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Pahang is the largest state in the Malaysian peninsular and covers an area of 35,960 square kilometres. It lies on the east coast and has a population of about one million people.

Ancient rainforests dominate the state and form part of the Taman Negara or the National Park. All the main hill resort are found here as is Peninsular Malaysia's highest peak, Gunung Tahan, which poses a challenge to avid mountaineers. A myriad of exotic flora and fauna are an intrinsic part of the wild life and unspolit beauty found throughout the state. A rich scenic structure leaves visitors throughly entranced, as the magnificent gifts nature has bestowed on this tropical paradise are supremely top-notch. From pristine waterfalls to tranquil, invigorating mountains, and palm-fringed beaches fronting serene seas to refreshing jungles, it is a rendezvous with diversity and contrast designed to leave you spellbound and delighted.

An astoundingly beautiful coastline stretching all the way to Kota Bahru in the state of Kelantan is generously dotted with fabulously picturesque beaches linked together by quaint, pictorial villages.

All of these not only make up a photography enthusiast's most momentous fantasies, they also impart a soothing repose that tempts you to linger on and savour the unparallelled peace and harmony.

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In Pahang, you will find vivid evidence of fascinating cultures that make Malaysia a rich source of colour, pomp and pageantry. The Malays, Chinese and Indians, each with its own distinct identity, coexist most harmoniously. This is the nuturing result of mutual respect and understanding, a rare and special feature which continues to bewitch and astound visitors.

The many cultures of Malaysia can be found in the clothes, customs, foods, games, art forms and festivals of the various races. It would be hard indeed to fully describe the many faces of Malaysian culture. But even the visitor's brief encounter with this is enough to reveal some of the scintillating vibrancy of Malaysia's rich heritage.

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Gourmets and gourmands will relish the delectable and astonishingly unending variety of delicacies found in the vast cuisine typical to Pahang. Malay, Chinese (particularly Cantonese, Hokkien, Szechuan), and both North and South Indian foods stimulate the taste buds and arouse the adventurer in each of us.

A must for the uninitiated is satay - succulent morsels of meat skewered on palm - leaf sticks and barbecued on open flame, and eaten with piquant, spicy peanut-based gravy. Accompanying dishes are cucumber and onion slices, and ketupat (rice boiled in woven palm cases).

Generally, Malay cuisine is spicy and pungent in nature, but once you have developed a taste for such tantalishing flavours, it is hard to dissociate yourself from them.

Rice is the staple food of Malaysians and is cooked in a variety of ways - one of which is nasi lemak, which is rice cooked with coconut milk and eaten with a spicy anchovy sauce, hard-boiled egg, peanuts and cucumber slices.

Dim sum and its 30 over delicacies are among the many items on the Chinese menu. The incredible number of ways they cook rice and noodles prove the innovation and creativity know no bounds. If you visit Pahang and do not feast on the ample sea-food available, you would be missing some of the best dishes the state has to offer. Ikan baker, or grilled fish, is a hot favourite.

Indian cuisine's star attractions is nasi briyani, a rich Moghul dish, with a varied spectrum of dishes. It is hard to decide which to choose as each has established its own popularity.

Tropical fruits are abundant and seasonal. Durian, which holds undisputable appeal for those who love it, often leaves the novice peplexed and intimidated as its overly pungent odour takes some getting used to. And it has culled lifelong fans even among Westerners - those who have stayed here long enough to cultivate a taste for this exotic fruit. Rambutan, ciku, mango, watermelon, guava, mangosteen, papaya, pineapple and starfruit are but some of the succulent fruits that offer delights to all .

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Handicraft centres offer a temping array of bewitching items which you may not find elsewhere. In Kuantan, the teruntum Complex is a modern shopping complex which houses a cinema, bowling alley, fast-food restaurant and other such modern facilities.

Karyaneka, which showcases Pahang handicrafts, can be found at Teluk Chempedak, Sungai Karang and Cherating. Pandanus household articles, wood carvings, brocades, shellcrafts and batik are sold at reasonable prices here.

Pahang Silk from the Pahang Silk Weaving Centre in Palau Keladi, Pekan, is an intricately woven material is made. At Beserah is the Batik Cottage where you can view how batik, the unique wax-printed fabric, is made.

If you are looking for eye-catching, conversation-piece items to take back with you, you will be thoroughly beguiled by the pandan leaf (mengkuang) mats. Songket, the fine hand-woven gold and silver brocaded attire comes in a wide variety of radiant designs. At the Souvenir Centre, about 1.8 kilometres west of Kampung Sungai Karang, one will find shellcrafts and local gemstones.

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Cameron Highlamds
This is Malaysia's green bowl suppling vegetables to the major cities of the country and to Singapore. The cool climate makes it an excellent tea frowing area, and indeed the Cameron tea is highly priced in the world market. Places of interest are the Robinson waterfall, the Rose Garden nurseries and the vegetable farms.

There is also an 18-hole golf course. The small town of Tapah at the foot of the hill is the gateway to the resort which can be reached by bus, taxi or train from Kuala Lumpur. From Tapah, regular bus and taxi services are available. Accommodation facilities included old English country inn-styled hotels, chalets and Government resthouses. Special mention must be made of the Ye Olde Smokehouse where everything, outside as inside the building is preserved as it used to be during the colonial time, except for modern conveniences added for your comfort.

Genting Highlands (Bentong)
Genting Highlands, one of the most developed and favoured by local and foreign visitors, offers accommodation to suit every budget and taste. The cool mountain weather and lush greenery is an ideal escapade away from the heat, hustle and bustle of the city. There are numerous activities that one can indulge in : dining at the Genting Theatre Restaurant featuring shows by international stars, boating and having fun at the newly added roller-coaster and many other fun-filled rides at the all-new Genting Theme Park as well as the attraction of "Virtual Reality", an exciting and unique game. Punters can try their luck at the world class Casino De Genting. The Awana Golf Club, a luxury condotel, provides at the Awana ranch and jungle trekking. Genting Highlands is accessible by a well-maintained road and is only an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur. Adventure-conscious visitors can soar above the clouds on cable cars from Awana to the summit.

Fraser's Hill (Raub)
Fraser's Hill (104 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur) can be reached from Kuala Lumpur either through the East-West Highway branching off towards Bentong/Raub, turning left to Gap before Raub. Alternatively, one can also take the Northern route (towards Penang) and cutting off at Kuala Kuba Baharu for a drive to the Gap. At the Gap, there is a control gate for one-way traffic to the hill which is open from 6.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m., with up-hill traffic reserved for odd hours and the down-hill traffic at even hours. Fraser's Hill provides visitors with the cool mountain air, the abundance of luxuriant vegetation, the peace and tranquility combined with other attractions such as its stable of ponies, the nursery containing many exotic flowers, the Jeriau waterfalls and a very pleasant 9-hole golf course. Other facilities include a children's playground and a roller skating rink. For accommodation, Fraser's Hill has a range of hotels, chalets and colonial-bungalows to suit one's preferences and budget.

Bukit Tinggi (Bentong)
Bukit Tinggi is a hill retreat area with several resorts taking adventage of the cool, fresh country air that pervades the area. Among the resorts here are Selesa Hillhomes and Bukit Tinggi Resort. Visitors can jungle trek, take long invigorating walks or head for nearby Genting Highlands. Also in this area is Janda Baik, a resort-cum-residential vicinity that is popular with urban dwellers seeking to escape city bustle for a brief respite.

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