El Nido Travel Information

El Nido Palawan Background

beachThe municipality of El Nido is located in the northernmost tip of mainland Palawan, approximately 430 kilometres from Manila, 517 kilometers from Cebu, and 238 kilometers from Puerto Princesa, Palawan's capital. It is about one hour and fifteen minutes to two hours away from Manila by plane. El Nido is bound in the north by the Linapacan Strait, in the south by the Municipality of Taytay, in the east by the Sulu Sea and the west by the South China Sea. El Nido covers a total of 48,820 hectares and is composed of 18 barangays(barrios).

El Nido traces its roots to a small village called "Talindak" by its first inhabitants, the Tagbanua tribe. The village was renamed "Bacuit" when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in 1890. Finally, in 1954, Bacuit became EI Nido after the edible nests of the swiftlets that abound in the area. These nests are the main ingredient in the delicacy, "Nido" soup. Almost 20,000 people call El Nido their home. Fifty percent of the total population are native Palawenos while the rest are Visayans, Bicolanos, Tagalogs and Ilocanos who have migrated to El Nido in search of better opportunities.

Palawan is known for the discovery of the Tabon Caves, where archaeological findings reveal the ancient remnants of Philippine many centuries ago. Similarly, El Nido boasts of its majestic limestone cliffs that are estimated to be 250 million years old, based on studies conducted by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

Visitors have marvelled at the unspoilt beauty of El Nido . . . lush green forests that are home to endemic flora and fauna; and crystal clear waters teeming with a plethora of multi-coloured fishes and corals. To conserve this rare natural resource, the Bacuit Bay area of El Nido has been established by the Department of Natural Resources as a Marine Reserve and to many who have experienced it, El Nido is an indication of "paradise on earth".


Palawan, an island province southwest of Metro Manila, is revered as one of the Philippines' and Asia 's most haunting and final frontiers.

Palawan, the country's last environmental frontier, is blessed with 1780 islands and islets most of which have irregular coastlines that make excellent harbors. Thick forests covering these steepIy sloped mountains assure adequate watersheds for rivers and streams. Palawan is surrounded by a coral shelf that abounds with varied and colorful marine life, hence the island province has been declared a nature sanctuary. The province boasts of extraordinary scenic wonders like El Nido, St. Paul Underground River, Tabon Caves and Honda Bay Islands.

Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan.


The province has two types of climate: the first type which occurs in the northern and southern extremities and the entire western coast has two distinct seasons - six months dry and six months wet. The other type, which prevails in the eastern coast, has short dry season of one to three months and no pronounced rainy period during the rest of the year. The southern part of the province is practically free from typhoons but the northern part has persistent gales and torrential rains during July and August.


Travelling Tips

Before leaving for El Nido, here are some helpful tips:

1. Travel light. In view of aircraft payload limitations, you are allowed up to 15 kilograms of luggage on the plane. A minimal charge of US$ 1.00 per excess kilo is imposed for overweight cargo. For divers and other guests staying more than three nights, an additional 5 kilo allowance is extended. For your convenience, there is a luggage room at the A. Soriano Aviation Hangar where you can temporarily keep your other bags.

2. Bring a hat or cap, sunglasses, your favourite swim and beach wear, a camera and sufficient sun block cream.

3. Due to seasonal changes and wind conditions, be prepared to get wet during transfers from El Nido Airport to your Resort. Dressing into a pair of shorts and rubber sandals or aqua shoes is suggested.

4. If you are a diver, please remember to bring your C-Card, log book or proof of certification to dive. As a safety precaution, this is a requirement for diving.

Access to El Nido is normally via a Dornier 228 aircraft which you board at the A. Soriano Aviation Terminal. This 19-seater aircraft flies twice daily to El Nido from Manila, from October to May and once a day from June to September. Travelling time is one hour and fifteen minutes at a cruising speed of 180 knots. Should there be more than 19 accepted reservations for the flight, additional types of light aircraft will be made available. In most cases the flight is smooth although slight turbulence is felt during heavy rains, in which case travelling time may take longer.

