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Zhejiang Xi Zi Hotel, Hangzhou

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Welcome to Zhejiang Xi Zi Hotel, Hangzhou ~~~

Hotel Introduction

Located at the bank of the enchanting West Lake, Zhejiang Xizi Hotel, otherwise known as Wang's Villa, covers an area of more than 210 thousand square meters. Formerly named the Wang Yutai Temple, the hotel is situated at the foot of the hill that is famous for Leifeng Pagoda, neighboring the historical Jingci Temple on the south and commanding a good view of the Su Causeway, Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, South Peak, North Peak, Baochu Pagoda and so on. As for the hotel itself, with delicate pavilions, halls, chambers, towers, ponds and rockeries, the villa surpassed its counterparts with a unique oriental style.

Zhejiang Xizi Hotel was built in 1958 and since then, it began to accommodate leaders from the Central Government such as late Chairman Mao Zedong. It was opened to the public in 1979 and has received leaders from foreign countries, important international tourist teams and has become a vital place for local administrative activities.

The hotel can provide over 210 rooms of different styles and standards, with first-class conference halls, banquet halls, chambers and recreation centers. Awarded the honor of one of the Ten Best Hotels in 1995 and the Best International Hotel in 1997. Xizi Hotel, a bright pearl in the West Lake,Will surely shine more brilliantly than ever.

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Room and Accommodation

The beauty of our environment
We pay great attention to guests taste and convert it into inspiration in designing and decorating, thus each room has its unique feature. You can enjoy the serene environment in the sunshine in afternoon. Or you can view and appreciate picturesque landscape around our hotel. At dawn or dusk, wandering along the lake and viewing the mountains and bridges which appear indistinctly is a terrific experience of natural beauty.

Distribution of six villas Six villas are located in the garden at different landscape position; the number of guest rooms is ranging from 23 to 81, which are suitable for different taste of customers. The spacious and comfortable rooms and suites are ranging from 25-200 square meters at various levels.

Celebrity Suites
Celebrity suites are full of cultural atmosphere, and people will have unlimited recollections and imaginative wander here. The unique style of deluxe suites illustrates perfectly fusion between the suites and nature. Staying in our hotel, you will be intoxicated with the views of the lake and mountains. Enjoying serenity and outstanding landscape will enable you to escape from the hustling and bustling of city fast-paced city life. Moreover, your mind will also experience a quiet wander.

Senior Villa(Villa No. 3, No. 5 and No. 6) | Deluxe Villa(Villa No. 1, No. 2 and No. 8)

Distribution of Villas: Villa 3,Villa 5andVilla 6are senior suites.

Room facilities

  • American Standard senior cleaning appliances
  • Hair dryer
  • Health weighbridge
  • Bedside control lights and alarm clock
  • Two sets of telephones
  • High speed 10M BNI
  • Large private safes
  • Free coffee/ black tea or mineral water
  • Electric kettles and ice pails
  • Mini bars, beverages and snacks
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Facilities Facilities
Facilities Facilities
Facilities Facilities

Enjoy the comfortable life in a leisurely and carefree mood. Generality and individuality coexist in our hotel.
Generality: You have access to almost all kinds of entertainment. Individuality: We are specifically located beside the West Lake.South Garden Bar: Make you in the charming musical space. West Garden Teahouse: Famous for two specialty of West Lake, i.e. Longjing Tea and water taken from Tiger Spring.

No. 37 of Wangs Villa: combining fitness with recreation. Emperor Qianlongs Fishing Terrace: sitting in tranquility and appreciating outstanding views of lake and mountains. Through the meditation, you will taste the romantic feeling in leisure time. We aim to offer most comfortable recreation space.

Emperor Qianlongs Fishing Terrace

West Garden Teahouse: It is located beside No. 3 Villa, bordering the West Lake on three sides. With chess and poker rooms, it is like Shangri-La with beautiful environment, thus an ideal place to meet friends, relax and have fun.

