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shenyang city view shenyang city view

Shenyang is the economical, cultural, communication, trade and commercial hub of the Northeastern region of China ;it is also a major industrial and cultural city with historical importance. Shenyang is located at the center of the Northeast Asian economic ring and Bohai economic ring, so it has important strategic status. With its advantageous geographical position, Shenyang has tremendous absorbing, radiating and driving force to the whole country and even Northeast Asia.

Shenyang, the largest city in Northeast China, is the political, economic, and cultural center of Liaoning Province. It is also an important industrial base and a famous historical city. As the host city of the 2006 International Horticultural Exposition and venue for the football (soccer) matches of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shenyang will soon be the focus of world-wide attention. Shenyang is located in the central part of Liaoning Province. Its climate is relatively dry most of the year with spikes in precipitation during the summer months due to the influence of monsoons. Temperatures vary as much as 10 degrees Celsius from daytime to night, and in winter they can drop below 0 degrees Celsius, so the smart traveler will plan to dress in layers.

Shenyang is a celebrated old city with more than 2, 000 years of history which can be traced back to Warring States Period (476 BC - 221 BC). It is the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), and has many cultural relics which symbolize the prosperity and subsequent decline of China's last feudal dynasty. . . The most famous of these is the Shenyang Imperial Palace, which is of great historic and artistic significance and second only to the Forbidden City in Beijing in the extent of its preservation Fuling Tomb and Zhaoling Tomb are two other famous imperial structures of the Qing Dynasty.

Among the natural wonders of Shenyang the most impressive and unusual is Strange Slope (Guaipo), an 'anti-gravity'slope more than eighty meters (about 87. 5 yards) long. Cars and bikes must accelerate to go down the hill but easily roll upward toward the top. Walkers experience a similar reversal in energy required to walk up and down. As a significant city in Northeast China with abundant resources, Shenyang has made great efforts to provide good lodging, dining, transportation and recreation for tourists from all over the world. Altogether there are five five-star hotels in Shenyang, and the service and facilities of the other star-rated hotels in the city are all good enough to make you feel at home. In addition, you can find less expensive accommodations at local universities and hostels. Famous traditional dishes and snacks in Shenyang will definitely make your mouth water. And there are plenty of pubs, KTVs (karaoke bars), cafes, and tea houses available to meet your food and entertainment needs A visit to Shenyang can be both entertaining and relaxing.

Outstanding region, Favorable location and support from people

Shenyang is located at 41°11′51″-43°2′13″N and 122°25′9″-123°48′24″E in the central part of Liaoning Province and the Northeast Asia, here is also the hinterland of Liaodong Peninsula. Within the scope of 150 kilometers diameter with Shenyang as the center, 7 large cities with foundation industries and processing industries are concentrated, forming a cluster of cities with rich resources, strong complementary structures and highly connected technology in central Liaoning.

spring summer autumn winter

Four Distinct Seasons Abundant Resources

Shenyang is located at the juncture of Liaohe Plain and offshoot of Changbai Mountain. Its west part is a vast expanse of plain, and its east part is a mountainous region covered with green forests and plants. Shenyang belongs to the Northern temperate sub-humid continental climate, under the influence of monsoon, the rainfall is concentrated and four seasons are distinctive. The annual mean temperature is 8. 3℃ with the lowest at –28. 5℃ and highest at +36. 1℃ . Its annual precipitation is 501. 5mm and frost-free period is 183-day. It is cladded in silvery white in winter, permeated with the fragrance of flowers while birds are singing in spring, covered with verdant greeneries in summer and it has clesr sky and crisp air in autumn.
Shenyang is rich in natural resources. It has 147, 000hectares of forest and 82, 000 hectares of pastureland. The total amount of water resource of water resource is 3, 260, 000, 000 cubic meters, including 1, 140, 000, 000 cubic meters of surface water and 2, 120, 000, 000 cubic meters of underground water. Thirty-six kinds of minetals have been discovered up to now, among them, the deposit of 13 kinds has been ascertained, including 200, 000, 000 tons of coal and 10, 700, 000, 000 cubic meters of natural gas.

Transportation hub Fast and convenient

Shenyang is the transportation hub of the Northeast. The superhighways extend in all directions, not only connecting all cities of the province, but also cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Changchun, Harbin, and so on, and those cities are approachable overnight. Shenyang has one of the heaviest traffic hubs of railway in China, 6 trunks intersect here toward each place all over the country. Here is also the only way to DPRK and Russia internationally. Shenyang Taoxian international Airport is the largest airport in the Northeast, it has air lines connecting 58 domestic cities and countries and regions, such as ROK, Japan, Russia, Thailand, America, France, Australia, and so on .

