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Zhongshan City, a prefecture-level municipality under the direct jurisdiction of Guangdong Province, has 24 affiliated towns and districts. Located at the south mid of the Pear River Delta, it covers a total area of 1,800 sq km. It borders Guangzhou on the north and is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. With an annual average temperature of 22 degrees centigrade, Zhongshan has a permanent population of 1,350,000. It is the birthplace of Dr. Sun Yat-sen,the great forerunner of Chinese democratic revolution, and is also a famous ancestral homeland for overseas Chinese. Over 800,000 overseas Chinese living in 87 countries and regions around the world including Hong Kong and Macao SARs and Taiwan Province can trace their ancestry to Zhongshan.

As one of China's coastal open cities, Zhongshan has put great efforts to implement the strategy of Strengthening the City through the Secondary Industry. A few hi-tech intensive industrial parks have been successively set up, including National Packaging and Printing Base, National Health Technology Park, Electronic and IT Industrial Base and the Hi-tech Park for Privately-run Businesses. A diverse product structure has been basically formed with the hi-tech industry as the powerhouse and the quality products as the competitive edge. A batch of industrial brand names of domestic and international fame have been created, such as Robust beverage, Yale-Guli locks, Aestar fine chemical industry, Vantage gas utensils and Kawa electronics. The economy of local distinctiveness is developing vigorously, including those of metal fittings in Xiaolan Town, lighting products in Guzhen Town, casual wear in Shaxi Town, rosewood furniture in Dachong Town, airconditioners in Nantou Town and foodstuff in Huangpu Town. These products are taking up a substantial market share in China. More than twenty enterprises in Zhongshan were invested by those of the Fortune Top 500. Its GDP reached 41.553 billion yuan in 2002, while its total industrial output value amounted to 134.402 billion yuan.

Zhongshan's investing environment is very attractive. The city boasts of a total road mileage of 1,153 kilometers with a road network extending in all directions, mainly composed of national trunk roads, local trunk roads and Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway. Within a radius of 90 km, there are five big airports in vicinity of Zhongshan, located respectively in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao. Railways have access to all parts of China via Guangzhou. Currently, with the opening of Shenwan Port, Zhongshan has established three major ports, including Zhongshan Port in the east, Shenwan Port in the South and Xiaolan Port in the North. Among them, the annual traffic of containers at Zhongshan Port ranks among the top ten in China and top 100 in the world. It only takes 75 minutes from Zhongshan to Hong Kong by hydrofoil. Zhongshan has sufficient supply of water and electricity. A broadband, speedy and large-capacity information network has been established, with the city proper as the pivot linking all towns and districts and large and medium-sized enterprises. Zhongshan Information Highway has come into being.

In recent years, Zhongshan has successively obtained such honors as National Clean City, National Advanced Unit in City Planning and Management, National Garden City, National Advanced City Practising Rejuvenation through Science and Technology, National Model City of Environmental Protection, China's Excellent Tourism City, National Advanced City in the Campaign of Building Culturally-advanced Cities and Guangdong Culturally-advanced City. In 1997, the city was selected by the United Nations as the recipient of Habitat Scroll of Honor Award.

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Zhongshan, originally called Xiangshan in ancient Chinese, was renamed in honor of Sun Yat-sen, who was born in nearby Cuiheng in 1866. Sun Yat-sen is regarded as the father of modern China as he devoted himself to the overthrow of the feudal Qing Dynasty and foundation of a new democratic republic in China. When visiting Zhongshan City, you are recommended to visit a series of historical attractions relating to Sun Yat-sen. For example, Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall, the Museum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Sun Yat-sen Park and even the Sun Wen Xi Road.

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food food food

Generally speaking, Zhongshan dishes have the flavor of Cantonese dishes, a little part of Hakka and Zhanjiang dishes. While absorbing the essence of the other cuisines, Zhongshan has formed a series of local dishes that is a tourist highlight of Zhongshan City.


To be precise, every county of Zhongshan has its own local snacks. Select ingredients and elaborate cooking processes will certainly leave a memorable experience. The black tea, dried rolls of bean-milk cream, mango, the mushroom glossy ganoderma and Tuckahoe of Wugui Mountain are favored by both locals and visitors. In addition, Xiaolan Town of Zhongshan City also presents visitors with eight kinds of local products. Since the county is famous for its various chrysanthemums, most of its snacks are related to chrysanthemum. For example, sugared pork mixed with chrysanthemum is considered to be the best gift to friends and relatives by locals.

