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City View Shenzhen Railway Station
City View
City View City View City View

Shenzhen, situated just across the border from Hong Kong, is a beautiful coastal garden city in South China. It is a city of sunshine and modernity, where economic development, and people live in harmony with nature. Shenzhen energetically prepares to meet the world, and enthusiastically welcomes your arrival!

Shenzhen is a pioneering and innovative city. It is in the vanguard of China’s reforms and opening up to the rest of the world. In its short history of 27 years, Shenzhen has developed from a small fishing village into a modern city with a gross domestic product (GDP) per capita which gives it premier ranking in China. This is a remarkable achievement, notable in the annals of urbanization, industrialization and modernization across the globe.

As Shenzhen embraces the world, concomitantly it is becoming internationalized. As China’s first special economic zone, Shenzhen began to open up to the rest of the world in 1980, becoming one of the country’s major channels of communication with the outside world. Shenzhen has 17 sea, land and airports, including China’s largest land passenger port and land cargo port. In 2011, the 26th Universiade will be held here, which will make Shenzhen the youngest city in history to h host the Games.

Shenzhen is a city with deep cultural roots that sit in tandem with its creative and modern ethos. It is said to have a history of 5,000 years, but was only founded 27 years ago. Since its foundation, Shenzhen has created a migrant culture and an innovative spirit of “encouraging innovation and pursuing excellence.” At the forefront of Chinese cities in promoting the use of voluntary services, it boasts about 530,000 volunteers in various fields of activity. Moreover, given the high level of public services offered by the city’s government departments. Shenzhen is one of China’s “10 Most Welcomed Cities for Rural Migrant Workers.”

Shenzhen is China’s first special economic zone established via the patronage of the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. In the 27 years since its foundation, Shenzhen has developed from a small border town into a modern city of international renown.

Shenzhen is a coastal city, close to Hong Kong, in South China. Its longitude lies between 113.46 and 114.37 degrees east, and its latitude is between 22.27 and 22.52 degrees north. Sitting south of the Tropic of Cancer, it is in the south of Guangdong Province. Demarcated from Hong Kong by Shenzhen River to the south, it is bordered by Dongguan and Huizhou to the north, Daya Bay and Dapeng Bay to the east, and Lingding Sea and the mouth of the Pearl River to the west.   

The total area of Shenzhen is 1,952.84 square kilometers and within that, the size of the special economic zone is 395.81 square kilometers. Shenzhen has more than 160 rivers and streams, which are associated with the hydrographic systems of the Dongjiang River, sea bays and Pearl River mouth. There are 24 reservoirs in the city, with a total volume of 525 million cubic meters. Shenzhen Reservoir in the east of the urban district has a total volume of more than 40 million cubic meters. It is the main water source for Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Shenzhen has a 230-kilometer-long coastline rich with maritime life and products. Deep-water ports have been built at various locations in the city. Several beautiful mountains range across Shenzhen; the city’s highest peak has an altitude of 943.7 meters. The city boasts rich natural resources, ideal for developing tourism. To the east lie the popular beach resorts of Dameisha, Xiaomeisha and Dapeng Bay. To the west lie scenic areas, including Mangrove Nature Reserve, Inner Lingding Island, and Water Resort.

City View City View City View

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Night View View

In 1979, Shenzhen (then mostly underdeveloped countryside facing Hong Kong) was designated the first of China's Special Economic Zones (SEZ). The plan was to create a sealed off enclave to experiment with market reforms and performance incentives without posing a threat or risk to the established economic system elsewhere in China. Shenzhen won the honor as it could easily connect to the capital and management resources of Hong Kong and serve as a buffer between a more open border with Hong Kong and the rest of mainland China. Currently, it has a population of approximately 14 million. Its official population in 1980 at the beginning of the Special Economic Zone was 300,000, although, as the new Shenzhen Museum notes, this number included approximately 150,000 people who had fled to Hong Kong from the chaos of the Cultural Revolution.

