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London is the most cosmopolitan city and perhaps the only city which can be called a mini world. London is the melting pot of cultures as people from every race all over the globe can be found here. London has the charm and open heart to accept everything and any one thus making it truly cosmopolitan.

London City is reputed for its art, fashion, theater and finance worldwide. It is the leading business, financial and cultural centers of the world. It has the distinction of being one of the most expensive cities in the world. The City boasts of a rich culture heritage which dates back to hundreds and hundreds of years. London architecture is as diverse as its cultural mix with more than 300 languages to its credit. The magnificent architecture of London is evident in the Royal splendid palaces such as Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Tower of London and many more.

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The history of London is a long and colourful one. From its ancient roots, its kings and its conquests, its rapid growth and splendour during its zenith as capital of the British Empire, and its modern day status as one of the world's leading financial and cultural capitals, London is a city of character, of courage and above all of perpetual change.

London, the capital of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland), has a recorded history that goes back over 2,000 years. During this time, it has grown to become one of the most significant financial and cultural capitals of the world. It has experienced plague, devastating fire, civil war, aerial bombardment and terrorist attacks. See City of London for details on the historic core of London.
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London Eye Buckingham Palace Tower of London

London Eye

If you are adventurous type London Eye is the place to be. With 32 high-tech, glassed-in carriages, each accommodating up to 25 passengers, the London Eye is a Ferris-wheel of sorts which rotates upward and around with continuous piped-in commentary. As the wheel slowly revolves, each air-conditioned carriage rotates on a device designed to keep everyone upright. However, if you are lucky, you can see view as far as Heathrow Airport and Windsor Castle on a clear day. At night, London landmarks such as the Gothic houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Tate Museum, and Tower Bridge along with stretches of River Thames are illuminated against the darkness.

Buckingham Palace

First opened to the public in 1993 to finance Windsor Castle repairs, Buckingham Palace is the residence to Queen Elizabeth II which dates back to the early 19th century. During summer, almost 6,000 visitors per day throng the Palace to explore 19 state rooms which includes the Throne Room, Picture Gallery and Ballroom (the largest room in the Palace) used for investitures and banquets. A walk through the south side of the Palace garden is included in the extended visitor route. At the Royal Mews are displayed the Queen horses and carriages, including the Coronation Coach. Dedicated to changing exhibitions from the Royal Collection art and treasures, the Queen Gallery at Buckingham Palace is a permanent space.

The British Museum

The British MuseumFounded in 1753 by an Act of Parliament, the world oldest museum displays the Assyrian treasures, Egyptian mummies, the Rosetta Stones, sculptures from the Parthenon, and the Portland Vase. Opened in 2000, the spectacular Great Court is among 12 of the museum most famed exhibits and functions as Europe largest indoor square. Restored to former glory when readers included Marx and Lenin, it embraces the Reading Room.

Tower of London

One of the world most fortified complexes, the Tower of London construction began in 1078 which continued over several centuries. It was the site where Edward IV young princes and heirs were killed by their wicked uncle, Richard III, according to Shakespeare. The first wooden fort on this site was erected by William the Conquerer in 1066, which was later replaced by a stone keep, afterward known as the White Tower. Apart from being the residence of Royal families for more than five centuries, it also served as a prison for Royal personalities, including Lady Jane Grey. Until 1810, the Tower housed the Royal Mint and the armor worn by Henry VIII also remains here. The Crown Jewels and regalia are also kept here. You can also get a view of the Medieval Palace, the infamous Bloody Tower, and over 90 inscriptions made by prisoners in the Beauchamp Tower. Free guided tours are available for the Martin Tower, and the Crowns and Diamonds Exhibition.

London Zoo

London ZooLondon Zoo is home to more than 12000 incredible animals. To allow visitors a closer look of the amazing 650 species of animals, the Zoo has been ringing down the bars.?At London Zoo some of the main features include Butterfly Paradise, Meet the Monkeys, and Into Africa. Enjoy 30 minutes of animals in Action?display where you will see animals flying, foraging and leaping action showing their fascinating natural skills and abilities. For children visitors, an encounter with farmyard favorites at the touch paddock in the Children Zoo is arranged. If you want to get close to primates of Africa and South America, the two major attractions including Gorilla Kingdom and Clore Rainforest Lookout are a must see.

Madame Tussaud's

The arrival of Jennifer Lopez statue at Madame Tussaud has added much to the liveliness and glory of the place. Madame Tussaud has become more buzzing with live actors joining visitors in celebrity gossip, even in the powder room. If you are there, chances are that you will get an opportunity to be interviewed by a reporter, or concocted by a live stylist. The 15-foot Hulk, inspired by the Universe Pictures film version is among the recently added attractions. Also on display is the Queen, along with Henry VIII and all six of his wives, Queen Elizabeth I, and Diana, Princess of Wales.

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By Air

London is one of the European cities serving as a base to several international and domestic airlines. London has 5 international airports- London City Airport, London Luton Airport, London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport and London Stansted Airport, which boast of comprehensive range of facilities for the travelers.

By Car

Travelers can also hire car for traveling around London. Depending on the type of road and vehicle, the speed limits are also set in London roads.

By Bus

Buses are not only considered to be the most convenient way to get around in London but also a perfect way to enjoy sight-seeing. Central London bus guide which is available from transport travel information center at tube station can help the travelers to have an easy access in the city. Most of the buses in London are low-floor vehicles enabling disable people to easily get on and off the buses. There are also many buses which provide night services and the nerve center for these buses is the Trafalgar Square.

By Taxi

The taxis conveniently stand at the taxi ranks outside or close to London rail stations and London airports. Taxis which have their or Hire?sign lighted up can be called for transfers. The taxis are licensed to carry around 4-5 people in a single trip. The fare is calculated on meter-reading and usually you have to pay to the driver about 10% of the fare.

Minicabs which generally look like regular cars are better option to expensive black taxis. As the cabs do not have meters, it is suggested to agree on a said fare. You can book a cab by making a call to by visiting a local minicab office.

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