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Foshan lies in the south in Guangdong Province, the hinterland of Zhujiang River Delta, rest on in Guangzhou in the east , is next to Zhaoqing in the west, connecting with Zhuhai in the south, the north leads to Qingyuan, adjoins Hong Kong and Macro, the geographical position is very superior . The land is fertile , temperate in climate, the rainfall is sufficient , four seasons are evergreen. Is the subtropics monsoon humid climate, the average temperature of the whole year is 22. 1 ?. Rainfall amount 1600-2000 millimeter. The natural resources mainly has potter's clay , rock , sand of the glass , rare metal , pool fish , rice , sugarcane and fruit , flowers various in style ,etc. Foshan presently for the place level city, have jurisdiction over five districts in urban area of the Chancheng district, south sea area , Shunde district , Sanshui districts , Gaomin districts, the whole area is 3848.49 sq. km., the area of urban area (namely the Gaomin area ) is 153.69 sq. km. Population of the whole city is 3,359,800 ,permanent resident population more than 5,600,000, 800,800 people in the urban area (namely the Gaomin area ) at present.

Foshan is a cultural well-known city with a long history, has already been classified as one of the whole country ' four major famous towns ' as far back as the Ming and Qing times, always merchants gathered, the thing is smooth and suitable ; Foshan is the famous overseas Chinese hometown too, the overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao Compatriot in Foshan of ancestral home are up to more than 1 million people, Hong Kong and Macao Compatriot are more than 600,000 among them.

Foshan still positive launches foreign activity among the local governments and folk friendly contact, promote economic trade and technological cooperation. At present already successively to tie for the friendship city with Japanese Iraq Dan city, the Mauritius Louis port city, the American Stockton city, France Nepali Wang province Psi male city and so on.

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Foshan" starts the mark in the Jin Dynasty, gain the name in Tang (A.D. 628) ", that was more than 1,300 years ago, it is the historical cultural city of China. In the period of Tang and Song Dynasty, the handicraft industry , commerce and culture has became the great prosperity of Foshan in the southern part of the country. When the Ming and Qing Dynasties, develop into a developed important strategic place of south of the merchants gathered , industry and commerce especially, It is one of four major famous town in China history and" gather while being four major ".

Commercial of long standing and well established developing history of Foshan, have " wide yarn centre ", good reputation on " pottery of the southern part of the country ". Long history, It is pregnant with the striking traditional culture of south of the Five Ridges in Foshan: Foshan is the origin of Guangdong opera; It is the main birthplace of China's cooking culture; Famous township of Wushu, It is the Chinese time outstandingly represents Huang Feihong's hometown and Li Xiaolong's ancestors place.

Today's Foshan has already become the modernized city that historical inside information and modern breath have blended together , the economy and culture competitively reflect and mix.

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The climate in Foshan is characterized by the monsoons in the subtropical zone with an average temperature between 21.2 - 22.2℃ ,rainfall is 1600-2000 mm.

Its natural resources are mainly composed of pottery clay, rock, glass sand, rare metal, pond fish, paddy rice, sugarcane as well as a variety of fruits and flowers, etc

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Food & Drink
food food food
food food food

The queen milk of one pair of covers
Foshan queen's delicatessen makes it is listed on board that " the second China famous snack was asserted in 2000 ". Raw materials are local water milk, high-quality white sugar, fresh albumen etc., the materials chosen are strict , The manufacture is fastidious, the craft is exquisite, The hygienic request is high, have proverb " queen a pair of covers milk , the crown prince can not take badly " saying.

Crystal dumpling in the Jinyuan wineshop
The main raw materials are the meat of Fragrant-flowered garlic, fresh sweet bamboo shoot, the sharp is beautiful, crystal clear is insightful, the mouthfeel is comfortable and delicious, contains higher nutrition. This snack can be seen in Jinyuan wineshop and Shanzi take-out restaurant in good fortune.

Nine layers of cakes in Foshan
Foshan , the South China Sea bring folk joyous festival, especially the Spring Festival, every family must cook nine layers of cakes , its' purpose that " permanent , gets promotion continuously " .Nine layers of cakes are a kind of sweet rice cake , workmanship is exquisite . Soak into with the rice among the people, wear into the soaked bean-noodles with the stone , mix into the thick liquid, add syrup, set one thin powder with copper tray, heat and steam ripe, then chase layer and add powder to the ninth Floor. It is well arranged to steam nine layers of ripe cakes , slip soft and delicious. Some people still mix with the food coloring, each layer is red and white , very goodlooking.

