Siargao Travel Information

Not many people have heard of Siargao. Nonetheless, the number of local and foreign tourists who troop to the Island are steadily increasing every year. Its sites and attractions remain to be one of the best kept secrets where unspoiled islands and beach hideaways are concerned. Still, enthusiastic endorsements by word-of-mouth have already reached as far as the U.S., France, Germany, England, Australia and Japan.

Many foreign tourists who have gone there have heard of Siargao only through friends. Most are regulars who frequent the beaches yearly, staying for weeks, months even, on each visit. Like satisfied customers who can't get enough in one visit, they always come back. Hooked to the rural charms of the city whose 17 islands and its surrounding waters beckon to be experienced repeatedly.

The current favorite is the 27-mile long white sugar-fine sand strip of Gen. Luna, Siargao Island. Others, like Basul Island and Sagisi Beach in Brgy. San Jose are fringed with cream colored coarse sand. The shores of Danawan Islad are richly adorned with colorful seashells sprinkled with coral bits and pieces.

Some islets hardly have any sand at all; only boulders and rocky beaches where marine life flourish. In clear shallow waters a diving mask will easily reveal starfishes, sea urchins, mollusks, crabs and schools of fish in various shapes, colors and sizes.

Marlins, tuna, groupers, crabs … even squids, rays and octopuses can be bought fresh and cheap from the fish vendors and fishermen. Many who have tried game-fishing and spear-fishing were not disappointed by the bountiful seas of Siargao. Game-fishing competitions are held every August along the city's coastal waters.

Part of the fun is island-hopping using any of the available modes of sea transport: motor launches or bancas fitted with sack-cloth sails. A handful of habitues who like to stay for months have their own sailboats built here. Yachts usually operated by Australians are not an unusual sight in Siargao either. There are also a few catamarans and kayaks for rent.

Surrounding bigger islands are usually mountainous and rich in minerals as well. Nonoc Island has one of the world's largest deposits of nickel, while Dinagat Island has major reserves of chromite. The smaller ones either rest on sand and gravel, or have a limestone base bounded by boulders, reefs and sandbars.

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