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Lingshui Lingshui Lingshui

Lingshui is an autonomous county 80kms northeast of Sanya in the south of Hainan Island. It's a sizeable city usually visited on a day trip from Sanya and lies on the G223 Expressway.

It is around an hour's bus ride from Sanya and is the home of a large military airbase. The town is a few kilometers from the shore and harbors over 300,000 people, mainly of the Li minority. If you are into plane spotting, the best views are from the mountains to the north where you can watch huge military jets coming in.

There are plenty of hotels in Lingshui that are near to the coast, although the beaches here are not as nice as those around Sanya. The town of Lingshui is quite nondescript and not worth much time, although it does have decent market shopping.

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yezi island xiangshui bay diao luo shan south bay monkey island

Boundary Island

Lingshui boundaries Island in the north east sea, the cattle from the Eastern Highway Tunnel about 8 nautical miles, the island has many rare plants and animals. May 2002, more than 3,800 million investment, using more than 400 acres of land on the island, in the maximum protection of the original vegetation on the basis of building boundaries Island eco-tourism projects. Boundary Hainan Island is the location of an important watershed. Ling Niu island is a part of the North cattle Lingnan very different climate. Can be seen here often wonders: Summer, Lingbei heavy rainfall, Lingnan is bright and sunny winter, Lingbei gloomy one,

Nan wan hou dao

Nanwanhoudao at Hainan's Lingshui County, about 14 miles south of South Bay Peninsula, it rivers, surrounded on three sides by sea, a strip shape, with a total area of about 10.2 square kilometers, the size of rolling hills 12. Countless big mountain caves, rock rugged. Nanwanhoudao on a wide range of animal and plant species, the forest coverage rate of over 95 percent, and ecological resources are very rich. Growth of the island's lush forest and shrub jungle forest, Four Seasons Hua fragrance, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. Live on the island nearly 2,000 lovable and lively monkeys, a national second-class protected animals. Nanwanhoudao China is the world's only tropical island monkeys Nature Reserve.

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Map of Lingshui


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