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Ningbo is in the middle of China's coastline and is south of the Yangtze Delta. It is one of China's oldest cities with a history dating back of 4800 B.C, and is known as a major trading port.

Ningbo today is a bustling city of more than 250,000 people, with fishing, textiles and food processing as its primary industries. Travelers come here mainly in transit on the way to nearby Putuoshan, one of Zhejiang' s premier tourist attractions.

Ningbo is called Yong for short, Ningbo locates on the beach of East China Sea in our country, in the middle of the continent's coast line, in the south of the delta of Changjiang River, in the east of Ningshao Plain in Zhejiang, between E120°55' to 122°16', N28°51' to 30°33'. There are Zhoushan islands to be as the natural shield in the east, it is close to the Hangzhou Gulf in the north, connects the Chengzhou, Xinchang and Shangyu of Shaoxing City in the west, faces Sanmen Gulf in the south, and connects with the Sanmen and Tiantai of Taizhou each other.

The total area of whole city is 9365 square kilometers; the downtown area is 1033 square kilometers. The population is 5,384,100, the population of the downtown area is 1,219,900. Ningbo belongs to the subtropics monsoon climate, is geniality and wetness, is clear all the year round, the average temperature of year is 16.2 ℃, the average air temperature is highest in July, is 28.8 ℃, the lowest average air temperature is in January, is -4.2 ℃. The average measure of rain of year is between 1300 to 1400 millimeters equally, five go to September; it has 60% of the measure of rain for the whole year from May to September.

Ningbo contains the endless coast line, the bays turn and twist, the group of islands are numerous and densely spread out. The waters' total area of the whole city is 9758 square kilometers, the shore line is total long 1562 kilometers, the continent's shore line is 788 kilometers, and the group of islands' shore line is 774 kilometers and has 1/3 of the whole province's coast line. The whole city has 531 size groups of islands totally; the area is 524.07 square kilometers. There are two gulfs and one harbor in Ningbo, which are Sanmen Gulf, Hangzhou Gulf and the Xiangshan Harbor. Because Qiantang River, Yong River and numerous rivers empty into and take a great deal of sediment and the nourishment material, these gulfs and harbors provide abundant nutrition for the pool and inshore living creatures.

Ningbo is one of the eight great floods in Zhejiang Province; the rivers contain Yuyao River which rises in the Liang Lake in Shangyu Country, Fenghua River which rises in the Banzhu in Fenghua City, Yong River. Tyyao River and Fenghua River synthesize to Yong River in Sanjiangkou of the downtown, go in the northeast through the Zhaobao Mountain to go into the sea. The resources of water of the whole Yong River's river valley are abundant, because the volume of rain is abundant.

The inshore main mountain ranges contain Siming Mountain and Tiantai Mountains. Siming Mountain is called Juyu Mountain again, is the branch of the Tiantai Mountain, crosses three countries or cities of this city which are Yuyao, Qin Country and Fenghua, and contects with three counties which are Chengzhou, Xinchang and Tiantai. The mountains rise and fall, wind around continuous, the steep cliff stand, the forest is thick. Siming mountains, according to the ambition book:" There are 800 miles of Siming's mountain surroundings, 280 peaks, the peaks mutually time, win five peaks of crest like lotus, are near stars, the summit of hill is very fair, there is square stone, such as window, medium the light of sun, moon and stars, so called Siming.

This is the backgrounds of the Siming Mountain's name. The main mountain ranges of Tiantai Mountain are in Tiantai County, the other branches are in Ningbo, there are 4 greatest branches which go into Ningbo from the northwest and southwest of Ninghai County; go through the Xiangshan Harbor to the various mountains which are in the east of Zhenhai and Qin Country.

