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Tanjong Jara is an opportunity to withdraw from the pressures of this ever-changing world by offering you a chance to immerse yourself in a place of serenity and beauty. Authentic in architecture and attitude, always warm and welcoming, it is an environment to let go, to relax deeply and take time to rediscover yourself, your family or your friends; all this whilst staff members drawn from the local villages truly live the age old legacy of Malaysian warmth and hospitality.

At Tanjong Jara you can choose from a wide variety of possible experiences - lazy and languid, energetic and outdoors, indulgent and regenerative, cultural and enlightening - it is your choice whether you fold them into a single visit, or you craft each visit differently to meet your needs.

Tanjong Jara Resort is a luxury resort hotel in Dungun is dedicated to adventure and the most satisfying forms of relaxation you can imagine. It is set on the Terengganu coast on the eastern seaboard of the Malaysian Peninsula. The design was inspired by the indigenous 'istanas', elegant, wooden palaces that indulged the Malay Sultans of long ago. Such was the art and craftsmanship that went into the concept that it won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. The natural beauty of the setting begs to be explored; so take a jungle safari or enjoy a river expedition to observe the jungle wildlife.

Located on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Tanjong Jara Resort is a sanctuary of luxury and well-being steeped in age-old Malay traditions. Designed to reflect the elegance and grandeur of 17th century Malay palaces, Tanjong Jara is a 99-room resort with an authentic taste of the region's spirit and an enduring embodiment of the gentle Malay arts of service and hospitality.

Discover how Malay kings once crafted their palaces. Fronted by an emerald sea glittering with diamonds of light, shaded by tall palms rustling in the breeze, attended to by a people steeped in traditions as timeless as the land.
The philosophy of the Resort is as unique as the Resort itself. Based on the Malay concept of Sucimurni, which emphasises purity of spirit, health and well-being, Tanjong Jara encourages true rejuvenation of both body and spirit.

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Room and Accommodation

bumbung room
anjung suite
anjung room serambi room

Discover the sublime sleep of kings. Evenings garlanded by the perfume of lush gardens, lulled by the soft sighs of gentle waves, enchanted by the intoxicating glow of a midnight moon. Sleep comes easy here. Furnished in local timber and rich fabrics, every room commands a view of the South China Sea. Each one a celebration of royal luxury. Our Anjung room comes with an outdoor bath set in its own private garden while the Serambi and Bumbung rooms look out to the merging of sea and sky.

Anjung Suite

Resting above the river waters looking out into the South China Sea, the 176 square metre Anjung Suite is furnished with comfortable sofas in a spacious living and dining hall with its own bar and powder room. The bedroom provides a king-sized bed, a large writing desk, a sunken bath, two vanity units and separate water closet. This is the premier suite within the Resort and is a one-of-a-kind location for a most memorable experience.

Anjung Room

Situated along the beachfront are 10 single-storey beach rooms, each 88 square metres in size. Each room is furnished with a king-size bed, as well as a sofa bed. A symmetrical sunken outdoor bath sits in its own private garden, and an indoor bathroom features two vanity units with a large indoor shower. The doors and windows open out to a canopied verandah looking over the beautifully landscaped tropical gardens and sea. An ideal location for a romantic honeymoon.

Serambi Room

Situated on the ground floor of two-storey buildings, there are 44 rooms in all. Each room is 55 square metres in size, and features a king-size bed and a spacious indoor bathroom with two vanity units, separate bath and shower facilities. A partially covered verandah overlooks the tropical gardens and is perfect for a private barbeque dinner.

Bumbung Room

These 44 rooms are situated above the Serambi Rooms and are similar in size and furnishings, excluding private terraces where the windows open out to a magnificent view of the ocean and gardens.

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Di Atas Sungei


Teratai Terrace


The Nelayan

Guests are welcomed with our famed Roselle drink, made from the extract of Hibiscus flowers - the same ingredient used in our secret recipe for Roselle chicken. Each day the ringing bell at noon signals the arrival of the day's catch. In Tanjong Jara, the fare on offer is matched in variety only by the settings where you can savour your meal. Gazing out to sea at the Nelayan, under the shade of rustling palms at Teratai Terrace or over the meandering river at Di Atas Sungei.

Di Atas Sungei

'Di Atas Sungei' is Malay for 'Above The River' so guests will find it easy to spot this restaurant which literally sits above a river that flows into the South China Sea. Surrounded by lush tropical greenery, and shaded by a huge Ketapang tree, the restaurant opens for breakfast and dinner, and serves authentic Malaysian cuisine.

Teratai Terrace

Steamboat, Asia's most popular dining style, is served during dinner. Tender meat, fresh fish, seafood and a variety of garden fresh vegetables are steeped in a savoury simmering broth providing an authentic taste of the region. Enjoy pre-dinner or after-dinner drinks to the soothing sounds of Gamelan music and the cool breeze from the sea.