Would you like to find something more appealing? Please taste the Shiqi Pigeon, Xiaolan fried fish paste and Zhongshan Liang Yi Chicken. Having been listed amongst the Chinese famous snacks, they can definitely fill your appetite. Besides them, Huangpu Cured Meat, which is pork firstly cured in salt, sugar, soy and wine before dried in the sun, is also famous in the world wide. And don't forget to buy a box of almond cakes made by Juxiangyuan.

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shopping shopping shopping

Because Zhongshan City is easily accessible by sea, consumers can find a wide variety of products from China as well as many other countries. While Zhongshan is slightly smaller than many other cities in the Guangdong Province, the reasonable prices allow it to compete economically with neighboring cities and make it a popular destination for visitors. In recent years, a series national industrial bases and a number of locally featured towns have been built in Zhongshan, which promote economic growth while satisfying a range of consumer needs.

Now, if you are ready to begin shopping, head to Sunwen Xi Road. Sunwen Xi Road is the most attractive pedestrian street of Zhongshan City, featuring a long history and many shops. While you enjoy buying local products and souvenirs, take notice of the exotic buildings along the road, many of which were used as hotel, restaurants and department stores many years ago. Furthermore, if you are visiting Zhongshan City during the harvest season, make sure that you do not miss the many local fruits including litchi, pineapple, bananas, and longan.

If you can imagine Sunwen Xi Road as being a traditional Chinese elder, Fengyuan Business Street, in contrast, is a fashionable girl full of modern vigor. Located on Sunwen Middle Road, Fengyuan Business Street is marked by famous brands and large department stores.

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Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Zhong Shan Zhan Yuan Zi MaLing Park Wu Gui Shan

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Sun Yat-sen's former residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is the main home for the memorial museum, located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province Cuihengcun in Zhongshan 17.6 km south-east of the urban area, Kwong (state) beads (the) road beside a main road. About 100 kilometers south of Guangzhou, about 30 kilometers Naju Macao, the Pearl River Estuary and at Shenzhen, Hong Kong, the sea, land and the adjacent Zhuhai City. Open the main attractions are: Dr. Sun Yat-sen's former residence, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Sun Yat-sen listen to the story of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom anti-sculpture, Sun Yat-sen test explosives - Switzerland to Chang Gung Memorial Archway, Tsuiheng residential display, Tsuiheng agricultural exhibition area, Zhongshan tripod , the warning bell, and so on, gradually form a "Sun Yat-sen and his early growth of the social environment" as the theme, both commemorative history and folklore, and a wide range of three-dimensional display of the exhibition system, and fully demonstrates the great patriotic Sun Yat-sen spirit, ideology and revolutionary practice

Zhong Shan Zhan Yuan

Zhan Zhongshan Park, also known as Zhongshan big Dumen, located in Zhongshan North-Nam, is the largest private garden Lingnan. Zhan Zhongshan Park was built in 1998 and occupying an area of 300 mu, from Park Chan Huang Yuan new owner personally design, and from the gardens of Suzhou mobilized 100 Naigongqiaojiang jointly built over the next five years. Park built its original intention for the construction of a mother for the elegant sophistication, the pause Tiannian homes, special to the mother's surname Chan Park named after the mother of his filial duty to his sense of comfort, and to make it all the more people to their feelings son of filial piety, the proposed owner of the park opening to the outside world. Zhan Reliance Hill Park, built a water strait, and the succession of the Chinese classical tradition of private gardens while Lingnan to highlight the unique layout of the water context, but also absorbed Western-style garden style.

Xiaolan County

In Zhongshan, the Xiaolan County is renowned for its chrysanthemums for several centuries. In this county, each family has a private garden where different varieties of chrysanthemums are planted. In autumn, these flowers bloom and this sight is very magnificent. From October to November every year, there is a mini-size show of these chrysanthemums.