With the urban development, Shenyang is the first to determine the urban high-speed road transportation construction plan in the Northeast, aiming at constructing a urban public transport system with subway as the backbone in concerted development together with other transportation means, so as to meet the demand to modernized transportation. According to the overall urban planning, it is reasonably arranged, a 182. 5-kilometer long high-speed rail communications network will be formed, it is composed of 5 routes including “4 lines and 1 loop” and 2 feeder lines.

beautiful shenyangLustrous glory illuminating Shenyang

◆World Cultural Heritage—Shenyang imperial Palace, Fu Mausoleum and Zhao Mausoleum
◆A historically and culturally famous city of China
◆A model city for environmental protection of China
◆A city of China with the most economic vitality
◆One of the top ten most serene cities of China
◆One of the top hundred cities in China
◆An outstanding tourism city in China
◆A pilot city for advanced equipment manufacturing of China
◆A city with gardens greening of China
◆An advanced city in technological education of China 
◆A forest city of China
◆One of top ten cities in comprehensive strength of China
◆The best city for investments in Northern China
◆The best human habitat city chosen by the United Nations
◆The place for holding international Horticultural Exposition 2006 Shenyang China

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It was 7200 years ago that the mankind appears within the territory of Shenyang first, in the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods, here is the important strategic place of state of Yan, Sushen, east moustache clansman activity in this area. After Qin Shihuang unifies China, were under the jurisdiction of Dong Prefecture of Liao here, continued to use this to make in the Western Han Dynasty, 128 B. C. , set up Hou city in Shenyang in west Han dynasty, it is one of 18 counties under Dong Prefecture in today Western Han Dynasty. In the period of Three Kindoms, Shenyang is had jurisdiction over by You state, begin since the West Jin Dynasty, make Liaohe River as the boundry, both sides of east and west belong to XuanTu prefecture, ChangLi prefecture, from the north Yan of 16 countries, the east of Laiohe river was occupied by Gaoli, until Dai Sui.

The period of Sui Dynasty, made Liaohe River as the boundry, set up Dong Prefecture, Yan prefecture separately, after the Gaozong of Tang dynasty, belong to Anton partial to the area under one's jurisdiction of the office. The period of Song and Liao, The emperor who found a state migrate here to A. D. 921, build the soil city, and set up the Shen state in Shenyang. In 1116, soldier Jin defeated Liao's army and captured the Shen state. 1123 year, second emperor of Wuqimai after capturing west of Liaoning, move, be moist, come the Shanhai Pass, Xi four state resident move Shen Zhou. At the beginning of the 13th century, Mongolia rises, cheats the army and soldier Jin's repeated fight in the east of Liao, ShenZhou city destroys in the soldier Xian. Yuan become cases of yuans of chastity turn Shen Zhou into Shenyang way two year (1296 year ), this it is"Shenyang"one that appear formally Yuan Dynasty.

1372, the army of Ming captures Shenyang. Turned road of Shenyang into a centre halfback in Shenyang in 1386, built the brick city on the basis of soil city of Yuan Dynasty in 1388, with favourite for military defense. 1621 year, The later Jin emperor nguktrum capture Shenyang. And ten year (1625 year ) of Tianming of later Jin, nguktrum move the capital to another place of Shenyang, begin to build the imperial palace, i. e. today Shenyang the Palace Museum, The eight year (1634 year ) of Tiancong of later Jin, Huangtaiji promote Shenyang as flourishing capital, after move the capital to Beijing in Qing Dynasty, Shenyang became the city established as a second capital besides the capital, set up Fengtian office in the 14 year of Shunzhi's rign (1657 ), Shenyang is also called Fengtian, there is a meaning of"instructed and blessed by Heaven".

Set up the Fengtian province in the period of Guangxu period. After Britain forced the camp mouth to open the port in 1861, foreign goods such as the cotton cloth and opium, etc. enter Shenyang successively. The invasion to China of the Eight Strategic Nerve Points of 1900, tsarist Russia dispatched troops and occupied Chinese Northeastern main cities and towns and communication lines, illegally occupy Shenyang and have enough and to spare in nearly two years. 1922, Shenyang launch to regain"the attach place of Mantie"to struggle day instead educational right. The Republic of China Shenyang belong to Liaoshendao of Fengtian province, it is the governance provincial capital of the warlords of Feng.

1923, it set up the municipal administration in Shenyang; 1925, the worker of society of making the gunny which capital belong to Japan and the society of making the woolen of Man and Meng go on strike serially rough day. On December 29, 1928, ZhangXueliang announced well that was"in accordance with the Three People's Principles and obey the national government", the Northeast exchanges flags, maintained the unification of the motherland. Changed into Shenyang city in 1929; 1931, Japan invading army planned"the 18th of September conspiratorially", later, occupied Shenyang on September 19, rename as" Fengtian city", the life of conquered slave whom the people in Shenyang have begun for 14 years.