The approach to El Nido Airport may occasionally be bumpy due to the mountainous terrain. In case you experience this turbulence, please do not be concerned as our pilots are all experienced and well-trained to handle such situations.

Flight Schedule
January to December
Depart Manila 7:30 a.m./Arrive El Nido 8:45 a.m.
Depart El Nido 9:30 a.m./Arrive Manila 10:45 a.m.

October to May (additional afternoon flight)
Depart Manila 3:30 p.m./Arrive El Nido 4:45 p.m.
Depart El Nido 5:00 p.m./Arrive Manila 6:15 p.m.

In the peak season, we may schedule a mid-day flight. Should it be necessary to do so, our reservations staff will advice you of this information at time of booking.

Check-in at the A. Soriano Aviation Terminal is at least one hour before departure time. Should you be sensitive to the cold, we recommend that you bring a light jacket as the air temperature may drop once the plane is airborne.

Coffee/tea/ light refreshments are served at the terminal.


Keep distance from the plane's propellers to avoid accidents.

Do adhere to the instructions of the plane crew when boarding and while airborne.

To prevent any obstruction in the aisles, place your hand luggage under your seat or the seat in front of you.

Weapons, spear guns and dangerous or flammable materials will not be allowed on the plane.

As a courtesy to other passengers, kindly refrain from smoking inside the plane.

Please remain seated throughout the flight with your seat belt firmly fastened.


El Nido Airport

Resort staff will meet you and escort you to the terminal lounge at our El Nido Airport in El Nido. To facilitate proper identification and prompt release of your luggage, please give your baggage claim stubs to the attending airport staff. Your Resort guide will then take care of your luggage as they are transferred to the Resort boat while you refresh yourself or take a brief respite at the lounge.

At the terminal lounge, coffee, tea or juice and homemade delicacies provide a refreshing merienda or snack while waiting for your luggage to be loaded on the transfer boat. Our boat transfers will normally take approximately 35 minutes to Miniloc Island. Occasionally weather conditions suggest a different route: a jeepney will take you on a 20-minute ride from the airport to the El Nido town pier or to Barangay Corong-Corong where a boat waits to transfer you to the Resort.

As you travel to the Resort, the wonders of El Nido will unfold before you - your first taste of paradise. Enjoy the architecture of the limestone cliffs, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and perhaps even a school of fish jumping out of the seas as if heralding your arrival.


El Nido Resorts

The Resort on Miniloc Island is the original "El Nido Resort". It opened in 1982 as a dive camp and its early visitors were all divers. Since then, the Resort gained popularity among nondiving visitors who have come to experience the natural attractions of El Nido and the charming service at the Resort.

The quality of our service is uniquely El Nido's. Our staff strives to look after your every need from the moment you check-in at the A. Soriano Aviation Hangar until you return to Manila.

We would like to make each guest's visit most memorable, hoping that you will keep coming back to the paradise you found.


Miniloc Island

Miniloc Island, also known as "Island of the Gods" features dramatic cliffs and hidden lagoons. Its unique rock formation lends an aura of mystery and excitement that each guest feels upon approaching the island. Once on the pier, guests will see a native Resort-village esconced in a cove. The garden is surrounded by tropical flowers and a variety of trees. Exotic animals of Palawan, like monkeys and parrots, roam freely; and on the pier, guests can feed a variety of tropical fish, an introduction to El Nido's rich marine life.


The Resort has a total of 26 cottages and five guest houses. Though the cottages are non-air-conditioned, they are provided with electric fans.

El Nido Miniloc Island was originally designed as a dive camp where bath houses are separate but conveniently located near the cottages. The bath houses were designed this way to easily accommodate groups of divers and their equipment.

The bath houses are manned 24 hours by housekeeping staff to maintain the high cleanliness standards our Resort is known for.