Fennin white sugar cotton cake
It is Fennin cuisine variety street that explore this shop liberation " Guangji " traditional snack of trifle. then perform after innovate excavates. Main raw materials is choose carefully rice rub thick liquid, ride white sugar to make by traditional method to adopt. Cotton cake have another name called Dafasong for celebrate the New Year , Is Foshan person's necessary food.

Yingji Yuntun noodles
Foshan Yingji Yuntun noodles firstly appear to 1936. Whom this shop make Yuntun noodles with fresh shrimp soup , It is famous for the flavor unique on soup, the fresh shrimp Yuntun, the egg noodles . Its manufacture continues to use the tradition to shoulder the method skillful system, noodles toughness even , The strip thick thin is moderate, it is smooth when enter the mouth, the fragrant of the egg is strong , famous provincial Hong Kong and Macro, and has already been written into the commercial will of Foshan and travel magazine.

Sweet bamboo shoot steamed cake in Jinyuan wineshop
This snack steam with fresh sweet bamboo shoot for main material familiar, getting green environmental protection food, contain higher nutrition, bright and lustrous, less sugar, low fat, the mouthfeel is good.

Dakeyi" champion gruel "
"Dakeyi" signboard had a history of 69 years from today. Signboard snack of champion gruel improved before the foundation of the state which according to famous county lever champion gruel manufacture method , create flavor unique Dakeyi champion gruel. It is liked by the customers for material fresh to smooth ,gruel bottom fragrant silk floss.

Dexinzhai win grips pig hoof
Mention Dexinzhai win grips pig hoof, eating people profuse in praise, the wine pig hoof is light and delightful, wake up but the stomach is oiliness; Pitch hoof skin fragile fragrant , fresh and sweet and delicious , take tooth stay fragrant to sew. Including it is convenient to eat , does not need to cook and steam , can eat to buy back home, so famous distance of more than 100 years spreads. Foshan people entertain guests at a banquet, besides by chicken decide dish, lay out a dish of wine pitch the hoof, can be regarded as very hospitable hospitality.

Foshan ZhuHou sauce
ZhuHou sauce, color fresh and delicious , fragrant and sweet is moderate, there is fragrant Zhi smell, the ones that have a distinctive flavour merchantable brand. For over 100 years, ZhuHou sauce become one of the most characteristic food batching in Foshan, known far and wide, praise deeply by the people.

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Foshan Features

features features features

Foshan is one of four major famous town of China ancient times, developed famous for home and abroading for the handicraft industry. The folk art with exquisite technology has a long history, according to legend it is comes from the Ming Dynasty , have strong local characteristics , well-known always.

The folk art of Foshan, differ from one another. It is through tactics of cutting , carving , Pu, moulding , pitching , casting , painting , glueing etc., make out appearing paper-cut , pitch making , color lamp , autumn scenery (including paperPu, sculpture, carve, glue building, casting moulding etc.), wood engraving picture, calligraphy and painting, etc. art of several dozen kinds .Folk art of Foshan, well received by masses for its local colour .

The paper-cut of Foshan

Paper-cut of Foshan has a long history, comes from Song Dynasty, developed in the period of Ming and Qing. The paper-cut of Foshan has already had a special trade produced in a large amount from Ming Dynasty, the products have been sold to the middle and southern , southwest province, and have a good sale in various countries of Nan Yang.

Foshan paper-cut make have copper line , paper line with , copper write , silver write , big class , chromatography of woodcut and digging , pure color , copper respectively, etc according to their raw materials and method. Ancient, paper-cut main use ornament, decorate ,carve the pattern ,product brand ,etc. embroider to offer sacrifices, festival of gift. With the development of society, on the Foshan traditional basis , paper-cut with its composition rigorous, strong decorate, exquisitely carved graceful , splendid characteristic of decorating etc. , what a way characterized by reflecting the subject matter of the life of era , to open traditional artistic innovation, relatively representative in art of the paper-cut of our country. The colorful and colourful folk custom of Foshan has promoted the development of paper-cut , the development the paper-cut craft , enrich folk custom of Foshan with the local characteristic .

The art of light color of Foshan pitches and makes

Color lamp, Foshan is called the light color folkly. Pitch make the three-dimensional model regard person ageas the target as animals and plants , pavilions, terraces and open halls ,etc. Foshan folk art study designs the manufacture the lamp color is a Chinese tradition lamp color art main school , Has the Jiangnan characteristic of beautiful of exquisite traditionally call " the light color of Foshan ", Shi Zhi in period of Ming and Qing records in detail early.