1945, war of resistance win, "Fengtian city"resume name of"Shenyang city"; In 1946, the Kuomintang government took over Shenyang; On November 2, 1948, the formal liberation of Shenyang, and then adjusted through numerous administrative ranks, zoning, have formed the administrative division pattern of having jurisdiction over 9 districts, 1 cities and 3 counties now.

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The Equipment Manufacturing Base of China

Automobile industry NC machine tool production workshop Large-scale transformer assembly workshop Shenyang Chemical Industrial Park
Automobile industry of Shenyang NC machine tool production workshop Large-scale transformer assembly workshop Shenyang Chemical Industrial Park
Large-scal electric machine fitting shop China Robot Manufacturing Base Automobile industry of Shenyang Large-scale equipment processing workshop
Large-scal electric machine fitting shop China Robot Manufacturing Base Automobile industry of Shenyang Large-scale equipment processing workshop

Shenyang is a traditional industrial base emphatically constructed in our country. It has formed an industrial system complete with all necessary departments, giving priority to mechanical processing, embracing automobile, petrochemical industry, aviation, pharmacy, building materials, metallurgy, light industry, textile, electronic industry, coal industry, and so on . Shenyang always enjoys the fame as “Equipping department of the P. R. C. ”, its scale of equipment manufacturing industry is grand with solid foundation and relatively strong capability of forming a complete set.

Forty-four among 77 types of equipment products manufactured in Shenyang are topmost in China in terms of technical level and market share. Especially, Shenyang is well-known all over the country and famous worldwide in the production capacity of machine tool, complete set of high-voltage equipment for power transmission and transformation, heavy-duty mining and metallurgical equipment, non-ferrous metal smelting equipment, ancillary machine for large-sized motor, complete set of petrochemical engineering equipment, complete set of large-sized cement production equipment, complete set of large-sized sewage treatment equipment, large-sized equipment for superhighway construction, and so on.

China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition

Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation

The 5th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition will be held at Shenyang International Exhibition Center on August 29-September 2, 2006. The focal point of this exposition is to promote the revitalization of Northeastern traditional industrial base and its opening to the outside world, it will amply give scope to the important function of “under-taking the transfer of global manufacturing industry”, it will try its best in serving the development of equipment manufacturing industry nationwide and will focus on reflecting the up-to-date achievements obtained by equipment manufacturing industry in China and the whole world.

The exposition will provide space for enterprises at home and abroad to display their strength and seek cooperation. The exposition will be a grand assembly for international equipment manufacturing industry to display products, trade and order goods, discuss academic issues, negotiate investments and cooperate in technology. It has become an exposition full of business opportunities for internationally famous brands.

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A City with Forest Environment Protection of China

Forest Environment Forest Environment
Forest Environment Forest Environment Forest Environment Forest Environment

Shenyang is a model city for environmental protection of China, a national forest city and a national garden greening city . Shenyang is aimed at creating optimal city environment in the north , and the residents enjoy “a quiet living environment, a comfortable residing environment, a safe dietary environment and a clean and city surrounding environment.”

Remarkable Achievement in Pollution Treatment

Shenyang’s government has been attaching importance to environmental protection and focusing its mind on developing superior industries so as to promote their inner quality. It has realized overall standard discharge in industrial enterprises, reaching the advanced level among cities in treatment rate of domestic sewage.

Sparing no effort Building a waterfront city

According to the target of forging a “waterfront city”,it carried out large-scale comprehensive renovation and construction along urban segment of Hunhe River, Wulihe Park , Shenshuiwan Park and a 10-kilometer long green ecological corridor are completed along both banks of Hunhe River. A batch of man-made lakes have been reconstructed, and the reaching standard rate of water quality at urban water function area and that at water head site for centralized potable water have both been kept at 100%steadily , the area rate at area of water surface within the third loop has been increased to 3.75%.

Atmospheric control Realizing breakthrough

In the atmospheric control, standardized environmental protection has bee realized in 100 large-sized boiler houses, the acceptance rate of tail exhaust from motor vehicles has been increased by 20.2% for three years in succession, triple round-the-city ecological protection system with a total length of 500 kilometers has been construct, the greening rate at urban area is multiplied , and the water system and road are broadened , as a result , the number of days with excellent air quality has reached 317 days in Shenyang.

Rebuilding roads Improving environment

All the main streets are brightened all the year round, the availability rate of road is raised from 75%to 95%, 71 model ecological residential quarters that are environmental-friendly and 40 “Serene residential quarters” have been constructed. “Comprehensive environmental renovation in 100 villages and towns” is implemented, and the overall target of brightening hygienic thoroughfare at each environmental-friendly village has been realized in 100 urban towns.