There are 12 garden cottages, each with two beds and a sofa bed. There are two connecting units that comprise the two family cottages.

Also available are three cliff cottages, each with a double bed and two sofa beds.

There are two centrally located bath houses, one for females and another for males. Each bath house has three showers, three toilets and three wash basins. Guests staying at the Garden and Cliff cottages share these facilities.

Also available are seven individual water cottages on stilts. Its verandahs overlooking the sea each have a table and two chairs.

Two bath houses are located near the Water Cottages.

Five connected rooms comprise the guest house. Two bath rooms with showers, toilets and wash basins are located near these cottages.


 Lagen Island

Set in a marine reserve, Lagen Island is surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs and pristine waters. Its numerous coves are ideal for snorkeling and other marine sports. Its lush forest is host to more than 70 species of birds, a large number of which are endemic to Palawan. Lagen Island Resort is located in Bacuit Bay in the town of El Nido, Northern Palawan, Philippines.

The Resort has 51 rooms comprised of 18 water cottages, 9 beachfront cottages, 20 forest rooms and 4 suites.The layout of facilities and rooms provide different vistas
into the gardens, the cove, or Bacuit Bay.


Facilities and Services

LEGEND:M- Miniloc Island L - Lagen Island

You can regulate the temperature in your room by using the control switches of the air conditioner. Please set the switch of your air conditioner to "low fan" for three minutes before turning the control switches to cooler temperature or before switching off. Kindly help us conserve energy by turning off the aircon when the room is not in use.

2. BABY SITTING.....( M L )
Baby sitting services are available on an hourly or daily rate. Please make arrangements at the Front Desk in advance, or upon booking.

3.BAR.....( M L )
Alcoholic beverages, fruit juices are available at the Bar counters situated near the front desk and in the garden at Miniloc and at the clubhouse at Lagen.

Guests are provided with bio-degradable soap, shampoo with conditioner and lotion in the guestroom. We would like to encourage the use of our bio-degradable bath amenities to help conserve the pristine environment of El Nido.

For your information, non-biodegradable components of soap and shampoo/conditioner may increase the alkalinity of water, killing the little plants and animals on which fish and other bigger animals depend.

5. BOUTIQUE.....( M L )
Beach wear, souvenir items, films, personal care products and snacks are available at the Boutique located beside the bar in Miniloc and at the clubhouse in Pangulasian.

6. CAMERA RENTAL.....( M L )
A Polaroid camera and films are available for rent and sale respectively. Please inquire at the Front Desk.

7. CREDIT CARDS.....( M L )
The following international credit cards are accepted: American Express, Mastercard, Visa and JCB. Please present your credit card upon check-in to avoid delays in verification.

8. CHECK-OUT TIME.....( M )
Check-out time is at 7:00 am for the 9:30 am flight. Guests leaving on the 5:00 pm flight are requested to check-out at 11:00 am.

You can mix business with pleasure at Lagen Island. The Resort Conference Room can accommodate meetings of up to 20 persons. Informal meetings can also be arranged in specific areas around the Resort. Overhead projector and video equipment are available.

10. DRINKING WATER.....( M L )
All rooms in Miniloc Islandand Lagen Island are provided with a bottle of drinking water. A bottle of mineral water can be found in the mini refrigerators inside the rooms. Water from the faucet is potable. Please conserve water as it is a valuable resource on the islands.

11. ELECTRICITY.....( M L )
The Islands supply 220 volts and 60 cycles of electricity available 24 hours. Transformers are available at the Front Desk.

Guests may re-confirm or amend air transfers through the Front Desk at the Resort.

13. FOOD.....( M P )
International and local cuisine for a la carte, set menu buffet and snacks are available at the restaurant.

Telephone and fax services are available in Lagen Island Resort. Miniloc may be contacted by radio from Lagen and from Manila.