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history history

Xia Dynasty was built up in the 21th centry B.C., they moved the capital to Luoyang in the period of Taikang. Jifa who was Zhouwu Emperor asked Zhaogong and Zhougong to set up the new king capital in 11th century B.C. Zhougong finished the Zhoucheng in the east of Jian River and the west of Luan River and moved the Jiuding here. In 770 B.C., Ping Emperor moved in east to Luoyi and lived in the king capital; in the period of Zhoujing Emperor, because of avoiding the confusion of Wang Zichao, they set up another city in 510 B.C. in Diquan, Luoyang was the national capital for more than 500 years of East Zhou.

221 B.C., after Qin unified six countries, Luoyang was the capital of Sanchuan Country. 206 B.C., Chu and Han competed with each other, Xiangyu made Shen Yang be as the king of Henan and live in Luoyang. In the next year, Liu Bang went into Luoyang, placed the Henan County. 202 B.C., Liu Bang set up Han Dynasty, the beginning capital was Luoyang, moved to Chang-an later. 25 A.D., the East Han was established, choose Luoyang for capital, lasted near 200 years. 220 A.D., Cao Pi set up the Wei, cheese Luoyang for capital. 265 A.D., West Jin replaced Wei and still took Luoyang for capital. 436 A.D., the North Wei unified the river valley of Huanghe River, placed the Luozhou in Luoyang; Xiaowen Emperor moved capital to Luoyang in 494 A.D. 605 A.D. Suiyang Emperor constructed Luoyang, changed to call the Eastern Capital; at the end of Sui, Wang Shichong called the emperor in Luoyang, the name of country was Zheng. 618 A.D., the Tang Dynasty was established, took Luoyang as the temporary capital; 657 A.D., the Tanggao Emperor moved to Luoyang, calling the Eastern Capital. 690 A.D., Wu Zetian called the emperor, changed the Eastern Capital to the Shen Capital, Zhongzhong Came back later and changed the Shen Capital to the Eastern Capital.

In Tang's middle period, Anlushan once called the emperor in Luoyang, founding a nation of Yan. 907 A.D., Zhu Wen discarded Tang and indepented, made Kaifeng be as capital, moved to Luoyang later. 923 A.D., li Cunxiao set up Hou Tang, took Luoyang as Luojing. 936 A.D., Shi Jingtang put out the Hou Tang, made Luoyang be as capital firstly, moved to Kaifeng later. 960 A.D., Song Dynasty was established, cheese Kaifeng for capital, took Luoyang as the West City, and placed Henan Mansion. In 1217, Jin raised Luoyang as the Zhongjing, placed the Jinchang Mansion. In Yuan Dynasty, Luoyang was the capital of the Henan Province. In Ming Dynasty, placed the Henan Mansion in Luoyang, which was the place of Yi King and Fu King. The Qing Dynasty followed to use the Ming's stystem, placed the Henan Mansion in Luoyang, the capital was Luoyang.

The Republic was established in 1912, discarded the Henan Mansion, placed the Heluodao, the official bureau was established in Luoyang, which governed 19 counties of west of Henan. In 1920, Wu Peifu who was the leader of the Zhi descendant warlord occupied Luoyang, established Lianghuxueyueshi the Official Bureau and the Third Commander's Headquarters of Army in Luoyang. In 1923, the official bureau in Henan was moved in Luoyang, Luoyang became the provincial capital of Henan. The Japan's Imperial Army attacked and occupied Shanghai in 1932, Guomin Government settled Luoyang for capital, and moved to transact once in Luoyang. After the Qiqi Incident, part of north China was subjugated, Luoyang became the advance guard of resisting enemy in the north," the first fights ward chief's officer's commander's headquarters" halted in Luoyang.

In the autumn of 1939, the government of Henan moved to Luoyang again, Luoyang became the provincial capital of Henan again. In March of 1948, the people democracy government of Luoyang City established. In December of 1949, the people democracy government of Luoyang City changed to call the People's Government of Luoyang City. Luoyang County combined in the Luoyang City in 1955. In 1986, the Luoyang Region was canceled, parts of counties changed to belong to Luoyang City.

