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General Info

Anyer from the word Anyar (new), once was the biggest Dutch port in Selat Sunda (Sunda Straits) that totally destroyed by tidal waves of Krakatau when erupted at 1883.

Anyer beach stretches from Merak Harbour at the north to Karangbolong at the south. This picturesque beach is bordered by rocky reef and white-sand beach found at some spot. Here, you can indulge in jetski and other marine activities and water sports.

Another beautiful beach in Anyer, the Bandulu has white sand along its beach. Warungs provide food and drink to local people and tourist. Do not miss the young and fresh coconut fruit. You can play kites, sunbathing, massage, or find some souvenir and chatting with the young people from the surroundings lembur village.

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Anyer is an attraction located 160 km west of Jakarta (the capital State of Indonesia). It’s attractions especially located in Banten, can be reached only two hours from Jakarta. Various attractions can be found in Anyer like water sports, relaxation & spa, boat to Sanghyang Island, even picnic to Mount Krakatoa. An ideal vacation spot, relax on the sunny beach, even enjoying the ocean visible from the inn.

For you who like a challenge and fun, available jet-sky or banana boat can be rented near Anyer. You also can rent a boat for fishing, seeing beauty sunset or seeing the Krakatoa which looked out lava.

Rental boats also can be made to go to the Sanghyang Island not far from Anyer, Mount Krakatoa, Legondi, and Ujung Kulon. Foreign tourists usually love the adventure to Mount Krakatoa. Picnic to the Sanghyang Island is a pleasant experience, because it is island still virgin and clean. The Beautiful beaches at Sanghyang Island provide an unforgettable experience.

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How to get there

By air

Anyer is accessible by flight from Denpasar airport of Bali which is large, well-organized, and modern. It has international and domestic flights that consists of inbound and outbound flights daily to Sumatera and Java and other cities: Kuta, Legian, Sanur and Nusa Dua, and Ubud.

By road

The bus services are available in Anyar where you can take buses to the cities or towns nearby. There are also taxi services around the town.

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