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semarangSemarang is a city on the north coast of the island of Java in Indonesia. Semarang is the capital of the province of Central Java. The main administrative divisons of the city are the Semarang Selatan, Semarang Timur, Candisari, Pedurungan, Banyumanik, Semarang Barat. The city of Semarang serves as a major port because of its proximity to the northern coast of Java. The northern part of the city is a coastal area while the southern parts are known as the Candi Baru and the Candi Lama.

The major landmarks of Semarang are the large five way intersection that has numerous shopping malls and other commercial houses built all around it. The city of Semarang is highly influenced by the Chinese culture which gets reflected by the city's cultural habits, cuisines and heritage sites. The Chinese temples of the city are worth visiting. Semarang is a busy city with offices, business centers, industrial estates which are concentrated in the low land. There are also many houses in the hilly areas with the beautiful gardens with a superb view to the town and the sea. Semarang is an important business and commercial hub of Indonesia.

Semarang is an industrial city. The port of Semarang is located on the north coast and it is the main shipping port for the province of Central Java. Many small manufacturers are located in Semarang, producing goods such as textiles, furniture, and processed foods. Semarang is visited by millions of visitors throughout the year. Thus the Hotel industry is at its boom in the City. The other sector that is developing in the city is service sector. Agriculture is vastly developed in the region. Although the main contributor to the GDP is still the flourishing tourism industry. The city hosts several events throughout the year.

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History & Evolution

semarangSemarang was known as Bergota in the 8th century. The politics of the city of Semarang came into picture on May 1, 1547and Kyai Pandan Arang the first bupati (regent) of Semarang. In 1678 the city was handed to Dutch East India Company (VOC) as a part of a debt payment. In 1682, the Semarang state was founded by the Dutch colonial power. On October 5, 1705 after years of occupations, Semarang officially became a VOC city.

The VOC, and later, the Dutch East Indies government, established tobacco plantations in the region and built roads and railroads, making Semarang an important colonial trading centre. In the 1920s, the city became a center of leftist and nationalist activism. The communist party of Indonesia was found in Semarang itself. The Japanese military occupied the city along with the rest of Java in 1942, during Pacific War of World War II. Indonesia gained independence in 1945 and Semarang became the capital of Central Java province.

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Semarang was a very important port when the place was under the Dutch domination and even today it remains as one of the most important ports of the land. It is located on the northern coast of Java. The northern part is a coastal area while the southern parts are known as the Candi Baru and the Candi Lama. The major landmarks of Semarang are the large five way intersection that has numerous shopping malls and other commercial houses built all around it.

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The weather in Semarang is tropical with a hot, dry season and a long rainy season. Being located on Java’s north coast, Semarang also has the influence of a coastal climate. The average temperature in Semarang is around 30 degrees Celsius. With variations, this is the temperature during most parts of the year. During the months of May, June and July the temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius usually.

Semarang is also quite humid, with humidity levels ranging from 70 per cent at the lowest to 96 per cent at the highest.

Semarang is called ‘the hot city’ by the people of Java. However once the rainy season in Semarang starts, it makes the heat of summer a thing of the past. The tropical showers in Semarang alternate with cloudless, sunny days.The rains continue all the way from October to March so that the city looks lush and green again after heavy downpours..You’ll find the heaviest rainfall in this coastal province of Java in the months of January and February.

The best thing about traveling to Semarang in Java is that you never need to carry heavy clothing with you. Always travel light and bring your slightest, skimpiest, clothes with you as it’s always hot. Sunny Semarang is the perfect place to show off your perfect, well-toned abs or if, you are a lady, your shapely legs.

If you can’t take the heat, head for the cooler climes of the highlands of Semarang.The temperature in the highlands of Semarang ranges from 16 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees Celsius. At night, the temperature may suddenly plunge to 8 degrees Celsius.
So, if you’re planning to travel to the cooler climes into the mountains in the higher parts of Semarang, it would be a sensible idea if you carry warm, heavy clothes with you.

