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Nong Khai
Stretched out along the banks of the Mekhong River, opposite the Lao capital of Vientiane, Nong Khai, 382 miles from Bangkok, is an attractive province, fascinating for its river views. Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge is one of the best places to enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the Mekhong River. The bridge also leads you to the border of Lao P.D. R. where you can easily commute by taxi to Vientiane.

For those who wish to explore the mysterious and unexplained phenomenon in which fireballs are seen rising up from the Mekhong River, be a part of Bang Fai Phaya Nak or Naga Fireball Festival held on the night at the end of Buddhist Lent usually in October. A friendship boat race between Thailand and Lao is staged as a part of the festival.


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Nong Khai View Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge

Luang Pho Phra Sai
The major Buddha lmage of the province, is enshrined at Wat Pho Chai within town limit. Comparatively small, with only a spread of about one meter across the knees, it is thought to have been cast in Lan Chang. The annual Bun Soeng Bang Fai, or Rocket Festival, which is held on the day of the Full Moon in April, is celebrated at this temple.

Wat Hin Mak Peng
30 kilometers from Amphoe Si Chiang Mai on the Highway 211, the Wat stands on Mekong river bank with spectacular scenery. It is a peaceful place where priests come to practise their meditation.

Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge
The first bridge across the Khong River linking Nong Khai with Tha Na Laeng in Laos, 20 kilometers from Vientiane. The bridge measures 1.2 kms. long. Foreigners wishing to visit Laos are required to have a passport and visa and travel with an authorized agency only. Travelling on one's own is not allowed in Laos.

Phu Thok
situated in Amphoe Bung Kan, some 185 kilometers from the province, Plan Thok (a lonely mountain) is topped by Wat Chetiya Khiri Vihan or Wat Phu Thok with a wooden spiral staircase leading up there. The completion of the staircase took 5 years.r.

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Although Nong Khai does not have it's own airport, the airport at Udon Thani is about 55km away. A transfer from the airport to Nong Khai takes about 40 minutes for a shared private minibus, also can take private taxi. Alternatively.

There are regular daily bus services operated by The Transport Company Limited, both ordinary and airconditioned, which leave from Bangkok's Mo Chit 2 (Chatuchak) Bus Terminal and take about 9 hours.

The State Railway of Thailand has a number of daily train services from Bangkok, during both day and also night with sleeper trains, all of which take about 12 hours.


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