The Foshan lamp color grips does mainly after material of thin bamboo strip, iron wire manually grips ,takes shape glues on assorted silk cotton material, lace, the color ear, matches the design unique on the lining of "the Foshan paper-cut" of Foshan.or various kinds of pattern of painting on silk. Foshan light color is make art at traditional foundation , develop to innovate constantly , style and variety rich and colorful, and is moved towards square art by original indoor art , is moved towards the scale association by the individual works, characteristic is to build worker tradition but being novel , model overstate but from real , exquisitely carved making Engineer to be meticulous, daytime is beautiful and colorful in colour , open and transparent and on , splendid at night.

Light color and Zhazuo of Foshan folk art study are often invited to exhibit abroad every year , well received by foreign people from all walks of life. The artistic fine works exhibited, once three times listed in complete collections of the first in the world record of Guiness. among the celebration of return to motherland , Foshan light color show China outstanding traditional elegance of culture and arts to world in an all-round way.

The wood engraving picture in Foshan

It is firstly appears in the Yongle Year of Ming Dynasty, having a history of more than 500 years, " Ci hai " is written: "The wood engraving picture in Foshan is one of the folk New Year pictures of our country, and a famous folk wood engraving picture in South China, gain the name because produce it in Foshan Town of Guangdong . "The New Year picture of Foshan uses the red lead , gold to strengthen the ornament result of the picture silverily, red colour specification joyous lucky, and red lead the place where famous in Foshan the local product. New Year picture with red orange yellow getting green color come chromatography, suit of armour , robe take decorations paint pattern line kind of gold and silver in personage, make the statue drawn and shown even more splendidly.

The custom of putting up the New Year picture on the Spring Festival is long-standing . In before Ming year, people put multi-purpose stone engraving tiger and lion in front of door about, in order to show demonstrate and get rid of evils. Since rising the New Year picture, people begun to put up the Spring Festival couplet ,wave spring and door to draw after twenty four on the twelfth month, foke called as sticking to door god among the people , lead a happy family life in order to get rid of evils.

Foshan door picture output is pass by 1 million annual a long time , people like it in urban and rural areas . After 1966, the New Year picture of Foshan was upbraided as " feudalistic superstition product " and stopped producing. Resumed production after 1975, for export mainly. Now, urbanite put up door draw vulgar more and more little. and suburbs and every county countryside still deposit and stick to the door to draw vulgarly. In addition, the casting industry of Foshan is long-standing , China and foreign countries are well-known . It is embroidered that there is Foshan, Zhazuo etc., all these are famous handicrafts in Foshan.

Foshan folk Huipi

It is have another name of dust mould , commonly called as wall body draw , is one of to criticize building decorative art, contents are mostly mountains and rivers , flowers , birds and beasts , personage , calligraphy ,etc.. Huipi criticize craft to be meticulous, make lime sculpture model at building, form of expression have multi-layer type " three-dimensional " Huipi, relief " half ups and downs " Huipi, pursue the carving type individual model " the single body Huipi" etc. The multi-layer three-dimensional Huipi is the most difficultly.
Foshan and area of the South China Sea , Shuande , Fanyu, all like to use the wall body paintings building decoration among the people. General local-style, approve the wall body painting beautification as paint in the top of lintel, the window frame, the gable peak, the eaves tile keel models . take to help to paint with dwelling houses, volume , window frame , spine , top of gable and tile of eave go to Huipi wall body is it is it to mould in door.

Besides local-style , paying special attention to art of Citang and temple Huipi in Foshan , the South China Sea , Shuande and other places , often regard mythology , history or opera story , personage , animal as the subject matter, have taking birds and beasts as subject matter " five Ling " too, for instance phoenix , peacock , pheasant , tiger , lion , Chinese unicorn ,etc.