A Forest City with Ecological Environment

Shenyang is reputed as a forest city as its total area of green space is up to 99 square kilometers and per capita public green space 9.8 square meters. It has established successively 13 natural reserves with 13.52 percent of coverage, developing its protection category from single plant ecology into wetland, ancient culture, natural and humane relices. A wind-breaking and sand-fixing ecological function conservation area has been established covering an area of 2300 square kilometer. From 2000 to 2005 the number of planted trees totaled to 19 million, equal to 150 percent of the amount of forest reserved for 300 years.

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Best Time to Visit


The best travel time of Shenyang, Shenyang belongs to half a moist continental climate influenced by monsoon in the north temperate zone. Temperature, precipitation are distributed and decreased progressively toward the Northwest from the south to the Northeast and from southeast in the whole year, clearly demarcated throughout the year. Long in winter in Shenyang; Spring get warm again after a cold spell fast, the sunshine is sufficient; Summer hot and much rain, the air is moist, very brief in autumn, tall cloud discusses it, it is nice and cool and pleasant.

Shenyang main travel festival for"Shenyang clear cultural tour festival"and come annual"international ice and snow festival of Shenyang"at the end of February every mid-December for every September activity. So best travel for every summer middle period, autumn middle period (September - October ) with poor issue for winter time of Shenyang (come annual the end of February mid-December)

Shenyang is located at the juncture of Liaohe Plain and offshoot of Changbai Mountain. Its western part is a vast expanse of plain, and its eastern part is a mountainous region covered with green forests and plants. Shenyang belongs to the northern temperate sub-humid continental climate. It has four distinctive seasons with short-duration rainfalls due to the monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is 8. 3℃ with the lowest at –28. 5℃ and highest at +36. 1℃. Its annual precipitation is 501. 5mm and frost-free period lasts 183 days. Like other cities in northeast China, Shenyang is chilly and dry in winter. Spring and autumn here are short, and the temperature varies greatly from daytime to night. The best time to visit Shenyang is from April to October.

Weather averages for Shenyang
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg high °C (°F) -5 (23) -1 (30) 7 (45) 17 (63) 23 (73) 27 (81) 29 (84) 28 (82) 24 (75) 16 (61) 5 (41) -2 (28)
Avg low °C (°F) -16 (3) -12 (10) -4 (25) 5 (41) 12 (54) 17 (63) 21 (70) 20 (68) 12 (54) 5 (41) -4 (25) -12 (10)
Rain cm (inches) 0. 5
(0. 2)
0. 41
(0. 2)
1. 33
(0. 5)
2. 54
3. 85
(1. 5)
7. 6
12. 92
(5. 1)
10. 59
(4. 2)
4. 73
(1. 9)
2. 67
(1. 1)
1. 41
(0. 6)
0. 84
(0. 3)

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The table delicacies delicacy of Shenyang has a long history, perfect in workmanship, on the basis of Manchu cooked food, have draw lessons from and develop superior technology of the traditional palace, has assembled the quintessence of the Chinese famous dish again, have formed one's own unique style. 'Ching and Han' Royal Dynasty Feast is most representative. Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning province, ferment over a long time and Liaoning dish that form, the ones that reflected in Shenyang are very intact, influencing constantly through the national major styles of cooking especially Shandong Cuisine, Liaoning dish draw materials delicacy from mountain wild game in neighbouring area, cook skill to be rule famous for "stew", good at"frying, frying, cooking", and different historical allusion or legend of nearly each dish of famous dish, can let people enjoy spiritual and joyful while sampling the delicacy.

Because in history, Shenyang has rule in turn by the ethnic minority and the Han nationality straight, so introduce various nationalities' local delicacies to. For example the Huis snack horse cook wheat, Manchu snack the plain boiled pork blood intestines, to harvest cake, roast beef, west tower loud cold, etc. the Koreans. There are one's own traditional snack tough side dumplings too in Shenyang, the tough mountain writes the pie in Haicheng City.

>>'Ching and Han' Royal Dynasty Feast
Full Chinese feast draw materials extensive, including " whether mountain eight value highly", " whether land eight value highly", " whether sea 8 value highly" three kinds. " mountain eight is valued highly " is bear's paw, hedgehog hydnum, reach bearing, flying dragon, tiger's kidney, David's deer, ginseng, brake tender leaf etc. rarly ; " land eight value highly " for take assorted Ma, hump, dried mushroom, mushroom, phoenix claw mushroom, maize Jean, sand abundant chicken, grouse, emperor of jade, "; " value highly in sea eight " is shark's wing, stichopus japonicus, fresh shellfish, purple Bao, snakehead's egg, Min's belly, fish's skin, etc. . The new world hotel of Shenyang, restaurant of food of the imperial household can undertake 'Ching and Han' Royal Dynasty Feast.

>>Orchid bear's paw
Mainly by bear's paw, shrimp fine and soft, the rape heart was made. Orchid bear's paw is one of Liaoning famous dish, it is red to stew, mix with shrimp meat and pig fat meat together bear's paw to be, make shrimp into to be fine and soft, make to shrimp fine and soft, make orchid form rape heart and then, steamed to ripe with the small fire, mix with other condiments, put one, this course materials are famous and precious, the crisp of meat is gaudy, taste is extremely good.

