Kuantan Travel Information

Kuantan is the state capital of Pahang, on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia.
With over 500,000 people Kuantan is the largest city on the Malaysian east coast. However, it has little if anything of interest to the casual visitor, and most people just pass by or stop for the night on their way north or south.



By plane
Kuantan's small Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport (KUA) currently only fields a few daily flights to Kuala Lumpur (40 min, full price RM 122) plus a single weekly flight to Kuala Terengganu.

By bus
Kuantan is about 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur by bus. Fares are currently around RM 18.00.

By car
Opened in 2004, the Karak Highway and East Coast Expressway connects Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur, and the distance of approximately 250 kilometers can be covered in 2.5-3 hours. The East Coast Expressway is evenly distributed with stop-over areas, equipped with toilets, sundry shops and food stalls.



  • Teluk Chempedak, 5 km north of Kuantan. A fairly decent beach offering a light range of watersports including boating and kayaking. The Kuantan Hyatt Hotel occupies approximately half of the available beach front of Teluk Chempedak, while the remaining area is open to the public. Kuantan Hyatt was refurbished recently and is drawing attention from holiday-goers from Kuala Lumpur City , which is merely 2.5 hours away. This is also the first and only beach that provide you a chance to enjoy the scenery of sunrise with a 24-hours McDonalds!
  • Taman Gelora, Aroud 3 km from Kuantan along the way to TC, is a beautiful park called Gelora Park. Various sport activities could be done here including jogging, aerobic dance, exercising, tennis, beach volleyball etc. You can admire the Lotus if you want.
  • Taman Teruntum, Nearby the TC, there is a Mini Zoo. You can watch few animals here.
  • Berserah, Around 7 km from Kuantan city, a village that famous for fresh fish every day! You can get fresh fish at whole sale price here.
  • Balok, A beach that famous with wind surfing, is around 13 km away from Kuantan.
  • Batu Hitam, It is a special beach where all the stone are black or dark in colour. It is still under development.
  • Pulau Ular, A legend can be heard here. It is about how snakes helped the villagers to keep away from the pirates but then the villagers were sabotaged and conquered by the pirates, who claimed that the the snakes were evil. These events are believed locally to have happened during the 11th century.
  • Cherating, Asia first Club Med situated here. A lot of water fun here including yatching, surfing, swimming, etc. Nearby there is a turtle sanctuary. You can find some information about turtle here. A lot of handicraft could be found too.
  • Sg. Lembing, Largest syaf tin mining in the world situated here. It is 40 km from Kuantan. A beautiful museum could be found here which has lots of tin mining informations. A panorama hill where people can enjoy goddess scenery every early morning situated here.


Getting There

Kuantan is connected by Malaysian Airlines to Kuala Lumpur (45 minutes) and Singapore (1hour). If travelling by road, then Kuantan is around 277km from Kuala Lumpur on the Karak Highway and 325km from Johor Bahru/Singapore.


When to Go

Malaysia is hot and humid all year round as befitting an equatorial country, so plenty of heat and sweat is on the cards whatever the season. For travellers to Kuantan and the Malaysian east coast, the one season that is best avoided is the rainy season between November and January.



Kuantan has plenty of quality accommodation for visitors - even the medium priced range of hotels is comfortable and clean. There are quite a few excellent hotels in the heart of the city but most tourists prefer the charms of seaside accommodation - and there are plenty of those to pick and choose from. Resort complexes with traditional Malay style architecture, beach huts, villas and sea facing rooms attract the maximum numbers of visitors.


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