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soloSolo is one of the premier cities of Central Java in Indonesia. The city is formally known as Surakarta, though it is more popularly known as Solo by the locals. The city of Solo is located at a distance of about sixty kilometers to the northeast of Yogyakarta and hundred kilometers to the southeast of Semarang. Solo is one of the fast developing economic centers of Indonesia. The city is home to a population of about 500000 people.

During the 18th century, much of the power of Mataram Sultanate involved around the city of Solo. In the year 1755, the Mataram kingdom was divided and the cities of Solo and Yogyakarta became the successors of the kingdom. Solo is considered to be the twin sister of Yogyakarta as look quite similar to each other. Despite being a modern city, Solo is probably the least west-influenced city of Central Java and has managed to hold on to its Javanese character. In comparison to Yogyakarta, the influx of tourists in Solo is a little less.

Bengawan Solo River, the longest river of Java borders the city to the east. The city of Solo is mainly divided into five administrative sub-districts. They are Serengan, Pasar Kliwon, Laweyan, Jebres and Banjarsari. The government or the royal head of Solo is known as Susuhunan.

Some of the popular local dishes of Solo are Nasi Timlo, Serabi and Nasi Liwet. The local inhabitants of Solo use the Javanese language, which is known as `boso Jowo'. But the style of the language varies within different regions.

Solo has developed a unique identity as a favorite tourist destination of the country. Located close to the Prambanan temples, Solo is a leading educational and cultural hub of the nation. Tourists can take part in excursions to various exciting destinations. Besides, tourist can go for shopping in the city and taste the local delicacies in the numerous restaurants and cafes.

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Weather is a major factor tourists like to take into account before getting out on a tour to Solo. The presence of sea, islands and mountains play a significant role in shaping the Solo weather and other climatic conditions.

Like the whole of Indonesia, Solo weather is also predominantly tropical in nature. The dry season prevails from the month of May to October. Along the coastal region, the temperature tends to be on the hotter side. But on higher altitudes, the temperatures get more moderate.

The city of Solo can experience precipitation at any time during the year. But the monsoons set in during the months of November to April. Solo experiences an average humidity of 70-90 percent throughout the year. With this sort of humidity, it is not always comfortable to get around the city, especially if you are out on a holiday with your friends and family members. Though, one can’t really distinguish between dry and wet seasons in the higher altitudes of the hilly areas.

Thanks to the elevation in its terrain, Solo weather is prone to rainfalls. In fact, Solo forms a part of the wettest region of Indonesia. The mercury usually maintains a uniform position throughout the year. If you move up into the mountainous regions, the mercury may well take a plunge below the average and one may need warm clothes. As the rainfall keeps marginally lower during June to September, it is probably the best time to get to Solo. But environmental extremes like thunderstorms, typhoons or cyclones are quite common in Solo.

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Things to Do

solo shoppingSolo was once known as Surakarta and back then this town was the citadel of Royal Javanese Empire. However though the glorious days are over; the reminiscent of the legacy in terms of palaces and other imperial constructions still remains in Solo. These palaces attract a lot of tourists from all parts of Indonesia and from around the world as well. Apart from the royal households, the vicinity of Solo is dotted by temples. These temples with beautiful carvings on the walls testify to the rich craftsmanship of the then people. Therefore things to do in Solo inevitably comprises of visiting these places.

Things to do in Solo should start off with a visit to Candi Ceto. The temple is one among the last Hindu temples which was built in Java before the royal court embraced Islam in the 16th century. Located at an altitude of 2200 meter, the journey to this temple is breathtaking to say the least. To enter the temple; you have a pay a nominal fee but considering the carvings on the temple walls this place is worth visiting.

By paying just a nominal fee, you can explore the royal palace on a guided tour. The tour contains looking at royal household with grandiose furniture, portraits and the chandeliers. The royal ancestors moved to this palace in the mid 18th century. However, unfortunately the palace was destroyed in 1985. So the palace that now stands on the ground is a reconstruction of the original one's.

Visiting the Kraton, that is palace, is another major part of things to do in Solo. The museum of this Kraton can be explored on a guided tour. The museum boasts of an enviable collection of foreign jewels. The crystals and diamonds from Belgium would surely catch your eyes.

Tasting local food is another best thing to do in Solo. You can taste local Solonese food from local street vendors. The mobile kitchen of the street vendors is called Kaki lima. You can taste a bowl of salad or steaming hot mee basko. The food tastes great.

Besides shopping activity also forms a major thing to do in Solo. You can buy batik, fresh grinded coffee and a lot more from the local markets. With hundreds of shops selling batik and fabric clothes; the Klewer Textile Market in Solo is a good place to buy such items. You can also buy antique items in Solo at the Triwindu Antique Market.

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Solo is home to some of the most famous and well-known tourist attractions not only in Indonesia, but also all over the world. Solo is one of the premier cities of Central Java in Indonesia. The city is formally known as Surakarta, though it is more popularly known as Solo by the locals. Solo has developed a unique identity as a favorite tourist destination of the country. Solo is a leading educational and cultural hub of the nation. Festival in Solo forms an integral part of the culture of the local people. The people of Solo celebrate different colorful festivals and occasions.

