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Kunming, which is the provincial capital of Yunnan Province, has the history of more than 2,400 years, is the politics, economy, culture, science, technology, transportation center of Yunnan Province, also is a famous historical and cultural city and excellent tour city of our country. Kunming is in the central part of Yunnan Province, the total area is 21,600 square kilometers; it governs five areas which are Panlong, Wuhua, Guandu, Xishan and Dongchuan, Anning City and eight countries that are Chenggong, Jinning, Fumin, Yiliang, Gaoming, Shilin, Luquan and Xundian. The geography of Kunming is high to low from north to south; the elevation of overwhelming majority region is between 1500-2800 meters. The elevation of the highest point which is the main peak of Jiaozi Mountain in Luquan Country is 4247 meters, the elevation of the lowest point which is the Xiaohekou in Dongchuan Area is 695 meters, and the elevation of the city center is 1891 meters. The city area locates in the north of the Shenchi Basin, is in surrounded with mountain on three sides, gets close to the Shenchi in the southwest, nature beauty of lakes and mountains naturally become the interesting, it has the good space environment.

Inshore mountain ranges in Kunming are horizontal, lakes are clear and beautiful. The main mountain ranges contain two, two mountain ranges are mainly alignments from south to north, and remaining vein enters in the downtown, becoming Jinma Mountain, the Biji Mountain and the Snake Mountain. The lakes contain Shen Pool, the Yangzonghai, the rivers contain Panlong River, Tanglangchuan, Pudu River etc. Shen Pool which locates in the southwest of Kunming is the biggest plateau lake of Yunnan Province, is the sixth big fresh water lake in whole country. The landscapes of lakes which follow the Shen Pool are attractive, the famous spots are numerous, and have beautiful name of the bright pearl in plateau.

Kunming belongs to the low latitude plateau mountainous country monsoon climate, because of locating in the western region of Yungui Plateau, the degree of latitude is low, the elevation is high, there are the Wumeng Mountains to be as the natural screen in the north, separating the cold air to go down south, the whole area is subjected to influence that come from southwest and warm moisture of Indian Ocean's flow more, adding there are the plateau lakes to regulate degree of humidity, becoming the four seasons of " summer have no intense heat, winter have no strict and cold", such as pleasant weather of the spring. The average temperature of year is 14.5 ?, the average temperature in the most hot month is 19.7 ?, the average temperature in the most cold month is 7.5 ?, the average hours of sunshine count of year are more than 2400 hours. The average amount of declining water of year is about l035 millimeters. Because the degree of humidity is feat, the sunshine is long, the frost period is short, the visibility is good, the fresh flowers are often the year not to fade, the plants grow all the year round green, so it is well know as the Spring City in the world.

Natural resources in Kunming City are very abundant. The mineral resources mainly have Lin, salt, iron, Tai, coal, quartz sand, aluminum soil, the Gui stone...etc., the Lin, salt, iron mine are most for enrich. The mineral of Lin is the head for the quantity in the seven greatest mineral of Lin in the whole country, the total measure is 4,600,000,000 tons, the personal status is high, and part of them is open-air to mine. The salt mineral's quantity occupy the second of national inland salt mineral, the total quantity is about 13,800,000,000 tons. The quantity of aluminum soil mineral, the quartz sand and mineral of Tai are more abundant, are the mineral that have more development potential species in Kunming. There are more than 50 hot springs in the city area, the high and hot hot springs which are above 60? contain 3.

The natural condition of planting flowers in Kunming City is superior, the flowers' category are numerous, they don't fade all the year round, possess the good reputation of" flower twig continuously four seasons are spring", is the famous Flowers Capital of our country. The flowers' species contain 400 varieties, the familiar are 180 varieties. Among them, the camellia, cuckoo, magnolia, arethusa, the report spring and bulb of lilies were praised for six famous flowers of Kunming. It is famous with the camellia, having the great reputation of" the camellia of Yunnan is number one in the world" then from thou. The camellia was settled for city's flower of Kunming City.

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Although the existing Kunming City is just 2,400 years old, the earliest activities of human beings in this region can be traced back to over 30,500 years ago. In the light of archaeological finds, primitive people settled in the area around the current Dianchi Lake in the Neolithic period. Apart from agricultural production, these primitive people also earned their living by fishing, hunting and stock raising. Therefore, the Dianchi region is also considered to be one of the important cradles of humankind.

Dian Kingdom

Around the time of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770 B.C.-221 B.C.), an alliance of the tribes dotted around Dianchi founded a strong slave state called the Dian Kingdom. And, the supreme ruler of the kingdom was named King Dian. At the end of the Warring States Period (476 B.C.-221 B.C.), those tribes were conquered by the Chu State, the general of which became the King Dian later. It is the first record of the central Chinese civilization being introduced into the Dianchi region. Coming to the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.B-24), the Emperor Wu set up Yizhou Shire here and authorized the King Dian to rule the Dian Kingdom as before. The current Kunming City was just a small prefecture then, called Guchang County under the control of the Yizhou Shire. However, the former Guchang County is, undoubtedly, the first city built within the current urban area of Kunming City.

It is worth mentioning that the various kind of bronze vessels made in this period have gained high praise. Either for their workmanship or in their pattern and color, the bronze vessels discovered in the sites of the Dian Kingdom can compare with those ones made in the Central Plains. As a result, it is said that the first peak of the Kunming's civilization appeared in the Dian Kingdom.

The Self-development of the Dian Region

During the time that the Kingdom of Shu (215-263) in the Three Kingdom Period (220-228) started the continuous wars with the other two strong kingdoms, the wealthy Dian region, as well as the areas of the west Guizhou and the southwest Sichuan, became Shu's powerful base. Moreover, this region had also received rapid and solid development after the Shu's Prime Minister, Zhuge Liang, unified the ethnic minorities and carried out a series of strict disciplines.

However, due to the incapability and unrest of the later Jin Dynasty (265-420), the Dian region was, in effect, controlled by the strong local Family Cuan. In the early Sui Dynasty (581-618), Dian was one of several prosperous and rich regions in southwest China. However, the Sui's Emperors declared and waged warfare against the Family Cuan who suffered a gradual decline from then on. At the same time, the Emperor founded Kunzhou City here. In 746-747 of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the Family Cuan was captured by its strong neighbor Nanzhao State which set up its political center in the Dali City and gained much support from the Tang's Emperor.

