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danzhou danzhou danzhou

Danzhou is a city in the northwest of the Chinese island province of Hainan. It is a County-level city administered directly by the province.

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Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden Lan Yang Wen Quan Dongpo Shu Yuan
ShiHua ShuiDong SongTao ShuiKu Yun Yue Hu

Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden

National youth popular science education bases. Danzhou City district in the south-west, China Tropical Agricultural Sciences, in the South China University of Tropical Agriculture. Yu Danzhou City from the sea up to the West Line, about seven km from the city centre. The park, founded in 1958, is the collection of scientific research, popular science, teaching, Tour features such as integrated with the characteristics of large tropical botanical garden, "Forest Park" reputation in the early 1980s as a tourist attraction opening to the outside world.

Lan Yang Wen Quan

Lan Yang Hot Springs National Forest Park in Danzhou City, Hainan Province, in 1999 built Park, an area of 5660.3 hectares. Park Ridge Lotus surrounded by the drama should be dozens of such peculiar morphology of the mountain surrounded, Fengling ups and downs. Braised overlapping peaks, valleys aspect. Bare rocks are all odd-shaped Yizhuang, Variety. Known as the "Hainan first hole," is a sound hole, in the next three-length 500 m, Tung small hole twists and turns, infinite mystery. Park in the forest coverage rate of more than 90%. Tropical rain forest, secondary forest and economic forest types, forest and other vegetation Ceriops tagal colorful landscape, the distribution of types of tropical forest plants. Lotus Park in Xiquan clouds in the mountains, many baths, the magnificent waterfall.

ShiHua ShuiDong

Hainan stone flower tunnel Geopark in Danzhou City, Hainan Province on August 1 the total market, 28 km from the Danzhou City district, 160 km from the urban area of Haikou, Hainan Xi expressway, 205 State Road, Hainanxi Line can reach. Hainan stone flower tunnel Hainan Geopark is the first provincial-level geological parks, Stone spent tunnel area Geopark is part of the core of geoparks in protected areas, covering about 436 acres, stone flower tunnel is part of the underground area.

Yun Yue Hu

Danzhou City in the southwest of six kilometers. She Hill for the sky amid the fog Dai, the moonlight, was also empty the water, Mirror Lake is full of exuberant green clean water. Radius of a few hundred here, around Castle Peak surrounded by trees Pinnacle, mountains and rivers Weiyi. The foot of steep, Au completed the natural low-lying valley basin and the basin floating ring sparkling lake. Shuibo not panic, Castle Peak floating in the lake. Lake, a large rubber forests, casuarina forest, mountain Lushui Green, a watercolor painting of a green tone.

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Map of Danzhou


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