The Lagen Resort has inter-room communication facilities. For calls to Cottage I to 9, press 2+0 + cottage number; for calls to Cottages 10 to 31, press 2 + cottage number.

In Lagen, international calls may be made through the Operator. Please call the Front Desk for more information.

A Guest Activity Coordinator will assist you in making your stay at the Resort a pleasant and memorable one. Each evening the guest services officer will coordinate with you regarding your schedule of activities for the next day.

16. LAUNDRY.....( M L )
Laundry is done by hand and sun-dried. Please note that during rainy season, it may take longer than usual for the laundry service to be completed. In our efforts to contribute to the conservation of fresh water, we would also like to appeal to guests to place their towels in the hamper only if it is ready for change.

17. LIBRARY.....( L A )
limited variety of reading materials are available at the Resort Video and Reading Room located at the second floor of the clubhouse. Please inform the Front Desk if you wish to borrow a book or magazine. Un-returned reading materials will be charged to your account.

Hotel accommodations in Manila may be arranged in advance, through the El Nido Resorts Reservations office in Manila or FNE travel.

The Resort has a complete line of scuba diving equipment and facilities such as compressors and tanks. Divers must bring their C-card, logbook or proof of certification to dive. Weight belts and lead weights are readily available. Masks, snorkels, fins and other personal diving gear are also available upon prior request.

Windsurf boards, hobie cat, water skis, dinghies, motorized bancas, kayaks, canoes, fishing gear and accessories are available at the marine sports center upon request and subject to availability.

A nurse is on call at the Front Desk. A medical doctor may also be called in for consultation and/or treatment, if necessary. First aid kits and oxygen resuscitator equipment are also available.

21. MINI-BAR.....( L )
A mini-bar is available in your cottage. Kindly fill-up the mini bar form in your room when you utilize the mini-bar.

22. MOVIE VIEWING.....( L )
The Resort has a variety of VHS tapes in the Video and Reading Room located at the second floor of the Clubhouse.

23. MONEY EXCHANGE.....( L )
The Front Desk will be happy to assist you in changing your currency to Philippine pesos.

24. POSTAL SERVICE.....( M L )
Postal Service is available at the Front Desk. All mail is dispatched daily through the air transfers to Manila. Please give an allowance of two to three days in addition to the normal delivery time of your mail.

25. REFRIGERATOR.....( L )
All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, stocked with carbonated and non-carbonated drinks and juices. Items consumed will be charged to your personal account.

26. RESTAURANT.....( M L )
The Resort in Miniloc has a restaurant located near the Front Desk. All meals are served buffet style. Enjoy fresh seafood or choice meats, prepared in a variety of ways from the restaurant in Lagen situated at the second floor of the Clubhouse. Set and a la carte menus are available daily. The Restaurant overlooks various outlying islands and presents a most picturesque view.

For your convenience, safety deposit boxes are available at the Front Desk.

Payment may be made in cash, traveller's cheques or credit cards. Currencies accepted are Philippine pesos, US dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen, Deutsche mark and British pound. If paying with credit card, please present your card upon check-in to avoid delays in verification. Please turn over your room key when settling your account. Kindly settle your account the night before departing from the Resort to avoid delays.

Service charge is 10% and currently applicable government tax is 13.7% on rooms, 4.2% on food and 8.7% on alcoholic beverage.


To save water and protect the environment, we have set-up our own Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) which recycles water for flushing toilets and watering plants.

31. SEWING KIT.....( M L )
This is available from the Housekeeping Depanment, upon request.

32. SMOKING AND FIRE.....( M L )
To avoid fire hazards, please dispose of your cigarettes and cigars properly. Please refrain from smoking in bed. A fire extinguisher is available in each cottage for your safety. In case of fire - please do not panic. Proceed immediately to the beach area.

Excess baggage may be stored at the A. Soriano Aviation Terminal in Manila and may be claimed upon arrival.