The Further Development in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties

After the fall of the Family Cuan, the Nanzhao, Dali and some other states controlled the Dian region successively. Because those states' economic and political centers were in Dali City, Kunming City lost its dominant position in the Dian region for a long time. In the year 1254, the Mongolians, who built the short Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), defeated the Dali State and moved the center of the Dian region from Dali to Kunming again. In the whole Yuan Dynasty, Kunming City developed to be more flourishing and richer so that it attracted a great number of overseas travelers such as the noted Marco Polo.

However, the majority of residents of Kunming were descended from backward barbarian tribes until the arrival of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). In order to counterbalance the population, the government organized a great number of Han immigrants and soldiers to go to the Dian region. In 1382, the local government started to reconstruct Kunming City, a newly built wall was built around the city. It was just the preliminary layout of the current Kunming City. Apart from that, a number of villages around Kunming City were also built for the soldiers to live in. Nowadays, these villages are some of the featured tourist destinations in the suburbs.

The Unsteady Development in the Qing Dynasty

When the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) of the Manchu captured the imperial throne, the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty escaped to Kunming and continued his kingship, existing in name only. In 1659, Wu Sangui - a general and then a rebel of the Qing Dynasty, overcame Kunming and governed the whole of Yunnan atrociously. Even to the 1910's, due to the corruption of the later Qing Dynasty, Kunming was inevitably occupied by foreign invaders. During these periods, Kunming's economy suffered grievously.

In December 1949, Kunming City was liberated peacefully and confirmed as the capital of Yunnan Province. Now, it is a beautiful tourist destination, being full of the exotic flavors of southwest China.

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Best Time to Visit
Kunming View Kunming View Kunming View Kunming View

Kunming belongs to a low-latitude monsoon climate, does not have bitter cold in winter or extreme heat in summer. The annual temperature averages around 14.5C (about 58.1F), and foliage remains green all year thus obtain its name of the 'Spring City'. January is the coldest season at about 8C(about 46.4F) while July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 18 C(about 64.4 F). While there is no obvious peak or low seasons for tourism in Kunming; many visitors prefer the lively period from March to October.

Since the temperature between day and night may vary between 12 C(about 53.6 F) to 20 C(about 68 F), pack warm clothing for night, carry sunglass, and apply sun block. Take along water and fruits to avoid dehydration.Because during the Kunming rainy season, May to October, the temperature may drop suddenly, a lined raincoat is recommended.

Kunming is a city abundant in natural attractions and colorful cultural scenes. The Kunming International Tourist Festival held every April 10 to May 10 promotes tourism throughout Yunnan Province as well as within Kunming. The festival features performances and activities in Kunming downtown and local scenic spots that attract tourists from all over the world. A minority residential area, Kunming is home to various ethnic minority groups. These groups sponsor many minority festivals throughout the year, especially from March to October, including the Knife-pole Festival of Lisu in March, the Water-splashing Festival of Dai in April, and a Torch Festival.

It is also the season when most fruits ripen. During this period, you will enjoy not only the stunning natural landscape, but also the fascinating minority cultures.

Go to travel in Kunming, it is OK all the year round. However the national minorities of Kunming are numerous, the festival celebrations of each race have more dissimilarity, such as: The famous Torch Stanza of Yi Clan is held in June of the lunar calendar, the Splashing Water Stanza of Dai Clan then is held in April of the Gregorian calendar, the Tiaoyue Stanza of Buyi Clan is from February 13th to 15th, so it is also is a quite good method to choose the tour time according to the different race festivals.

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Torch Stanza of the Yis The Lieshen Stanza of the Yis Temple Fair of Gold Palace March Third

Each national minority that lives in Kunming all has own festival, the special race custom became Kunming's another scenery line. Enumerate a few of famous race festivals below:

Torch Stanza of the Yis

The Yis all will hold it in Shilin Country on June 24th of lunar calendar every year, moreover, many Yi people live inshore the Wenshanzhou, although they live in the different places, they must hold Torch Stanza which is the most full of the race special features once a year.

According to the Yi's gregorian calendar parlance, June 24th of calendar is a day when the sun goes the most positive in circulating orbit, the sun project light upon the Human body to can not see own shadow at noon, so regard this day as the pleased day that celebrate. In the period of the festival, a lot of villages kill the chicken and sheep, doing the good dinner fully, in this day, all the men and women put in beautiful attires, coming together to the appointed place, holding the activities, such as bullfight and nelson...etc. in the daytime, then sparking the torch at night, the people form into groups to come to the ground and will gather in the square, sitting the sides of many torches to become the fire tower, round by the side of the fire, carrying the song and the dance.

The Lieshen Stanza of the Yis

From February 1st to 3rd of lunar calendar every year, the Lieshen Stanza of the Yis will be held in the regions of Jiuxiang, in the festival period, the Yi people still hold various civil activities, such as doing the big three-stringed, lute dance, overlord's whip, there are still the game activities such as singing the madrigal, bullfight etc.

As for Lieshen Stanza of the Yis in Jiuxiang, there is still a folk tale, it is rumored in the faraway period of Honghuang, Fuxi and Nvwa avoided this disaster under the guide of celestial spirits, they got marriage, depending on hunting in order to living, the blood relationship they born were the meat regiment and the blood regiment, hence they cut the meat regiment into 9, becoming 9 sons, cutting the blood regiment into 10, becoming 10 daughters. Hence, the mankinds just multiply greatly up to now.

Temple Fair of Gold Palace

It is held in Gold Palace Park on January 1st of the lunar calendar every year, then there is every kind of the local products and tasty food in the market, the beautiful flowers contend for gorgeous in garden, accompany with the large crowd literature activity.

March Third

The March third of lunar calendar every year is the festival that persons visit in spring, enjoy flowers and have an outing of Kunming. It is a jollification in West Mountain Scenery Famous Spot Area, Guanyin Mountain, Gold Palace, zoo...etc.

Splashing Water Stanza Splashing Water Stanza Tiaoyue Tiaoyue

The Mizhi Festival of Sani Clan

It is a festival which is held on February or October of lunar calendar every year in Shilin Country and Mile Country to invite the Mizhi Fairy, called Mizhi Festival. It is a kind of activity of community offer sacrifices, reflects the ruin breeze of the matriarchal society clan. It is as unique man's stanza in our natione.