Although little visited by international tourists, Shenzhen is a popular destination for Chinese domestic tourists. They were originally attracted by its famous theme parks but, as the city has developed and become richer, they increasingly come for Shenzhen's famous architecture, shopping, bars, restaurants and active art scene. Shenzhen's beaches are famous throughout China. In 2006, the Dapeng Peninsula, the location of Shenzhen's most famous beaches, was nominated by China National Geographic Magazine as one of the most beautiful coastlines of China. And people are also starting to recognise some fascinating historical sites which are deeply rooted in China's ancient and modern history.

Shenzhen is also a very popular destination for Hong Kong people. Take a subway ride, go through customs, and you are in downtown Shenzhen. Quite a few things are significantly cheaper in the mainland than in Hong Kong, especially any sort of service. Prices in Shenzhen are higher than elsewhere in the mainland, but still better than Hong Kong.

City View City View

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Best Time to Visit


Shaped by the subtropical marine climate, Shenzhen has a mild climate as well as plentiful sunshine and rainfall all year round. The measured temperature is 22.4oC (72.32oF) on average. Long but not overly hot summers and short but relatively warm winters make Shenzhen the ideal tourist destination in any season. However it should perhaps be noted that Shenzhen is located at the estuary of the Pearl River and is therefore an area which is often influenced by typhoons. Generally the most significant typhoons occur from May to December and especially from July to September. The best time to visit Shenzhen is really August to September when a series of celebrations are held. Additionally, the China Hi-Tech Fair is held in Shenzhen from the 12th to the 17th of October every year. It is therefore always advisable to make reservations well in advance of your visit to Shenzhen as the area is particularly busy during these days.

Detailed information about the Average, Maximun and Minimum Temperatures and the rainfall in Shenzhen.

Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Average High (oF) 65/69 65/69 71/74 77/81 83/87 86/89
Average High (oC) 18/20 18/20 21/23 25/27 28/30 30/32
Average Low (oF) 50/53 52/56 58/62 65/69 71/75 75/78
Average Low (oC) 10/12 11/13 14/16 18/20 22/24 24/26
Rain (in) 1.0/1.1 1.9/2.0 2.6/2.7 5.7/5.8 9.7/9.8 12.0/12.1
Rain (mm) 25/30 50/55 65/70 145/150 245/250 305/310

Average Data July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High (oF) 88/92 88/91 86/89 82/85 75/79 68/72
Average High (oC) 31/33 31/33 30/32 28/30 24/26 20/22
Average Low (oF) 76/79 75/79 73/77 67/71 60/63 52/56
Average Low (oC) 24/26 24/26 23/25 20/22 15/17 11/13
Rain (in) 12.4/12.5 13.2/13.3 10.4/10.5 1.8/1.9 1.4/1.5 0.9/1.0
Rain (mm) 315/320 335/340 265/270 45/50 35/40 20/25

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RMB is the common currency in Shenzhen,where various banks are available for ATM and 24-hour auto cash machine. In those ATM machines with a “Bank Union” mark, money withdrawal or transaction can be done using a credit card of any bank in Shenzhen. Customer Service hotlines are also displayed for enquiries and complaints.

For money exchange, please refer to the places below, under their specified rates:
Exchange areas at ports, airports, stations and customs
Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Commercial Bank
Tourist sites and hotels

The followings are the united domestic telephone numbers for every bank:































The followings are the distribution situations for BC in Shenzhen

Shenzhen branch of China Bank



Shenzhen Main Branch

No.2022 international financial mansion,Jianshe Road, Luohu District


Baoan Branch

Jianan No.1 Road, New Town, Baoan District


Buji Branch

No.108, Buji Road, Buji Street, Longgang District


Dongmen Branch

First floor of No. 2002 Dongmen financial mansion, Dongmen Middle Road, Luohu District


Futian Branch

First floor of No.1 Building of sweet new village, No. 7028, Hongli Road, Futian District