Yaoyuan Fishing Terrace: Opposite to the No. 2 Villa and close to the West Lake, it is a recreational site for fishing and tea drinking.

Lakeside Tennis Court: Located on the lawn of No. 8 Villa and close to the West Lake, it is an ideal site for contest and exchange, with an open view.

No. 37 of Wangs Villa: It is a high-end club for fitness, leisure and recreation, with constant temperature swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium, billiard room, etc.

South Garden Bar: It is opposite to No. 37 of Wangs Villa, with bar and KTV rooms.

Boat: Wangs Villa pleasure boat is luxurious and comfortable, with leather sofa, washroom, water-cool air-conditioning.

Shopping Center: Located at the General Service Desk, it sells various daily commodity and Hangzhou local special products.

Hairdressing: Located inside No. 6 Villa, it offers hairdressing and haircut service.

Lobby Bar: Located by the General Service Desk, it is an elegant, serene and ideal place for you to rest and meet friends, offering various tea, drinks and wine.

Bakery: Located by the shopping center, it offers fresh bread and cake of various styles and pure taste.

Flower Shop: Located by the shopping center, it offers various flowers for festival, business, birthday, friendship and love.

Book Shop: Located by the shopping center, it offers the latest books, magazines and newspapers.

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Food and BanquetFood and Banquet
Food and BanquetFood and Banquet

The picturesque landscape can be tasted in our dainty dishes. With a good mood, you will enjoy having dinner comfortably. Our house-specials are Huaiyang-style and Hangzhou-style cuisine. Western-style dishes are also available. We offer buffet, banquet, buffet reception and cocktail parties for our guests. The dainty dishes here are sure to make you feel lingering flavors. Elaborately prepared with Chairmans banquet and Wangs Banquet are attractive, illustrate the catering culture in China for thousands of years and bring pleasure in the atmosphere.

Personage Banquet: The dishers of this banquet are selected from those that have been served to leaders such as Chairman Mao and Chen Yun as wall as to foreign heads of state and VIPs. They are all rich in nutrition and delicate in appearance.

WangFamily Banquet: The original host of Wang's Villa ordered his men to create this banquet to show the wealth and prosperity of the family. The essence lies in the usage of tea or the tealeaf with the skill of Hui Cuisine.

Dining Service

Xizi Hall: The magnificent hall can accommodate up to 300 people, suitable for large-scale banquet, wedding feast, buffet and cocktail party. The full-function stage inside is suitable for performance. Business hour: 08:0022:00

Yiyuan Cafe: With classic and elegant decoration, it can accommodate up to 150 people for Western-style buffet and banquet. Business hour: 24 hours

Peony Hall: Located on the second floor of the dining hall, it can provide up to 60 people with Chinese cuisine and dishes of local Zhejiang flavor. Business hour: 11:00-22:00

Special banquet halls

West Lake Hall: Located inside the Chairman Villa, it is the venue where Chairman met VIPs. It is worth mentioning that the lotus pendant lamp inside the hall was an imitation of lamps in Beijing Zhongnanhai, as proposed by Premier Zhou Enlai out of safety consideration for Chairman Mao. State leaders such as Jiang Zemin and Li Peng came to this hall while Premier Zhu Rongji once treated Joschka Fischer, deputy chancellor of Germany. The hall, spacious and high, can accommodate up to 50 people, with a full view of the West Lake when its door is open.

Plum Hall: Located inside the Chairman Villa, it used to be Chairman Maos dining hall and was named after the plum tree planted by him before the window. It can accommodate up to 16 people and suitable for state leaders banquet.

Lily Hall: Located on the first floor of the dining hall, it can accommodate up to 6 people, with a scene of vast lawn and distant view of the West Lake. It is suitable to host Wang Family Banquet.

Xizhao Hall: It can accommodate up to 20 people, with a full view of the West Lake and distant view of Hangzhou new city and City God Pavilion. It mainly hosts high-end banquet.

