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Zamboanga City : Zamboanga City is situated on the southernmost tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula, on the island of Mindanao, 530 miles south of Manila. It is bounded to the west by Sulu Sea, to the east by the Moro Gulf, and to the south by Basilan Strait and Celebes Sea. Zamboanga City is one of the largest cities by area in the world, with a total land area of 142,099.99 hectares or 1,420.99 square kilometers. The population is 442,345, and the major languages spoken are Pilipino, English and Chinese.

AIRPORT : Although Zamboanga City airport is an international airport, there are no direct flights from the city to a foreign countries or vice versa at the present time. There are however a direct flights from Manila and Cebu City  both an international port of entry. On domestic travel, Zamboanga City has a direct flights to Manila and Cebu by Philippine Airline,  Seair & Cebu Pacific with connecting flights to different cities. The following cities has an international airport: Manila, Cebu, Zamboanga, Davao, Laoag,  & Subic City (Olongapo)

CLIMATE : The city has a naturally mild climate with a pronounced dry or wet season — relatively dry from November to May, wet during the rest of the year.

Tropical cyclones or typhoons rarely affect the city because it is outside the typhoon belt. Average temperature is about 27 °C or 80.6 °F, while annual rainfall is 1,362.01 mm.

TRANSPORTATION : Ninety-nine per cent of the local road network is paved with concrete. In the rural areas the government has constructed 667 kilometers of farm-to-market roads. A law established a free port and special economic zone in the city. It is the only free port in the country outside of Luzon.

Zamboanga City has 19 seaports and wharves, twelve of which are privately owned. The biggest and most modern is the government-operated main port which can accommodate 20 ships at any one time. There are 25 shipping lines whose vessels regularly call at the port of Zamboanga.

The local airport has been upgraded to Zamboanga International Airport and can service international flights, although no regular international flights come to the city. Four airlines make regular trips to Zamboanga. Others are expected to enter the Zamboanga route soon.

Asian Spirit will soon have regular flights from Zamboanga to Sandakan, Malaysia.

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