High-tech Zone Branch

Lenovo Mansion, South region of high-tech industrial garden, Nanshan District


Longgang Branch

Longcai Mansion, Dezheng Road, Central Town, Longgang District


Longhua Branch

Renmin Road, Longhua Street, Baoan District


Luohu Branch

1st and 2nd floor of Baoli Mansion, No. 2048, Baoan South Road, Luohu District


Nantou Branch

First floor of CB Mansion and Daxin Mansion, Nanxin Road, Nanshan District


Shatoujiao Branch

No.74, Shatoujiao Financial Road, Yantian District


Shangbu Branch

First floor of Hangdu Mansion, No.1006, Hufu Road, Futian District


Shekou Branch

No. 18, Taizi Road, Shekou Industrial District, Nanshan District


Wenjindu Branch

1st and 3rd floor of No.1 Gongfang Mansion, Fenghuang Road, Luohu District


Shajing Branch

No.34, Shajing Street, Shajing Town, Baoan District


Central Zone Branch

Galax international garden, Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District


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food food food
food food food

Shajing Oyster
Shajing oyster,coming from the mouth of the Pearl River where salty and fresh waters meet, is a famous Shenzhen specialty. Big and fleshy, the oysters are tender in texture and rich in protein and vitamins. Their content of iodine is 200 times that in milk and egg yolk.

Gongming Roasted Goose
The roasted goose in Gongming Township, Bao’an District is well-known for its  color, aroma and flavor. The golden crisp skin is tasty while the meat is fat but not greasy.

Xixiang Shrimp
The shrimps are produced in Xixiang, Bao’an District.Small in size ,shaped like the middle finger, the shimps have transparent body and tender meat.

Baby Pigeon of Guangming Farm
The pigeons are one of the four delicacies of the Guangming Overseas Livestock Farm .. Delicate , sweet and tender , the pigeons offer a tasty flavor.

Nan’ao Abalone
The Nan’ao Township is the country’s largest abalone breeding base. With tender meat and rich nutrition, it has been regarded as a treasured delicacy since ancient times.

Sanhuang chicken of Longgang
The Sanhuang chickens of the Longgang Township in Longgang District are big and strong but have tender meat.

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Food Streets Food Streets Food Streets
Food Streets Food Streets Food Streets Food Streets

Food Streets

The food street on Fenghuang Road
There are many large-scale restaurants and hotels on Phoenix Road food street.It features are raw taste abalone,shark fins,and birds nest.

Old Chengdu cold fish pot leaves


1st Floor of Building, Rees Road (next to Wal-Mart) Phoenix Luohu District
Historic Farm Restaurant +86-0755-25694468 First Floor Lu Long Wah Court Phoenix Luohu District
Peninsula Seafood Hot Pot Restaurant +86-0755-25521223 on the 10th Fengshan buildings, the back seat ,Phoenix Road Luohu district
Fresh home Bayu


No. 105 Phoenix Road Luohu District
Fujian steamed Wang


No. 88 Phoenix Road Luohu District

Huanggang Food Street

Close to the Huanggang Checkpoint,the food street features Cantonese dishes and seafood.Most of the patrons are Hong Kong people.

Wang Hing Hakka


The first floor of the yuefa business hotel,No.42 building of Futian South Road
Drunk-Qin Xuan seafood restaurants +86-0755-83693788 The first floor of the Huangcheng Plaza,Futian South Road
Among Gordon Road


The first floor of High Mercury Building B,Huanggang Road

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The food streeton Bagua Road 1
It assembles the delicacies from all over the country.The restaurants,though not big,offer unique specialties.

Su Wu shepherd


No.8 Building of Bagua Road 1 Futian District
New tidal fishing village Guangdong +86-0755-82419383 2-3 floors of No.617 Arts Building,Bagua Road 1 Futian District
Xiangba guys soil restaurant


The first floor A5 of No.7 Building,Bagua Road 1 Futian District
Kim Ri Ryong restaurants


No.47 Building of Bagua Road 1 Futian District
Inner Mongolia small lamb


No.610 Building of Bagua Road 1 Futian District

Dongmen Food Street
The Dongmen Old Street integrates shopping with food.The food street offers snacks from all over the   country and boasts the full variety of Guangdong snacks.