The stone gulf pottery art

because of the development of handicraft industry and commerce of Foshan, bring up much skillful craftsman, so here has a lot very famous handicraft. Such as stone gulf artistic pottery and porcelain. Stone gulf that pottery enjoy " stone gulf tile , first all over the world " to claim. Stone gulf sculpturing history is remote , take the place of and serve as a link for the actor, the fine piece of writing always, the shape god combines with vivid. like the living one .Stone gulf already reveal cook pottery historical pagein the Neolithic Age later period pottery. After Han Dynasty, copper daily necessities were mostly substituted by the pottery, drove the progress of the pottery art, make pottery form the independent handicraft industry, it becomes the goods that the pottery The production of the artistic pottery of stone and gulf started in the Tang Dynasty. Hemera such as pottery in Song Dynasty, whole consumption fashion of society promote unprecedented development of ceramics. Engaged in spreading all over the country in kilns where the pottery is made. The glaze color of Song Dynasty is far more abundant than the former generation too in variety. After Ming Dynasty, the kind and subject matter are extensive gradually , fishing, firewood, ploughs, reads, herds, grand, drinks, the musical instrument , swims , play and even striking mosquitoes , scratching where it itches , digging such common people's daily work as the ear ,etc. , scene of life, such things that common people are familiar with as all kinds of birds and flowers worm's fish , wild animal's domestic animal and vegetables melon and fruit ,etc., and Bodhidharma arhat , Goddess of Mercy , elderly person for whom a birthday celebration is being held , Jigong , the Eight Immortals , Zhong Kuei , Guangong and such common people are familiar with and immortal personage and historical personage , get the true and vivid behavior in stone gulf sculpturing art, praise loyal and Critic seduce , support jealous and evil bad men, ask to pray for blessingsing to demote , respecting the old and loving the young and so on that catch the spirit for moral concept of common people and social attitude gulf sculpturing get embodiment among the art in stone and gulf . So call stone gulf sculpturing subject matter "it is call one encyclopaedia with concentrate folk culture of China " .

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Grandfather in Foshan temple baolin temple Grandfather's temple in Xu river
liang yuan zhong shan park South Guangdong emerald Xiqiao

Grandfather in Foshan temple
Without going to grandfather's temple to been not to Foshan .Grandfather's temple lies in the urban area of Foshan of Guangdong Province, it is said that established (1078-1085 years ) during Yuanfeng year of Northern Song Dynasty, Consecrates huge emperor of the North who believed in Taoism, " north emperor's temple " of the name. Original building destroy by fire on last years in Yuan Dynasty , rebuild in Hongwu 5 (1372 year )year in Ming Dynasty, because " go through years old, and the head of all temples of Foshan " known as grandfather's temple .. the buildings is Composit in Wanfu fortune , Jingxiang pool, the Bell building and Drum Tower, before hall , main hall, Qingzhen building,etc. Before setting up local institution in Qing Dynasty, grandfather's temple was the place to handle the agendas of the local affairs, different in the general temple.casting, make pottery handicraft industry famous at the Foshan history, the product that is typical behavior in grandfather.temple Building 's exquisite to reflect ancient prosperity of Foshan while being magnificent. It is a precious legacy of history of Foshan. So, some foreign friends coming to visit are praised as grandfather's temple in the palace of the eastern folk art.

Temple of Renshou
The temple of Renshou, built it in 1935, lay in grandfather's temple way of urban area of Foshan now. It originates for Mihou then belong to the Chan, always the place that award and give up the rites for countryside door sons and younger brothers nearby of Foshan.In 1938 managed personally by Xuyun buddhist priest leaves blank the ceremony, the Ruyi pagoda quite has the characteristic, tower body take as seven octagonal Chinese tower, stud with Tibetan tablet horizontal inscribed board, The Ceramic red green degrees of mother Buddha image consecrates in pagoda is worked by Shiguanhua, Models by the famous expert Panyu.

Bao Lin temple
Shuande city south suburb Daliang town have one large-scale, splendid temple, set off it in the mountain valley growing green and fresh. Here the sounth have Daqi mountain like Green Dragon dance , the north have Tiger Mountain like the white tiger illegally occupy, it is depending on Taipin mountain,on there will be Shenbu tower.The occupation of land amounts to 200,000 square meters in the whole temple . The Guipan river flow through under mountain like one jade belt, southwest beside the Desheng sea , beautiful scenery

Grandfather's temple in Xu river
It is also called grandfather's temple of reed bud. The grandfather stands with dragon slope mountain, faces the north rivers, it is a Confucianism of Taoism, Confucianism,Buddhism that teaches the temple unified three, region build in the period of Jiading the Southern Song Dynasty, history was long , Enjoys the great reputation, make a name inside the province, overseas.

