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Surabaya is the capital of East Java province and the biggest metropolitan city in Indonesia with the inhabitant approximately 3 million Peoples. Surabaya officially established in 1293. Surabaya well known as Heroic City , the date was taken from the glory of Raden Wijaya, the first king of Majapahit who against China troops. Surabaya is a metropolitan city in which have religious nuances, the community had the feeling of the high solidarity and the spirit of heroism that never knew surrendered.

Most people go to Surabaya to take the boat to Bali or Sulawesi but there is a lot more to do and see than just the harbor, the docks and the piers. Surabaya has an interseting old city, great shopping in the modern center and the bustling kind of city life you can find only in Asian megacities.

Jembatan Merah is the place to start exploring the city. Around it you find many old houses built by the Dutch. Chinatown is just around the corner, with famous boulevard named Jalan Kembang Jepun.

The Pasar Pabean is a big market that is worth a visit. In the heart of the Arab quarter you find the Masjid Ampel Mosque. You can reach the mosque through the covered bazar in Jalan Ampel Suci.

info info info

Surabaya has good nighlife. Tunjungan Plaza is the place to head for, there are a few disco's around. There are many restaurants are nearby as well. And now added with pedestrian food stalls within a complex named Kya Kya.

A booming city of over 3 million, Surabaya offers many good hotels, shopping centers and entertainment. Its well stocked zoological garden include several species of Indonesian fauna like "orang utan", komodo dragon and a collection of nocturnal animals.

Kalimas is an old traditional harbor for the world famous Bugis schooner "phinisi" which sailed the Indonesian seas for hundreds of years. At present those praus can still be seen in their former glory with big colorful sails.

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history history
history history

Surabaya officially stood in 1293. The date was taken from the glory of Raden Wijaya, the first king of Majapahit who against China troops .

Surabaya has role to be an essential Port city for a long time. In that time, Kalimas River was a crowded river with many boats which sailed to Surabaya.

historySurabaya city was also connected with the Independence Revolution of Indonesia. Since the domination of Dutch and Japan., Surabaya peoples (usually called: Arek Suroboyo ) have hard struggling to fight for the freedom. Finally, in November 10,1945 , Arek Suroboyo succesfully has dominated Oranye hotel (now called: Mojopahit Hotel) in which the hotel became the Colonialism Symbol now. Because of the struggling, Indonesia held Hari Pahlawan in every November 10.


The symbol of Surabaya that was current util this was appointed by DPRS Surabaya Big City with the decision number 34/DPRS on June 19, 1955, was reinforced with the Indonesian Republic President Decision No. 193 in 1956 0n December 14, 1956 that contained :

  • 1. The symbol had the shape of the hexagon shield that distilled (gesty leerd), which has meant to protect the Surabaya City.
  • 2. Pahlawan Monument description symbolized sons and daughters Surabaya heroism in maintaining independence against colonizers.
  • 3. The Sura fish and Crocodile (baya) description that meant Sura ing Baya symbolized the characteristics of sons and daughters of Surabaya courage that did not vibrate faced a danger.
  • 4. Blue, Black, Silver (White) and Gold (Yellow) colors was made be as clear and as brightly as possible, so that therefore was produced a satisfactory symbols.

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Position 07° 21' south latitudes and 112° 36' - 112° 54' east longitudes
Altitude Around 3 - 6 metres above the sea level (Below land), except on the south regions, there are two slope mountains in Lidah region and Gayungan with 25-50 metres height above sea level.
Regional Border Northern : Madura Strait
Eastern : Madura Strait
Southern : Sidoarjo Regency
Western : Gresik Regency
Width 33.306,30 Km²
Land Structural All lands consist of alluvial sediment, the sediment of river and coast, in Western part thre is a higly calcium land.
Topography (80% lowland, height 3-6 m, inclination < 3 % 20% range of hills with low wave, height < 30 m and inclination 5-15%)

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Surabaya is a multiple ethnic city enriches with many cultures. In Surabaya there are many kinds of ethnics, such as : Malay, Chinese, India , Arab, and Europe . Indonesian archipelago ethnics are also could be found, such as : Madura, Sunda, Batak, Kalimantan, Bali Sulawesi which mixed with native Surabaya citizen and establish cultural pluralism, hence, it become a special characteristic for surabaya . Most of surabaya citizen are original from Native Surabaya and Madura peoples.