West Windsor Grill Restaurant


German and Austrian East Gate Mall fourth floor walk Street
Head City Sichuan hotpot +86-0755-2239361 Lake Road on the 1st Pui Luohu District
The old rural Hunan bowl dish


Tower Road west side of the first floor emporium building Luohu District
Ninja new concept of Japanese cuisine Habitat


The new Yuen Road on the 1st of the third floor of the mall Luohu District
Shanghai, the Indian restaurant jabbi


Building basement Kumho Hotels Pui Lake Road  Luohu District

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Huaqiangbei Food Street

Covering Yannan,Huafa,Huaqiang,Zhenxing,Zhenhua and Zhenzhong roads,the food street offers all kinds of local flavors of the country.

The old courtyard restaurant +86-0755-83257506 No. 45 car of the Mansion Building Futian District
A small goods fat sheep +86-0755-83255116 Step on the industrial area 201 (woman world Gome backdoor)
Zuiweng Ting emblem restaurant


Mansion in the First Floor of Building 402 Futian District
Drunk Xiangxi +86-0755-83253212 Mansion family Building, second floor (next to the small fat sheep)
Xiang margin Shuimu +86-0755-83203712 No. 115 revitalization Huaqiang North Road Futian District

OCT Food Street

Covering the pedestrian street and the theme bar street beside the OCT Ecological Plaza,the food street offers deliciacies from the whole country.There are also snacks from many countries around the world in theme parks Window of the World,Happy Valley,Splendid China-China Folk Culture Villages.

Isuke Park Restaurant +86-0755-83203712 OCT 113 Walking Street
Southern Rio Brazilian barbecue


OCT ecological Square Block A 101
Cheong bowl restaurant Journey


Behind OCT Huaxia Art Center Nanshan District
Health broth Museum +86-0755-26605888 on the 19th (Grandeur of China is the opposite) Guanghua Street Overseas Chinese Town
Puyu Tong +86-0755-21883209 North Garden Simon creative OCT LOFT Konka Yun Ping Road

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Yantian Seafood Street

Located in the Yantian Port in eastern Shenzhen, the food street has a seafood wholesale market and a dried seafood market apart from restaurants. It offers seafood in a wide variety at low prices.

New home restaurants


Tseng Tau Street South of Deep salt Sha Tau Kok Road
Hong Kong's Ming Garden Restaurant


Tin Sum Road 51 Sha Tau Kok
Bashu fishing village +86-0755-25554152 The first floor of Sha Tau Kok seamounts Hotels
Haicheng seafood restaurants


No. 138-Lee Building 1,2 Floor Deep Sand Road
Prebiotics appear Dunpin Wong


45 East Road, Sha Tau Kok, Tin Sum Yantian District

Nan’ao Shuitou Seafood Street

It is situated between the Dapeng and Nan’ao townships in eastern shenzhen. On one side of the street are seafood stalls,and on the other side are restaurants. Visitors can buy seafood from the stalls and ask restaurants to cook ( a cooking fee charged).After  dinner, visitors can also buy some  to take home.

Good seafood restaurants Wyatt +86-0755-84318299 Mirs town head Seafood Street Pai Longgang District
Friends of a seafood restaurant +86-0755-84314381 Dapeng, head Seafood Street 2012 Longgang District
Letter-chang Seafood Restaurant +86-0755-84314678 Commercial Street Mirs head Longgang District

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As an ultra-large indoor shopping center, it has gathered many world famous brands. Besides, the largest movie theater in Asia and standard Olympic real ice skating rink, realizing the business position of “covering everything”.

  • Commodities:  Hight-grade brand garments, leather, cosmetics, etc., integrating retail, dining, amusement, office, hotel and accommodation.
  • Bus: 7,14,18,207,309,313,321,335,336,337
  • Shops: CRC MixCity, Meridian Commercial City, Shenzhen book City

It is the cradle of Shenzhen’s fashion commodities, based on high-class department stores and elaborate shop, mainly targeting medium and high income class.