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Best Time to Visit

The weather in Ningbo is pleasant, the four seasons are proper to visit, the average air temperature in four seasons is 4.6 ℃ in January, 14.9 ℃ in April, 27.8 ℃ in July, 16.2 ℃ in October, the measure of rain of year is 1400 millimeters equally, it has 60% of the measure of rain for the whole year from May to September, the measure of rain is the most concentrated in the rainy season of June and typhoon is the most concentrated in the September.

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The Kaiyu Stanza in Shipu

The Elephant Mountain Peninsula of Ningbo owns 800 kilometers coast lines; the Shipu Fishing Bay of Elephant Mountain is one of the four greatest fishing bays in China. In order to arouse the consciousness of the ocean resources gradually reduce to the fisherman, educate the fisherman to aware of self to protect the ocean marine products resources and can keep on the development, the international community draws up to rest the fishing period in succession. Ningbo is as the foreland of flourishing fishery, also has the plan to stop fishing. They hold the grand opening fishing rites on that day which is decided in 1998 in East China Sea; send off the fisherman to sail to go out the sea. The movable contents of the Opening Fishing Stanza, give the contemporary fisherman now aggressive composition of the spirit appearance and social cultural special features. Take the rites of the fiesta sea, putting the fish to go into the sea and sail etc. to express government and social publics to send off the fishermen to go out the sea, wish to wish they go out the sea peaceful, return with a full load; Guide the large fishermen to love ocean, protect and develop the ocean resources with reasonable. The Open Fishing Stanza takes " opening fishing" as call, ask guests who come everywhere, hold to the literature activities of having the" sea" word cultural special features, make use of the literature stage of the Open Fishing Stanza, play the symphony of developing the ocean, protecting the ocean, economic trade talking, alongside the sea tour and academic exchanges...etc. to push and develop the economy.

festivalThe Liangzhu Hunshu Stanza

The story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai which is one of the four greatest folk tales in China is widely known in the whole country. For one thousand years, how many men and women prayed for own marriage at the front of the statues of Liang and Zhu, hence that bridge is called the Husband and Wife Bridge. Under such customs and atmosphere, the vulgar stanza of Liang Shanbo's temple hatched to bear then. Liang Shanbo's temple which locates in the Gaoqiao Town of Qin Country has already been opened up for the Liangzhu Park that covers more than 300 acres now. The dissimilarity of ages, the marriage vulgar need to reform, but the friendship and faithful of Liang and Zhu can never be dated, because this is thought foundation of the simple and honest people's customs and the family happiness, is the virtue of the Chinese nation. In the new century, new ages, the Liangzhuhunshu Stanza still deserves something to promote.

festivalThe Seafood Stanza in Elephant Mountain

The Elephant Mountain County locates in the eastern region in Zhejiang to follow the sea, is the south wing of the port city---Ningbo, it is on sea for three sides, one side contects with land. The land is more and the peaks are beautiful, it has many islands and sea, the weather is feat, the landscape is exquisite, often has good reputation of the sea mountain pretty woman country, the all things of the universe draw in the painting. The Seafood Stanza in Elephant Mountain is held in the seashore of Hailan Mountain on every May 1st gold week. Take the tasting the Elephant Mountain's seafood, grasping the ocean's romantic feeling as special features, the contents have the sandy beach civil and folk activity, the fishing dress demonstration, the plank performance, catch fishing and crab etc.

festivalDragon Boat Stanza in Dongqian Lake

The king of the dragon is the king who leads the aquatic animals in the sea in the myth and legend, Dongqian Lake has good water, the dragon naturally wants to show here. The annual Dragon Boat Stanza of Dongqian Lake lets you see the special and elegant appearances of Dongqian Lake. The Dragon Boat Stanza of Dongqian Lake started in temple fair of Dongqian Lake, the two noisy temple fairs of Dongqian Lake were on September 11th and 16th of Chinese calendar in the past. It is the ship in Huachuan Palace" the bodhisattva cruise" firstly, ascend the Tashan Temple absolute being cover" Yanqing" immediately. Then, each villages that are on the temple's foot all attend the guild. There are the copper Tong brigade, gun salute brigade and Taige, Gaoqiao, Shachuan...etc. to make the pioneer in that day, the bodhisattva of" cruise" has the disguise troop of" rise to solve the prisoner" behind. The guild activity is noisy and interesting, but the most fascinating content is to match Dragon Boat.