>>Swimming dragon and play phoenix
Made by Stichopus japonicus, chicken, ginseng which product in Laioning. Swimming dragon play phoenix is one of famous dish of Liaoning, select the Stichopus japonicus, chicken, Northeast ginseng, put into alcohol pan and cooked it, the materials were exquisite, nutritious, taste was delicious.

>>Bake the whole shrimp
Main material is not abolish the skin, only except that enteric the whole prawn, stir-fry with ginger, spring onions, vegetable oil before stewing fry, add revitalize wine, white sugar, refined salt, put into the pan, use slow to bake again, charge the net soup. Offer the prawn after the pan, it is petal to connect together end to end hold it in the big disc, like a peony in full bloom, red as fire and bright, the color and luster is gratifying, shrimp's meat is luxuriant, tender and fragrant and sweet, but alcohol is not oiliness.

>>Steamed lantern abalone
Steamed lantern abalone Use the living abalone bring shelly, cut lantern form, put original shell, make condiment with spring onions, ginger, salt, gourmet powder, etc. , have steamer tray steam 7 minutes. This dish of seafood has already kept original form and color and luster, has mentioned and looked like the lantern with the chopsticks, put on the color plate, like a big chrysanthemum, water the juice while eating, very delicious and delightful, buy wine and meal, have a distinctive flavour.

>>Ditch upper leaf smoked chicken
Ditch upper leaf smoked chicken The color and luster is purplish red and bright, taste is fragrant, meat is delicate, rotten and connect with the silk, the food person is profuse in praise. Ditch upper leaf smoked chicken is delicious, lie in materials to be superior mainly, with the proper method batching, making is meticulous. It selects the annual cock for use. Because a meat of cock for one year is tender, second is delicious. Hen thorax fat is too many, taste oily mouth. From select chicken get smoked to become, pass 16 process. Chicken after having a facelift, put in long-used soup with good condiment, soak slightly first, enter pan slow fire boil, the salt is set free when being ripe 2 hours, boil to rotten producing pan to be subsequently when it is hot smoked to bake, brush, have one sesame oil first connecting silking with, put into and then with pellet in a shotgun cartridge pan, pots of bottom burn to when being a little red, put into the white sugar, close pan properly, stir chicken one close properly, pass two, can smoke kind three minute after the two minute.

>>Steamed Kaji's fish
Steamed Kaji's fish The main material is the fresh Kaji's fish, put on fish according to the color with batching such as ginger, spring onions, snake butter, Jinhua ham, bamboo shoots, have the steamer tray to steam for 15 minutes. This dish appearance is esthetic, have fresh bad smell of fish, have perfume of poultry too, it is a good merchantable brand on the feast.

>>Colored snow flake scallop
Main material is fresh living scallop and egg white, batching is green bean, spring onions, cooking wine, soy sauce and gourmet powder. By inlaying the scallops which is like the pearl like the silvery white snow flake of egg white making, wave with seasonal dish leaf, carrot, hot pepper, etc. pattern make ornamentally around, colorful, the quality is soft and delicious, light and delightful, but food is not oiliness.

>>Yellow sunflower accompanies the snow plum
Yellow sunflower accompanies the snow plum It is the famous dish with flavor of food of the imperial household in Shenyang. It is the main material with prawn and pork, complemented and cooked with 20 various batching, handsome in appearance, crisp and fresh and fragrant.

>>It is white to stew three
It is white to stew three Take autumn heart of a Chinese cabbage, fish and asparagus three clear and fresh, color pale thing make this dish for raw materials, thus gain the name. It is pure white that it becomes dish color and luster, the texture is familiar with softly, the taste is clear and fresh, quite welcomed by the customer, has nowadays already become famous characteristic cooked food in Liaoning. Will cruelly oppress and cut with pig's fat meat fine and softly first, will mix with egg white, gourmet powder, refined salt, wine, starch thick liquid thoroughly, float and make fish's chest.

All two Pan of heart of a Chinese cabbage, enter the water and blanch completely to pull out, drain water, cut narrow and long one 14 centimetres long, put in the middle of the disc, after the asparagus is peeled, put in the middle of the disc, after the reed is peeled, place on the disc and the same arrange neatly well. Rank well done fish's chest neatly in another side of the Chinese cabbage. Frying pan cook, ripe, put a little lard, put the spring onions, ginger Qiang's pan, add wine, chicken soup, refined salt, gourmet powder, pull the spring onions and ginger out, cook three kinds of raw materials in the plate neatly, stew, burn to tasty , put wet starch thicken soup, drench, have chicken oil produce pan install dish.

