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Merchant Marco Hotel, Hangzhou

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Welcome to Merchant Marco Hotel, Hangzhou ~~~

Hotel Introduction

Operated by Merchant Marco Management Company, Merchant Marco Hotel is a four-star business hotel which advocates Italian style. Our hotel is next to the charming West Lake and locates on the most flourishing street—Pinghai Road, which is adjacent to the shopping malls, such as the Nan hill Road, Hubin Pedestrian Road, Yan’an Road etc.

Our hotel has more than 190 cozy and comfortable guest rooms and is equipped with different sorts of dinning halls, bars so as to supply different tastes and entertainments to guests. Our hotel is also equipped with shopping center, business center, beauty salon and different sorts of meeting rooms, as well as fitness center, underground parking area, etc which we can make use of to serve to our guests with the most considerate hospitality and the most sincerely service.

With the Italian style, the lobby is decorated with big log, natural marble, and exquisite cloth, as well as the original artwork. All these represent that our hotel is aim to lead a green life with noble and romantic European style and to make a peace phenomenon between people and nature.

Seven hundred years ago, the famous Italian traveler ‘Marco Polo’arrived Hangzhou, he praised Hangzhou as “The most beautiful and luxurious city”. Seven years later, when you come to the charming West Lake, you will also be attracted by West Lake.

Enjoying the romance in Hangzhou—the paradise city.
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Room and Accommodation

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Room Room Room Room
Room Room Room Room
Room Room Room Room
Room Room Room Room
Room Room

Deluxe Room
Deluxe room is spacious and equipped with log-made carrier, sofa, new style TV set, and the shower room and bathtub in the bathroom.

City-view Room
With European Mediterranean style, comfortable cotton bedding, new style TV set, spacious and clean bathroom. The city-view room is divided into Lake-view twin room and lake-view king-size room.

Lake-view Room
Wooden furniture, fabric sofas, flat screen TV, bathtub and shower room in the bathroom, the lake-view room will supply you with the charming West Lake picturesque and the flourish city view from the windows. The lake-view room is divided into Lake-view twin room and lake-view king-size room.

Executive City-view Room
The executive rooms are on the upper floors, that are no-smoking floors. Spacious and bright, the rooms are equipped with wooden furniture, new style TV set, etc.. You can appreciate the charming West Lake view while drinking LongJing green tea. The executive room is divided nto executive city-view twin room and the executive city-view king-size room.

Executive Lake-view Room
Executive lake-view rooms are equipped with wooden furniture, cotton bedding, flat screening TV set, complimentary fresh fruits, some of the rooms even equipped with fax. The lake-view rooms can supply you with the charming west lake and some other scenic spots nearby. What’s more, you can enjoy the promotion while checking in.

Executive Business Room
The 14th floor Business Cabinet can provide you for the most honourable service. You can have general enchanting scenery of the West Lake from the liquor corridor .

Horizon Room
The rooms are decorated according to the standard of five-star hotel. Equipped with careful designed bed, drawer-style refrigerator, leather sofa, etc.. You can enjoy yourself in the bathroom, washing and watching TV. You can enjoy the promotion while checking in.

Apartment Suite
Decorated according to the five-star standards, the room is divided into the bedroom and the sitting room and equipped with 2m wide soft and comfortable bed, the drawer style refrigerator, leather sofa, etc.

West Lake Suite
At the middle floors of the hotel, the West Lake Suite is divided into guest room and bedroom. The room is equipped with sofa, TV, 2m wide bed, a closet, as well as flowers and fruits. The most attractive things is that you can appreciate the charming scene of the West Lake lying on the bed.

Presidential Suite
The presidential suite is about 160M2, and divided into two bedrooms, and three washrooms. the suite is also equipped with the dining hall, leisure room and closet. The kitchen equipment, silver cutlery,40-inch LCD TV, silk bedding, different sorts of plants, wine, high-quality bathtub, etc..are all available in the presidential suite.

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Facilities Facilities Facilities Facilities
Facilities Facilities Facilities Facilities
Facilities Facilities Facilities Facilities
Facilities Facilities Facilities Facilities
Facilities Facilities Facilities Facilities


Belar lobby

You can come to Belar Lobby Bar to have a cup of Longjing Green Tea or Coffee in a sunny and comfortable afternoon. We also have different kinds of delicious cookies. We hope that you can enjoy yourself here.
Bar Business Time:09:00—24:00

Japanese Restaurant Bar

You can enjoy the authentic Japanese service and dishes.
Business Time:11:30-13:00,16:30-24:00

ShangDu Chinese Restaurant

Shangdu Chinese restaurant is divided into one hall and 18 boxes. The hall can hold about 300 people, and can hold around 30 tables of marriage party and group dinner. You can see the beautiful view of the West Lake from the 2 of the 18 boxes. We also supply the typical dishes that made by our famous chef—Mr. Da Dong, which only supply in our hotel. We also serve the different styles of dishes. We have the service to hold marriage party.
Business Time:11:30--14:30

Café le Mediterranean

Café le Mediterranean is on the 17th floor, from where you can see the charming West Lake. We supply coffee and delicious buffet, etc.. We also hold western style marriage buffet which make your marriage different.
Business Time:06:30—22:00

Meeting Center
Qian Tang Room, on the 3rd floor of our hotel, is about 78㎡. The facilities is equipped according to the international meeting standard. The room can hold about 24 people.

West Lake Room ,on the 3rd floor of our hotel, is about 45 ㎡ and can hold about 12-20 people to have a meeting.

Oriental Hall, on the 3rd floor of our hotel, is about 135㎡. The hall can divided into several rooms according the guest’s request. The room can hold about 40—70 people.

Sport Center

Shopping center supply different commodity from fancy artwork to special local product for you to choose.

Fitness Center is equipped with advanced fitness facilities, such as the famous Italian Technogym .In the new decorated fitness center, feeling easy and comfortable, you can relax your body and mood after a busy day.

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Merchant Marco Hotel is situated at the most flourishing area, and only 500m away from the West Lake. You can appreciate the charming view of the West Lake from the windows of our hotel.

how to get to our hotel
from Hu—Hang highway to our hotel:

Take the “Hangzhou EXIT” to get off the Hu-Hang highway, go westward along the Genshan West Rd. and take the Zhonghe viaduct ring road to go southward to the Qingchun Pianghai Rd. EXIT(please pay attention to the notion ) to get off to go southward of Zhonghe RD. to Pianghai RD., turn right to cover 200m to get to our hotel.

Shopping places:

Qinghefang Road, reflecting the features of the Southern Song Dynasty, is one of the most famous historic roads in Hangzhou and the only well-preserved miniature of the long history of Hangzhou. Qinghefang Road is dealing with antiques, calligraphy, paintings, souvenirs, articles of handicraft, and some special products in Hangzhou.。

Hubin Street gathers the top brand commodities, and is a place can go shopping, touring and having conversation.

Hangzhou Silk City—Hangzhou Silk City is on a street about 1150 meters long. It boasts the ancient buildings, strong cultural flavor, diverse silk products. It is one of the attractive places in Hangzhou and becomes an important showcase to the outside world, welcoming warmly tourists home and abroad.

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