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Camiguin is a small island province of the Philippines off the northern coast of Mindanao. It belongs to the Northern Mindanao region.Its capital is Mambajao and it is the second-smallest province both in population and land area. Only Batanes is smaller. The island of Camiguin is in the Bohol Sea about 10 kilometers north of Misamis Oriental.

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Camiguin is accessible by air and sea from Cebu City however trips are limited only. Most fly in to Cagayan de Oro City in Misamis Oriental Province, the gateway to Northern Mindanao. One would then take 2 more or less hours bus or hired van from Cagayan de Oro City to the port of Balingoan. Ferries leave Balingoan to Camiguin Island every hour from 6:00 am until 5:00 pm.

People and culture

The people of Camiguin are called "Camiguingnon". The main occupation of the people is fishing and farming, with copra providing the greatest income contribution. Other plantations are abaca, rice, mangoes, lanzones and other fruit trees. Small cottage industries are increasing in number to accommodate the influx of visitors. The population is of Visayan descent. "Visaya" and "Hiligaynon" are the main dialects. Visaya is the main language while a few speak Kinamiguin, an ancient dialect. Nearly everyone speaks English fairly well.

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Camiguin was a center of secondary-level education in northern part of Mindanao especially before the eruption of Mt. Hibok-hibok in 1951. Several prominent people in Misamis Oriental graduated in Camiguin Institute (now Fatima College of Camiguin).


Several centuries-old churches are found in various parts of the island. One of the famous churches is the Sto. Rosario Church in the municipality of Sagay built in 1882, and the church ruins of San Roque in Barangay Bonbon. Another famous church located in Baylao is said to be miraculous during the volcanic eruption and claimed to have saved many lives. This island is also famous for it's underwater sunken cemetery, submerged after a volcanic eruption of the Daan in 1871. The place is marked by a huge cross installed in 1982Ancestral Homes Camiguin Island is famous for its ancestral homes gracefully dotting the streets all over the island.

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