Hence, it makes Surabaya being different with other city in Indonesia, then this special characteristic is really blending to coloring in this daily life. Associate with each other without any differences, open minded, critic and being critic is a daily lifestyle that could be found in here. More over, traditional art and special food define for surabaya cultural pluralism.

cultures cultures


Art living in Surabaya grew well. Traditional and modern art complete each other to create various Surabaya art. Traditional art grew because of the colonialism defense history that has been preserved nowadays. Traditional art is very various. there are dancing art, musical art and stage art. Ludruk, Gending Jula Juli Suroboyo, Remo dancing, Kentrung, Okol, Seni Ujung, Besutan, Loro Pangkon ceremony, Lenggang Suroboyo dance, and Hadrah dance.

While modern art is also grew slightly, many dance studios focus in developing traditional and modern blended. Yet, many dance groups developed modern creation, such as Marlupi dance, gito Maran.

In realizing art living in Surabaya, Surabaya Art Council (Dewan Kesenian Jakarta) and Musical, theatre, painting association create many efforts to increase it. Painting art exhibition and Theatre art are often held in Balai Pemuda. While, traditional dance art show always held in Taman Hiburan Rakyat (THR) and Taman Budaya. Surabaya Symphony Orchestra (SSO) is also have a role to make musical art grew well in Surabaya.

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festival festival

In every year, almost many various festival held in Surabaya. Festival celebration not only has been held by government, but also many organizations take a role in celebrating these festivals, such as Layang-layang festival,Surabaya's food festival, fisherman's boat festival, Panen Raya, and many more. Since a year ago, in July has been held Yosakai dance festival which comes from Kochi, Japan. This festival is a form of cooperation relationship Surabaya and Kochi, hence, it became routine agenda for Surabaya.


festiva festiva

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tourism tourism

"Imagine the Surabaya City as the fairy's country, with the river from Kalimas gold, and the port from silver, Tanjung Perak." Supplement the imagination with the Surabaya City legend where the founder of the Surabaya City interpreted the Surabaya name, came from words Suro ing Boyo.

Suro meant the fish and Boyo meant the crocodile, a legend, the struggle between the Suro fish and the crocodile that happened in Kalimas. This legend afterwards was immortalized as the name of the Surabaya City .

As the Hero's City, Surabaya kept many historic memories.


As the mute witness, buildings were historic the legacy of the colonization period gave special nuances for the beauty of Surabaya City . The blend between the dream country, the legend, historic and metropolitan, all of it could be enjoyed in the form of beautiful and interesting tourist attractions. Various tourist attraction kinds could be encountered in Surabaya . It will be spend several days to enjoy it. The Melati hotel was suitable for the wanderer. Here also provided several five-star hotels. We could just walk around at the shopping centre. Here you could shop, enjoyed the entertainment while enjoying typical Surabaya food.

The recreation tour here was watching the sun rise, boating in the Kenjeran Coast and in the Kalimas river, visited the zoo, the amusement park, playing golf, and watched the performance.

In the night we could enjoy the nightlife in the restaurant, the pub, karaoke and the discotheque. The valuable history tour were including the Dutch old building like Internatio building, Grahadi building, Mojopahit Hotel, Pemuda Hall, town hall, and etc.

To know the struggle neroism to seize independence had the Tugu Pahlawan monument and the Submarine Monument . The artefact and the legacy archeology could be united in the Mpu Tantular Museum . In the centre of the city also had the legacy of the Singosari kingdom king that is Joko Dolog.

The main valuable tourist attraction religious is the Ampel mosque region. In this region established the old mosque that was surrounded by the China building, Arabian, in fact Europe with culture that associated well. The art object and souvenir could be bought in Art Shop, water port and the Pemuda hall Building . This building was also the centre of the art activity and the culture in Surabaya.