festivalThe Red Bayberry Stanza of Yuyao and Cixi

The red bayberry is the traditional famous fruit in Yuyao City, once was prised the litchi in Minguang, grape in Xiliang was not better than the red bayberry in Wuyue by Su Dongpo who was a famous poet in Song Dynasty. "Full Mountain is red in the summer because of red bayberry ", in front and back of Xiazhi, it is exactly the time when the red bayberry which is precious fruit in China-Nan should be sold. The red bayberry of Yuyao has the special weather condition and the soil structures, the red bayberry is big, the color is gorgeous, the juice is many, the flavor is heavy, it is well known in the world, it has the good reputation of" the Kingdom of the red bayberry". June 26th of every year is the Red Bayberry Stanza of Yuyao. Cixi City also proceeds from the same purpose, holds the annual red bayberry stanza on June 26 in every year. The seasonal of the Dragon Boat Festival, a head of full white poplar plum, flow the green jade, the red is purple, take off while eat, have a distinctive flavor, the visitors flock in endless waves, it has become a bright scenery of Nongjiale local customs visiting.

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food food food
food food food
food food food

Ningbo Cuisine

The dishes are called the Yongbang Dishes again, it is good at boiling the seafood, fresh and salty unity as one, take the skill methods of steam, roast, braise etc. as main, pays attention to fresh, delicate, soft and slippery, original juice and flavor, the color is thicker. Like the Fupibaohuangyu, Taicaixiaofangkao, Xuecaichaoxiansun, they are cheap and delicious. If eating snacks, you should go to the Chenghuangmiao, it is since noisy and has the special features again, there are the small steamed bun of Xiefen, Tiegoumixian, Zhuyoutangyuan, Jiuniangtuanzi.. etc. While walking and eating, keeping support the belly break. You must go to the Kouzijiyao which is the famous stone for one hundred years in Chenghuangmiao.

Ten famous dishes: Rock Sugar Turtle, Goushaoheman, Fupibaohuangyu, Taicaixiaofangkao, Huonijinji, Heyefenzhengrou, Cailiujinhuangyu, Wangyoubaoegan, Huangyuyudu, Taicaituohuangyu.

Ten famous snacks: Longfengjintuan, Doushababaofan, Zhuyouyangshuhui, Xianrouxiaolongbaozi, Shaomaishuijingbaozi, zhuroutangyuan, Sanxianyan, Xianrouzhenghundun, Doushayuanzi.

The local special products of Ningboregard the seafood article as principle, mainly have: Grouper, Xinfengmanjuan, Mingfujuan, Juejuan, Shuozixie, Qingxie, Changjieshengzi, Oyster in Xidian, Haiting in Elephant Mountain, shrimp skin in Elephant Mountain, Dancai in Ningbo, Tantu Fish etc.

icRock Sugar Turtle

It is the most famous dish in the ten famous dishes of Ningbo, it is smooth of soft, sweet, sour and salty to eat, the taste is special. This dish is a kind of nourishing article, the turtle and rock sugars are braised together, it has functions of reinforce body fluid, adjust medium, repair falsely, the benefit spirit, dispel hot etc.


Choose the meat of the yellow fish and the stems of Taicai as the raw material to go into the pot and fry to become, the form likes loquat, the color is golden, it is soft, fresh and delicate, if adding the vinegar to eat, the flavor is better. Adopt the big yellow fish that are produced in the Boat Mountain Fishing Ground and Xueligong in Ningbo to make, it is the first-class food of persons' banquet in Ningbo.