34. SWIMMING POOL.....( L )

A 25m X 12m swimming pool is located in front of the Lagen Clubhouse surrounded by tropical palm and overlooking the beach.

35. TIPPING.....( M L )
Tipping is not allowed. You are encouraged to contribute instead to the El Nido Foundation, our partner in the community, engaged in social development and environmental conservation.

The boat leaves the Resort at 7:30 a.m. for the 9:30 morning flight and at 2:30 p.m. for the 5:00 afternoon flight. This is necessary to avoid delays due to unpredictable weather and to allow enough time for all guests to check in properly. You may leave your bags outside your room and our housekeeping staff will collect them from your room 30 minutes before departure from the Resort.

Accounts may be settled through travellers cheques.

38. WAKE-UPCALLS.....( M L )
Please call Front Desk to schedule your wake up call. In Lagen Island, you may use the automatic wake-up call service in your room. Instructions are available in your telephone directory.

39. WATER.....( M L )
Fresh water is precious so please help us conserve our supply by turning off the faucets and showers properly after use. When taking a hot shower, please wait a few minutes for water to heat up.

40. WINES & SPIRITS.....( M L )
The Resort offers a selection of Wines & Spirits at the Bar, and during meals.


Special Activities

El Nido offers many exciting adventures both on sea, and on land. The Resort's Guest Services Officer will be happy to arrange any of the following activities for you.

AQUABIKE.....( M L )
Available with instructor/guide if needed.

Indulge in a fun game with the staff. Please coordinate with the Front Desk.

BILLIARD.....( M L )
Billiard tables may be found at the Pavilion Bar in Miniloc and at the Clubhouse in Lagen.

Catch as much fish or squid (only during March to May) and have them cooked according to your liking. If you cannot bring yourself to be awake by 5:00 a.m., you can start fishing at 5:00 p.m. instead.

Study the spectacular stalactite and rock formation of numerous caves in the nearby islands. While a small boat can take you into the heart of one cave, you may have to crawl through a small opening of another.

Have a hat made, fashioned by local coconut leaf, and woven by Resort staff. For inquiries please approach the front desk.

DIVING.....( M L )
Explore the underwater gardens of El Nido where even the seasoned divers are astounded by the numerous and diverse species of corals and reef fishes. Non-divers may indulge in an introductory dive. Diving equipment is available at the Resort.


Should be arranged in advance . Enjoy the thrills of scuba diving by enrolling in Diving Courses: Open Water, Advanced and Rescue Courses. These are conducted by licensed PADI instructors and requires at least 5 days.

Right on Lagen Beach and on Miniloc pier one can enjoy feeding a large variety of tropical fish that abound there. A most enjoyable activity for children as well as grown-ups.

GAMES.....( M L )
Table tennis, darts, board and card games are available at the Resorts.

HIKING.....( L )
Explore the lush forests of El Nido. Keep your eyes open for wild flowers, orchids, tropical birds like parrots and mynas as well as monkeys. At the Lagen Resort, you will be rewarded with a panoramic vista of Bacuit Bay after a twenty to thirty minute climb, 100 meters up the hill.

HOBIECAT.....( L )
Available with instructor/guide.

No two sites are the same in El Nido, each one having a rare treasure to be discovered, whether it be a hidden lagoon or a secret beach. Walk along the white sand beaches looking out for colourful birds or uniquely shaped shells. Stop at another island and have a picnic lunch of fresh seafood cooked to your liking. You may also choose to stay in one island and claim it as your own for the day.

SAILING.....( M P )
Occasionally, sailboats may be available for charters on a daily or weekly basis. Please inquire from the Sales office upon reservation.

Watch the changing hues of the horizon amidst the dramatic cliffs of El Nido as you cruise along the bay... a perfect way to end your day.

You do not have to be a diver to see the beauty of the coral gardens in El Nido's waters. Swim with the tropical fish and be awed by the spectrum of colours that unfold before you.