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businessAs the trade centre in the East Java and East Indonesia, Surabaya City had many trade facilities and wholesaler modern that served the inhabitants of the city. The infrastructure of the international trade was supported by the seaport that was completed with the container terminal. The port region was planned will be developed in the Lamong Gulf in enlarging the service capacity. The Indonesian government was at this time being very active gave the ease of export permission/the import as well as reduced Customs administrative fees.

Surabaya was the main gate of the activity economy trading of the local or foreign was the potential that guaranteed the growth of the trade and the increasingly wide and stable distribution.

Entered in 2000, the Surabaya city experienced the fast development in the constructive matter of visitor of the trade activity facilities, both that was carried out by the Government of the City and private enterprise.

Trade regions that grew increasingly forced the Government of the City to draft as well as appointed the District Business Central (CBD) in several Surabaya territory.

The District Business Central (CBD) was appointed in densely populated regions and increased fast, such as :

  • The Kembang Jepun CBD, was the eldest trade region in the Surabaya city
  • Tunjungan - Embong Malang - Basuki Rahmad CBD
  • Ngagel CBD, was the relocation from the industry region
  • Kertajaya CBD
  • Jemursari CBD
  • Mulyosari CBD
  • Mayjen. Soengkono - HR. Mohammad CBD

In these CBD so could be encountered many shopping centers, the market, banking, the modern office with the activity of trade business which was global and dynamic.

Beside these CBD the above activity of the trade in Surabaya city was also supported by the existence of the markets that were spread all over the city.

Several markets that were big with the high Rupiah like:

  • Pasar Atum
  • Pasar Turi
  • Pasar Keputran
  • Pasar Pabean
  • Pasar Genteng
Supervised the Place of the District Business Central in Surabaya
  • Surabaya Plaza
  • Galaxy Mall
  • Surabaya Mall
  • Tunjungan Plaza
  • Maspion Square
  • Jembatan Merah Plaza
  • Turi Market
  • Atum Market
  • Marina Plaza

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demography demography
demography demography

Surabaya is a multiple ethnics city enriches with many cultures. In Surabaya there are many kinds of ethnics, such as :Malay, Chinese, India, Arab, and Europe. Indonesian archipelago ethnics are also could be found, such as : Madura, Sunda, Batak, Kalimantan, Bali, Sulawesi which mixed with native Surabaya citizens and establish cultural pluralism, hence, it becomes a special characteristic for surabaya. Most of surabaya citizens are original from Native Surabaya and Madura peoples.

Special characters of Surabaya peoples are easy to asssociate, their language manner is extrovert. Although they seems have hard temperament, the peoples here are democratic, tolerant, and like in helping each others.

In arts, peoples in Surabaya like in attractive movement, dynamic and humorist. Slow Dance movements are not kindly accepted here.

Most of Surabaya citizens work as employee and seller. In the center of city, there are many high class stores which sells classy and quality goods; although in here many small store sells inexpensive goods that can be reached by citizen. Many salesperson and stall goods seller are one of special characteristic of Surabaya.

Surabaya is an expanded old city until reach its form like today. Firstly, Surabaya citizens lived in district area. with growing citizens rate 1.2 % in a year, its absolutely housing necessity will grow as many peoples who live in crowded area or choose to move to real estate.The real estate choices various today. High international housing with golf yard and strictly security are also could be found here.

Not different with other parts in this world, the difference of rich and poor could be happened in Surabaya. But each of them could live side by side peacefully and it's not a reason to live uncomfortably.

Projection of Inhabitant Total according to Lifespan and Gender based on 2000 Inhabitant census result

Age Category




0 - 4 109.396  105.601  214.997 
5 - 9 121.5B4  97.522  218.116 
10 - 14 96.639  84.634  191.173 
15 - 19 127.364  146.678  274.041 
20 - 24 160.932  179.263  340.195 
25 - 29 162.561  165.626  325.209 
30 - 34 134.582  130.145  264.727 
35 - 39 109.832  109.471  219.303 
40 - 44 90.445  88.851  179.296 
45 - 49 73.555  69.514  143.069 
50 - 54 51.271  50.015  101.286 
55 - 59 43.452  39.481  83.933 
60 - 64 32.189  35.372  67.461 
65 + 42.145  52.204  94.429 
Garand Total 1.355.977  1.364.359  2.720.236 

