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Perth is Australia Western Australia's capital city, is Australia's fourth largest city. According to the June 2008 census, Perth metropolitan area population of 1.6 million people, is Australia's fourth largest city, population growth rates higher than the national average of statistics.

Due to Australia West coast of the Mainland Eastern Mediterranean climate regions, the mild climate and the Swan River with unique views along the coast, Perth to become a very popular tourist destination.

Perth has a wide range of living space and a high level of quality of life, every year awards are among the world's best place to live in cities, reflecting Perth regardless of their living environment, quality of life and social welfare are given cities. Perth people are mostly friendly, this attitude has been positive, in 2003 the friendliest city in the world's first [8], was worldwide appreciated and recognized.

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Perth's climate is pleasant, still distinct seasons. Summer by the December to February, March to May for the fall, from June to August is winter, spring from September to November. Due to the Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers; contrary relatively mild and rainy winter, as in the daytime sunny days are generally not too cold, but colder in the morning and evening, sometimes as high diurnal temperature more than 20 ℃: such as daytime 18 ℃, the evening may be reduced to 0 ℃. The hottest month is February, with an average 30 ℃, the hottest in the February 23, 1991 had recorded a 46.20 ℃; coldest month is July, an average of only 17.40 ℃. June rainfall maximum rainfall average 182.40mm, but due to the westerlies control, the weather was cold and wet.

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Perth helicopter tour

Heli West offers visitors aboard a helicopter travels around Perth, Fremantle and the India Ocean, 4,000 meters above the city, rural and sea views. Brookleigh here in Perth's Swan Valley is a unique travel experience.


Skydive Express is a specialized air parachute Perth travel companies, dedicated aircraft aboard a taste of exotic scenery while challenging the limits of self-experience skydiving stimulation.

Perth Swan Valley wineries patrol wagon

Tourists aboard a traditional horse-drawn carriage at a distance of 13 kilometers of downtown Perth, Australia's famous Swan Valley Wine estate sightseeing tour, taste the local food and wine, feel the simplicity of the Australian culture and customs.

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Pinnacles is located at 260 kilometers north of Perth, to Lampang National Park (Nambung National Park) part. There is a singular across the desert living fossil forests, plus the thousands, or even up to 4 meters of limestone columns, spectacular. In time immemorial, where there was a sea of ​​forest. Let blowing sand from the sea sand formed in the primeval forest withered, weathered the earth, sand and sank, between remaining in the roots of the same limestone as the tower left stayed. You can take a four-wheel drive vehicles starting in Perth (four-wheel drive 4WD) tours come here to play.

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison is located in the downtown area of ​​14 hectares, is the oldest in Western Australia's oldest prison time. In the Park 1850 - 1860 10 years, the British colonial government in order to pave the way for the bridge in Western Australia, the construction of port and pier construction and other public facilities, the British prisoners escorted to here from the UK, engaged in heavy manual labor and cheap . Fremantle Prison construction of the main building materials are locally produced worthwhile limestone rock, the huge prison presents a solemn atmosphere, the towering white walls and sentry really is quite conceivable heavily guarded year. Existing prisons still retain the original appearance intact, dark closed room, narrow terror cell, have been documented in this 100-year prison years. There are two churches prison is the focus of tourists visiting. At that time, regardless of religious prisoners factions, can come to the church to pray. Prison gallows room visit is another focus, a total of 43 male prisoners and one female prisoners here were sent to the gallows, the chair on the gallows was too frightened to death row need it and can not stand. The whole room full of hanging eerie atmosphere. There is also an evening of tourism projects.

Wave Rock

Stands in the middle of the desert in Western Australia Wave Rock is a well-known tourist attractions in Australia, Western Australia capital of Perth, 350 km 5 hours' drive away. Wave Rock are among the most exotic part of Hayden rock (Hyden) north of up to 15 meters, about 110 meters, the natural ups and downs, like a swept waves of the sea waves, quite spectacular. There are a large number of European and American tourists come here especially, is to see the spectacular sight strange wave rock every year. Over the past year, visitors from Asia mainly in the exercise of mainly young people. Wave Rock is composed of granite, formed about 2.5 billion years ago, after the baptism of the forces of nature, will be portrayed as the waves rock surface concave shape, with wind and rain erosion over time and sooner or later, severe temperature, gradually eroded Shape into a wave of rock erosion throughout the evolutionary process is very slow, but the landscape in front of us is so spectacular, really enormous forces of nature! Rock surface is wavy lines due to rain erosion of carbon and hydrogen containing chemicals away the surface, while chemical reaction, so the waves rock surface black, gray, red, brown and khaki provisions form. These lines make waves in different shades of rock look more vivid, like rolling waves.

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Perth's international and domestic airports in the east city of Redcliffe area. From the CBD are 17 and 12 km. Another called Jandakot Airport in south city suburb of Jandakot, specifically designed for the general aviation.


Perth railway station in the city center, is full of ancient landmarks of Western architectural style is also a transit station, providing a total of five Route 69 stations, most of the major areas can be reached. Out by the end of the terminus station Perth to five charges were south-west of Le Mans map, north of Clarkson, east of Midland, Armadale and the south-east side of Mandurah.


City public transport - buses, trains, ferries, are provided by Transperth. Including the free CAT bus (Central Area Transit, the regional transit center) to facilitate the activities of people in the city center. Four CAT bus routes (red, blue, yellow, green) throughout Perth east and west. Perth in order to reduce pollution, in addition to CAT, in the heart of City also offers free transportation, travel by bus as long as the other cars and off are in the City range is also free car peace of mind to sit down on tourists on the line.

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