Splashing Water Stanza

Splash water stanza is general in the middle ten days of April of Christian, is held in June of Dai's style. The first day when splash water stanza is held is called Wanduosangli, the meaning is a New Year's Eve, the last one day is called Wanbawanma, the meaning is the day of king's arrival of, it is the New Year's Day. The middle several days are called Wannao, which means empty Days. On the festival, the people pick the fresh flowers and greeneries to come to the Buddhist temple oblation, and carry on a series of Buddhist temple's activities, such as hearing the Buddhist sutra etc. Then the activity of splashing water which is crowd really begins. The men and women of the youth splash water for the drama each other, meet persons and then sprinkle.


The Tiaoyue of Buyi Clan is actually a kind of marriage costem of Buyi Clan. From February 13th to 15th every year, the Buyi Clan all has grand activities of strolling the field. In the evening, the crowd flow toward gound. A sainted old man in field follows the place to round three rounds, and sign a colorful ensign in the center; Immediately after, three brave men ride the horses along the trace that the old walk through also rounds the field for three rounds, but the rounds that brave man round want to compare the old and have to have another greatly. The round that brave man row is a ground of song and dance, the people all can go into inside together to play, but the old men' circlet with colorful ensign for center of talk the ground of feeling for the men and women, belongs to the district of " no admittance to unauthorized person", the single men and women sing a song and dance in this district, under moon conjecture mutually, careful watch, until find out the object that oneself like.

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Boiler Chicken Chicken Germ Sour Salted Vegetable in Kunming Rubing

The food of all streets in Kunming is really to let persons slaver, snacks, roast at the street sides and indoor restaurants with the grace environment all have the local the special features food. The most worthy of a what to say is that the good food in the mountain of Kunming is all very well-known in the whole country, wild fungi within the good food in the mountain are also 100 eat not to be disgusted with. However, the taste of the vegetables of Kunming has a little to be partial to salty and hot, for those tastes in Hunan and Sichuan are heavy to like to eat the hot place to say is nothing, but the people in the region of Jiangzhe whose the taste simple elegance be partial to the sweet may have a little to adapt not too, adopt the customs of the natives, otherwise so much delicious thing is not edible, it is too pity. It is total to say, the more concentrated place of food and drink of Kunming is the north front door delicacies street of the north, the Xingyuan Road of the west, which also is by the side of the government in the west mountain area, there are still the Shenchi Road, Guanshangzhong Road, Guannan Road, Shibo Road etc.

Tasting the special race food in Kunming is the visitors' unforgettable choice. The race taste food on the manufacture have various methods, such as roasts, pickle, jelly, Wu, Chun etc., the containers contain slab of stone, fragrant bamboo, sheepskin, the egg stone...etc.

#topThe Introduces of Some Special Features Snack

Boiler Chicken

Get because of steaming with the boiler. The purple pottery boiler is produced in Jianshui of south of Kunming. While making the boiler chicken, put the chicken piece into the pot at first, after putting the condiment, put in the big sand pot with full of water, seal strictly the pot cover. Steam to boil with the prosperous fire for about four hours. At this time, the steam is from the boiler bottom middle of a spray into the inside constantly. Since steam familiar the chicken pieces, again in the pot become the bead of water, becoming the soup juice. Thus, a bone with lousy meat of chicken that makes the boiler steam leave, the fresh meat of soup is delicate, can keep the original flavor and nourishments of the chicken.

Chicken Germ

It is not chicken, but is a kind of umbrella germ of delicacy. The weather of Yunnan is geniality and wetness, whenever many rain seasonal changes in spring and summer, the countryside and lawn, various fungi break ground competitively. The Jizong Germ is the head of various germs in Yunnan. Its that surface umbrella covers' edge of the black and brown or tiny yellow, present the radiate fission, hence, the ancients says it" cover with such as the chicken feather", hence get. The chicken flesh and blood quality is fatty and thick, silk white and thin quality, the frailty is delicate and good to eat, enriching the food with protein and various nourishment compositions of calcium, Lin, iron...etc., take it to boil, fry, fry in oil in spite of, or steam, do the soup, it is all pure fragrance, fresh and beautiful. Hence, the persons who go to the trip of Yunnan all take taste this delicacy good food for happy event.
Fumin County is in north suburb in Kunming City, after the common people adopt the Jizong germ, in case to change in character, they usually use the salt gum system, or cook liquid to become oil. While eating the rice line, if mix up just some little Jifuzong or Youjizong, it has entirely different taste.

Sour Salted Vegetable in Kunming

It is the domestic life salted vegetable of the common people, the method for making goes in brief and easily. In the spring stanza in winter of every year, the every family will wash clearly the green vegetables which is so called the bitter vegetables, hanging up to dry in the air. Wait for the green vegetables to change dry, cut into the segments, put on thick salt, mix with the hot pepper, wild pepper, ginger, eight Capes, Xiaogoxiang and anticipate these seasonings of the wine, since can suppress the germ, antisepsis, and then increased various flavor. Then, pack into the pottery bottles, seal strictly, pickle for a month then edible. Sour salted vegetable is green, or soil yellow, the sour flavor is proper, open the stomach and match rice, it since is an food in normal times, takes charge of to season the good product in common use again, it is cold and explode to fry in spite of, be still the heat boil, the burn, steams to make, all having a distinctive flavor.


Shilin Country not only have the Kasite geography which is the stone wood and whose landscape is pleasant, and but also is abound in Rubing. Rubing is made of the fresh sheep milk, its flavor has the very thick milk flavor, the nourishment is abundant, and can be created various delicacy good dinners. If cut Rubing into slice to be separated with the ham slice of Xuanhua to put to steam in the bowl familiar to eat, the flavor is very fresh and beautiful, can also burn with the fire or adjusts the egg to hang the syrup to fry in oil, fry, boil, living to eat may also, the flavor is each has his merits.

Burn the Bean Curd Dajiujia Doumenfan Daiweifengyong

Burn the Bean Curd

It is a civil taste snack in the south of Yunnan. It is sold in the night markets of Kunming.Burn the bean curd that use bean curd take the bean curd in Shiping County and Jianshui County as the good products. Make into the bean curd with the high-quality soybean, after ferment, the bean curd becomes to smell smelly, eating the joss-stick. Bake it across the iron net with the fire, brush to roast to the gold hair to rise up the vegetable oil, then add juice of Lufu and power of hot, hot pepper, the wild pepper oil etc. the condiment prepare of adjust to anticipate, eat crispy, fresh and delicate, it has a distinctive flavor.