Source :

  • BPS - Statistics of Surabaya
  • SURABAYA in FOCUS 2004

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shopping shopping shopping

It Was the pecinan area in 1900 's. The development of Kembang Jepun Kya-Kya Centre (PK3J) had several stages. Initially was entrance planning from PK3J that was made in such a way as was not far was different to the original form. Afterwards the process of the main gate production was done in the Kenjeran beach and the repairing of the road in PK3J. After the road repairing to be finished then on May 27, 2003 was carried out by the gateway fitting and the construction of the utility. For the gateway transportation process from kenjeran to Kembang Jepun also needed 15 trailer trucks and six crane. Whereas the weight from the gateway around 4 ton, not yet including the dragon decoration on the gateway part. Apart from the gateway fitting on May 27, 2003, it was also carried out by 14 constructions of the utility also will be transfixed.

The biggest shopping centre in east Surabaya which was opened since the year 199…. It located in Dharmahusada Indah Timur 37 Street, in the middle of the prestigious east Surabaya region, this mall became the only one that was most complete. Shopping facilities with this modern interior had a great number counter on each floors. it also have the quite big supermarket which provided daily necessity, the department store and the boutique with the latest collection fashion, the game centre with the skill game collection that futuristic was various types from children to the adult with the choice of the toy import and local. The cinema with 5 studios completed with the digital sound that played newest Hollywood films and local, the jewelry shop, the sport shop, the beauty salon, the book shop as well as various restaurant sorts and café all could be found by you here.

Moreover, in the ground floor of this Galaxy Mall was also used as the exhibition site like the exhibition of housing & property, the automotive exhibition, the furniture exhibition and et cetera.

Supported with strategic location that could be covered with public transport or for you who brought the personal vehicle was provided the area parked that enough areas with the adequate security system, this made the visitors feel comfortable shopped or only went for a walk to release the fatigue).

The history of the Surabaya Mall development was preceded by the existence of the PT. SASANA BOGA co-operation with the Surabaya Municipal Government, took steps that were needed, to build again THR Surabaya, become a Shopping Centre, Art, and Entertainment for all East Java resident, with name Surabaya Mall. The Surabaya mall was built on the same location with THR beforehand, that is in Kusuma Bangsa 116-118 street. This location close to the Taman Remaja that has been famous, nearby also close to the area of housing and the main trade centre the Surabaya city. First Class hotels of, the shopping centre, government banks and private enterprise, as well as the cinema were located close each other made the Surabaya Mall the choice was most appropriate as the trade centre, entertainment and art for all the Surabaya resident and East Java.

With 5 floors Shops measuring 46.000 M2 this had the number of shops around 1.100. The 7 floors parking lot with the 800 cars capacity. Parked was open for 200 cars and 3000 motorcycles. The cinema theatre, exhibition space, the fast food restaurant, the supermarket, the bank, multipurpose room, the centre of physical fitness, pool, as well as special space for the shop that was compiled gathered was based on the variety. At the back of the Shopping Centre, we could enjoy the Centre of Entertainment and Art with measuring around 3,5 ha. The centre of this Entertainment and Art also could be enjoyed from a glasses lift. In the Semi Basement Floor was met the ATM Centre, Fast Food, the Cafetria, the gift Shop, Ice-cream, the Supermarket, shops, the game center. The ground floor was filled by shops, the Bank, Department Store, and the food court. On the first floor was gotten shops, the Computer Centre, and the Hi-tech Product Centre.

The second floor was contained shops, the Computer Centre, the Entertainment and Art (THR), the Fitness Centre, the swimming pool, the saloon.

Facilities that were provided both for the visitor and for the lease including being all the shops, the kiosk, the restaurant and the cinema used the system of air conditioner that was comfortable, the instant telephone, the sound system that was good for shops and parked, electricity with the 6400 KVA capacity added with the electricity generator , 4 passenger lifts and 2 goods lifts, the information centre of for the ease of the visitor who was located in semi basement and the ground floor, clean water, was gotten 22 escalators, the 24 hours security system, fire sprinkle system and hydrant box for the fire extinguisher, the cleanliness service for all the areas as well as toilet that was available on each floor.

