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ranongThe first Southern province bordering the Indian Ocean is Ranong, located some 568 kms. from Bangkok. Ranong is very famous even though it is very small occupying an area of only 3,298 square kilometers, because it is Thailand's rainiest province, and also its narrowest.

The Kra Isthmus, the narrowest part of the Malayan Peninsula is Located here. Ranong is a longnarrow plot of land extending 169 kms. from north to south, and only 9m kms. at its narrowest. Most of the province is rainforested mountains bordering on Chumphon to the north, Surat Thani and Phang-nga to the south, Chumphon to the east and Myanmar to the northwest. Ranong is administratively divided into four Amphoes and one King Amphoe Amphoe Muang, Kra Brui, Kapoe, La-un and King Amphoe Suk Samran.
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Kra Isthmus Laem Son National Park

Kra Isthmus

The Kra Isthmus is the narrow land bridge which connects the Malay Peninsula with the mainland of Asia. The east part of the landbridge belongs to Thailand, while the west part belongs to the Tanintharyi division of Myanmar. To the west of the Isthmus is the Andaman Sea, and to the east is the Gulf of Thailand. Located in Ban Thapli, Tambon Lamu at Km 545 on Highway 4, 66 kilometers northeast of the town center, the Kra is the Malayan Peninsula's narrowest point. There is a large cement map to help orient visitors. The Kra provides an excellent vantage point from which to see the Kra Buri River forming a natural boundary between Thailand and Myanmar.

Laem Son National Park

Laem Son is a coastal park that extends out to include a number of islands. Covering an area of 315 square kilometers, the park offers white sandy beaches, pine trees forests, a seascape of nearby islands and great bird watching. Just four kilometers from Bang Ben is Laem Son Beach where visitors can camp and enjoy bird watching. A number of the islands in the park are worth visiting.

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