It is a famous special snack in Tengchong Country of Yunnan Province. Choose the high-quality rice to make into the bait piece, cut into slice, then go together with to boil to fry up the fresh meat, ham, egg, mushroom, the bubble hot pepper...etc., the flavor is soft, fragrant and good to eat. It is said that Zhu Youlang who was an emperor in the end of Ming Dynasty was escaped in Tengchong, was hungry and tired, village people offered up the local delicacy food which was Fries Bait Pieces, after eating, he praised great, called it saved himself! Dajiujia then got name from here.


It is food which spread widely in the folks in Yunnan. Its making method is to go together green broad bean rice or green garden pea rice with the ham, pour into the iron pot to turn over to fry, and the bubble delivered the first-class and soft rice of the half an hour, boiling after adding the water up the vapor, then use the little fire to boil familiar, plus the refined salt, monosodium glutamate...etc. to turn over to fry to mix evenly, then last edible. This taste snack is red to the white meat of green rice of bean, three colors are gorgeous, making the persons enjoy to please the eyes. Eat the meat to get the sweet rice of bean, the flavor wears the thick joss-stick fresh and beautiful.

Pickle cow's Jin

It is a famous dish of Dai Clan. While making, pack the cow head, the cow feet to go to the hair and wash clearly, chop down the small pieces to cook, after going out the pot to pick and get rid of the bone, cutting remaining cow' jin into the crumb, put into basin and use to wash rice the bubble to get for 3 hours, then wash clearly with the cold water, packing the seasonings, such as hot pepper, ginger, garlic and wild pepper...etc. pours in to mix evenly in the basin, put into the bottle and seal goodly, after half a month is then edible.


It is a famous snack in the insect party of Yunnan, joining the wood ginger, tomato juice, hot pepper, lemonade, tea tree, fragrant root...etc. to adjust to anticipate after fry the Fengyong that chooses with meticulous care cold, sour and hot and good to eat.

Braise in soy sauce the Jizong Roasting duck in Yiliang The Roasting fish of Xiangmaocao Roasting duck in Yiliang

Braise in soy sauce the Jizong

It is a famous dish of Kunming. The Jizong is the valuable wild edible germ which is the special product of Yunnan, the flavor is fresh, sweet, delicate, joss-stick, it can match in excellence with chicken mutually, can still keep the stomach, refreshing.

The prepared ducks in Luliang

It has the special features only, the color is white and it is transparent, the salt flavor is just right, the meat quality is delicate, the flavor is fresh and beautiful, the nourishment is abundant, it is a food that is subjected to people's fancy. Every time round joyful festivals, the people usually use the red paper packing to donate friends and relatives. Since 1959, it was sold far in the other parts of country, possessed the great reputation.

The Roasting fish of Xiangmaocao

It is also a taste dish of Dai Clan. It is general to bind up the fish that is washed clearly with fragrant couch grass at first, then place to roast in the fire, and put on just the right amount of lard, while roasting, the aroma four overflow, the fish flavor that roast out thus come into nostrils, the fish is frailty, the flavor is fresh, beautiful and special.

Pig's Fat Meat

It is called Pipa Meat again because it is likeness pipa. After killing the pig, on a son of belly cavity of the pig, take out the internal organs, then pick and get rid of the framework, then put up condiments, such as wild pepper, spring onion and salt...etc., then press original kind to sew up, put to dry by air in the dry cool place, only not laceration, it can be deposited for 10 years to 20 years and not out. While edible, clean with the hot water, pare off the clean and outside layer dirty mark, soak to the cortex hair with the water soft, then incise a form, boil but eat it, the meat flavor is subtle fragrance, fatty but don't get fed up with, it is the first grade to entertain guest.

Roasting duck in Yiliang

It has been the history of more than 600 years, it is good enough to with Bejing Roasting Duck to match in excellence, the roasting duck is divided into the young duck and fatty duck again, the meat quality is delicate, the eating flavor is sweet; The fatty duck's grease is more, old joss-stick of the meat quality, if go together with the spring onion white, the wild pepper or sauces product to eat, that is also to have the taste, taking the roast duck in Dog Street as particularly good. The creation of the roast duck in Yiliang is very fashionable, while baking, take loose hair knot as the fuel, need its burn to smoke to the utmost, well timed inside out duck body, paint the honey water, lard is spread in epidermis. Roast the duck of thus, the yellow frailty of skin is not burnt, the meat is loose soft, sweet and delicate leave the bone, it is very tasty. We can taste this dish in a lot of places of Kunming, there is the dish inside Gujin Park which is the special features restaurant.

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The Wax Dyes and Ties Dye Wood Carving Handicraft Products White Medicine in Yunnan Spot Copper

Kunming owns everything of the modern city. Company buildings, shopping center, monopoly store inside the city, large supermarket stand up like a forest. It is very convenient and relaxed to go shopping in Kunming. The distance between each market inside the city is nearer, the business districts compare for the concentration, and the Qingnian Road, Dongfeng Road and Zhengyi Road are all quite good shopping districts. The flower market in Shangyi Street in Kunming is very famous, the flowers can be sold for the catty; The flowers and birds market of the Jingxing Street not only sell the flowers and birds, but also have a great deal of national minority handicraft products. The handicrafts products of Kunming are very well-known, such as the tooth craving in Kunming, wood carving in Jianchuan etc. The main local special products are the dry goods of various wild germ, the race wax to dye, tie to dye etc. There are still the our country's famous places of cigarette- Yun Cigarette and Hongtashan.

#topThe Special Product in Kunming

The Wax Dyes and Ties Dye

It is all a popular tradition to print to dye the way in some races of Yunnan, both of principle likeness, have the differentiation slightly on the craft. Dye to hang with the wall that firm dyer skill make into with the wax, other handicraft product, enrich the race special features very much, has been getting the favor of the domestic and international visitor deeply. If the visitor to buy, can go to the craft art store and each big markets to go to, in addition the Hunan Road is how many the store is particularly this merchandise of camp.
It is civil handicraft that is widely accepted the province national minority region of Yunnan that wax dye to print the handicraft product, the wax of Kunming dyes to face to anticipate the culture of blend the national minority of Yunnan, the pattern is special and novel, is ancient and generous, the price that a piece of wax dye cloth is about 15 Yuan or so.

Wood Carving Handicraft Products

Various handicraft product with other animal, portrait make into with the more precious timber carving, ancient and interesting and novel, also be thing by visitor's fancy deeply. Have the words of interest, you can make choice of purchase to bring back to go to a little according to own fondness for, being the indoor decorations, their special features should be very the foot of, the more concentrated wood carving handicraft product sells to order on is the flowers and birds market, two is numerous handicraft product stores of the Hunan Road.