Tea Garden Hall: Located inside the Executive Villa, it offers buffet breakfast mainly Western style. It can accommodate 14-20 people for high-end banquet or 40 people for buffet cocktail party.

Yinyue Pavilion: Located inside the Executive Villa, it mainly hosts high-end banquet and can accommodate up to 12 people, with a distant view of Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, one of the Ten Best West Lake Views.

VIP Hall: Located inside the VIP Villa, it integrates dignity, elegance and serenity, with a close view of the West Lake. It can accommodate up to 24 people, suitable for high-end banquet and buffet cocktail party. Business Hour: 07:30-22:00

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Business MeetingBusiness MeetingBusiness Meeting

Holding meetings in such a picturesque environment is kind of communication, as well as enjoyment of leisure time. The areas and designs are various from room to room. They are suitable for holding such meetings as forum, seminar, meeting of board of directors and training meeting. The capacity of rooms is various, ranging from 10 people to 150 people. High speed website is available in the rooms, and different kinds of appliances for meeting are equipped. Commercial center will offer all kinds of services needed during meetings. Our staff is very professional and will arrange meetings according to your requirements.

West Lake Hall
Located inside Chairmans Villa, it is the venue where Chairman held meetings and met a profusion of foreign ministers and officials. The Hall is endowed with historic importance and is employing a serious atmosphere.
The total area is 170 square meters, and is suitable for 60 people to hold a meeting (classroom style).

Flying Cloud Hall
It is a single villa with large meeting Hall with perfect function. The area is 441 square meters, and is suitable for you hold at most 200-people meeting (drama house style) or 150-people meeting (classroom style).

Cloud Shadow Hall
Located inside the Administrative Building, it is decorated in Barroco style. Crystal chandeliers are sleek and pulsating with artistic power. Outside the meeting room is garden and park. The area is 135 square meters and is suitable for a meeting with the capacity of at most 60 people (classroom style).

Spring Hall
Located inside the Commercial Building with the area of 82 square meters, it is suitable for a meeting with the capacity of at most 20 people (classroom style).

Wintersweet Hall
Located inside the Commercial Building with the area of 82 square meters, it is suitable for a meeting with the capacity of at most 20 people (classroom style).

Lakeside lawn
Spacious and green lakeside lawn is one feature of our hotel as well as a natural meeting hall. It is also the best choice for outdoor activity. You can hold lawn party, outdoor concert, large exhibition and training activity.

Meeting Rooms Capacity & Rate Dimension



Rent .1/2Day




Feiyun Hall

  120 p

  180 p


  31.5 x 14.1

  4.50 m

  441 m2

Qiantang Hall




  26.5 x 8.50

  5.95 m

  225 m2

West Lake Hall

  60 p

  80 p


  15.3 x 9.40

  5.95 m

  143 m2

Yunying Hall

  50 p

  70 p


  14.5 x 9.30

  4.90 m

  135 m2

Chunxiao Hall

  20 p

  40 p


  11.1 x 7.40

  2.63 m

  82 m2

Dongmei Hall

  20 p



  11.1 x 7.40

  2.82 m

  82 m2

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Humane Wang's Villa
Humane WangHumane WangHumane Wang

Wang's Villa , a famous villa in the West Lake area, was formerly named the Wang Yutai Teahouse. Built in 1927, it belonged to Wang Tiyu, a tea dealer from Anhui Province. The villa, when finished, surpassed all its counterparts in the area with its unique style. At the time, Wang Yutai opened a teahouse on Huaihai Road, Shanghai. In the meantime, he set up a tea factory in Qiantang, Zhejiang Province. His business became prosperous and he soon found himself a millionaire. His villa thus quickly gained reputation among the rich and the distinguished who gathered in the villa to sing and dance. Surrounded on three sides by the West Lake on which flowers and trees were reflected, the villa was brimming with music and joy for a time.

