Negeri Sembilan Travel Information


Negeri Sembilan, literally means 'nine states'. It was at one time a federation of nine territories ruled by Malay chieftains who were known as 'undangs'.

This southern neighbour of Selangor encompasses an area of 6,645 flanked by rugged mountains in the east and a long, lovely stretch of coastline in the west.

The state is characterised by vast stretches of greenery, rolling hills and tranquil country area. Travellers through the state will be fascinated by the weeping buffalo horn shaped roofs of its buildings. The influence of the Minangkabaus, the state's first inhabitants from Sumatra, is reflected not only in the state's architectural social system and performing arts.

Seremban, the capital of Negeri Sembilan, is well connected to Kuala Lumpur by a modern highway and efficient rail links. The town centre consists of a mix of pre-war shophouses, colonial buildings and modern commercial centres. Fringing the town are many pleasant residential areas located on hillsides.

Within easy reach of Seremban, the state's diverse attractions include its royal town of Sri Menanti, the popular beach resort of Port Dickson and recreational nature spots at Ulu Bendol and the Pedas Hot Springs.

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