Tin Machine

Is refined with the tin of various handicraft product also is very good, especially the wine of the tin system have, tea vessel, and tin painting etc., the external appearance is elegant, brightness such as mirror, gather practical with decorate for the whole body. Each big market and the craft art stores all sell in the city.

White Medicine in Yunnan

The Yunnan white medicine of the curative effect magic is the wound saint medicine that have great reputation all at home and abroad, the guest goes to Yunnan a the trip might as well take to return a little. Each medicine store inside the city carry and all can buy.

Spot Copper

Mix together with copper and other metals through handle but appear" have the copper of the spot", use the spot made of copper become of the work article west the rob, enrich the special features very much. The spot copper handicraft product is one of the special features merchandises that Kunming possesses the great reputation, among them transforming the cow tiger copper case, peacock, the tiger elephant...etc. of handle the empress to even belong to it represent it make. In the big market and craft art store sell.

Weiqi of Yunnan Tongpa Heavy Colorful Painting The Report Spring Flower

Weiqi of Yunnan

Be so called Yunzi, was contribution in Ming and Qing, already have the history of hundreds of years, is a domestic and international and generally accepted go exquisite article, the characteristics is a white son to take just a little jade-green, the black piece is the deep dark yellowish green in fact, tenacity good, not the feeling comfort, the well-known product contain" Yunzi" and" Yongchang " two kinds of brands. To buy the Weiqi of Yunnan can arrive each big market and craft art stores.

The Tiaohua in Lunan

It is to gather to reside the traditional craft of person of the road south clan in autonomy County, the history is long. Pick the flower is an embroidery a kind of, to pick the flower adornment to wrap, clothes, turban etc. manages the dress special features of the white clan and road south person of greatly, it has the grandiloquent color of civil product beautiful. The road south picks to spend the main product contain shoulder bag, table cloth, curtain, dress...etc. Pick to spend the skill diverse, have the one side to pick, two-sided pick; there is plain color pick, having the new color silk thread to pick the flower. Some products pick, embroidering, repairing, the finished product choiceness, or thick put, expressed the Yi people intelligent wisdom and ability and the art creative powers well.


Mean to hang the pack, usually be called the race to wrap.The Dai, Yis, Hani, Jingpo, Lili etc. of Yunnan the races all produce and use the habit and a fondness for of the Tongpa. Among them, the Tongpa's history of the Dai Clan is most long, create the most elegant.
The Tongpa is a Dai Clan to knit the a kind of, developing the silk, hand and cotton blend, its of now to manufacture from the first, the cotton spinning exquisite, the style beauty, have the heavy living breathing and race special features. The Tongpa since is the necessity of the daily life, is an elegant craft art work again, for the Dai clan youth men and women to say, still express the token of promise of the feeling of the love mutually.

The Tongpa not only like for many of each ethnicity of side, but also caused the strong interest of the domestic and international visitors, increasingly become the tour trophy in of rob the hand goods.

Cloud Cigarette

It is the roasting cigarette in Yunnan, and then called the Cloud Cigarette or Cloud Leaf. With its good quality, the tobacco leaves oil is smooth plentiful full, organize delicate, the color is golden, luster good, the flexibility is strong, the nicotine content is just right, containing the amount of sugar high, burn sex good, the subtle fragrance come into nostrils, the cigarette's flavor is thick and famous call. Yunnan in addition to produce of roast the smoke, in addition to the assurance province pageboy smoke produce and the trade is in addition to export, still supplying 84 cigarette factories of 22 province, city, areas in the whole country, the conduct and actions produces the first grade cigarette to go together with to anticipate. Among them with the Yun Cigarette, Hongtashan, Asima, Shilin, Gonghexin, Hongmei, Dachongjiu, Honghe etc., be subjected to most the consumer to like.

Heavy Colorful Painting

Heavy colorful painting in Yunnan is rising to flow the parties in a painting of Yunnan.When painter make the painting, use the pencil or Chinese brush-pens first to hang up the line on the high paper, then apply color with the powder of water, heavy colorful the painting absorbs the advantage of Chinese painting and western paintings, heavy flavor, mechanism, the color is clear quick and refreshing, very rich adornment result. Heavy colorful painting can in the art gallery, guest house the one who buy to, among them level is not even, purchase should make a scrutiny into. There is interest purchase; oneself can look for the superior who visit the heavy colorful painting, coming to purchase directly.

The Report Spring Flower

Whenever the end of winter desire die, early spring come the moment, the report spring flowers take the most gorgeous and the most hot liver carriage, bloom ten thousand purple thousand red blossoms, emerge with bright one, the first approach that checks in the spring. So people emissary that reports the spring messenger as spring.

Spring the flower is the year view flower or the cherry grasses again, belonging to report the spring, report the spring, produce at first our country southwest department, among them category of Yunnan most. Our country has the report spring to spend totally 230 kinds of, Yunnan have 158 kinds of. Among them many is a wild species, from the high mountain to the even dam, from mound to the Clough, there is all the report trace and shadow of the spring flower in everywhere. The famous saying "limits of the earth where have no grasses of "is in Yunnan if uses to point to report the spring flower just like it divide. The Chinese New Year is in front and back, the report spring flower and beautiful mountain tea, gorgeous cuckoo, the radiant magnolia, the plum flower of a frost snow, draws a gorgeous and colorful painting book together, facing to cloud spring of the expensive plateau.

The camellia

Mountain camellia of Yunnan, spend the big color gorgeous, a stub that have blooms ten thousand, in imposing array, the red glow at sunset one. As early as more than 1300 years ago of the mountain camellia drive the people's detection. The cultivation begins from Sui, Tang, Sung is gradually many, a generation hereafter increase with each passing day.

Bamboo plait of Dai Clan The purple pottery of Jianshui The wood carving in Jianchuan Tooth craving in Kunming

Bamboo plait of Dai Clan

The bamboo plait is the craft that the family of Dai excel. If you have the opportunity to the country of Dai to do the guest, on stepping on that unique bamboo building, imitating the Buddha into the world that a bamboo weave: The wall uses the bamboo plait, the carpet is a bamboo plait a mat, indoor the furniture miscellaneous articles that display, big arrive wardrobe, small arrive lunch-box, small, and cool hat, rain cap, take along with small to carry on the back the basket, is not a bamboo plait neither of.

