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Jayapura Jayapura

Jayapura City (Indonesian: Kota Jayapura. West Papuan: Port Numbai) is the capital of Papua province, Indonesia, on the island of New Guinea. It is situated on Yos Sudarso Bay (formerly known as Humboldt Bay). Its approximate population in 2002 was 200,000.

Jayapura is the capital and largest city in Papua, Indonesia. The city has also been known in the past as Hollandia (1910-1962), Kota Baru 1962-1963) and even Sukarnopura (1963-1968).

From 1910 to 1962, the city was known as Hollandia and was the capital of a district of the same name in the northeast of West New Guinea. It was briefly called Kota Baru and Sukarnopura before assuming its present name in 1968. The literal meaning of Jayapura, as of Jaipur in Rajasthan, is 'City of Victory' (Sanskrit jaya: "victory"; pura: "city").

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Jayapura Jayapura

The northern part of Dutch New Guinea was occupied by Japanese forces in 1942. Allied forces drove out the Japanese after amphibious landings near Hollandia, from April 21, 1944. The area served as General Douglas MacArthur's headquarters until the conquest of the Philippines in March 1945. Over twenty U.S. bases were established and half a million US personnel moved through the area.

In 1945, the Dutch made Hollandia the capital of Netherlands New Guinea. After the territory was handed over to the United Nations, on October 1, 1962, the city became known by the Indonesian name Kota Baru, and retained the name when Indonesia took control, on May 1, 1963. The city was briefly renamed Sukarnopura, after President Sukarno, until the end of 1968, when it acquired its present name.

Religious History
On May 12, 1949, the Apostolic Prefecture of Hollandia was established in the city. In 1963, it was renamed as the Apostolic Vicariate of Kota Baru. In 1964, it was again renamed as the Apostolic Vicariate of Sukarnapura. It was promoted in 1966 as the Diocese of Sukarnapura, renamed in 1969 as the Diocese of Djajapura, and finally renamed in 1973 as the Diocese of Jayapura.

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How to Get There

Get in

Flights from Jakarta land in Sentani airport, Jayapura, about 60 KM from downtown.

Overland from Papua New Guinea takes around 3 hours drive from Vanimo. For visitors coming from PNG an Indonesian visa can be arranged at the consulate in either Port Moresby or Vanimo. Public Motor Vehicles travel regularly between Vanimo and the Wutung border crossing (K10 / 50 mins). Once across the Indonesian border there are taxis into Jayapura (RP 200,000 per person / 2 Hours).

Get around

The public transport system consists of numerous minivans which have their destination route printed on the side. Each trip usually costs RP 2000 per person.

Dedicated drivers can be arranged through the Bel-Swiss hotel for around RP 600,000 per day.

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