Visit the quiet fishing village of El Nido. Walk through the quaint streets set amidst towering black marble. Try the local town delicacies such as cashew nuts and mangoes. El Nido town is 40 minutes by boat from Lagen Island Resort and 30 minutes from Miniloc Island Resort.

Enjoy these exciting water sports. Available with instructor/guides at the Marine Sports Center. Use of the equipment is on a first-come, first served basis so please make arrangements in advance.

Once you get to balance on your windsurf board, it's up to the wind! Enjoy the thrilling sport of windsurfing. Instructors are available at the Marine Sports Center, however prior arrangement is always recommended.


Diving & Marine Information


3m - 10m January to February
10m- 30m March to May
10m- 15m June to December

The current in El Nido varies from very slight to moderate depending on tidal fluctuations. Generally very manageable, divers can swim back to the boat without difficulty.


December to March 24°C - 26°C
April to November 26°C - 29°C

The standard banca or outrigger boats can accommodate up to 10 divers. Dive groups are usually formed with 6 guests to a boat. The wooden bancas are powered by marinized diesel engines.

Experienced divers must present their C- card and logbook before diving.

The Resorts offer packages with two dives a day. Divers acclimatize in front of the Resort or in a suitable confined area A divemaster handles up to a maximum of six (6) divers at one time. Additional safety divemasters are assigned to bigger groups and novice divers. The divemaster controls all dives. Third dives are optional and can be arranged at additional cost. Cave and night diving are not allowed. All dives are No-decompression dives.

Diving boats normally anchor at the dive site. Coffee and water are served on board. The best time of the year for diving at El Nido is during the tropical summer months of March till May, as surface conditions are good during this time.

El Nido has 21 principal dive sites which offer different types of diving, namely: rock formation, slope reef, flat reef, submerged reef, drop - off and tunnel dive. Here you will witness the rich and colorful underwater world that awaits you at El Nido.

The El Nido area is a Marine Reserve. Collecting corals, shells and the like, as well as spear fishing, are not permitted.

Equipment rental is on a first come first served basis. Please return the equipment promptly after use to accommodate others who may want to avail of them. BCDs and regulators are available at the Resort.

Both Resorts have emergency equipment like oxygen resuscitators and has trained diving emergency personnel.

El Nido is a perfect venue for your diving lessons. The Resorts offer three dive courses: Open water course for beginners; Advanced diving course; and the Rescue Diving/ Medic first aid course. Each course takes at least five to six days to complete. Upon graduation you will be issued a temporary diver's licence. Your C-card will be sent to you after one month. If you wish to take a dive course, please inform the Reservations staff when making your booking. You will be required to present a medical certificate for diving eligibility and two 2" x 2" photographs.

For more information on dive spots in El Nido, written material is available at the Marine Sports Center.


Marine Reserve

seaEL Nido's marine ecosystem is one of the most diverse in the Philippines. It has an extensive variety of species of sea grass, corals, algae, fishes and the hawksbill turtle.

Equally rich are El Nido's forests where a wide variety of plant and wildlife, some of which are found only in Palawan, abound. The scaly Ant Eater, the Palawan Porcupine and the Palawan Peacock pheasant are examples of the wildlife that can be seen in El Nido.

In recognition of the critical importance of protecting and maintaining the natural biological and physical diversity of El Nido's environment, the National Government declared 12 out of 18 barrios in El Nido as a protected area called the El Nido Marine Reserve. This protected area is covered by special laws to ensure that the natural resources within the reserve are conserved and properly managed.

seaActivities prohibited in the Marine Reserve include taking and catching protected marine and wildlife species; gathering and collecting shells and tropical fishes for commercial and/or souvenir purposes; spearfishing; indiscrimate disposal of trash and removing or destroying natural features and archaeological and historical resources.