The bamboo plait handicraft product category is numerous, ancient of shape, the beauty is practical, is a best handicraft product. Inside Shizhu, outside paint gold, combine to press to printout the peacock feather and inset up the multicolored azure stone pattern, seem to be sumptuous, is a tools and implements that offers sacrifices to in Buddhist temple.

Brocade of Dai Clan

It is the folks brocade of Dai Clan, the women Dai Clan everyone will knit, the Brocade of Dai Clan take the knit work choiceness, the pattern is interesting and novel, the color is gorgeous, full of heavy race breathing but be known for.The assortment of the Brocade of Dai Clan and face to anticipate the dissimilarity, the price also has the difference, can see on everyplace stand, such as a common of skirt of Dai, the stand lord quotes 100 Yuan, can bargain 60 Yuan or so.

The purple pottery of Jianshui

It is the civil traditional handicraft product of Jianshui, began from the end of Yuan and the beginning of Ming. Use colors potter's clay creation Jianshui's near suburb to model, through calligraphy and painting, carve, fill to pare off, burn and dub out etc. the work preface, the pottery color and luster is deeply purple, the wood grain is snow-white, voice. Among them the jet-black white, is first grade.
The purple pottery species of Jianshui are numerous, boil the tool, tea vessel, flower pot and on the desks to display to decorate the thing etc. The mostly ancient of shape is cultured, have an unique style, used to steam, can steam the carnivorous article of chicken, pigeon...etc., fresh and beautiful abnormality.

The wood carving in Jianchuan

The history is long, the technical skill is consummate, having beautiful" the country of the wood carving" to call. The wood carving in Jianchuan used for the table, chair, tea side-table of indoor hall decoration, there is the furniture of the kits, such as" Shuangfengchaoyang"," Feilonglanyun" and" Kongquekaiping"...etc. in the upscale furniture amount to 24 more, inset in the in the interval especially to seem to be more beautiful and generous up the marble. In recent years, the wood carving factory in Jianchuan develops the gave birth to again a batch travel a handicraft product.

It is various handicraft products that makes into with the more precious timber carving, the ancient is interesting and novel, being favor by the visitor deeply. The wood carving handicraft product sale that compares the concentration order on is the flowers and birds market, two is numerous handicraft product store of the Hunan Road.

Tooth craving in Kunming

The history is long, the craft is consummate, separating stereoscopic tooth craving and Pingmian tooth craving, It is more well worth mentioning to engrave word group statue, the image is vivid, the craving work is fine, design delicately, it is a rare craft to collect the delicacy. Small tooth craving is about dozens of Yuan, a little bit is about one hundred Yuan.

The Wutongzouyin Jade Arethusa Fruit of Yunnan Jewelry and Jade

The Wutongzouyin

It is special craft art technical skill in Yunnan. The products take black copper as the birth, carving various wood grain patterns on the birth, with the cold gold or silver in the interval, then present black yellow or clear adornment result of black and white, the color is very elegance. If making the black copper walk silver and the spot coppers and the tin system handicraft products to combine together, decorate the result to seem to be the more fresh and gorgeous lucidity.

Jade Arethusa

The flower bud of the magnolia opens ago, the elephant Chinese brush-pen pen nib, past call the wood pen or hot again, can go into the medicine, there is effect of spread the cold, a nose. The fatty and thick frailty of the magnolia flower petal is delicate, wash clearly, dragged along from the face powder, refined sugar and water adjust of face, then fry in oil, becoming the joss-stick then delicate and tasty, do not have the magnolia a round flat cake of the taste.

Edible germ in Yunnan

Yunnan is in the Yungui Plateau, many mountains and forest, the weather is geniality, the volume of rain is abundant, in two quarters of summer and autumn, hour the sunny timely rain, for edible the growth of the germ bred to provide the very and beneficial condition. Edible germ species in Yunnan is numerous, the taste is each different, is valuable" good food in mountain" in the flavor food. Among them, what to have most the economy value is the chicken and loose, the bamboo, still having the cow liver germ, sheep's tripe germ, a germ in addition, stem germ, the monkey a germ...etc.

Fruit of Yunnan

Natural geography condition in Yunnan is superior, the mountain is high and water is long, the volume of rain is abundant, rich soil, and have the tropical zone, subtropics, temperate zone, the Frigid Zone weather. Various seasonal delicacy fruit, the species are numerous, all the year round continuously, streets of Kunming often the years all have the supply. The famous fruit have: The ivory fruit of Jinggu, pineapple of Xinping, Yuanyang, Yuanjiang and Lujiang, Zhiama Banana, Tiaobao Banana and Aijiao Bananb of Honghe, Yuxi, Simao, Dehong, the Baozhu pear of Chenggong, the green apple of Zhaotong, the yellow peach of the suburban area of Kunming, Taoli and huize of Kunming and Luliang, receive from of pomegranate, the jackfruit of the river valley District etc.

Jewelry and Jade

Because of the reason of the history and geography, Yunnan became to take Kunming as the heart, with Tengchong, Ruiyi, Yingjiang Mengshi etc. for the jewelry and jade commercial center that rely on. The jade precious stone have: Ruby, blue precious stone; Beryl have: The grandmother is green, blue precious stone, diamond, garnet( the purple tooth is black), acetylene, amethyst, topaz, opal, peridot, green and loose stone, malachite of sea, only mountain jade, jade, agate, pearl etc. Among them, the jadeite is most famous. The jadeite is a kind of jadeite, mainly producing in Burma. The red is a, the green is a green. The jade is the much, once appear the, is the treasure in the treasure of" ten thousand green clusters in a little red". The chrysoprase that attains the precious stone class contain four kinds of greens adjust:The grandmother is green, the grass green, apple is green and jade-green.The characteristics of the good jadeite is:First the color and luster is gorgeous and brilliant;The next in order the quality is strong and tough and rare.

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Nightlife Nightlife Nightlife Nightlife

The history of race dance of Yunnan is long, the form is diverse, the category is numerous. In more than 20 races, each race contains oneself special features only choreographic. Even the same race, because of living the dispersion, everyplace of choreographic also is not same.