>>Turn round
Turn round Add 500 grams of flour into 250 grams of water, a little salt is adjusted into the dough for subsequent use. Chop and mince and mix and make the fat pork and seasonal fresh dish into the filling for subsequent use with condiment such as spring onions, ginger, gourmet powder, sesame oil together well. Rub dough well rub with the hands rectangular, put, succeed every 50 piece of light pharmaceuticals, according to flat rolling flat releasing thin having fillinging jizi for making dumplings with hand, fold rectangle make both ends urgent again. Pan put oil cook hot, go back firstborn base wave enter pan, two sides fried and baked repeatedly, wait to heave out the pan later. Its characteristic is that color and luster is golden yellow, the burnt filling of cover is tender, the taste is fresh and fragrant.

>>Tough side dumpling
Tough side dumpling It is the special flavor of Shenyang having won fame both at home and abroad, it has a long history, from formulating to now, had a history of more than 160 years already. The tough side dumpling is with a long standing reputation, mainly select materials to pay attention to, making is meticulous, fancy, fresh alcohol of taste, its distinctive quality is to adjust fillings and make peels. Stir-fry meat filling before stewing, fry first, or bone soup slow to feed with chicken soup, make the decoction soak in the filling body, make it swell, fall scattered, bright and beautiful, increase fresh flavor. Meanwhile, according to seasonal variation and people taste hobby, enter seasonable dish filling that vegetables make. Pharmaceutical cover and making is original in style. Mix right amount of well done lard boiled water and mix and stir making hotly with the precise powder. Can make the leather softness of pharmaceutical, muscle one, transparent so. Dumpling can also toast, fry besides cooking at the tough side.

>>Horse's family Shaomai
Horse's family Shaomai It is snack of the Huis of the special flavor of Shenyang area. Use the dough made with boiling water of boiled water, soft muscle dish, make and mend the surface with the rice powder, fluffy to glue, select trident, purple to build of ox for use, flank oil, etc. 3 pieces of position make fillings, tender sweet-smelling. Make fillings to require strictly, must pick the beef the net muscle membrane then mince ; Feed with clear water immersion, mix with condiment thoroughly, stir, sparse in shape " fall ill due to overdrinking of water filling ", not keeping the big tassel while combing the bag, similar to the wooden fish, the surface is on and brilliant after being ripe, soft muscle dish, filling heart is fluffy, alcohol perfume is good. Appearance its like pieces of pieces of budding tree peony in bud, make people hope and grow the saliva.

>>The bacon pancake of Liliangui
The bacon pancake of Liliangui Firstly appeared in 1842, that was more than 140 years ago. For keep the traditional characteristic of pancake, while selecting the pork, it is unnecessary blood neck, little tripe, trough reach rib fat thin, fat thin alternate with cover fresh pork before being special-purpose, then add base to rinse and wash clean with the warm water, put into fresh water and soak for 6, 10 hours, in order to remove blood stains smelling of urine, cut square put into pan and stew boiling. In festival in summer and autumn, still add and put fennels, so that the spiced pork more delicious bad smell is dense, extend long-used soup quench into, boil, stew with very hot oven with little fire, make the meat lump stir from head to foot at the same time, throw out the foam of floating in time, pull out when the meat lump is very ripe, the net oil content of the drip, aired and smoked with the brown sugar in the smoked pan. The pancake adds the flour to neutralize into the soft dough with the meat soup salt and condiment, wake up surface to be time relatively long, roll block put the oil, roll for several times repeatedly, bake and make cakes. Its characteristic is that bacon is fat but not oiliness, lean and soft, it is aromatic to smoke, the fragrant pool is red; Pancake the yellow in color the fragrant, the external is soft and the outside is crisp, many levels.

>>The Koreans' roast beef, cakes
Go muscle membrane with leaf fat fresh beef, cut meat slices, with vinegar, soy sauce, the end such as garlic, white sugar, pepper powder, gourmet powder, sesame oil mix thoroughly, prepare against soy sauce, cayenne pepper, white sugar, white vinegar, fragrant the end such as Lay separately, garlic Flavoring agent is packaged in the light bowl, last heart at desk charcoal stove, on grate will be put, insert with chopsticks there aren't meat slices, dip in the condiment, eat, soft, crisp and fragrant and salty and hot in outside burnt.
The cake with the ripe glutinous rice which steamed to ripe, put at kneading board fighting adult caking forming with mallet, insert the sweetened bean paste filling in the middle, in addition, the white sugar is made, fragrant and sweet and delicious.

>>The Yang's hangs the stove cake, sponge cake
cake The Yang's hangs the stove cake, knead dough with the warm water, the temperature of the water and the amount of salt increasing and decreasing with seasonal variation. Unless slice of cake is after rolling well, have there aren't charcoal stove, on bake if downing, bake, completely to make. The shape is flat and round, present the color of the tiger's leather, well arranged, soft, fragrant and delicious in burnt outside. Sponge cake, cook with minced meat, fresh mushroom, Auricularia, dried shrimps, add the soup and thicken soup, water, at sponge cake, take the form of flower cap shape, tear chicken filament put to the top, eat cakes and assist it, have a distinctive flavour. The fresh cake of bittern is tender, fragrant and mellow, and then mix with the chili oil, mashed garlic to eat, give an added grace to what is already beautiful especially, the flavor is unique.