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info info

Surabaya is a mainly trading gate in East of Indonesia. Enriches with all its potential, facilities, and geography advantages, Surabaya has a great economy potential. Primary, secondary and tertiary in this city are very supportive to make the name of Surabaya as Trading and Economy city stronger.

Altogether with private sector nowadays, Surabaya has been prepared to be an International Trading city. Build a building and modern economic facilities are one of Surabaya's plan as a part of world Economic action transparanly and competitive.

Banking existence started from Central Bank, National Devisen and Non Devisen Private Bank, even, foreign bank show about money circulation and high global capital. The economy of Surabaya attractive enough with the increasing of Credit amount for work capital, investment, and consumptive, especially capital credit and investment on Industrial and Trade sectors.

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The transportation in Surabaya was supported by the infrastructure of the land transport, sea and air that could serve the local trip, regional, and international. The transport of the city was supported by public transport of the city transport (angkot), the taxi, and the city bus. Here had the Surabaya commuter to Sidoarjo, the train and the bus. The toll road got up to routes that the density of the traffic was high. The transport of sea was supported by passenger ship facilities with the route all through the Indonesian region. The airport only served the direct flight from/overseas. At this time this Airport was developed into two times from the condition at this time, and it was estimated will operate during 2006.

As the Metropolitan City , Surabaya had the area of the quite big administrative territory (+/- 32,6 ha) to covered all the corner of the city region was needed by the suggestion and the infrastructure of the adequate transport.

transportationThe requirement for the transport of the public in Surabaya , at this time was served by:

  • The city bus
  • The city Transport (bemo)
  • Taxi
  • Angguna (the multipurpose transport)
  • The Pedicab
  • The city Transport and angguna was the transport of the public that often was met because most economical and the route that was passed through enough (57 routes) as well as could reach to the small roads
  • The commuter Train

The city bus (Express and economics) that served the transport of the Surabaya city of the public had 19 routes to the main roads and in supported by terminals that were representative in part:

  • The Purabaya Terminal
  • The Osowilangon Terminal
  • The Red Bridge Terminal
  • The Joyoboyo Terminal
  • The Bratang Terminal

The general other transport implement was used by taxi.

In Surabaya , there were many taxi companies that were ready to serve the requirement for passengers by the certain tariff in accordance with the distance that will be through

Apart from various transport implements above, the traditional transport implement that is the pedicab.

For the transport of the city passage, the province and outside the island of the Surabaya City of the public was served by the intercity bus, the train, the ship, and the aircraft.

Supervised this was the place as well as available transport addresses in Surabaya.


  • The Juanda Airport
  • The List of the Domestic Flight Address
  • The List of the International Flight Address


  • The Port of Tanjung Perak


  • The Bus Terminal
  • Joyoboyo
  • Purabaya/Bungurasih
  • Bratang Tambak Oso Wilangung

The City Transportation

  • Jembatan Merah
  • Kenjeran
  • Sedayu
  • Pegirian
  • Kaliondo
  • Tambak Rejo
  • Joyoboyo
  • Wonokromo
  • Menanggal
  • Darmo Permai
  • Dukuh Kupang
  • Sawahan
  • Bratang
  • Petojo
  • Rungkut YKP
  • Balongsari
  • Manukan Kulon
  • Benowo


The railway station

  • Surabaya Gubeng
    Jl. Gubeng Masjid
    Telp. 5022115
  • Surabaya Kota / Semut
    Jl. Semut Kali
    Telp. 5321465
  • Surabaya Pasar Turi
    Jl. Semarang
    Telp. 5345014
  • Wonokromo
    Jl. Wonokromo
    Telp. 8410649
  • The railway SCHEDULE of KOMUTER
  • The List of the Office Address of Taxi
  • The List of the Rental Address of the Car
  • The List of the Address of the Company of the Tourism bus


  • The CITY bus (the NAME - the NAME of the Route/the route of the CITY bus) in Surabaya
  • Lyn BEMO (the NAME - the NAME of the Route/the BEMO route) in Surabaya

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Map of Surabaya



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