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General Info
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The city acts as a gateway to a number of famous Sulawesi attractions like Tana Toraja, Bunaken Marine Park, Takabonerate Marine Park and Wakatobi Marine Park. There are some beautiful coral reefs in the area making it a perfect place for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. Some of the islands nearby have lodging facilities and restaurants, so you can be at a Makassar hotel in the heart of this paradise.

Makassar is dotted with beautiful beaches and places of historic interest, and also has many exotic islands in close proximity.

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Fort Rotterdam

Ford Rotterdam is one of the best-preserved examples of Dutch architecture in Indonesia. This old fortress on Jl. Ujung Pandang, overlooking the harbour right in the heart of the city, is one of the principal attractions of Ujung Pandang. Rebuilt in Dutch style the fort now bears the rather more nationalistic title of Benteng (Fort) Ujung Pandang.

The fort's big La Caligo Museum consists of 2 buildings, one covering ethnology and the other history. See the assortment of exhibits including rice bowls from Tanah Toraja, prehistoric kitchen tools from South Sulawesi, musical instruments from Manado and various traditional marital costumes. The gift shop sells beautiful Bugis sarung of pure silk.

Bantimurung Waterfall

Located 42 km NE from Ujung Pandang you may enjoy BANTIMURUNG, a natural reserve and famous for its butterflies. It is a classic "objek wisata" (tourist object), a protected area. There are great waterfalls just set amid lushly tropical, and vegetated limestone cliffs.

Although crowded with Indonesian daytrippers on weekends and holidays, yet a wonderful and picturesque retreat from the heat of Ujung Pandang. The forest hills hereabout are riddled with caves ...

Just past the 15-m warerfall there's a cave at river level. Scramble along the rocks past the waterfall and get onto track. Bring a torch/flashlight to look inside the cave or, when guided by locals, enter and enjoy the thousands and thousands of multicoloured kupu-kupu (butterflies). These butterflies are famous for its beauty, once collected by the great naturalist Alfred Wallace (1629-1670). Yes, he was here!

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How to get there

Makassar Airport

Makassar's airport is quite impressive and arguably the best equipped and most modern in Indonesia. It is the hub for many airlines and companies.

Airlines such as Garuda, Mandala, Merpati, Lion Air and a few other smaller ones service Makassar.

Bus tips

Busses won't look like any other bus you see. Their so called bus is a mini blue van. 2000 rupiah when you hop on whether it's a long or short distance stop.

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