Adopt the big yellow fish that are produced in the Boat Mountain Fishing Ground and Xueligong in Ningbo to make, it is the first-class food of persons' banquet in Ningbo.

icNiangao in Ningbo

It is white and long form, don't add the condiment, so someone call it the Jiaobanniangao, it sounds very interesting. The tenacity of Niangao is very strong, however fry, boil, or roast to eat, all has the different taste.

icThe dumplings served in soup of Ningbo

It is known for Chinese and Foreign and began from the Song Dynasty, has already been more than 700 years' history. Different from Northerners, the persons in Ningbo all have the traditional custom that is whole family gather to sit and eat the Tangyuan together in the morning of Chinese New Year. The dumplings served in soup of Ningbo take the white water mill glutinous rice powder as the skin, use the lard, refined sugar, black sesame powder as farcing, the skin is thin and slippery, its white likes suet, and it is bright, don't glue.

icThe pastries of Ningbo's type

The pastries of Ningbo's type are the traditional snacks in the region of Ningbo, the history is long, it is one of the 12 big factions of national pastry. The pastries of Ningbo's type choos to anticipate to pay attention to, the nourishment is abundant, the shape is interesting and novel, and become to regard Shu as principle, the characteristics of Shu, soft, clear, its species can be divided into dry cake, tide cake, sugar, oil shrimp, cake, peach Shu, shortcake, moon cake etc. In addition to having special features very much of Taishengpian, Taicaiqianchengshu and Taicai Mooncake etc,, there are still the soft, frailty, sweet Ousi of Sanbei and small such as Yinyuan, the color of Yangtiebing is yellow and bright, the Mafenpian is thin and soft, the Dayou Cake is loose soft and tasty, the Doushu Sugar has the heavy soybean joss-stick etc.


It is the special products of Xikou, has more than 100 years' history, began from the period of Guangxu, adopts the first-class white wheat flour, sugar, Dongtaicai, sesame refined to make, likes the joss-stick stem, the quality is loose and frailty, is subtle fragrance and tasty, has the taste.

icYurengtou in Fenghua

Yurengtou which has the long negative great reputation is produced in Qiange of Fenghua, is enrich to contain no machine salt compositions like the starch, vitamin C, calcium, Li, iron...etc. The edible methods of the Yurengtou are many. You can braise in soy sauce, the white slice, the salt roast or the salty vegetables juice roast to eat, can also braise the sparerib to eat, Yurengtou has already become a famous dish in Ningbo, eating it to have a distinctive flavor.


It is made of Xuecai, Maoshun to pickle, it goes together with the delicate Xucai and the fresh, beautiful and pure Maoshun, the flavor is positive and fragrant, can eat with various meat and vegetables.


It is called Kecai again, is the thin vegetables stem, not only the meat flavor is fresh and beautiful, but also the nourishment value is very high. The fresh food can cook firstly, throw away the both sides lock hull and hairs, then join the turnip, laver to boil together, it is very tasty. The meat of the Dabcai in Ningbo is big but fatty, process to dry in the sun and then call it Dry Meat. Because it is a deluxe nourishment, have already been taken as the contribution of dedicate to the emperor from Tang Dynasty, the name of Gonggan is from here.


The region of Xidian in Ninghai Contury which has the name of the country of the oyster has already had the farming history for 700 years. Oyster produce here, the meat is delicate, the flavor is beautiful, and the protein content is rather high.


Grouper get the name because their bodies contain different color and spots, its meat quality is thick and solidly, is likeness the chicken, the flavor is fresh and beautiful, and the fat contention is low, the protein contention is high, produce in the region's waters of Yushan Island in Shipu Town in Xiangshan County.

food food food



The peach in Fenghua is push for the head of peaches because the skin is thin, the meat is delicate, the juice is many, the flavor is sweet, it has already had the planting history for a hundred years up to now, the Yulu Peach which is called Qiongjiangyulu and Yaochizhenpin by people are the best ones, is famous of Chinese and Foreign.