  • Commodities: Main commodities include high-end Brand-name clothing, leather products, gold and silver ornaments and cosmetics, of which imported products occupy a high percentage.
  • Bus: 1,2,11,12,17,82,102,204,205,211,220,229,307,337
  • Shops: Major shopping venues include Kingglory Plaza, Duty-free Depanrtment Store, Friendship Department Store, and Seibu Department Store.

It is normally called “Laojie ” (old street), being the commercial area with longest history in Shenzhen, integrating shopping ,recreation and sightseeing. It is a commercial area in Shenzhen with largest scale, most concentrated shops and most complete business categories, covering a land area of 176,000 m2  and composed of over 20 small streets.

  • Commodities: Main commodities include clothing, shoes and hats, bags, commodities for daily use, cosmetics and ornaments with prices in the medium range.
  • Bus: 1,3,5,11,102,103,106,113,203,206,211,300,351
  • Shops: Sun Plaza, Moi Department Store, Haiya Department Store ,rainbow Department Store, Baima Clothing Market ,Friendship Department Store., Xihua Palace Shopping Mall, Xinhongji commercial center etc.
Located on Huaqiang Road North in Futian District, it is the nation’s commercial area with the largest transaction volume.
  • Commodities: Huaqiangbei is not only a business center for electronic product, but also a center for department stores, clothing , jewelry and restaurants. 
  • Bus: N10,N12,6,12,41,64,104,212,215,216,236,301,302
  • Shops: Electronics markets include SEG, Wanshang, and Huaqiang. Shopping malls include Causeway Bay Department Store, Chuangjing Brand Products Shop; Manhar Department Store ,Women’s World ,and Children’s World . Department store include Moi, Vanguard, Rainbow, and Sundan. Shops for cultural products include Shenzhen Book City and Boya Book Store.
The commercial area , with CITIC City Plaza as its center, extends around Shennan Road Central and boasts a complete business network.

  • Commodities: It integrates shopping and leisure and sells medium and high-end products. The CITIC City bar street is located in the area.
  • Bus: N4,N5,8,12,23,29,30,63,101,104,113,204
  • Shops: Major shopping venues include Seibu Department Store , JUSCO, Shirble Department Store, Shenzhen Book City, Andes Children’s Department Store.

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SheKou Bar Street OCT Bar Street CITIC Bar Street

SheKou Bar Street
As the birthplace of Shenzhen’s “ bar culture”, it is called “Shenzhen’s lanKwai Fong” and frequented by Hong Kong and Macao people and foreigners.

OCT Bar Street  
The bar street is full of dynamics and vitality as most of its bar owners are young people. The atmosphere they create in their bars makes patrons feel young.

CITIC Bar Street  
It has 10 bars with transparent glass, with each one covering more than 100 square meters. Its most distinctive feature is that each bar only sells wines and drinks from one country, such as Britain ,Germany, France , Japan, and Italy.

Shenzhen’s cafes possess a unique cultural and tranquil atmosphere and are a nice choice for people with a taste.


Massage and fitness clubs where people do exercises and relax are very popular in Shenzhen. The reasonable prices of Massage attract a lot of Hong Kong People.


China’s tea culture has a long history. It is definitely a fun to talk with friends while listening to ancient music in teahouses. The teahouses in Shenzhen have all inherited the good ancient traditions, creating an elegant and tranquil atmosphere for visitors while serving them various kinds of tea and snacks.

Fitness Center, Universiade Center
In 2011, the 26th Summer Universiade will be held in Shenzhen .Universiade Center is the main stadiums gymnasiums for this Game. Situated to the west of the center of Longgang District ,Shenzhen City, it includes a 60000-seat main stadium, a 18000-seat gymnasium and a 3000-seat swimming pool and such auxiliary facilities as a citizen fitness square and comprehensive sports services.

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Bus Metro Taxi
Airline Steamboat Train


Shenzhen has the most ports, the largest entry-and-exit passenger volume and the largest vehicle volume in China.It is the sole city in China with sea,air and land ports.