The peach garden travel resort of the southern part of the country
Travel resort of peach garden of the southern part of the country derives from«writing in the Peach Garden»to Tao Yuanming. The peach garden of the southern part of the country is people's Far from the Madding Crowd of modern city , come back to the natural best Promised Land. There is no car and horse noise and excitement here, there is no air pollution; Some here, it is people that empty worries happy inspiration of feeling, it is people that exceed free from philistinism clever and unreal.

It takes up an area of 6 sq. km. , It is 12 kilometers from Guangzhou , Foshan and urban area of the South China Sea. This district is made up of a lot of low hillocks, the green vegetation is more than 90%, hearts are all over planting in the district, the trees make a pleasant shade, birds gambol on the branches of tall trees, the fish swims at the shallow bottom. Facilities of beauty spot and travel now built are as follows: Goddess of Mercy of the South China Sea, field operations club , rural club , recreation club , golf garden ,etc.

Liang Yuan
Liang Yuan is a general name of the residence garden of roof beam of Foshan, made up by a lot of colonies of such different places mainly as " 12 stone rooms " , " thatched cottage of groups of stars " , " Fen river thatched cottage " , " cold fragrant hall " ,etc. large-scale, the subject lies in the way pioneer of Xianfeng old road. Liang Yuan build up successively by poem calligraphy and painting Langgeru , Liangjiuzhang, Liangjiuhua and Liangjiutu four uncle and nephew people among in Jiaqing and Daoguang (1796-1850) years. Liang Yuan is one of the typical representatives of the garden of scholars of south of the Five Ridges in Qing Dynasty, its overall arrangement was wonderful, large house , ancestral hall become integrated with garden, the space change of " flower garden " of the south of the Five Ridges type comes out one after another, the style is graceful; The scene restricted to one pattern of landscaping group, pursue refined and light natural, for instance, It is like the graceful bearing of rural area of drawing and the poem; It is available to imbued with characteristic garden building ,all kinds of the type. Slim and graceful and penetrating ;The fruit wood makes a pleasant shade, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade in the garden, in addition, the crooked water goes back to the ring , loose dyke willow bank , form the peculiar sophisticated appeal of land of rivers and lakes of south of the Five Ridges; especially its strange stone in different poses and with different expressions, The ones that set up and make up free from philistinism but take the course of its own ingeniously , it is one of four major famous gardens in well-known Guangdong.

Zhongshan Park
Zhongshan Park, located at the waterfront of Fenjiang River, northeast of Chancheng District, is a complex park integrating leisure, entertainment, propagation, exhibition, scientific promulgation and dining.

This Park is founded in 1928, with an aim to commemorate Mr. Sun Zhongshan. At the initial stages, the Park’s total area amounted to only 0.5 hectare. After continuous expansion and reconstruction, the total occupying area of the Park reached 28.07 hectares (of which, the water area reached 12.5 hectares and greenbelts area reached 15.5 hectares respectively), forming a park sight distinguished by wide waters and abundant greenbelts.

The Park is divided into nine scenic spots, of which including South Gate Square, Historical Culture Area, Seniors Sports Area, Lawn Area, Lake Area, Children’s Amusement Area, Animal Show Area and Leisure Area. All of the harmonized scenic spots are scattered in an orderly manner.

Qinghui garden
Lie in Shunde city Daliang town Qinghui road, called Guangdong four major famous gardens with Foshan LiangYuan , Fanyu shady mountain room , Dongguan Kegarden, it is provincial historic reservation units. This Garden to build for end of Ming Dynasty champion originally by Huangshijun.In Qianlong Year of Qing Dynasty, buy by doctorate's Longyinshi. Thereafter, built meticulously by several generations of Long , wooden Tsing-Hua of water in the garden, the view is quiet and tastefully laid out, the green water , green tree , stone and mountain , small bridge and pavilions, terraces and open halls are merged mutually, the model constructs and shows ingenuity, the flowers and fruit are Luxuriant meets the eye on every side, the pitch of the artistic fine works is collected promptly, Gathers building , garden , carving , poem drawing , art that the dust is carved in an organic whole, show ancient garden of our country protruding that the characteristics of " the hero , strange , dangerous , deep and remote , There are main beauty spot :ship drawing rooms , thatched cottage of green small stream , ChenYi pavilion, Liujiao pavilion , cherish overcast study , bamboo garden ,Douhole , pen is it spend hall , Guiji hut, little to fluffy Ying , red Qu study room, phoenix come peak , Duyun pavilion,Muyin gorge ,Liufen gorge.