May to September is the dry season in Semarang. So if you are planning a trip to Semarang, this is the best time to enjoy all that Semarang has to offer you!

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semarangFestivals in Semarang are famous all round the globe. The city of Semarang is the capital of Central Java. Situated on the north coast of Java Sea, Semarang is one of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia. Indonesia is a Muslim based country. So the Muslim related festivals are celebrated here with great pomp and show. Though Semarang does not have a long and extensive calendar of events, the festivals here are very vibrant and colorful and calls participation from local people.

Festivals in Semarang attract many visitors to come here and be a part of the colorful festivals here. Muharam which is the Muslim New Year which is held in April is one of the greatest events not only in Semarang but throughout Indonesia. The Moslem's Hijriyah New Year is a national holiday all over Indonesia. Idul Ad'ha held also in April is another important festival throughout Indonesia. It is a national holiday. It is the Moslem Day of Sacrifice, marked with mass prayers at mosques and in town squares. Goats and cattle are slaughtered and the meat given to the poor and needy. The Ruwatan Traditional Ceremony is another important festival held in Semarang. It is quiet unique to Semarang. During this festival is basically a sacrificial ceremony of Javanese tradition to avoid disasters which are symbolized by Sang Batharakala (Bas Dewa) which takes revenge against unlucky children such as: one son or one daughter only in a couple, two daughters, two sons, etc. This festival is held in May charecterised by various process of purification of the unlucky children. This festival is held at Taman Budaya Raden Saleh, Jalan Sriwijaya 29 Semarang, and begins at 09.00 am. Dugderan Festival is celebrated with great pomp and show every year in December or January. It is unique to Semarang. Dugderan Festival is organized during the week before the commencement of Ramadan, the month during which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. The Muslims sound the big drum and have a fireworks display. These announce the official onset of the Ramadan, the fasting month.

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semarang foodSemarang is fast emerging as a major tourist destination of Indonesia. Tourists on a vacation need not worry about what/where to eat in Semarang. There are a large number of restaurants and cafes where you can find both local as well as international cuisines.
Speaking about what and where to eat in Semarang, you can find a large number of restaurants offering Thai, Indonesian, Western and other cuisines in the restaurants of this city. The food served in these restaurants is extremely delicious and are made with a large number of fresh vegetable, spices, herbs and different varieties of sauces.

If you want to try out Indonesian food, then you should try out dishes like Kalasan Fried Chicken, fried tofu and soybean cake. You can also go for the Chicken Soup Bangkong or Soto Bangkong, the satays, Bubur ayam or chicken porridge, and Jagung bakar or grilled corn. Some of the restaurants where you can get to eat the traditional Javanese dishes include Simpang Lima, Lumpia Gang Lombok and others. The food is cheap and is made from a variety of vegetables and other ingredients.

You can try out the western delicacies served in the Toko Oen. Here you can try out the steaks and the fried rice. For dessert do nit forget to try out the ice cream. It is simply delicious. As far as Thai food is concerned, you can definitely pay a visit to the Dokmai Thai Restaurant and Bar. Here you can go for the seafood delicacies or taste some of the beverages and drinks served in the bar. Here you can also go for the Indian food.

Another restaurant, which is worth visiting, is Kampoeng Laut. This restaurant is known for its fish preparations. With so many dining options available, what and where to eat in Semarang is not a problem. Besides these, you can also find a large number of small cafes and eating houses where you can get light snacks and coffee.

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Semarang is among busiest cities of Indonesia. The city has a very well developed transport system. Getting around in the city is very easy. The city is a major commercial hub of Indonesia. For this very reason it is bound to have a well developed transport system.