icRed bayberry

The meat quality of red bayberry is thin and soft, the sweet is thick, the shape kikes pearl and the colors likes agate, belongs to the best fruit. The mound district in the region from Ling Lake in Cixi Country to Mazhu in Yao Country is about 40 kilometers long, is rather the concentration production area of red bayberry. The red bayberries in Ningbo have four major types which are White, Pink, Red and Brown, each of them has special features. Red bayberry is processed to make into the red bayberry can, the stem, red bayberry sauce, the Mijian red bayberryetc., they are liked by the Chinese and foreigners deeply.

icNagami kumquat

Nagami kumquat likes the litchi's size, it is circle and yellow, sweet and tiny sour, subtle fragrance overflow, is rated as the good product of fruit, Nagami kumquat which are produced in the region of Caiqiao in Beilun are the best. The Nagami kumquat contain several species like Jindan, Luowen, Jinzao, Jindou etc., particularly with the Jindan is the best in the Nagami kumquat, the fruit is big and the skin is thin, the meat is delicate and the juice is sweet, the fresh food is proper. The Nagami kumquat not only eats of fresh and beautiful, and but also has the effects of the stomach of promote the body fluid, opening and managing of the spirit, is liked by people deeply.

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shopping shopping

The region of Zhongshan Road, Jiefang South Road, Kaiming Street and the Dongmenkou is the most prosperous street area in Ningbo, there are large markets such as the Yintai, Zhongbai, Changfa, Xinhualian Company Building etc. But in the surroundings of the ancient color and joss-stick Chenghuang Temple, it is the region where there is the most eating place. There are all the advertisement of the famous brands lounge suit all over the place in Ningbo, the Yageer and Shanshan are the famous brands loudly. The series of beauty spots of Moon Lake Scenic Area add now → on foot street of the drum building → Zhongshan Park connect together, it is well worth to visit. Especially the ancient buildings in the drum building walking street and the curio market of Fan's Past Reside which is separated only one street are also very interesting. If buying the clothes, I suggest you go to the Rainbow Dress Square and on foot street of Chenghuang Temple; If you want to buy the gewgaw, then you can go to the large markets of the Qingfang City, the Wang Lake and Lingqiao etc.; If you want to buy the sea goods, you can go to the dry goods market of the side of Xinjiang Bridge to make choice of purchase. The tour handicraft products of Ningbo are very abundant, the famous goods have: The bone wood inseting, gold and silver embroider in Ningbo, Zhujin wood carving, turn over the bamboo engrave, colourful paint of the mire gold, straw mat in Ningbo etc.


It is the traditional craft of Ningbo. It began from the period of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty, use the special Damao bamboo in the region to throw away the green skin, then opens to shell the layering, turn over the bamboo Huang, then handle the work shape and color, carve etc. to process, it is the comprehensive handicraft article. The assortment species are numerous, there are vase, mirror frame, hand basket, desk lamp, container for pens, chessboard, tea basin, the bamboo statue of Buddha, small scaled screen...etc., they are practical and beautiful, the style is special, the products are sold very well in the international market.


It is one of the ancient handicraft articles of our country, was listed as contribution in the period of Sui and Tang, it has already possessed the great reputation of the patterns were ancient, the work was careful, the handicraft was unique, they liked the paintings of Han Dynasty in the middle of Manchu Dynasty. It combining with building and furniture since can make as the adornment, and then have the practical value. Now there still are the products by Ningbo in the Leshou Hall of the Summer Palace of Bejing inside.


It is also called the Ningxiu, Fangguxiu, began from Tang and Song. In the Ming and Qing, the technical skill of Ningxiu raised gradually, the sale was extension, once run neck to neck with the Suzhou's embroider, the Hunan's embroidery, the Sichuan's embroider, the Guangdong's embroiders. The embroider articles choose to use the true silk, silk and stain as raw material, embroidering with the gold and silver line even embroider in the surroundings of the colorful patterns, or spread all over close alignment of the gold and silver line, the space of the patterns, make the dish gold and colors embroider merge into an integral whole, it is cultured and ancient, the color is please the eyes, the work is careful, it is rich with the elegant adornment lingering charm.