>>The small potato of sauce
Small potato, streaky pork, coriander, sharp hot pepper are the main material. Its characteristic is that sauce is fragrant and strong, salty and fragrant and agreeable to the taste, tough and soft inside outside the potato, the coriander is fragrant, the sharp hot pepper is aftertasted longly after entry to the mounth, the flavor is excellent.

>>The Laoshanji the pie in Haicheng City
Laoshanji It is the traditional local delicacies in Shenyang. Haicheng City pie whether warm water knead dough, select pig, beef as mandarin duck filling. Fetch ten over of spices to boil, fetch juice to sigh up the smell. Vegetables filling, vary with season, select beans tooth, fragrant-flowered garlic, cucumber, green pepper, pumpkin, celery, Chinese cabbage, etc. to be formulated, make the cake filling meat and vegetables match, deep or light and suitable, the top-grade product still adjusts fillings with shark's fin, sea three, prawn, dried scallop, chicken, it tastes more delicious and more incomparable. The round of finished shape of pie is yellow, the surface is fragile and tough, the filling heart is tender and comfortable, overflow freshly and fragrantly. Mix with mashed garlic, chili oil, mustard jasmine paste, dip in food is further more delicious and agreeable to the taste. Eight treasures porridge assists it, fresh and cool and delicious, flavor other style.

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Shenyang is the largest collecting and distributing center for commodities in the Northeast, it is also the market for essential factors of science and technology, talent and labor force at the national level. In recent years, with the rapid expansion of integral scale of commercial circulation, a brand-new structure for commercial and trade circulation has taken shape in Shenyang. With swift growth of the trade fair and conference industry, hundreds of exhibitions are held in Shenyang every year on the average. It has already established trade relationships with over 180 countries and regions in the world, its products are on sale all over the world.

Taiyuan StreetTaiyuan Street—Shopping heaven

Taiyuan Street is a famous commercial downtown street in northeast China and merchants come in large numbers. There are over 200 shops here, including Zhongxing –Shenyang Commercial Building, Shenyang New World Depart-ment Store, and so on, attracting over 400, 000 customers everyday, and it is praised as the “shopping heaven”. Nowadays Taiyuan Street is drawing attention of more and more traders: global commercial tycoons have settled down in Taiyuan Street one after another, such as Wall-Mart, the global retail giant; Times Warner, the B&Qfrom Britain, and so on. A newer modernized commercial street is towering.

Middle StreetMiddle Street ---the earliest commercial street in the Northeast

Middle Street is located at the central part of Shenyang as an ancient city, hence the name. It war set up in 1636, and it war the earliest commercial street in the Northeast. Over the past 360-odd years, Middle Street has always been a treasured place for commerce where each inch of land is invaluable. Now its historical appearance is still visible through The Jishun Silk House, Tianyitang Pharmacy, Zhonghefu Tea Store established in the Qing Dynasty; and Neijinsheng Shoe Shop, Taihe Store, Hengdeli Watch and Glasses Shop in the early years of Republic of China. The current Middle Street is a commercial pedestrian mall with a full length of 1500 meters, there are more than 300 shops, attracting 500, 000 to 600, 000 of customers flow everyday, and over one million customers are received during festivals and holidays.

Sanhao StreetSanhao Street ---The Silicon Valley

Sanhao Street is the sole computer market entitled to use the name “China”. Ten-odd large-scale scientific and technological business building and over 1000 scientific and technological sales departments, such as China Computer Software Town, Digital Times Square, NEU-Alpine Computer World Square, Buynow, Information Industry Building, Chengda Technological Building, and si in , emphatically perform research and development and operate various products, software and audio and video products pertaining to computers; the street is praised as “The Silicon valley” and it is one of the five main computer markets in China. Sanhao Street has become a collecting and distributing center for IT products throughout China, it is well-known all over the country and there are more than 3200 enterprises.

Wuai MarketWuai Market---the largest wholesale market for small commodities in the North

Wuai Market---the largest wholesale market for small commodities in the Northern China, and it is renowned at home and abroad. It covers an area of 139, 000 square meters, and the daily flow of customers is 300, 000person-times on the average and 400, 000 person-times during festivals and holidays, the annual volume of business is RMB 20 billion, Its main businesses items are over twenty thousand varieties in 14 categories, such as clothes, shoes, hats, small general merchandise, knitwear, cloths, boxes, bags, household electrical appliances, gift and souvenir, articles of daily use, beauty and hairdressing products, instant snacks, bedclothes, and so on.

