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New York New York

New York City was settled in 1625, sits on the southern most part of New York State and is the most populous and densely populated city in the United States. Home to the United Nations, NYC boasts over 8.2 culturally diverse residents within an area of 322 sq. miles and is an economic, financial, commerce, cultural, sporting, tourism and media hub. The New York Metropolitan area is considered New York City – Northern New Jersey – Long Island and has a population in excess of 18 million people.

New York City is also fondly known to many as "The Big Apple”, "The City That Never Sleeps”, "Gotham City” and just, "The City”. Frank Sinatra put the city to music in 1979 with his famous hit recording "New York, New York”. NYC is among the safest cities in the world welcoming over 40 million tourists every year with many coming to see the City’s world-class museums and attractions including the Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, Empire State Building and exciting Times Square. Its climate includes blustery winters, a beautiful spring, warm summers and colorful autumns with plenty to do indoors (Broadway) and outside (Central Park).

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In 1664, the English conquered the area and renamed it "New York" after the Duke of York and Albany. The Dutch briefly regained it in 1673, renaming the city "New Orange", before permanently ceding the colony of New Netherland to the British for what is now Suriname in November 1674. Some area names are still reminisant of the Dutch period, most notably Flushing (Dutch town of Vlissingen), Harlem (Dutch town of Haarlem) and Brooklyn (Dutch town of Breukelen).
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American Museum of Natural history Empire State Building Central Park Statue of Liberty

American Museum of Natural history

The American Museum of Natural history is one of the largest and most innovative museums in the world. Founded in New York in 1869, this wonderland is well known for its dinosaur fossils (as seen in the movie Night at the Museum) and the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.

The Rose Center for Earth & Space has been the star attraction at the museum since its much-heralded opening in 2000. Just gazing at its facade – a massive glass box containing a silver globe (home to the Hayden Planetarium Space Theater) is mesmerizing, especially when aglow at night.

Kids of all ages will find something to intrigue them, whether it’s the Alaskan Brown Bear diorama, the 563 carat Star of India sapphire or a skullcap of Pachycephalasasurus – a plant-eating dino that roamed the earth 65 million years ago.

Empire State Building

The Cathedral of the Skies," as it has been called, identifies New York City more than any other feature in this landmark filled city.

Since its opening in 1931, the 1,453 foot skyscraper has attracted 120 million people to its observatories. 3.6 million a year!

What would romantic NYC be without going to the top of the Empire State Building? Seen in movies from Affair to Remember to Sleepless in Seattle...even King Kong brought a date up here! Each year on St. Valentine's Day, several couples take their vows here.

Central Park

Central Park, located in central Manhattan in New York City, is a magnificent 843-acre oasis offering NYC residents, visitors and tourists a refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life. From Sheep Meadow to the Great Lawn there is so much to see and do inside one our country?s most pastoral landmarks.

Popular Central Park activities include a stroll along the Mall, carriage ride in a traditional hansom cab, intimate rickshaw ride, rowboat ride on the Lake, walk around Strawberry Fields, time in the Children's Zoo with the kids or a game of softball are just a taste of what you'll find in Central Park.

Statue of Liberty

Next to the flag, it's America's most famous symbol for freedom - an icon for the immigrant, Liberty Enlightening the World as it is officially titled is familiarly the Statue of Liberty.

Standing 151 feet above New York Harbor since 1886, the ferry brings you to her feet on Liberty Island. If you want to climb the 354 step narrow winding staircase inside the Statue, get there early, long lines can mean a 3-hour ascent.

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New York City has three main airports to choose from and a conveniently located heliport in downtown Manhattan. Each year, millions of people pass through these New York City airports and heliport on their way to and from the NYC area.

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