Zi MaLing Park

Purple Maling is the characteristics of natural and artificial Xiuse-integrated, recreation and ecological both the Country Park. Park a total of 13 parks and a large bird-watchers, in different festivals in different exhibitions and performances. Enter the main entrance in front of spring is the "Purple MA Pentium" like, like the former is a 70-metre fountain. Walk through the park, is a step in King, is scattered. Park distribution Cliff Park, 100 Garden, celebrity trees, Chuk Yuen, Qu Yuan Ye, sculpture park, Spring, Summer Garden, Autumn Park, Winter Park, "Wong Valley still hold" shade garden, aquatic plants park, water park, such as a dozen children's attractions and amusement. Chui Lai Lai Park is a paradise plants, the garden planting about 200 varieties of plants, many of which are at the national level to protect plants. Begonia Branch, Long Branch tongue around the plant, other plants such as precious bottle Portland, champion red, red dragon Yueli so visible in the park. Parrot Valley is not less than the local visitors. Take it in the Book of Songs "still hold their矣Wu, and the Friends of Sound" and the Italian name is clever use of the natural environment and the design and development of large-scale bird-watchers, stocking more than 100 species of birds nearly 8,000. Among them, red-crowned crane, white crane, white crane, gray crane, white swans, peacocks, Yuanyang, yellow-bellied angle of rare species such as pheasants. Valley Springs Congcong, flowers Jing Fang, a vibrant and unique tranquil scene.

Wu Gui Shan

5 Guishandao it "Xiangshan", "Universal peace in mind", containing: Dongguan Xiangshan County in the 300 counties across the South, and more immortal flowers, Guyue Xiangshan. Here is Zhongshan, Zhuhai cities roof. According to the five-Guishandao mouth of the Pearl River, including seven of nine townships mountains, such as the Nantai mountains Nantai Hill, Crescent Xiangshan Eight Scenes "Nantai Autumn Gate" site. Guishan five peak, elevation 531 meters ages Legend has it, Wugui mountainous areas with large garden and small gardens natural features, rock vary odd bird feather, waterfalls Water Flowing Down, with the view of Lingnan ATTRACTIVE Xiqiao Hill, Luofu Hill comparable. 5 Guishandao Diaozhongyan rich in flowers, azaleas, orchids and Chenxiangmu also planted pine and eucalyptus forest, forest and phase Si, green.

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At present Zhongshan has neither a railway station nor an airport so the facilities of nearby cities are generally used by travelers. Most commonly visitors choose to transfer at Shenzhen and Guangzhou to a bus going to Zhongshan. Within approximately 90 kilometers there are five international airports accessible to Zhongshan, these are in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau. Visitors can use whichever of these is most convenient.

By Air

The closest airport to Zhongshan City is the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN). In September, 2006, Zhongshan City opened a new airport lounge, providing travelers with easy access to airport shuttle busses.

By Bus

Because Zhonghshan does not have train service, most visitors and residents rely on the bus system for both everyday and travel transport. At present, Zhongshan City has a developed highway net, including a series of buses stations. The Zhongshan Main Bus Station connects to Hainan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan and Henan provinces. 15 bus routes connect to other parts of Guangdong Province as well. Buses to Guangzhou depart once every 25 minutes; buses to Shenzhen depart once every 20 minutes. The ticket office is open from 06:00-21:00, and tickets are available four days before your departure date. The Zhongshan Main Bus Station is located at the crossing of Fuhua Road of the West District and the No.105 National Highway.

By Sea

Zhongshan City has developed a convenient maritime mode of transportation between Zhongshan and Hong Kong. Zhongshan Passenger Traffic Port is located in the Zhongshan Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, just 51 sea miles away from Hong Kong. Currently five luxurious high-speed ferries sail between Zhongshan and China Hong Kong City, Hong Kong International Airport, and the Macau ferry terminal. The trip from Zhongshan to the Hong Kong International Airport takes about an hour and ten minutes, while the other journeys take about an hour and a half.

By City-bus

You can travel around Zhongshan City easily on the city buses. At present, over80 bus lines are opened in Zhongshan City, most of which are self-service (meaningyou should have CNY2/person ready when you board each bus). There are busesto surrounding towns which can greatly facilitate the transport between the cityproper and outskirt area. Comparatively, sights of Zhongshan are widely dispersedand no special tour lines and sightseeing buses are available currently. However,there are city buses running to some scenic spots.

By Taxi

There are more than one thousand taxis of fourteen taxi companies in Zhongshan.According different types of vehicles, the fares are different. For Beijing Hyundaiand Santana, the start-rate for short trips is CNY7 for the first 2 kilometers and then CNY2.48 for every additional kilometer . CNY2.2 is charged for every additional kilometer for Jetta brand vehicles.The other rate is for trips further than 10 kilometers. The same start-rate isthe same as the former, but each additional kilometer is CNY2.6.

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Map of Zhongshan


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