For example, the Yis' dances can be divided into the 7 major types of Axitiaoyue, cigarette case dance, Luozuo dance, Dage, Hugu dance, the Sixuan dance and the copper encourage dance; the Peacock dance and Xiangjiaogu dance of Dai Clan which are known for the Chinese and Foreign also become the different special features because the people create again; The Munaozongge of Jingpo Clan, Baixian dance, Fan dance and Niugu dance of Hani Clan, overlord's whip, Shangfeiyan of Bai Clan, Lusheng dance of Lagu Clan, Zhongdianguozhang, Deqinxuanzi of Zang Clan, The copper bell dance of the clan of; The seedling clan jumps; The production dance of the clan; The clan pipa dance; The big drum dance of Brown's clan; The tube-shaped container dance of the promise clan;" Ascend the Luo" of the clan of ;The water of the virtuous clan of encourage; Only the cow dance of the dragon clan; The dance in a Chuang of the rice clan; Mongolia" together the is each early" of the clan and create Mosslem people's musical play" return to dragon" of the plait etc.
Certainly in addition to national minorities' especial dancing, the amusement activities inside Kunming City have no too big distinct with other modern cities.

There are the amusement places, such as: The bar, KTV, net bar etc. it is everything complete. The Kundu of Kunming is one of the biggest amusements districts of whole country, every variety deduce varied, take the Sitting Dance Bar, Shake Slowly Bar, the Tianlai Village for representative, they are very noisy in the evening; the amusement places in the region of Jinmabijifang are the recreational whereabouts of the young men of Kunming much, the light song and dance, idea youth of zong ;The surroundings of the Cui Lake contain a lot of special features bars whose consume are higher, however the layer is higher, also relatively having the special features. In the daytime, we can drive the Kading car and ride the horse in the Yeya Lake, the pursues soon, it is fascinating incitement; we can steep the open-air hot springs in Anningtang Pond, reduce tired, it is very pleasing.

Introduce some amusement centers below:




Gymnasium of Yunnan Province

Dongfeng East Road of Kunming City


The Athletic Training Base of Kunming

Haige of Kunming City


The Teenager Athletics Training Base in Wuhua Area

A place which is apart 2 kilometers from Shen Pond of Kunming City


Stadium in Guandu District

Duanshang in Kunming City


The Athletic Work Brigade Swimming Building of Yunnan Province

Dongfeng East Road of Kunming City


Swimming Building in Panlong District

Taoyuan Street of Kunming City


Swimming Building in Wuhua Area

Shen Pond Road of Kunming City


Yinghua Bowling Center of Kunming

The fifth floor of No.25 in Dongfeng East Road of Kunming City


Imperial Palace Bowling Room of Baoshan Hotel

No.52 of Baoshan Street of Kunming City


Round-the-world Bowling in Kunming

Shen Pond Road of Kunming City


Tongling Bowling

Qingnian Road of Kunming


Overlord Bowling

The extension line of White Tower Road in Kunming City


The National Defense Workout Hospital in Kunming

Taoyuan Street of Kunming City


The Yulongchi Workout Hospital

The extension line of White Tower Road in Kunming City


The Noushida Science Workout Hospital

Shen Pond Road of Kunming City


Xinying Workout Play Center

Xinying Road in Xinying Small Area in Kunming City


Yuanmei Reduction Weight Beautiful Body Center

Bejing Road of Kunming City


liyuan Skating Rink

Stone Dam of Kunming City


Shen Pond Golf

The old Haige Road in Kunming City


Xinying Tennis Court

Xinying Small Area in Kunming which is the opposite of the Guanfang Cabaret


National Defense Amusement Center Table Tennis City

News Road of Kunming City


Table Tennis City of Kunming

Xichang Road of Kunming City


Haoshi Table Tennis Club

Behind of the Heping village in Kunming City


Gentleman Table Tennis City of Kunming

The second floor inside the Wuhua Gymnasium of Kunming City


The Ailinshebin Club in Yunnan

in the Xiqu Garden in Baima Small Area in Kunming City


Shebin Club in Yintian Hotel

the 17th floor of Yintian Hotel of Kunming City


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Aviation Train Long Distance Bus Road

Yunnan has many mountains; the transportation is always the difficulty of Kunming. But going along with the development and progressing of the city, the transportation has already no longer become the high peak that can't exceed.

#topExternal Traffic


Wujiaba Airport of Kunming locates in the downtown's south side of Kunming, is apart only 5 kilometers from the city center, is currently one airport which is nearest of the downtown in big and medium-sized cities in whole country. Currently the airport has already broken through 48 flight paths, having a lot of domestic, international flight paths and flight paths to Hong Kong, Macau, especially there are a few services to big cities like Shanghai, Bejing every day, and there are direct services to Dali, Lijiang, Zhongmian, Xishuangbanna, Zhaotong, Mangshi, Simao and Baoshan in the province, if don't want to hold up the plenty of time on the road, taking the airplane is a quite good choice.

it takes about 20 minutes and 15-20 yuan to go from the city center to the airport by taxi. Bus No. 52 runs from Daguan Tower via the main railway station to the airport. Also, bus No.67 runs by the north railway station via the main railway station. Lastly, bus No.78 runs between the airport and the north railway station via the municipal government building. Most of the above buses are available from 6 a.m to 10 p.m. Tourists can also take the airport shuttle buses that run between the airport and the Civil Aviation Ticket Office at No. 368, Tuodong Road.

Enquiry telephone: 0871-7113231


The downtown of Kunming contain four train stations which are the north train station of Kunming, the train station of Kunming, the east train station of Kunming and the west train station of Kunming. The trains lead to the whole country everyplace and cross over the boundary to reach Henei. The railroads inside the province have already been broke through, such as Kunming to Shilin, Yuxi, Dali etc. The railroads which go outside of the province have the railroads of Guiyang- Kunming, Chengdu- Kunming and Nanning- Kunming, there still are railroads to go abroad. But the geography of Yunnan is more complicated, the time that we take the train to cost will be longer, if want to borrow the opportunity of taking the train to enjoy the landscape following the road once, it also will add fun for the travel.

Southern Railway Station (Nanyao Railway Station)

The Southern Railway Station is 4 km from the city center. A 10-yuan taxi ride that takes 15 minutes. No. 68, 80, and 23 buses run to the railway station, too. The cost is 1 yuan.

Trains leave for Dali and Yuxi everyday. Most hotels in Kunming offer railway ticket booking services. The main railway ticket office is situated at No. 19, Kunshi Road. Tourists can book tickets in advance (8 days at most). The office hours are: 8:00-17:30. Yunnan tourist trains: Kunming to Shilin (Number 202): 8:28am-9:55am Returning (Number 201): 3:20-4:47 (20 yuan for a one-way ticket and 30 yuan for a round-trip ticket); Kunming to Dali (Number 213): 10:10pm-6:45am Returning (214): 7:42am-10:50pm (50 yuan for a hard seat ticket and 85 for a hard sleeper middle bunk); Kunming to Yuxi (Train 208): 5:48pm-7:58pm Returning (Train 207): 10:54am-8:31am. Telephone: 0871-3145495

Northern Railway Station

The station is 3 km from the city center; a 10-15 yuan taxi ride that takes 10 yuan. Tourists can also go there by bus (No. 25, 64 and 78 run to the railway station).