It was not until 1958 that Wang's Villa ,together with Xizhao Mountain, part of Sujia Mountain, Xizhao Temple and Baiyun Nunnery, was rebuilt into No.2 Reception House for Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, covering an area of 210,000 square kilometers. Since then, it began to accommodate cadres from Central Government. Former Chairman Mao Zedong lived here for 27 times, holding important diplomatic activities, reading and working. He later referred to it as his second home. The Reception House began its opering up in September 1979 and was renamed Zhejiang Xizi Guesthouse. Comrade Cheng Yun inscribed the new title for the hotel.

A large number of ancient spots can be found in Wang Zhuang like the Leifeng Tower, Xizhao Temple, Baiyun Nunnery, Matchmaker's temple and the Fishing Platform of Qian Long, one of the emperors in Qing Dynasty. Having stood up to ups and downs in the past 70 years which has granted it experience and vitality, Wang's Villa , the bright pearl in the West Lake, will surely shine more brilliantly than ever.


Wang's Villa owers its fame not only to the charming West Lake and magnificent Leifeng Pagoda around it, but also its hospitality to countless clelbrities. It has accommodated leaders of the party and central government, such as Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng and Zhu Rongji, as well as writers like Ba Jin. They were attracted by the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the villa, and left behind precious memories to enrich the place. Honored guests from abroad, such as Kofi Annan, Roman Herzog and Anna C.Chennault, also stayed at this villa of typical oriental style. Wang's Villa composes a paean of splendid oriental culture with its natural and historic beauty.

Famous Garden

Wang's Villafeaturing elegance and quietness. The famous villa, otherwise known as the Purity Villa, was originally owned by Wang Zixin, a tea trader of Anhui origin. Built in 1927, Wang's Villa has attracted tourists from all over the world for its delicate pavilions, halls, chambers and towers, In the scenic spots like these, one returns to the arms of the nature, enjoying fresh and natural beauty. Zither RoomWang Zixin, the original host of Wang's Villa, was keen on the zither and excelled in calligraphy. Wang was in possession of precious zithers and built several rooms with ancient music scores posted on walls of them. He thus named those rooms Zither Room. In addition, Mrs.Wang was good at playing musical instruments.

Chrysanthemum GardenWang's Villa ,featuring delicate pavilions, halls, chambers, towers, ponds and rockeries, was regarded as the villa with the best novelty at that time. Exotic flowers and rare herbs blossomed and faded by turns all around the year while the best-known was Chrysanthemum, which was displayed to the public each fall. Tea HouseWang's Villa, built in 1927,was known for its delicate architecture among the villas around the West Lake then. At that time, Mr.Wang established a teashop on Huaihai Road in Shanghai and a tea factory in Hangzhou, by which he made a great fortune. There's a teahouse in the villa now, in which guests can have a taste of the tea and have a look at those tea sets of antique flavor on display.

Baiyun NunneryTemple to the God of MatchmakingSituated to the west of Leifeng Pagoda, Baiyun Nunnery is close to Wang's Villa at the foot of Nanping Hill. It was named as Yi Garden by one of the emperors of the Qing Dynasty and destroyed in Mid-1800s.In 1896, the Nunnery was rebuilt by Ding Songsheng, a famous collector in Hangzhou and a statue of the God of Matchmaking was added to it. According to A New Chronology of the West Lake Sightseeing, the nunnery was characterized by green trees and beautiful ponds, with flowers in the backyard. During the War of Resistance against Japan, it was damaged by the Japanese Army because it was taken as a shelter of patriotic partisans.

Outstanding Rooms

Awarded the honor of one of the Ten Best Hotels in 1995 and the Best International Hotel in 1997. Xizi Hotel, a bright pearl in the West Lake,Will surely shine more brilliantly than ever.

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Zhejiang Xizi Hotel is situated at the foot of Sunset Hill, which is famous for the awesome sight of the reconstructed Leifeng Pagoda. Zhejiang Xizi Hotel in Hangzhou is ideally located directly beside the picturesque and cultural West Lake, within a beautiful Chinese garden. It offers lovely views also of the Two Peaks.

