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Puncak is the popular name for the area surrounding the peak of Mt.Gede-Pangrango, located in the Bogor-Cianjur-Sukabumi regencies, in the province of West Java, Indonesia. The name literally means peak in Indonesian.

Puncak, literally translates to Peak, is a weekend getaway that has beautiful view of tea plantation. Located about 100 KM South of Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia, Puncak swarms with hotels and mountain resorts.

This area is a popular holiday area for the residents of Jakarta, the capital city, and its satellite cities. It has fresh air and mountain scenery. The area is about two hours drive from Jakarta.

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How to Get In

By car
Two to three hour drive from Jakarta. Take the Jagorawi toll road to Puncak. Usually heavy inbound traffic on long weekends. There is also traveling car from airport to Bandung , but ask the driver first is the car will pass Puncak or not. Because there is another road highway name Cipularang which shorter road to Bandung and this highway does not pass through puncak.

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Things to Do
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The common perception is that there’s really not much to do in Puncak. In a sense, that’s pretty true but with some searching and mingling with the people who have spent some time in the area, you might just discover some activities and sights that satisfies a need for peace, a longing for beautiful nature or a desire for thrills.

Puncak can be a very romantic place…

Puncak Pass
Hotel Get that special someone out the door, into a car for a 1-2 hour road trip, and spray some cologne on those moth-ball smelling sweaters for a weekend adventure. Don’t forget good music for the ride! Order some firewood, test your fire-starting skills, bring along some marshmallows to roast, a bottle of wine to sip, and go for a walk to take in the fresh mountain air.

National Flower Gardens
Not far from Pondok Daun Resort and Puncak Pass are the National Flower Gardens, or Taman Bunga Nusantara – it can get crowded on the weekends but during the weekdays it’s a beautiful place to take a long stroll and picnic. To get there follow the signs for it’s down the same road that Kota Bunga is on, a couple kilometers before the turnoff to Cibodas. They’ve got gardens and flowers from around the world and it’s even more excellent if you like the soundtrack of Titanic, the same type of music is broadcasted across the gardens.

Ciliwung Tea Plantation
Being in Indonesia , you could probably talk to someone and slip them a Norah Jones CD for that walk with that special someone. You could also try the Puncak version of ‘corn on the cob’ at the many roadside stalls overlooking the tea plantations – it’s what the locals do on their malam minggu. For the more adventurous try the Ciliwung tea plantation (at about the 33 km mark) on the windy tea plantation road up towards Rindu Alam restaurant, on the left side. Take your SUV or Kijang, drive through the tea plantations, and find a nice picnic spot to look up at the stars among rolling hills of green. Bring along a nice CD, and you may just be lucky enough to be alone with your partner, on an island of green surrounded by low clouds, with glowing & blinking worms putting on a show.

Mountain Biking / Motorcross Rides
This is a seemingly natural activity for adventure seekers in Puncak but is not yet available on a commercial basis. Generally the ride starts right below the Rindu Alam restaurant and drive down through tea plantations and villages on a 25 km run to the start of the Puncak road at Ciawi. If you are keen for such an adventure, we will recommend that you contact United Adventures to help with the arrangements, or take your own mountain bike and ride with the Indonesian Mountain Biking Association on their many rides through the area.

Alternatively, if you’ve got your own bike, you can also ride through the Ciliwung tea plantation with a small cover charge. On the chance that they’ve got some motocross bikes (they usually have 4 or 5) or a 4x4 old green army jeep for rental, give Pak Tedja a call at the Ciliwung Agro Tourism or call United Adventures and they’ll make the arrangements. On a side note, if you like horseback riding, Pak Tedja can also arrange a couple of horses for you and your pals.

Kebun Raya Cibodas (Cibodas Botanical Garden and National Park)
Lush and landscaped historical park adjacent to a national forest. This place has plenty of wonderful hiking trails, some leading to waterfalls and a few to hotsprings. One of the longest path lead to the top of Mt. Gede caldera with its widespanning desert.

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