Xita StreetXita Street---Night-town

Xita Street is the largest Korean nationality style street of china, it is also an area where ROK funded enterprises are concentrated. With the reputation of a night-town, it is a good place for leisure recreation in Shenyang at night where restaurants, public place of entertainment, business shops, local delicacies, teahouses, song and dance are all available.


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In a largest city of the Northeast in Shenyang, its recreational facilities and project are leading in every large city of the Northeast, not only there are amusement projects of different modern timeses, but also there is folk amusement project of generous cultural inside information. Can go to the discotheque to unfold the muscles and bones in the night club, the Karaoke room is sung heartily. The alley offers the specialized place to you treasure age. For example Summer Palace is one collects amusement, recreation, table delicacies, is strong in too, as a an organic whole, and hugly to have unreasonable amusement park.

The playing in the water in the paradise of Xia Gong, warm like summer throughout the year, no matter men and women, old and young can all find the fun of playing in the water here. Besides playing in the water in the paradise, Xia Gong also has a bowling city of fragrant island, super electric toy city and table delicacies world, night club. There is a current heaviest indoor race course of Asia in Shenyang - -Co. , Ltd. indoor race course of equation racing-cycle of Shenyang, offer the stimulate as well as safe racing-cycle activity to the friend that likes the racing-cycle to move. Traditional amusement project is mainly song-and-dance duet, Northeastern yangge and local theatrical items performance of Shenyang sweeping the whole country in recent years, etc. .

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Shenyang is the greatest hub of communications of the Northeast, have already built up a modern traffic network interweaved by the civil aviation, railway, expressway.

External traffic

Aviation: Shenyang peach celestial International airport lie in Shenyang city south suburb east imperial tomb peach celestial town of district, it is the arterial airport of the country, it is one of the airport hubs of the Northeast, only there are 1. 5 kilometers from the urban area of Shenyang. Many one of domestic route starting from Shenyang, there is a flight that flies to Beijing, Pudong of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Haikou, Sanya, Chengdu, Kunming, Jinan, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, DaTong, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Harbin, Dalian, Chaoyang, Yanji every day. And in the other cities open up to navigation with Shenyang have: Baotou, Changsha, Changzhou, Chongqing, Foochow, Guilin, Lanzhou, Lanzhou, Lianyungang, Nanjing, Ningbo, Shantou, Tianjin, Urumchi, Wuhan, Wuyi mountain, Zhangjiajie, Zhuhai. Contact the windows of various countries of Northeast Asia in Shenyang or the Northeast, Have internet and district flight fly to Pingrang, Seoul, Qingzhou, Daban, Zhahuang, Moscow, new Siberia, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk (Boli) such as places international and local route.

Railway: Shenyang is the largest railway pivot of the Northeast. Beijing-Harbin, Da Shen, Ji Shen, Dan Shen and Shen Fu 5 pairs of trunk railway cross herein. City urban area have two passenger traffic railway station mainly in Shenyang, ascend the line of boundary of the Heping district and Tiexi new area, and lie in the line of boundary of ShenHe district and Huanggudun area. Whom Shenyang stand start and depart route train mostly Liaoning inside the province or from Liaoning province train of close area among them, the north station of Shenyang can go all parts of the country, passing train number of times that stop at Shenyang stand more relatively too. The train from the north station of Shenyang start by north station of Shenyang mainly, Beijing-Harbin, Shenji line via north station not to the south station. It has Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Changchun, Changchun, Shanhaiguan, island of calabash, JInzhou, Jinhua, Baotou, Mudanjiang, Taiyuan, Dalian, Dandong, etc. that to leave for Shenyang.

Road: The highway network is very intensive within the territory of Shenyang, many national roads crosses here, and has formed the high-speed network of highways penetrated of a ring five, from Shenyang to Beijing, Yingkou, Dalian, Changchun, Harbin, Fushun, Benxi, Dandong, etc. expressway of place already open to the traffic. There are more than ten terminals of highway now in the city of Shenyang. The fast car terminal of province of Liaoning of ShenHe district, Five Love passenger-cargo united tranport station; There is a long-distance passenger traffic master station of Shenyang in Huanggudun area; There is the west of long-distance passenger traffic of Shenyang of standing and Tiexi district of the south of long-distance passenger traffic of Shenyang to stand etc. in Heping district.

Internal transportation

Bus: There are more than 140 toutes of public transit now in Shenyang, more than 3, 000 vehicles of operation, can lead to ShenHe district, Huanggudun area, Tiexi district, Heping district and Dadong district in the urban area, urban common bus in urban is self service, admission fee one first system of ticket.

Taxi: The taxi development speed in Shenyang is very fast, the starting fare of the taxi is 7 yuan for three kilometers, the rent rate after three kilometers is 1. 5 yuan / kilometer.

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