Zhujin Wood Carving

It is one of traditional handicraft products of “three gold" which areJinyinnicai, Nijincaiqi and Zhujinmudiao of Ningbo. Use of various craft means of the Tiejinshicai, combine the placer gold, Zhan gold, Zhan silver, powder of Li, copy the gold, carat fine, mica Yunmu and spread green, spread blue etc., and draw to the Chinese paint to become. The compositions of wood carving are full, the shape is ancient and cultured, carve elegant, the contents are mostly the matters of pleasing to celebrate, folk tales...etc., and it has the special local style of Ningbo. The building and the adornment in the Nailiangzhaoti Temple in Japan were built up to adopt the skill of Zhujin Wood Carving under the Jianzhen monk to attend personally to guide in Tang Dynasty of our country.


It uses the Chinese livings paint for main raw material, the wood birth is main, also have the bamboo slices, bamboo plaits as birth, the shape is vivid and lifelike, it is rich with the stereoscopic feeling, has the gold and silver color, the brightness please the eyes, layout is beautiful, extremely keen. The creation is divided in the three major types to float the flower, even flower and sink flower, it is one of main exit handicraft products in Ningbo.

The straw mat in Ningbo

It has four greatest characteristics of the nicety and pretty quality, hard solid, soft and smooth, simple collecting, it is popular with everyplace of the whole country, the straw mat which is weave by the Ma has the most great reputation, particularly take the Baimajin straw mat as the first grade in seat, which is abound in Huanggulin Town in Xi Country of Ningbo which often has good reputation of the country of the straw mat.

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The amusement places spread numerously and densely in the downtown and the counties of Ningbo, provide abundant life for the people, also provide the whereabouts of the recreational amusement for the travelers. The people can put a high song in the karaoke hall; lead a habit that is the singer. Various dance halls are the best stage of displaying dance for people, even will not dance, come to follow the rhythm to leap, also can make persons the spirit fig up. The fans can enjoy the Chinese and Foreign good films in the movie theaters. The cheery young men can feel the atmosphere of the war in the shooting range. The aged people need not worry not to find places to play; a ground provides the opportunities of the artistic to show skill greatly for them.

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Ningbo Transportation

The transportation in Ningbo is flourishing. In 1996, the total investment which the whole city used for the transportation facilities construction amounts to 1,960,000,000 Yuan, the highway which were set up lately is 123.7 kilometers, the deluxe roads'surface and the second deluxe roads'surface which were changed to set up are 191.9 kilometers, the Hangyong Superhighway has already been open to traffic on December 6th in 1996, the part in Ningbo of highway from Tongjiang Country in Heilongjiang to Sanya City in Province is being constructed. The trains in Ningbo can go directly to Baotou, Bejing, Hefei etc. It broke through the international gathering boxes flight path from the Beilun Harbor to the American east coast. The quantity of swallowing and vomiting the goods in Ningbo Harbor all the rear round amounts to 76,380,000 tons, raised for the second biggest port in the whole country in 1997. The People service machines can reach to more than 20 cities such as Bejing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Haerbin, Lanzhou, Chengdsu etc.

External traffic

The Suodu Airport in Ningbo locates in a place which is apart 13 kilometers from the southwest of the downtown. There are regular buses in the sail box office which is at No.91 of Xingning Road to go to airport.

The train station is so called the South Station outside the south door, the box office locates in the east side of the station. In addition to sending to Shanghai of the K835/836, 5081/5082, the others are the new air condition trains.

Ningbo contains four long distance bus stations of south, north, east and west. The south station is the total long distance automobile station, the automobiles that go toward everyplace of the whole province and whole country in Ningbo are from the south station.

Water Carriage
The passenger transportation station in Ningbo Harbor is at the wharf in the north of the river, the box office is at No.142 of Zhongma Road, you can take the buses of 1,4,11,13,19,20,516,541,801 and 811 to the wharf and box office in the city.

Internal traffic

The start price of the taxi is 8 Yuan including 4 kilometers, the start price is 8.8 Yuan from 22:00 to 6:00, the main car type are Stantna and Fukang.

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Map of Ningbo



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