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Srakaew introduction
srakaewSakaeo is a newly established province upgraded from Amphoe Sakaeo of Prachinburi Province in 1993. Sakaeo is an eastern boundary province, located 220 kilometers from Bangkok. It is administratively divided into 7 Amphoes: Muang , Watthana Nakhon, Aranyaprathet, Ta Phraya, Wang Nam Yen, Khao Chagun and Khlong Hat.
Sakaew, Sa Khwan the two ponds located 1.5 km from the town. Be viewed in two ponds of water, when the holy water, it uses water as part of the coronation ceremony. Pain in the tropical semi-shrub

National Park is occupied by this Notice 24,1982 approximate area of 844 square kilometers or 527,500 rai of February set up in the Government Gazette as a national park. To access the park, a possible move by the market from Sakaew 27 km away from the branch road. Attractions within the park in the country, including two beautiful waterfalls; Nam Tok pain in the tropical semi-shrubs and Nam Tok Khwae Makha, 700 meters and 3 km away from the respective park offices. Adaptation in this national park is available. Please contact National Park Division, Bangkok, Tel. 579 0529, 579 4842 Contact.

Aranya Prathet A district in Thailand Cambodian border, 70 km away from the Sakaew, this border city is the market, products from Cambodia in the sales ban was put in Khlong Luk, village 6 km away from the area.
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Srakaew History
1910, here under Kai Ping Buri (Kabin Buri). Sa Kaeo Province in 1926 where the population was classified as a true Pakistani government boundaries. Sa Kaeo Province, founded in 1993, and before that has been Prachin Buri part. Integration of the Highland plains and forests of Sa Kaeo Province colonial rule has long been the areas, archaeologists prove Sa Kaeo Province dates back to the fall and Romania and Cambodia during the period.

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Sandstone Buddha Chong Klambon Wildlife Breeding Center Prasat Sadok Kok Thom

States that National Park History
States that the history of national parks: Sa Kaeo is located directly under the county, an area over 844 square kilometers, contains several articles waterfalls, beautiful scenery, there are tents for tourists rent. It Plessis Palace kaunai stone house, stone house examination Long, Sha Luoge Stone Temple: Allen County is located, built by the ancient Khmer. Sa Kaeo Shakun pool:, located directly under the county government to pay the Department of about 1.5 km south-east, are two ancient holy pond, whose water was used as the French monarch ascended the throne in the water ceremony.

Sandstone Buddha
Wang M downtown Falls: Sa Kaeo is located directly under the county scenic. Lion Cave: Located directly under the county pay sand, there are 10 different sizes but interlinked caves, hilltop overlooking beautiful scenery. Sandstone Buddha, "you will see Buddha's head as you turn." "Bangkok Post" reporter Bonnie told me, Sa Kaeo Province has a very magical sandstone Buddha do.

Chong Klambon Wildlife Breeding Center
Is located at Tambon Nong Mahkfai, Amphoe Wattana Nakhon. Follow the road Pass Ta Krabak Reservoir for 500 meters, then turn left and follow the road for 3 kilometers.

In accordance with the wishes of Her Majesty the Queen, this is a place for researching, studying and breeding wildlife in order to help people understand the importance of wildlife. There are a variety of different species; for example, hornbills, myna, duck, peafowl, deer monkey and bears. There is also an information center which has displays of wildlife and places of interest within the area.

Prasat Sadok Kok Thom
This ancient place is located at Moo 3 Ban Nong Samet,Tambon Kok Song, King Amphoe Kok Soong. Follow Route 348 from Aranyaprathet to Ta Phraya then take any one of the routes off Route 348 to the prasat. Due to the border situation, it is advisable to enquire which route is suitable.

This ancient place consists of 3 prasats facing an easterly direction. There are a couple of water pools as well as an outer wall which surrounds the perimeter and an interior wall, which are made of sandstone. There is an archway to enter the main compound area of the prasat. In the interior, there are many original ancient designs. These can be seen in 2 places the front and the back of the prasat, The prasat is in ruins and is partially covered with undergrowth. Archaeologists believe that this prasat was erected during the 15th century of the Buddhist Era, and was a shrine of respect as well as used for religious ceremonies in accordance with the Hindu religion. Presently, this place is maintained by the National Library and the Fine Arts Department.

Pang Sida Waterfall Kwae Maka Waterfall Prasat Khao Noi Ban Khlong Leuk

Pang Sida National Park
The park has many places of interest:

Pang Sida Waterfall
is located about 800 meters from the office of the park. It falls from a height of 10 meters. There is a shallow lake as well as other small shallow pools among the clusters of rock formations. The area is surrounded by a variety of trees which give this place a nice, shady, tranquil atmosphere. It is very popular for picnicking. During the wet season, there is a lot to water.

Pa-Takien Waterfall
is located in the vicinity of Pang Sida Waterfall. There is a nice shady pathway from Pang Sida Waterfall to these falls; a distance of approximately 2.5 kms.

Kwae Maka Waterfall
Follow the route from the office to Km 40 then walk for approximately 6 Kilometers to the falls. The water
flows down from a height of 70 meters.From these falls, there is a pathway going to another 4 waterfalls
- Rak Sainoi, Lan Hin Yai, Suan Mun Suan Tong, and Marntara.

Chong Klambon Wildlife Breeding Center
Is located at Tambon Nong Mahkfai, Amphoe Wattana Nakhon. Follow the road Pass Ta Krabak Reservoir
for 500 meters, then turn left and follow the road for 3 kilometers.

Prasat Khao Noi
This Prasat is located at Wat Khao Noi See Chompoo, Tambon Khlong Namsai, Aranyaprathet.From Aran, follow the road in a southerly direction for approximately 12 kilometers. This ancient place is located on top of a small mountain approximately 80 meters high.

Thai / Khmer Border Market, Ban Khlong Leuk

From Aranyaprathet follow the road in an easterly direction for 6 kilometers to the Thai / Cambodian
border. This is an important trading point between the 2 countries. The shops within the market have
been erected similar to divided sheltered rooms. Most of the merchandise comes from Cambodia; for example, gold, kitchenware, clothing and dried food. Not far from the market is the actual border

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