The Main Tourist Spots And Transport In Longgang District

Tourist Spots

Bus Lines

Dapeng Fortress

360 364 818 833 902 967 989

Dafen Oil Paingting Village

300 357 371 372 379 380B 386

Nan’ao Seachore Tourism Center

360 833

Jinshawuan Hill Village

360 364

Qiniang Mountain

36 833 967 989

Site of Dongjiang Clolumn Hq.

360 364

Dawan Generatipnal Residence

380 653 833 855 866

Hakka Fold Customs Museum

351 983B 984 986

Longyang Temple

360 833 967 989

Longgang Boranical Garden

351 353 361 861

The Main Tourist Spots And Transport In Bao’an District

Tourist Spots

Bus Lines

Guangming Overseas Livestorck Farm

301 325 626 635 882

Missiom Hills Golf Club

312 663 770 771 793 945

Waterland Resort

337 338 615 K651 868

Yangtai Mountain

332 769

The Phonenix Hill Scenic Spot


The Main Tourist Spots And Transport In Yantian  District

Tourist Spots

Bus Lines

The Eastern OCT

J1 53 103 103B 308 308B 239 242 360 364 380B 387

Dameisha Resort

J1 53 103A  239 242 308B 360 364 380

Xiaomeisha Resort

103A 103B 360 364 380 387

Zhongying Street

J1 58 68 84 103 202 205 238 239 358 360 363 364 387

Minsk World

202 239 358

Sea World

103 360 364 380

Wutong Mountain

68 84 111 113 218 333

The Main Tourist Spots And Transport In Nanshan District

,, , ,

Tourist Spots

Bus Lines

Splendid China-Folk Culture Village

N4, N5, 21, 26, 32, 54, 59, 79, 105, 113, 121, 204, 209, 222223, 230, 232, 234, 245, 319, 324,
365, 373, 383, 390

Window Of The World, Happy Valley

N1, N4, N5, 20, 21, 32, 42, 43, 51, 54, 59, 66, 70, 72, 90, 96, 9, 101, 105, 113, 204, 209, 222
223, 230, 232, 234, 245, 301, 311, 319, 320, 323, 324, 327, 328, 329, 350, 370, 373, 383, 390