El Nido Resorts of Ten Knots Development Corporation encourages all Resort guests to be actively involved in the protection and conservation of the area's resources. A code or creed of environmental conduct for Resort guests was developed by the Company. All guests are given a copy of this upon checking-in at the Resort and are enjoined to observe the code of conduct during their stay in El Nido.

Please allow El Nido to remain as pristine as it is. Let us keep its environment safe and protected.


Places To Visit

Here are some of the islands worth visiting around Bacuit Bay, El Nido. Your Marine Sport or Guest Activity Coordinator will advise you which islands are feasible to visit, considering various weather conditions.

Known as "Bird Island", Cadlao has a peak twice the height of the Tokyo Tower and higher than Christ's Figure in Rio de Janeiro. This island, with its peaceful charm, has a hidden lagoon covered with lush trees.

These two beaches are popular destinations for sunset dinners. Packed lunches may also be taken here during the island-hopping trips.

Shaped like a cooking ladle when viewed from the top, the beach on Dilumacad is a venue for picnic lunches during island-hopping trips. Snorkelling and swimming off the island is excellent.

An excellent spot for scuba diving, windsurfing or snorkelling.

Mushroom-shaped, Pinasil has a cathedral-like cavern within its confines. Once a burial site, its cool interior is lit from above at certain times of the day through an opening at its peak.

The "Island of Romance", Entalula is magic because of its pristine beach, its magnificent sunrise and colourful marine life among its coral reef.

Known as "Snake Island" because of a fine natural sandbar that "snakes" off its shores.

This island, which showcases some of the best coral gardens in El Nido, is a popular destination for snorkelling.
Shimizu, one of its beaches, is also a favourite for private picnic lunches.

In Pinaglugaban, Cave are stalactites and stalagmites that glow amidst awesome rock formations. It is made up of seven chambers, with the first chamber housing a Statue of the Virgin Mary. The cave is accessed through a tiny opening and is limited by tidal conditions.

Also called "Island of the Gods", Miniloc boasts of three natural attractions:

Big Lagoon
One of the more popular snorkelling spots in El Nido, it has deep emerald waters and mysterious rock formations.

Small Lagoon
Reached through a crack between rocks, the small lagoon is enclosed by black marble walls.

Secret lagoon
Exotic flora thrive along the banks of this secluded hideaway.

Lagen Island is good for both relaxation and marine sports. It is characterized by its rich forest and unusual rock formations.

This beautiful island is another favourite for snorkelling and diving.

Matinloc or Goddess Island has a charming 20 meter long beach. It is ideal for swimming and its hidden beach is a delightful surprise. One gets a feeling of being inside a giant aquarium where fish, fresh green foliage and crystal clear waters abound.

Corals are abundant at Malapacao Island. It also has caves that have yet to be fully explored.


El Nido Code Of Conduct

At El Nido may we request you to:

BEHOLD but touch not - the coral whose gracious souls are wrapped within their delicate bodies.

BE KIND to the fauna on the land and in the sea. Care for them as you would a human friend, respecting their space.

LEAVE NOTHING behind that will spoil the pristine beauty of El Nido. Littering is an offense against nature.

HELP KEEP the waters of El Nido clear... the sand pure, and the forest lush and green. Let waste be deposited in their proper place so that they do not find their way into the mouths of our animals.

MARVEL at the marine and terrestial creatures. Leave them unscathed that others may see their magnificence. Remember that the shells in the sea are finite in number.

SHARE time with the people... Get to know them. But remember to respect their unique culture.

OBSERVE the symbiotic relationship of living things. Every single organism - however tiny - has a role in our ecosystem.

RESPECT all forms of life and realise that there are limits to El Nido's life support system. Help preserve El Nido's fragile beauty.

SUSTAIN AND HEAL the earth for it is our children who shall endure whatever damage we inflict upon nature.

MAKE A PLEDGE to live an environmentally ethical life. It is our duty to take care of the earth we live in.

Enjoy yourself in this paradise on earth..... Have a good time in El Nido....


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