Semarang Airport:
The Ahmad Yani International Airport is located on the western part of the Semarang city, nearly five kilometers from the downtown area. The Ahmad Yani International Airport in Semarang receives flights from all the major cities of Indonesia everyday. Some of the major airlines that have direct flights from this airport inlcude Garuda Indonesia, Merpati Nusantara, Mandala Air, Adam Air, Batavia Air, Sriwijaya Air and Jatayu Air. Garuda Indonesia, the national airlines of the country, has flights to Singapore which depart from the Ahmad Yani International Airport.

Local Transportation of Semarang:

Bus: There are a number of buses that operate between Semarang and other places of Indonesia. The buses are air-conditioned and connect almost every major city to Semarang. The city's local buses are known as Bemos. They are smaller is size and can accommodate around four to six passengers. These buses ply on fixed routes and usually have fixed fares. At present, however, these buses are being replaced by larger buses called Oplet. Traveling by bus is the cheapest way of getting around Semarang. The bus journeys are more or less comfortable.

Taxi: There are a large number of taxi service providers who operate taxis on the streets of Semarang. Some of the major taxi operators in the city are Astria, Centris Multipersada, Kosti, Pandu Persada Saranamukti and Puri Kencana. Taxis are a comfortable mode of traveling in Semarang.

Becaks: Becaks are bicycle rickshaws and re suitable for shirt distance travel. They are also one of the cheapest modes of transport ion inside the city.

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Kartini Beach Gereja Blenduk Lawang Sewu

Kartini Beach:

Kartini Beach is located at a distance of 1 km from Semarang. This fabulous beach is located on a beautiful island called Panjang Island. The beach is a fascinating experience for anyone who is visiting Semarang. The beach offers a range of water sports and other activities that are a delight for the visitors. The Chody Art Gallery is very close to the Kartini Beach is famous for artistic teak furniture and a variety of woodwork. Kartini Beach also has an interesting Kartini Museum nearby that’s worth a visit. The beach offers a quality time to its visitors and there is something for everyone to enjoy on the beach. The beach is often crowded but one can find places to relax peacefully on the beach.

Location: Jepara Town.

Tinjomoyo Zoo:
Tinjomoyo Zoo was established in the year 1991 and covers over sixty five hectares of land. The Tinjomoyo Zoo is home to a variety of species of mammals, birds and reptiles. There are approximately three hundred and twenty six animals in about seventy seven species. The zoo aims at preserving the endangered and unique species of animals and birds in their natural habitat. The Tinjomoyo zoo not only is an important site for recreation but for educational purposes as well. Children love to visit the park not only for picnics but to gain more knowledge about distinct species of the world. The zoo is among most visited tourist sites in Semarang.

Gereja Blenduk:
Semarang’s Gereja Blenduk Church is one of the oldest Church in Central Java and is a famous tourist site of Indonesia. This Protestant Church in Semarang was built by the Dutch community way back in 1753. Since then, every Sunday, the Gereja Blenduk Church comes alive to the sound of hymns and prayers. The architecture of the Gereja Blenduk Church that is its very interesting feature and it’s on this account that it’s visited by every tourist in Semarang.

This beautiful church mounts a large copper dome which adds a charm to its beauty. The interiors of the Gereja Blenduk Church are original and haven’t ever been tampered with. A huge organ in the baroque style of the 18th century is a very captivating feature of this church. This organ is really fascinating because it goes back to the 18th century. One can also visit Nillmi Building and the other buildings which were built in Dutch colonial times, which are in proximity with the church.

Tugu Muda is one of Semarang's landmark. It is situated westward off Simpang Lima, one of the 5 streets crossing Simpang Lima named Jalan Pandanaran. This monument commemorated the 5 days of fierce battle (October 14-19, 1945) between Indonesian freedom fighters and Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender their weapons.

There are some Dutch colonial buildings around Tugu Muda; the most famous one is Lawang Sewu which means A Thousand Doors. It was built as the headquarter of the local railway company. During World War II, it was used as the Japanese army's headquarter. The building is now empty and in a dilapidated state (and notoriously haunted), nevertheless it is still considered as one of Semarang's most prominent landmark.

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