The Nelayan

'Nelayan' in the Malay language means 'Fisherman'. Befitting the restaurant's name, seafood is the speciality of this outlet. Situated by the sea, the atmosphere at The Nelayan is relaxed and informal. A variety of local and Western light meals are served for lunch and the Resort's own fishermen bring in the catch of the day for dinner. Weather permitting, guests have the option of enjoying a delightful alfresco dining experience on the beach featuring bamboo torches and the gentle sound of the waves.

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Facilities & Services

nelayan pool bike beach

Swimming Pools

There are two swimming pools at Tanjong Jara Resort, a free-form pool near the Teratai Terrace and lobby, and another adjacent to the beach near the Spa Village. Each pool has towels and deck chairs for sun lovers, and refreshments are served at the pool deck.

Gift Shop & Boutique

Situated behind the Reception area, this is a convenient spot to look for sundry items and gifts for family and friends. Items sold here include local handicraft, Kelantan Silverware, Batik and toiletries.

Tennis Courts

Situated near The Spa Village are two tennis courts which open daily at no extra charge. Rackets are available for hire and balls may be purchased at the Gift Shop.


A wide variety of magazines and multilingual novels can be found in the library located in a quiet, cosy corner within the Resort.

meeting room giftshop tennis
spa village golf library

Spa Village

Every breath is pure refreshment, a relaxation of the soul, a pure journey of revival. In Malay we call this Sucimurni. In Malaysia it is Tanjong Jara. The philosophy of Sucimurni emphasizes purity of spirit, health, and well-being. And the award winning Spa Village Tanjong Jara is a sanctuary anchored in this ancient Malay way of life.

Spa Village Tanjong Jara

This beautiful complex of structures, gardens and pools, houses a therapy centre featuring programs for relaxation, reinvigoration and stress relief based on traditional healing methods. These unique restorative Malay treatments have been handed down from generation to generation, ensuring their authenticity, and therapeutic value. With a history of more than a thousand years, the practices are believed to have their origins in the convergence of Malay, Arab, Indian and Chinese influences during the days of the Malacca Sultanate.

At the Spa Village Tanjong Jara these long held health and beauty traditions are revived for you to enjoy. Treat yourself to this rich history, in which unique natural ingredients found in various indigenous herbs and plants are combined with the skills of our resident Malay healers to provide a very special health and beauty experience. Once you have completed your treatment at Spa Village Tanjong Jara you will receive a beautiful Batik Sarong, providing you with a memento of your own personal Suci Murni experience.

Weddings & Honeymoons

Weddings at Tanjong Jara take on the authenticity and integrity of the beautiful natural surroundings of the Resort. Whether the ceremony follows the traditional Malay structure and traditions, or the bride chooses to design the ceremony and festivities bases purely on her personal vision; the specially trained wedding concierge and Resort staff are perfectly able to turn dreams into realities.

The beauty of this East Coast location with its miles of white beaches melding turquoise waters and verdant jungle, makes it the perfect location to enjoy a ceremony that will be remembered as one of life's high points. The peace and tranquility of Tanjong Jara provides a gentle environment, whilst the award winning architecture and infrastructure ensures that every element of the wedding will live up to its promise of perfection. Culture is an integral part of the Tanjong Jara experience, and this manifests in many ways. There are a myriad of cultural experiences that guests can enjoy, providing a personal insight into the way of life in this part of South East Asia.

An important part of this experience is the unique cooking school at the Resort, which applies the wholesomeness and purity of the concept of Sucimurni. While on vacation, guests can enjoy cooking lessons which will introduce them to the creative culinary arts of the Malay, Chinese and Indian residents of the Malaysian archipelago. Cuisine from this part of the world is an adventure of tastes and flavors, and the master chefs at Tanjong Jara bring the cooking experience alive for participating guests.

Surrounding the Resort, Terengganu's natural charms and secret wonders lie waiting; a meandering river filled with wildlife; sleepy fishing villages shaded by coconut palms, and islands gleaming like jewels in the iridescent sun. You can take a cruise, trek through jungle, discover village paths on bicycle or explore the reefs off Tenggol island, one of Asia's best kept dive secrets.

Immersing oneself in nature's bounty at Tanjong Jara is recommended as there are a number of jungle walks, river cruises and nature discussions led by a resident naturalist. Just a short boat ride from the Resort, you will also have the opportunity to snorkel or dive at one of the most beautiful private islands in South East Asia. Tanjong Jara Resort takes environmental responsibility seriously and the Resort's staff work closely with a number of organizations to ensure that the natural environment is protected, respected and kept pristine.

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Tanjong Jara Resort, in Dungun, is situated on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia and lies midway between Kuala Terengganu in the North and Kuantan to the South. It is 69 kilometres by expressway from Kuala Terengganu Airport. The resort is built on a sprawling 17-hectare beach front site facing the South China Sea.

The Resort is accessible by road from all major cities within Peninsular Malaysia. It is approximately a mile away from the expressway and one hour drive from Kuala Terengganu Airport. The Resort provides transfers via limousine services from the Kuala Terengganu Airport, Kerteh Airport, Kuantan Airport (in the state of Pahang), or Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at Sepang.

Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia operate flights daily from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu and Kuantan. Those travelling to and from Penang may also want to consider flying with Firefly. A flight schedule can be obtained from the Concierge.

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