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Uthai ThaniUthai Thani is situated in the lower part of the northern region of Thailand. Recent excavations have indicated that this area was inhabited by prehistoric people. There are several tourist attractions and places of interest but because the township area is far from the main highway few visitors make the trip to this interesting province. Uthai Thani occupies a total are of 6,730 square kilometers located 219 kms. from Bangkok. It is divided into 8 Amphoes (district); Muang Uthai Thani, Nong Khayang, Nong Chang, Thap Than, Ban Rai, Sawang Arom, Lan Sak and Huai Khot.


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celebrateTak Bat Devo at Wat Sangkat Ratana Khiri

It is an important festival at the end of the Buddhist lent, Uthai Thani. Tak Bat Devo means to fell the bowls of the goods and in this festival held a day after Ok Phansa (Buddhist Rains Retrest) about October each year, monk descend from a hilltop temple to receive offerings from local people, as the Buddha himself is believed to have done after preaching to his mother in heaven.
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Natural Beauty

Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Preserve AreaHuai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Preserve Area
covers the areas of Uthai Thani, Kanchanaburi and Tak. The sanctuary has the largest area among forests in Thailand and in other Southeast Asian countries. Its hugeness enables it to hold a diverse range of plants and animals, many of which are endangered species. The sanctuary also has a magnificent stream, Huay Kha Khaeng ; the where water runs all year round and several salt lakes such as Pong Ya and Pong Samor. The sanctuary is 90 kms. off Muang Uthai Thani. Take Highway 3438 and 15 kms. from the highway's 53 - 54 km mark is the Khao Hin Daeng check-point. Seventeen km from the check-point is Khao Nang Ram Research Center, and 14 kms. from the check-point is the Kapuk Kapiang preservation unit. For a nature tour at Huai Kha Khaeng wildlife Preserve Area, prior approval is necessary from the Wildlife Conservation Division of The Forestry Department at P.O. Box 4 Amphoe Lansak, Uthai Tahni province 61160.

Khao Pathavi
This mountain, 720 meters long and 253 meters high, is situated at Tambon Talukda, Amphoe Thaptan, 38 kms. from the township area. Its most famous is a steep overhanging crag with multi-tired peaks, on the side of the mountain are 30 caves with cool, ample space and shady trees, inhabited by groups of monkeys, Stone tools and prehistoric human skeletons have been discovered at this mountain.

Khao Plara
boding Amphoe Lansak and Amphoe Nongchang, is 40 kms. from the township and 598 meters high.
Nearly perfect prehistoric paintings can be seen on the west side.

Khao Khong Chai
This is another large and beautiful mountain, locate about 5 kms. from Amphoe Lan Sak Esher a road branches off on the right for the one kilometer distance to Khao Thong Chai. The foot hills are always cool and there are many beautiful caves such as Khon Chai cave, Maha Sombat cave.etc. inside the mountain, in the evening.

Siber or Hinlad Waterfall
at Tambon Thonglang, Amphoe Huaikot, is 80 kms. from the township area.

Khao Phra Phai Rua
This mountain is situated in Amphoe Lan Sak, 60 kms. from Uthai Thani city. Viewed from a distance, the hill resemble a Chinese junk surround at the base by a natural most of about 12 meters in width. The side of the mountain are covered with many species of trees and inside the mountain there are many caves such as Tham Kaeo, Tham Si Chompu, Tham Thong Phra Rong, Tham Buddha Satham, Tham Ang Nam Mon, each having their own particular beauties. Some of them are adorned with beautiful stalangmites and stalactites. A visit to the caves will require some 4-5 hours to see all the interesting sights. There is electricity for illumination in the caves, but the authorities should be contacted in advance to light the caves and payment must be made for the cost of the electricity.

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Historical Sites

Wat Chantharam or Wat Tha Soong

an ancient monastery from the Ayutthaya period, is located at moo 2, Tambon Namseum, 5 kms., along the 3265 Rd. from Amphoe Muang. In the small main shrine hall of the Wat are mural paintings of many years ago by the native residents more recently a bigger main shrine hall has been built, which is decorated beautifully inside with colored glass mosaics.

Wat Sangkat Ratana Khiri
This monastery is situated at the foot of Khao Sakae Krang mountain at the end of Tachang Rd. in the municipality. Phra Buddha Mongkon Saksit, a treasure of Uthai Thani, is housed inside the viharn. From the compound, there are stairs leading to the top of Khao Sakae Krang of the Buddha covered by the Mondop. Nearby is the monument of Somdet Phra Pathom Borom Maha Chanok of King Rama I, modeled as large as life.

Monument of Somdet Phra Pathom Borom Maha Chanok
(The father of King Rama I of the present Chakri Dynasty), Somdet Phra Pathom Borom Maha Chanok was born in the of Baan Sakae Krang. A monument of him is located on Khao Sakae Krang and wak inaugurated by their Majesties the king and Queen on April 5,1979.

Wat Thap Than
on Uthai Thani-Thapthan Rd. is one kilometer away from Amphoe Muang office. The Wat has a beautiful Rattanakosin period carpenter.

Phra Buddha Mongkhon Saksit
This very beautiful Buddha dated from Sukhothai period and is cast of bronze in the attitude of Subduing Evil. It is one of the most sacred Buddha Image and is highly revered by Uthai Thani
inhabitants. This Buddha Image is housed in Wat Sangkat Ratanakhiri where the crowd of Buddhists
assemble for "Tak Bat Devo" (Merit-making Festival on Ok Phansa Day.)

Buddha Footprints on Khao Sakae Krang
The Footprints are housed on the 120 meters summit of Khao Sakae Krang near Phra Buddha Mongkhon Saksit. The mondop covering the Footprints was built in the year 1905 and renovated in the year 1968.

Wat UbosatharamWat Ubosatharam (Wat Botmanarom)
also commonly called Wat Bot. is located on Dhepho Island. There is a bridge from themunicipal market leading across the river. Inside the Wat are many ancient architectural buildings, including the early Rattanakosin period mural paintings on the walls of the main shrine hall and viharn.

The History and Local Culture Museum
located at the Uthai Thani Non-Formal Education Center, exhibits prehistoric human skeletons, old Uthai Thani governors' costumes, a replica room of carved wood and some original Thai houses.

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By Bus

Take a bus from Bangkok (Mo Chit bus station) at Mo Chit north Bangkok to get Uthai Thani. It takes about 4 hours to be there.

By Car

There are three way to Uthai Thani from Bangkok:

Route 1: take Highway No. 32, through Ayutthaya, Ang Thong, Sing Buri, and Chai Nat, and then turn left at Km.206 in Tha Nam Oi. From there, cross the bridge spanning the Chao Phraya River and turn left onto Road No. 333 to Uthai Thani. The total distance is about 222 kilometers.

Route 2: take Highway No. 32 through Ayutthaya, and then turn left, crossing the bridge to Ang Thong. Go through Sing Buri and Amphoe Sapphraya, past the Chao Phraya Dam, and through Amphoe Wat Sing and Wat Tha Sung until you arrive at Uthai Thani Market. The total distance is about 285 kilometers.

Route 3: take Road No. 340 past Suphan Buri, and then turn left onto Road No. 357 and right onto No. 322 past Amphoe Don Chedi. From there, turn right onto Road No. 3264 to Ban Sa Krachom, then turn right onto Road No. 333 to the Ban Rai intersection and another right to Uthai Thani. The total distance is about 300 kilometers.

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