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wuzhishan wuzhishan wuzhishan wuzhishan

Wuzhishan, often referred to as Tongzha, is a dusty city in south/central Hainan that is known for its fantastic surroundings. It lies just off the main Haikou-Sanya G224 highway in the central highlands.

Wuzhishan is mainly just a stop-off town on the way between Haikou and Sanya, and as a day trip destination from Sanya. It is best known for the nearby Five Finger Mountains, a beautiful area of five peaks in among the jungle. The hiking here is good and the easiest way in is to rent a scooter from Sanya.

Wuzhishan town itself is nice for a wander and comes with tourist areas and lively markets. The souvenirs and food here are especially cheap, particularly the noodles and dumpling. The Hainan Nationalities Museum is worth a look on a rainy day.

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wuzhishan tai ping shan falls xian long dong hai nan national museum


Wuzhishan Hainan is the first high mountain, is a symbol of Hainan Island, is one of China's famous mountains, the World Tourism Organization as a Class A tourist spot. The mountains in central Hainan Island, a serrated mountainous ups and downs, the shape of five fingers, it was named after. Overlooking Wuzhishan, only forest green, white clouds and wind around, and circled the Green Mountain Fengdian, Dujiao cloud from the foot of health, in space travel. Wuzhishan look at the past, only five "fingers" from southwest to northeast, and then reduced the intensity of first order. Front to that lush mountains, is the first Wuzhishan peaks over 1,300 meters above sea level, Stronger Bili, then pointing to the sky peak tilt. In the location of Wuzhishan Gougongsuo Dachaoshan perspective, the whole mountain like a huge pyramid, the Mountain Fresh taper like beak of the beak, but boarded to, it is a large area of over 10 square meters near the rock.

Victoria Peak Falls

Even located on the 6 km northeast of the Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak over 800 meters above sea level, the mountain was covered with trees Guteng, stacked rock-Yixiu, Shan-hua artless, trees Yam TB-17 (yi, the days of the horse. Victoria Peak spectacular waterfalls Qiwei, in the rough on the fine. The rainy season, waterfalls slump, charged in the Zhangxu boulder, flying from Siyu such as beads of water droplets boom thundering sound, reverberated off. It is a very foot of the mountain resorts, Hongwa glass, elegant environment. Falls of Victoria Peak, the best-even to the Village.

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Map of Wuzhishan


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