbinding views of Toronto from the towers of the castle. The castle also hosts several interesting events throughout the year. Bring your family to this grand landmark and have a blast. More about Casa Loma.

tower tower tower
tower tower tower

Canada's Wonderland

Canada's Wonderland is a huge summer attraction in Toronto and offers complete package of fun, thrill and entertainment. With a plenty of exciting rides, live shows and a huge water park, there is no shortage of real action and adventure at the park.

Challenge your bravery on the largest variety of roller coasters and other thrilling rides that will make you scream. Little kids can enjoy lots of fun rides and meet their favourite television characters. Or if you like to have splash fun, explore the amazing water park. More about Canada's Wonderland.

Toronto Islands

A short ferry ride from the mainland, the Toronto Islands are great summer gateway and perfect place to unwind from the downtown hustle and bustle. This is indeed a highly popular summer attractions offering fascinating views of the Toronto skyline.

You will find sandy beaches, green gardens, picnic areas, walking trails, bike and boat rentals, sports and recreational facilities, fountains and much more. There is also an old-fashioned amusement park with lots of fun rides and activities. With so many things to do and see, the Toronto Islands are really hard to resist on a nice summer day. More about Toronto Islands.

Toronto Zoo

It is a top Toronto attraction for kids and off course for adult too! Famous for its conservation programme, the Toronto zoo is one of the premier zoos in North America and provides lots of fun and knowledge.

You will find lots of rare and unique animals here along with more common animal species in natural and large habitats. Don't miss to visit the cute Polar bear and be sure to say hi to the Western lowland gorilla for me! Kids can enjoy a lot at the Discovery Zone and several exciting rides. More about Toronto Zoo.

tower tower tower
tower home2 tower

Ontario Place

Ontario Place is a great family-friendly entertainment center and one of the most popular Toronto attractions in summer. It features lots of exciting rides and Toronto's only downtown water park.

You can enjoy Wilderness Adventure Ride, F/X Adventure Theatre Ride, Rush River Raft Ride, Pedal Boating and many other thrilling rides. Do watch the movie at the Cinesphere, the world's first permanent IMAX theatre. Or enjoy the concert at the Molson Amphitheatre. It is a great place to chill down in scorching summer heat. More about Ontario Place.

Centreville Amusement Park

Centreville Amusement Park is an old-fashioned theme park located on 600 acres of parkland on the Toronto Islands just a short ferry ride from the main land. It's a great vacation destination for a family with toddlers as the rides are geared mostly toward young kids.

Feel the inimitable experience as you enjoy a wide array of antique rides including whimsical Carousel, thrilling Monster Coaster, wet and wild Log Flume Ride and a scary Hunted Barrel Works, relaxing Swan Ride and spinning Barrels of Fun. Don't forget to hop on one of its kind Centreville train and a soaring Sky ride. More about Centreville Amusement Park.

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Toronto Transport

Travel to Toronto is very convenient and trouble-free with variety of transportation modes at your disposal.

Toronto is the largest city of Canada and one of the top financial centres in the world. As a Canada's economical and cultural capital, Toronto is well connected by air, road and rail links with rest of the world.

For most of the visitors, the best and easiest (and sometimes the only) option is to take a flight to Toronto. However, it all depends on your travel funds and your planned itineraries. And off course, the quantum of time you have!

Here I have provided all the basic information on various means by which you can travel to Toronto. So explore and research each of the option thoroughly. Take your time and pick the best choice based on your budget and suitability.

Travel to Toronto – The alternatives for you

  • By Plane – The fastest and most common option for many visitors, but the most expensive too
  • By Train – Perfect for leisure travel, little time-consuming and relatively cheaper
  • By Bus or Coach – Bit lengthy and tedious, cheapest among the all, recommended for short distance travel
  • By Car – Travel at your own time, convenient, flexible and somewhat easy, but avoid long distance driving

Travel to Toronto – By Plane

With increasing number of air carriers (both high-end and low cost) worldwide, providing efficient and timely services, air travel has become very affordable and convenient mode of transportation. Getting to Toronto by plane is no different either. It's without a doubt the fastest and easiest way to travel to Toronto.

Being the gateway to rest of Canadian cities, Toronto is very well linked to major cities of the world by air. Most of the major airlines operate their flights to Toronto, either directly or through their alliance.

Having virtually hundreds of daily flights to Toronto to choose from, picking the most convenient and cost-effective flight for you and your family is like child's play. Well almost!

Concerned about the high air-fare? Don't worry. Many low cost carriers operate cheap flights to Toronto. Here you can find proven tips, methods and travel websites for your cheap flights to Toronto.

Travel to Toronto – By Train

Getting to Toronto by train can be a bit costly affair but at the same time it also offers picturesque views. It's amazingly comfortable and enjoyable journey.

VIA Rail, Canada operates passenger trains on many routes including the busiest Windsor-Quebec City Corridor and transcontinental route from Toronto to Vancouver. The Windsor-Quebec City Corridor covers Windsor, Sarnia, London, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City and offers direct train services to Toronto.

America's Amtrak rail company along with VIA Rail jointly provides daily train service between Toronto and New York via Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Albany.

These train services bring passengers at the Union Station in downtown Toronto, which is Toronto’s main rail hub.

For further information on train routes, fares and schedules check Train to Toronto.

Travel to Toronto – By Bus or Coach

The most inexpensive way of getting to Toronto is to take an intercity bus. However, at the same time it's not quick or comfortable either. Therefore, for long distance travel, personally I don't suggest this option.

Greyhound offers large number of intercity services from several Canadian cities like Ottawa, London, Windsor, Barrie, Peterborough, Niagara Falls, Kitchener and Guelph. Greyhound also runs daily bus services from New York via Buffalo, Rochester and Chicago via London, Windsor and Detroit.

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