Golden Beach
Golden Beach, " Hawaii " of the South China Sea, one have a beautiful natural scenery and tour center of the rustic charm alone, lying in on the ait of the town north river midstream and downstream in Jinsha of the South China Sea city, the traffic is very convenient . The green water surrounds in the island, the wide sandy beach is gentle and agreeable and flat and vast, clean and cool river water, make you play heartily, like returning to the feeling of nature, so the name say that " chases waves in Jinsha ", tens thousands of visitors celebrate bright time here every year. Golden Beach nearly 50 luxuriant forest among the bamboo, set up roasting especially, people roasted meat fragrant carefully. There are recreational facilities of cleaning the graceful gold coast hotel , shooting range , running in the parking lot , Karaoke disc dancing hall etc., all available. At night in Jinsha, the star light glimmers , on the wide green fungus field , spreading dozens of villas distinct in style, the simple and unsophisticated log cabin and the tents of hundreds of rooms of color spot billows, it was warm and fresh and cool that visitors enjoyed nature . Golden Beach enjoyed the rustic charm roasted for you, the night of a rural area poesy has passed, also enjoy the temperament and interest of the modern life .

South Guangdong emerald Xiqiao
South of the mountains Guangdong famous mountain is belong to two firewood, This is the comments that ancient to the east(Luo Fushan ) and west firewood mountain . The mountain of Xiqiao is not only the national-level scenic spot, but it is the national Forest Park and provincial travel resort. The form like ancient mountain that lotus flower compound, mountain have lake, lake there are mountains, water is in the mountain, the mountain is in water, it is the party hometown of people's happy in water and mountain. Main scenic spot as follows: white cloud hole scenic spot , jasper hole scenic spot , green rock scenic spot , Goddess of Mercy of the South China Sea cultural garden , yellow immortal holy garden , large lake park ,scenic spot of rock and swallow of stone etc.

Kang Youwei hometown
Kang Youwei has spent his teenage in the homeland, leaves his numerous relics in the South China Sea,. " the South China Sea Mr's Kang Youwei emerged in the Su 's of the South China Sea in 1858. He becomes literate at two years old, reads poems at five years old, six years old is studied, ten years old genus gentle, it grows to be but clever and quick , little to succeed early while being intelligent, know and discuss high and strange , talent is harsh and unreasonable definitely. At the age of 17, go to " mountain thatched cottage of the gift " to study three years, train patriotic thought and " is it use to manage by generation " is it advocate to pursue scholarly work; And then enter three lake academies of white cloud and hole on the mountain of Xiqiao to teach himself again, in deep and serene white cloud and hole, defend the wind and thunder fermenting roaring Wuxu forward !


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Foshan's transportation infrastructure consummation water, land, spatial transportation convenient, has formed a road, the railroad, the aviation and the river transportation is prepared, the modern traffic network of radiation with strong strength ; The whole city has foreign port 16, the Foshan whole city sets up 5 customs, 4 passenger transportation ports (the Shunde port, south sea port, Gaomin port and the Foshan train station), 16 foreign ports and 9 standard container berths (LanShi port, the Foshan new port, the Shunde port, Beijiao port, south sea port, Sanshan port, Jiujiang port, Sanshui and Gaomin port). The foreign passengers and cargo collection and distribution is convenient and quick.

The airport of Foshan has already offered the airliners of such more than 20 large and medium cities as Beijing , Gui Lin , Hangzhou , Nanjing , Jinan , Fuzhou , Kunming and so on.

The railway of Guang(zhou)--San(shui) and San(shui)--Mao (ming) have well versed in the city, link with the national railway network; The direct passenger train leads directly to Jiulong is the second railway port of directly to Hong Kong.

The whole city is open to traffic the course 3479.4 kilometers, 84.3 of highway among them, Has formed the road network which extends in all directions for the branch by Guang-Zhu, Guang-Zhan and Guang-zhao , constructs the highway of Guang (zhou) and Fo(shan) .

Water Carriage
The whole city water transport open up to navigation length up to 2311 kilometers, have foreign port 16 kilometers, three of harbour among them are lead directly to Hong Kong passenger traffic (Shunde port , south seaport , Gaomin port), 9 container terminals (Lanshi port, new harbour of Foshan , Shunde harbour , north harbour , Pinzhou harbour ,Sanshan harbour , Jiujiang harbour , Sanshui harbour and Gaomin harbour ).

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Map of Foshan


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