He Xiang Ning Art Museum

N4, N5, N6, 21, 26, 32, 54, 59, 101, 105, 109, 113, 121, 204, 209, 222, 223, 232, 234

Sea World

J1, 22, 31, 37, 77, 105, 122, 217, 224, 226, 230, 231, 232, 233, 331, 332, 355

Shekou Pier

N1 31 70 77 K113 113 204 K204 226 328 329 331 332 355

Evergreen Resort

42 51 76 81 210 350 369 396

Safair Park Shenzhen

N5  66 101 104 226 237 240 361

Lychee World

16 67 227 326

The Main Tourist Spots And Transport In Futian District

Tourist Spots

Bus Lines

Lianhuashan Park

15 25 35A 35B 38 60 65 K105 170 108 111 215 235 236 237 322 350


10 15 32 35B 38 41 60 64 71 76 101 105 107 204 113 223 232 234 234 236 301 320

Huaqiangbei Commercial Area

6 9 10 12 25 41 64 104 K105 107 108 212 215 216 234 236 301 302 303 311 317

Conventions and exhibition center

J1 38 50 56 71 80 K113 109 221 229 337 353 369 375 379 382

Shenzhen Inter. Garden & Flower Expo Park

N4 N5 N6 6 25 45 46 48 49 54 59 104 105 107 113 108 109 121 204 209 210 222
223 230 232 234 319 323 328 338 350

Mangrove Nature Reserves

J1 76 80 K105 K113 K204 229 231 236 305 322 337 339 382

Bijiashan Park

6 11 12 30 46 53 58 59 79 102 209 213 216 234 302 319 357 365 398

Shenzhen Golf Club

21 65 101 105 113 204 209 213 215 222 301 310 370

Guanshanyue Gallery

10 25 34 54 64 65 105 108 215 221 228 243 322 350 371 383 391

Litchi Park

3 7 10 12 23 101 103 105 108 113 204 223 215 311

The Main Tourist Spots And Transport In LuoHu  Distric

Tourist Spots

Bus Lines

ShenZhen Fairy Lake Botanical
Graden & Hongfa Temple

57 65  218 220 382

East Lake Park

3 17 23 29 52 53 64 106 208 211 300 308 351 372 386

Honghu Park 

18 27 82 206 213 300 310 312 313 357 361 363 366 369 377 383

Railway Station &Luohu Checkpoin

N2 N4 N5 N7 1 2 7 12 17 25 38 61 101 102 205 215 228 302 309 330 337 352

Dongmen Commercial Area

N3 N6 1 5 11 17 59 64 69 82 102 103 106 113 203 206 211 214 300 309 330 337 352

Diwang Mansion

N3 N4 3 10 12 20 29 72 85 101 103 104 113 204 203 223 302 311

Shenzhen Gread Theater

29 103 104 113 204 215 223 302 352


Subway of Shenzhen is due to experimental transport in end of 2004, from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight everyday.

Line No.1 -- Luohu -- International Trade Center -- Old Street -- Grand Theater -- Science Hall -- Huaqiang Road -- Gangsha (Crossing Stop) -- Hall Centr -- Shopping Park -- Honey Lake -- Chegong Temple -- Zhuzilin -- Overseas Chinese Town (E) -- Overseas Chinese Town -- Window of The World
Line No.4
Hall Center is the crossing stop for Line One and Four
Huanggang -- Fumin -- Hall Center (Crossing Stop) -- Citizen Center -- Youth Palace


You can call a taxi by waving hang,but don’t do it in prohibited areas,There are three kinds pf taxis identified by colors:red,yellow and  grenen. Red taxi can run long distance;the yellow ones can only operate in the special economic zong;and the green ones can only operate outside the special economic zone.

Car Renting Service: Shenzhen provides various kinds pf self-driving tour services. Visitors can consult related companies.


Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, located at Bao’an, the western part of Shenzhen, is the fourth largest national airport. Over 200 flights land in Shenzhen every day from all over the world. It only takes 30~45 minutes drive to downtown, about 32 kilometers away. The air terminal is divided into 2 parts: A Zone and B Zone. Passengers can find boutiques, restaurants and bookstores while waiting for their flights.

Note: Information above is for reference only. The local air companies have the final decision on these issues in case of disputes.


Shenzhen, as a coastal city, is near Zhujiang River to River to the west. There are Shekou Port in Nanshan District and Fuyong Pore in Bao’an District which are convenient to passengers. They also provide a variety of ships to Hong Kong,Macao,Zhuhai,Haikou,Shenzhen,Zhongshan and Zhaoqing.

Shekou port
Hong Kong-Shekou port 50 minutes
Macao-Shekou port 90 minutes
Zhuhai-Shekou port 50 minutes
Haikou-Shekou port 18 hours

Fuyong port
Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal to Fuyong Port
Hong Kong Macao Ferry Terminal to Fuyong Port
Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok Airport Port to Fuyong Port
Macao Ferry Terminal to Fuyong Port
Travel time for the above routes is 1 hour.

Shenzhen Railway Station

Shenzhen railway station in Luohu District in Shenzhen, Shenzhen connecting the mainland and Hong Kong an important transport hub. Shenzhen is located in the busiest section of the Shenzhen railway station waiting room has a comfortable, spacious ticketing hall, supporting the complete travel advisory desk. Nearly every day there are about 50 pairs of trains from here to the National opened in major cities. Shenzhen railway station is not only a transport hub, Hong Kong is also through to Hong Kong through Lo Wu Control Point indispensable part of the land. The bus arrived at the Shenzhen railway station lines: 1, N2, N5, 7,12,17,25,101,102,205,106,206 Road.

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Map of Shenzhen



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