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Wenchang is one of the provincial of Hainan Province in southern China and is located at the north-east coast of Hainan Island. Is the centre of Han settlement and the place where standard Hainanese is spoken. It is also one of the main sources of Hainanese migration overseas (Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand).

Wenchang City has a total area of 2,403 sqkm and a population of 520,000. Wenchang City borders on the sea in the east, south and north and adjoins Qiongshan City and Ding'an County in the west and Qionghai City in the southwest.

It has been more than 2000 years that people live and work in the area where Wenchang City is located now. It is the hometown of many overseas Chinese, of culture and the charming scenery of coconut forest. Wenchang is rich in tropical tourist resources, boasting 20 famous scenic spots and historical sites.

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qi zhou lie dao mu lan bay yun long bay
bamen bay red forest dong jiao ye lin qi xing ling

QiZhou Lie Dao

Hainan is the northeast corner Wengtian Wenchang City, Hainan Longma Zhengdong on several small islands, Wenchang fishermen known as the "seven continents Zhi," which ranked Wenchang Eight Scenes of ancient times, the landscape, the recent escape from the table and are peculiar beauty. Wengtian town and the junction of Ma River Rural door, white beaches along the Ping, Qizhouliedao only from the more than 10 nautical miles, the fine when on the beach or on the shore Kong Yaoguan Qizhouliedao King of the three, with a memorable fun .

Yun Long Wan

The most eastern part of Hainan, the choppy sea along mountain air, rise, which is known as the East King Tongguling first peak. Lingnan, a Bi-qing, Haitian-ji, following its huge success Tao, Teng spray snow, the blue Chengbi the water, people wanted to see a Excitement washing jumping, and this is cloud Longwan. Cloud Longwan Tongguling Wenchang City in Hainan natural tourist zone. Hainan Island and the Wuzhishan, Wanquan River, compared to the ends of the earth, clouds Longwan unknown, unknown, but this is where it enticing mystery. The remoteness, where people rarely go, the destruction of the natural landscape spared difficult intact.

Coconut Daguanyuan

The Ministry of Agriculture is coconut Daguanyuan China Institute of Tropical Agricultural Sciences coconut in the original coconut germplasm resources on the basis of the converted, in China's "Home of coconut" - Hainan Province in Wenchang City, Hainan Province adjacent to the eastern outskirts of the Coconut Grove famous scenic spot. Park was established in 1980, covers an area of 54.4 hectares, is the Coconut Grove for the main background, set scientific research, popular science education, tourism, leisure and entertainment integrates with rich cultural heritage, ecological coconut area.

8 Bay Mangrove

In the words Changhe, culture, education, and cross mountains and rivers such as River eight rivers and streams north of the confluence of all Qinglan Harbor. 8 Bay Mangrove Bay in the center surrounded by shoals, radiation, Changhe, culture, education, the upper reaches of rivers, such as the river several kilometers, and its scope includes the City, Qing Lan, Wan soil, East Court, the eastern suburbs, cultural, and educational series of six town 8 Bay region, an area of 23,000 mu

Qi Xing Lin

Wenchang before resurfacing in the town of Northeast, the northern sea, 117.4 meters above sea level, the size of more than 10 peaks, of which seven high-independence, it is "Tanabata Xingdoushan" across the Leizhou Peninsula and the sea. The mountain stands a bucket handle tower, built in the Ming Dynasty revealed five years (1625), was built in the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi 13 years (1874). Bucket stalk octagonal tower, a total of the 7th floor, more than 30 meters high. Along the spiral tower ladder can be received top, overlooking the Qiongzhou Strait, the most out of remote landscape, Dujiao days Heights-it is warm

XiYang Maritime Museum

Xisha is stunning most people here with unique tropical island scenery. Some people say, less than the South China Sea, I do not know the ocean rich; less than Xisha, the sea do not know the magic. Indeed, the Xisha the water is so clear Youla, the result looks like a huge sea of deep blue satin stretch in the campaign. This exposure in the bluest of blue color concentrated among intoxicated with the feelings could not help but arose spontaneously. A deep sea water is shallow, as the role of the sun, a Chuochuo undersea coral like blossoming flowers: golden yellow, white, red, burnt offerings favorite spots on the Peacock full of the "Peacock neck fin fish" , such as the horseshoe at the bottom, such as the pyramid-shaped "horseshoe Lo" plum flowers such as sea cucumber "Plum Blossom Participation", as well as various fish samples, different patterns of coral flowers and stone flowers, the entire pavilion everything fun.

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Map of Wenchang


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