One o f the popular festivals in Solo is the Sekaten or Garebeg Ceremony. The festival of Sekaten or Garebeg Ceremony is dedicated to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad. It's an annual festival that is arranged in the month of Mulud, which is the third month according to the Japanese calendar. The ceremony starts on the fifth day of the month. The Sekaten or Garebeg Ceremony, Solo continues for seven consecutive days. The Sekaten or Garebeg Ceremony, Solo begins at the midnight. The procession of the royal servants or Abdi Dalem marches with two sets of Gamelan being carried abreast. The Gamelans are plated till they are taken back to the Kraton Ponconiti Hall at midnight on the eleventh day of Mulud. According to the local belief, celebrating the occasion of Sekaten and listening to playing of Gamelans will reward the participants with prosperity and sound health.

Various royal occasions, festivals and majestic ceremonies are celebrated around Solo. Besides, festivals like Greberb Syawal Ceremony during the month of December or January, Garebeg Mulud Gunungan, Garebeg Besar in the month of March, Greberg Besar Ceremony and Labuhan Ceremony in the month of April, and the Tanggap Warsa Suro, i.e. the Javanese New Year is celebrated with great pomp and celebration.

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How to Get In

Solo is one of the popular tourist destinations in Indonesia and attracts travelers from all across the globe. How to get there to Solo is not difficult to answer as there are several modes of transport making it all easy.

The quickest and comfortable way to get to Solo is by air and flights connect all the important cities of the Indonesia and also important cities of the world. The Adisumarno International Airport is located 10 km from the town. From here one may get connected to Jakarta and Singapore.

The travelers can get to Solo by road and the bus station is located in Kartasura that is 12 km from the center. From here there are regular services to all the parts of the island, Jakarta and Surabaya.

The other option to get to Solo is by train. The train service from Solo to Jakarta takes around 8 hours while the ordinary trains take more time. The main station is called Solobalapan.

Solo is a historic city with palaces, temples and the scenic landscape. Solo is a popular vacation spot in Indonesia and attracts tourists to enjoy amidst the tranquil location.

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Solo in the golden period of the great Javanese Kingdoms used to be known as Surakarta. The remains of royal palaces are a major attraction for the tourists visiting this town. Apart from that, the adjacent areas of Solo are dotted by ancient temples. Architecturally interesting, the temples testify to the rich cultural heritage of the Javanese people. Solo is blessed with great scenic beauty as well. Combined with historical places of importance and a great scenic location, Solo attracts a lot of travelers. Once you reach Solo, you can explore this large town and its vicinity by local transportation mediums.

The main transportation medium in Solo is taxi. Taxis are easily available and cost less than you expect. If you are traveling in a group of three or four people; it is advisable to book a taxi for an entire trip. The taxi fare depends on the route of travel and also the time it would take for a round trip. However the best part of riding a taxi is that you can bargain for the fare. If you do not want to go through the hassle of booking a taxi yourself; ask the hotel counter. They would arrange for your conveyance. Besides, you can also get good information about the best places to explore in Solo from the hotel reception. Apart from taxi; you can also take a car on rent. Some of the car rental companies in Solo are: Citra Persada, Riz, Solo and Yan.

If you are however traveling shorter distances inside the city and not in a hurry; then take a ride on becak. This three wheeled vehicle is driven by human muscle power. Since there is no machine inside; becak is therefore considered as the most pollution free vehicle. Though slower, this primitive mode of transport fits perfectly with the laid back ambience of Solo. This mode of transport is cheapest too.

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Kasunanan Palace Puro Mangkunegaran Palace

Solo is one of the premier cities of Central Java in Indonesia. The city is formally known as Surakarta, though it is more popularly known as Solo by the locals. Solo is popular as one of the leading holiday destinations in Central Java. Sightseeing in Solo are on of the favorite activities that tourists like to indulge in. There are numerous sightseeing destinations in Solo.

Kasunanan Palace, Solo is located at Kasunanan Street of Solo. It is one of top landmarks in the capital city of Solo. Kasunanan Palace, Solo was constructed by by King Paku Buwono II way back in the year of 1745. Centuries ago, Kasunanan Palace was the residence of the Java king Paku Buwono II, who was at that time the ruler of Central Java. The Kasunanan Palace, Solo is really huge and a site of great historical importance. The palace has a colorful historical background. The palace is ornate with traditional Javanese architectures. The famous `Panggung Songgo Buwono' or the Tower of the Universe is another site that is worth a visit. The tower is believed to be the meeting place of The Goddess of the Sea.

Evwn today, Kasunanan Palace of Solo is the most prominent and largest royal house in the city. The Kasunanan Palace is opened for visitors daily from 9 o' clock in the morning up to 2 P.M. But the palace remains closedon Fridays.

Puro Mangkunegaran Palace is another reputed tourist destination that is located in the central part of Solo. Built in 1866, Puro Mangkunegaran Palace is the place where Prince Mangkunegoro resides. The construction of the palace is based on Joglo, the classic form of Javanese architecture.

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