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Palu is the capital city of the province of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia. The small city of Palu, situated at the tip of a narrow bay sheltered by mountain ridges, is thus quite a dry place in Indonesia. Palu's natural wonders attracts many tourists.

Palu is characterized by hot dry days and cooler nights. Palu is famous for its beautiful beaches like Tanjung Karang, Towale, Enu, Malera and Moian. Water sports and diving are a common tourist activity. The city of Palu is a favorite among tourists as a perfect base to explore Central Sulawesi. The chief natural attraction is the Lore Lindu Natural Reserve. Lake Lindu is located in this reserve. It is a place where one can witness the wonderful flora and fauna of the island.

The ancient seaport of Dong gala, a favored spot for water-activities and the serene Lake Poso can also be visited from Palu. The Bada Valley with its monolithic structures built by an ancient but lost civilization is also interesting. The Central Sulawesi Museum in Palu with its collection of rare folk artifacts and objects belonging to the past is another place to be visited. The place is famous for its handicrafts.

The city of Palu was not really affected by the outside world and thus still retains the pristine charm of nature. Tourism which was not much developed in Palu is doing so in recent times.Palu is also a trading city on the western coast of Indonesia. The chief items in which trade is carried out are cloves, copra, coconut and resin.

Palu is favored by tourists due to its location, facilities available and its proximity to various other tourist destinations in Indonesia.

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The population of Palu, Indonesia is 282431 according to the GeoNames geographical database.

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Lore lindu

Indonesia Lore lindu all National Parks: Lore lindu are National Park is located in central Sulawesi. Park habitat for 75 species of birds endemic in Indonesia. This may be your only way you could see the ferocious Europe Nighthawk and Sulawesi parrot place.

Located in Sulawesi Luorui Lin who (Lore Lindu), is endangered Sulawesi largest mammal habitat, these animals include the lowland buffalo (Anon), deer, pigs (Babirusa), deer, monkeys, negative child rat, civet, more than fifty kinds of bats, as well as more than two hundred and thirty kinds of islands category. If a visit between September-October classes Bantimurung,Pasoso Island, Xing Turtle Island , to see one hundred fifty kinds of butterflies.

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