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Cameron Highlands is a wonderful place to escape the heat and the interior or the jagged life of KL. No wonder as the Cameron Highlands are located 1,829 metres above sea level. The climate is great, and it was one of the most popular hill stations of Southeast Asia in Colonial Times.

First discovered in 1885 by a British surveyor William Cameron, the fame of Cameron Highlands grew during the colonial era when British Planters realised the potential of its fertile mountain slopes for growing tea, then a prized commodity among the colonies.
The area is very suitable for hiking. You can spend several days there seeing butterflies, orchids, waterfalls, great scenery, and tea plantations. Tea cultivated on Cameron Highlands is among some of the best tea found in the country. The walks range from short paved trails to small expeditions.

The hill station also offers a fine golf course and excellent accommodations—worth the long winding drive.



Boh Tea Plantation
Plantations was founded in 1929 by J.A. Russel, a |British
businessman during the British colonial era in Malaysia. He was optimist
of the tea plantation business due to huge demands despite of the world-wide
Great Depression at that time. As a result of the potential, he applied
for and was granted a concession of land for his first tea garden in Habu,
Cameron Highlands.

Butterfly Farm

Want to have experience of having rabble of butterflies flying around you? If your answer is "Yes!", then you must visit Butterfly Farm at Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands . 
There are several types of butterfly species in the farms and including the renowned Raja Brooke Butterfly by depicting scenes from the hindu scriptures. Visitors can buy preserved butterfly souvenir and other souvenir from the souvenir shop. For your information, the Butterfly Farm opens daily from 8am - 7pm.


Cactus Point
Cactus Point is a one of the main attractions in Cameron Highlands. It is a wholesale and retail of cactus centre. It also sells fresh vegetables and souvenirs. Cactus Point  is situated 500km from Kea Farm. It is quite easy to spot with its giant beautiful signboard at the roadside.

Lata Iskandar
Lata Iskandar is one of the favourite attractions in Cameron Highlands. It is a ideal place for picnic, relax yourself and have a enjoyable family day. The waterfall is located halfway between Tapah and Cameron Highlands.


Get in

From North-South Expressway, exit the expressway at Tapah and then proceed via route 59 straight along the way to the highlands. You are estimated to reach the first town of south End Ringlet in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can exit the expressway at Simpang Pulai, Ipoh and proceed via a new route 145 to Cameron Highlands along the way to the top.You can expect to reach the first town at the northern end, Kampung Raja, in 1 hour.

Regular buses run from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang, stopping in the Highland's main towns, including Tanah Rata.

From Singapore overnight VIP busses run from the Golden Mile tower/complex.



Get around

Most tourist activity is in the town of Tanah Rata. This small town is set up along the road and is easily traveled by foot.
Local buses (to tea plantations, further away tracks, strawberry farms and other attractions) run hourly. Taxi's are available as well.
Some guesthouses have motorcycles and bicycles for rent. Note that in Malaysia a license is mandatory for motorcycles.


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