As the capital of Zhejiang province, Hangzhou is situated at the south end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Hangzhou governs 8 administrative regions including Shangcheng, Xiaocheng, Jianggan, Gongshu, Xihu, Gaoxin (Binjiang), Xiaoshan and Yuhang and 5 counties and county level cities including Fuyang, Lin’an, Jiande, Tonglu and Chun’an. The total area of Hangzhou is 16,596 square kilometers, in which the urban area is 3,068 square kilometers. The city tree is camphor and the city flower is sweet osmanthus.

Direction to Hotel
From the airport to the hotel
Jichang Rd.→Fuxing Bridge→Zhonghe Viaduc Bridge→Wansongling Tunnel→Nanshan Rd.→Hotel
From Shanghai to the hotel
Genshan Rd. →Huancheng Rd. →Zhonghe Viaduc Bridge→Wansongling Tunnel→Nanshan Rd.→Hotel

  • Distance from historic area: 0.5 km
  • Distance from historic area: 15 minutes walk
  • Located on lakefront
  • Zhejiang Xizi Hotel is 30 km from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
  • Zhejiang Xizi Hotel is a 35 minutes drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

West Lake
Three sides of the lake are surrounded by verdant mountains and one side of it prosperous city. The beauty of the Westlake lies in the harmonious combination of humanistic and natural scenery. After a large-scale reconstruction, the current West Lake has recovered the panorama over 300 years before when it reached the most prosperous period in history, combining delicacy, elegance and wild natural interest in harmony.

Ten Scenes of the West Lake
Hangzhou's most famous scenic sight. Technically, there are "10 Scenes of the West Lake" and "10 New Scenes," but they are overrated, and often seasonal (Snowfall Over Broken Bridge, etc). Rather than make a checklist and walking back and forth looking for them, simply spend a clear day wandering the circumference of the lake and the causeways, take a ferry to the islands, and you will probably cover most of the sites anyway. The "West Lake" itself can be divided into countless smaller sites, from Mr. Guo's villa to "Orioles Singing in the Willows". The "West Lake Scenic Area" itself is very large. This section only covers areas in the immediate vicinity of the lake. Other spots are covered in later sections.

Local Specialties

West Lake Dragon Well Tea: With a history of over 1200 years, West Lake Longjing Tea tops Chinese Ten Renowned Teas for its “green color, fragrant aroma, nice shape and sweet taste”. It can be divided into five categories including Lion(Shifeng),Dragon(Longjing),Cloud(Yunqi), Tiger(Hupao)and Mei(Meijiawu), in which Shifeng is of the first grade and “Before Tomb-Sweeping Day Tea’Is the best.

Hangzhou Silk: Hangzhou has a long history in producing silk which covers 14 categories namely silk, satin, floss, slub, crape, damask silk, gauze, voile and so on. It is far sold to over 100 countries and regions. In 1926 Du Jinsheng Brocade won a golden medal at Philadelphia Intemational Expo in America with a multicoloured brocade landscape picture.

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors: With a history of over 300 hundred years and featured by even steel inlay, fine grinder, sharp blade, Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors enjoys high reputation home and abroad and is acknowledged as King of Chinese Scissors.

Wangxingji Fans: Famous as Elegant Hangzhou Fans in the Song Dynasty, Wangxinji Fans includes 15 categories in which black paper fans and sandalwood fans are the most renowned. It not only sells well in China, but also finds its way into over 50 countries and regions in the world Lmitation of Southern Song Dynasty Official Porcelain Kiln: thin roughcast and thick glaze,ceramic glaze.

West Lake Silk Umbrella: Taking bamboo as frames and silk as cover, West Lake Silk Umbrella is called the Flower of West Lake for its beautiful style. Now it has more than 10 categories including daily silk umbrellas, rainbow umbrellas, dancing umbrellas and acrobatice silk umbrellas, etc.

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