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Taoyuan City is the capital city of Taoyuan County in Taiwan Province, Republic of China, located in the northwestern part of the island, and home of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

"Taoyuan" means "peach garden," since the area used to have many peach blossoms.

Taoyuan is an industrial city in northern Taiwan. Taoyuan is primarily an industrial city and has few distinctive features. However, if you get stranded at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport overnight and don't want to pay over the odds at the airport hotel or travel the extra kilometers into Taipei, you might consider spending the night here.

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Jiaobanshan ParkJiaobanshan Park

Jiaobanshan Park is also called Fuxing Park. It is located at the south west of Jiaobanshan. The park has very extensive area, and there are several tall maple trees in the park. When the autumn comes, the maples turn red and compose beautiful scenery.

Hutou Mountain Park

As the Hutou Mountain Park is situated near Taoyuan downtown area and is on high ground, it is a good place from which to view the Taoyuan Terrace and the night view of Taoyuan City. In the park there is a lotus pond and cherry trees, as well as a children’s playground and an area for barbeques. At the halfway point of the mountain, there is also the "Taoxin Pavilion" to mark the friendship of Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei in the Chinese classic "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms." This is a popular place for citizens' recreation. The Environmental Park on the mountain was originally a garbage dumping ground which now has become a new park following renovation. Since one can have a good view of Taoyuan City at night from there and look at the starry sky, when night falls, many lovers go dating on the mountain and spend a romantic night there.

Little Wulai Scenic AreaLittle Wulai Scenic Area

In the mother language of the Atayal tribe, Wulai represent the meaning of the hot springs. The names of hot springs in the old Atayal language are all called Wulai. Little Wulai with many gorges locates in the region of the Fuxing Township. The famous inner scenery is the little Wulai waterfall, Long waterfall, and the Wind Stone. Yunei Stream locates in the village of Fuxing Township in Taoyuan. The stream is the upper branch of the little Wulai waterfall. Therefore the flows of the water are strong because of the plentiful rain. The Little Wulai waterfall is not affected by the dry season in winter.

Longtan Tourist Pond

The Longtan Pond is one of Longtan's most famous landmarks. The total area of this natural pond is about 0.17 square kilometers. The dragon boat race is held here annually. There is a statue of Qu Yuan near the pond. Qu Yuan is a Chinese patriotic poet in the Warring States Period who committed ritual suicide by jumping into the Milou River with a great rock. The original Dragon Boat Festival was a rescue attempt mission to save Qu Yuan. However, it had become a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan.

Shimen ReservoirShimen Reservoir

Shimen Reservoir is a concrete gravity dam crossing the Dahan River, a tributary to the Danshui River, in Taoyuan County, Taiwan. It is a water supply and flood control dam, holding back the Shimen Reservoir. The construction plan was created in 1938 under Japanese rule, but it was not implemented because of the start of World War II. The dam was the largest in Southeast Asia when construction ended in 1953, and it still remains one of the largest dams in the region. The dam supplies, per day, 1.4 million tonnes of water to residences and industry, and 1.8 million tonnes of water to agriculture in Taoyuan County and Taipei County, and as a result is integral to the water supply system of northern Taiwan. The dam cost NT $4.85 billion to construct.

Baisha Cape Lighthouse

The 37-meters tall Baisha Cape Light House is situated on the coast of Guanyin. After completion, it became a main tourist attraction along Taoyuan's coast. The plan for constructing this light house began in 1896. Construction started in 1898, and the light house was completed and operational in January 1901. The light house is a round structure made of bricks. It has withstood many earthquakes and typhoons and is still rock solid today. It lights up the Taiwan Strait and serves as protection for vessels that ply the ocean.

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Taoyuan is about a 25 minute taxi ride from the international airport and around 30 to 40 minutes from Taipei.

There's also a 60NT bus that leaves from the bus terminal of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE). It is clearly marked with English and traditional Chinese characters.

The city has its own bus system which is decent and covers the major parts of town, but no where near as convenient as Taipei's MRT/bus system.

The new High Speed Railway (HSR) has a stop near the outskirts of town and can shuttle people from Taoyuan to Taipei in around 12 minutes for around 120 NT. The HSR covers almost the entire length of Taiwan, but a trip spanning the entire length will cost around 2200NT.

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