The railway leading from Northern Kunming Railway Station to Hekou, the frontier city in Yunnan, is a narrow gauge railway. It also extends to Vietnam. That is one of the so-called "eighteen oddities in Yunnan"-Trains go abroad but not inland. A narrow railway from Kunming to Hanoi in Vietnam was built at the end of the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911) by the French. Up till that time there was no domestic railway in Yunnan. Of course this is no longer the case. Telephone: 0871-5172522


The highway transportation of Kunming is very convenient, there are highways to lead to the regions of the province inside, province outside and Vietnam, Burma, the bus stations of Kunming are also special more. Kunming City owns totally 7 the way passenger transportation stations, which are respectively the bus passenger transportation of Kunming, Passenger Transportation Center of the east station, Shuanglong Passenger Transportation Center, passenger transportation center of Panjia Gulf, bus near suburb passenger transportation center of Kunming, passenger transportation center of north station and the provincial tour bus company tour special line station.

The bus passenger transportation station of Kunming mainly sends the across province regular buses to the whole province everyplace and Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi; The passenger transportation center of the east station takes sending to the northeast direction of Shen as main; The bus passenger transportation station of west station in Kunming takes sending to the passenger transportation car of the west direction of Shen as main; Shuanglong Passenger Transportation Center takes sending the long distance passenger buses to the direction of Qujing abd Dongchuan as main; the passenger transportation center of Panjia Gulf has long distance passenger buses that mainly send to the west direction of Shen; there are everyday several passenger buses to send to Dali in the west station, south station of Kunming and the Train Station Square.

There are four major long distance bus stations in Kunming:

1. The South station is directly opposite the Nanyao railway station on Beijing Lu. This is Kunming's major bus station and has bus routes to most regional destinations. There are two classes of bus generally available here: the cheaper Regular and the faster and more luxurious Gaokuai (literally "Highway Express"). The station is well managed and ideal for all manner of tourists.

2. The Railway station square bus station has buses for most destinations in Kunming, although it is less organized with more private buses that have less fixed schedules.

3. The Western station - Buses run to most regional destinations from here.

4. Huangtupo station - far from the city and most bus routes are not to tourist destinations, except only 2 sleepers to Zhongdian departing at 3 PM and 7 PM, probably stopping in Lijiang and Dali, it is not widely used by tourists.


It is convenient to take buses at the square in front of Kunming Railway Station. Although these buses are not scheduled, they run to every part in Yunnan. Most of the buses are ordinary ones, so they are cheaper. These buses stop on request. It costs 20 yuan and takes about 4 hours to get to the Stone Forest. And the tourists are usually asked to buy a round-trip ticket. Therefore, if you are going to stay in the Stone Forest during the night, please tell them that.

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Bus Taxi Car Rental Bicycle


The buses in the city area of Kunming can be said to be leading everywhere, 50 circuits almost overlaid all place of the downtown. The buses can lead to each main street, view areas, beauty spots and suburbs, the buses practice no man to sell the ticket mostly, the ticket price is 1 Yuan, and the ticket price of the double layers bus is also 1 Yuan. The morning class bus is general at 6:00-6:30; the last bus is at 22:00-22:30.


The start price in the downtown of Kunming is 5 Yuan, the start price of some taxies inside the county of suburb is 3 Yuan. They are general Sangtana, Jida, Hongqi etc., 3 kilometers of start price is 8 Yuan, and each kilometer adds 1.2 Yuan. After 10:00 P.M., the start price is 9.6 Yuan, 2.7 Yuan/ kilometer. The start price of Xiali is 7 Yuan in 3 kilometers, later 1.6 Yuan/ kilometer. After 10:00 P.M., the start price is 9.6 Yuan, 2.4 dollars/ kilometer. Supervision telephone: 0871-3312533


In Kunming, there are always a pattern of animal and a number printed in the taxi. One kind of animal represents a special taxi company. Pay attention to what the animal is when you take the taxi. It will be very convenient to find the car if you happen to leave something on the taxi.

Car Rental

If want to visit around the city, you can choose to rent the car. The common Xiali car is 300 Yuan every day, 180 Yuan every half a day, the security deposit is 10,000 Yuan, have no mileage restrict; Renting a Sangtana need 350 Yuan every day, the mileage limiting is in 200 kilometers. The vehicle premium has already be included in a rent fee, the leading travel fee and the oil fee take care for oneself, exceeding the mileage each one to add to collect 1 Yuan, still having a little bit cheap Yuedaqiya which is 200 Yuan every day and Changhewhich is 120 Yuan/ day;

Moreover if rent a driver is 50 Yuan/ day, not including eating and living. We suggest you had better connect the driver to rent together, thus you can hand over some little security deposit, the security deposit of taking the driver is 500-1000 Yuan, driver can also be the guide, visit and not to walk too much in the distance curved road.


Foreign tourists should leave their ID cards and the ID card of one local person as a pledge when renting the cars. Foreign tourists should also show their International driving license, the ID card, and their passport. They should also get registered at the Transport Management Center.


There are many places where you can rent bicycles inside Kunming City. It is general 2 Yuan/ hour, 10 Yuan/ day. The security deposit of old bikes is 200 Yuan, the security deposit of new bikes is 400 Yuan. The city of Kunming is also not large; riding the bike to visit around the city is utility, convenience and environmental protection.


1. It is convenient to buy air tickets and train tickets in Kunming. You can go the ticket office and buy the tickets by yourselves. You can also telephone the travel agencies to reserve your tickets.

2. You should book your ticket in advance during the Water Splashing Festival (a major festival of the Dai nationality that comes about two weeks after Qingming Festival in early April) and the golden weeks [Golden weeks refer to the May Day holiday, the National Day holiday and the Spring Festival (January 1st of the lunar calendar) holiday, when Chinese people all have a week off. Many people go traveling or go hometown. Then it will be very crowded].

3. During the Spring Festival holiday, the fees for the long-distance buses rise for about 30%. Tourists should also choose to take those buses of the regular bus companies.

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Map of Kunming


Tourist Map

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