Johor Travel Information

Johor, located in the southern most part of Peninsular Malaysia, is the third largest state in Malaysia. The state has 8 districts and is a popular holiday destination offering exciting shopping opportunities and a wide range of outdoor, recreational and leisure activities.

Its population of about 2.3 million comprises of a multi-racial mix of Malays, mostly of Javanese and Bugis descent as well as Chinese, Indians and others. A colourful potpourri of cultures and traditions have evolved from this mix manifested in its unique art forms Among them is the mystical Kuda Kepang dance where the performers imitate the movements of a rider on a horse, sometimes falling into a trance-like state. Ghazal music, played in a light and relaxing mood on the violin, accordian, mandolin and rebana (drums) is distinctly Johor in flavour, usually performed at weddings, banquets and cultural functions.

Johor Bahru, the state capital, located at the southern tip of the peninsular and linked by road and rail to Singapre, serves as the sothern gateway to the vast hinterland of Johor.

This beautifully landscaped city spred over undulating hills has undergone rapid transformation over the years into a thriving commercial centre as well as a tourist draw. Its main attractions are its seaside ambience, charming Anglo-Malay heritage buildings, a wide range of shopping centres, fine seafood and exciting nightlife.

Johor abounds with great holiday opportunities for those in search of sun, sand and sea. The popular beach resort of Desaru on its southern coast is a magnet for holiday makers from Singapore. Its pristine island havens dotting the South China Sea are simply irresistible getaways, with their unspoilt white sandy beaches, verdant jungles and rich marine life.

Johor's vast rubber and oil palm plantations and the untouched lowland forest of the Endau-Rompin National Park stradding the border with Pahang, offers a rich educational experience for the uninitiated and beckon those in search of adventure.


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