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Best Western MeiYuan Hotel , Hangzhou

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Welcome to Best Western MeiYuan Hotel , Hangzhou ~~~

Hotel Introduction

Best Western MeiYuan Hotel is the first member-hotel of the World's Largest Hotel Chain-BEST WESTERN INTER-NATIONAL in Eastern China. Located in the educational and business area of Hangzhou, the Best Western Hangzhou offers gracious hospitality and incomparable service at a realistic price. It is only a ten-minute drive from the famous West Lake, the largest shopping center and the government hall in the city.

The Best Western Hangzhou was designed in the Chinese traditional style, and offers a wide range of facilities and services including characteristic restaurants, well furnished and functional rooms, extensive conference facilities, non-smoking floor, concierge with personal service and so on. It is the ideal hotel for business travel, holiday and conferences. Best Western Hangzhou, a hotel trying to make your business and leisure trip more enjoyable, is always at your service.

Best Western Hangzhou is the first member hotel of global biggest monomer chain-like hotel group - Best Western International in the Chinese East China area,is a four star class commercial hotel. The guesthouse adjoins in Hangzhou the characteristic block - good faith work place, is the first national wetland park - west brook country wetland park peripheral few in number high star class hotel, is apart from the known far and wide Xihu only several minute vehicle regulations, the geographical position is superior, the transportation facilitates extremely.

The guesthouse has 228 warmly (set), the comfortable guest room, but the free wide band surfer, we carefully have also prepared many kinds of Chinese and foreign publication magazine in the room for you, the building leisure home atmosphere. The facility prepared conference location and the specialty, the omni-directional modern commerce service, solves you in trade route all extra worries. West dining room each rich characteristic, the world each place good food, satisfies the different region guest's diet taste.

Noisy takes the static pleased green jade porch open-air coffee park air to be fresh, the view joy person, is the upscale cocktail party, the friend slightly gathers, drinks tea rests certainly the good place. Provides the entire wrap international well-known brand “the strength is healthy” charm valuable international fitness cosmetology club, has the specialized fitness training to measure the body to have custom-made individual fitness plan, unique cosmetology nursing lets the exhausted body and mind obtain the best relaxation, is worth attempting.

The guesthouse ad hoc green environmental protection smokeless room, the fashion gently beautiful female guest room, enjoy the supreme service the administrative floor, always some section suits you! Guesthouse esteem “satisfaction + pleasantly surprised” the warm personalized service, arranges each detail according to yours habits and customs, lets you who leaves home far savor to the intimate concern. Is far away busily, exposes the hubbub, relaxed, the satisfied commerce takes vacation the journey, in Hangzhou best West plum park guesthouse.

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Room and Accommodation
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Accommodation Accommodation
Accommodation Accommodation
Accommodation Accommodation

The hotel has 228 guest rooms, including standard, business, executive, suite and so on. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioing, IDD, DDD, TV. Broadband internet access is available in some rooms except the standard rooms. Best Western Hangzhou provides comfortable accommodation for business and leisure guests.

Business Room

Upholstery with imitated rosewood results in high visual impact and noble enjoyment. Non-smoking and smoking floors are available. Meanwhile, it is equipped with network cable. Bring your computer, then you can surf the internet anytime.

Business Suite

Each business suite is equipped with a spacious and comfortable living room, providing you with private space for rest and for informal business meetings or negotiations. Meanwhile, it also has rattan sofa which would bring fresh and natural feelig for you.

Executive Double Room

Convenient occupation service; one big cozy bed providing you with sound sleep; European-style decoration; as well as one LCD compute by which you can surf the internet for free.

Executive King Bed

With convenient occupation service, it is provided with European-style decoration, there is one 1.8M-sized bed, one LCD compute by which you can surf the internet for free as well as one massage bathtub for fatigue relief. Various preferential measures for executive floors provide you with high-quality and thoughtful service.

Executive Suite

It is a perfect combination of classic beauty and modern style. Elegant decoration in the living room brings a strong feeling of Chinese culture while European-style furnishing of the study. The toilet is provided with LCD TV and showering room as well as one 2.4meter-diametered round bed which provides a brand-new taste for personality-pursued urbanites.

Luxury Suite

Wide space, comfortableness, complete facilities and thoughtful service make your travel easy and efficient. Decoration with imitated rosewood, and sauna room and massage bathtub bring you high quality life. You can choose the floor for occupancy at discretion, enjoying your comfortable, private and independent room.

Special Ladies’ Room

Located on the executive floor, it would meet the taste of fashion ladies with mellow and lucid color, elegant decoration and comfortable toilet room.

Room facility and hotel service

  • Independent regulative
  • central changes in


    temperature air conditioning
  • Satellite TV system
  • International domestic
  • direct-dial telephone
  • In room safety deposit box
  • Miniature bar
  • In room free wide band
  • surfer
  • The free generation
  • subscribes the domestic
  • best Western hotel

Special service

  • Smokeless room
  • Female guest room
  • Administrative floor
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Facilities Facilities
Facilities Facilities

Has the one whole set international well-known brand “the strength is healthy” fitness equipment and cosmetology equipment. Here has the specialty fitness coach to be able to give you to formulate the personalized fitness plan, unique series volatile oil nursing and the cosmetology service also enable you to obtain the full relaxation. In our club, you also may play tennis, the golf, enjoys the sauna and the steam bath. The high quality service and the advanced facility can certainly let your life even more varied and colorful. The one whole set "the strength is healthy" the fitness equipment, for example: The bicycle, jogs machine, the stair machine, rows a boat machine and the sufficient strength training instrument and so on.

The good child pediluwium is the relaxed body and mind certainly the good place. May enjoy in the good child to the herbal medicine soaks the foot, the hand massage, the back massage series service in. The good child pediluwium is China Medical Association, the foot health method specialized committee unit. Our chiropractor passes through specialized training, the technique is adept, the service enthusiasm, operates road of the health service.

Link: Root of foot of like tree the human, the human old foot fades first, the tree dry root uses up first, the foot is called human's second heart. The human body various internal organs organ organization, all has the echo area in the foot which its corresponds. Through the massage stimulation, strengthens the organism correspondence spot the self-modulation, overcomes inside and outside pathology the factor disturbance, restores organism the normal coordination operating condition, thus plays prevents disease treats an illness with the health care role.

It according to the total information medicine to mediate the channels and collaterals theory, to the arm, the calf and the foot carries on the massage, the spot pressure, the massage, rubs, strikes, the display whole unification function, has demonstrated the reliable health care effect. Therefore, after a half hour pediluwium massage, may play generally dredges the channels and collaterals, the acceleration nerve conduction, the promotion blood circulation, the enhancement immunity role. Therefore many receivers, after completes the massage, universal feeling relaxed comfortable, and gets up the obvious alleviation effect to certain illness.

Business hour: On Monday to Friday: 07:00-23:00, On Saturday to Sunday: 09:00-23:00

  • Best star class hotel in Zhejiang Province
  • First batch green hotel in Zhejiang Province
  • Chinese hotel golden key "diamond prize" hotel
  • First batch through ISO9002 authentication hotel in Hangzhou
  • Tennis Court
  • Television with Cable Satellive TV System
  • Miniature Golf Court
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Fitness Center
  • Mini Bar
  • Banquet & Conference Room
  • Room Service
  • Chinese & Western Restaurant
  • Laundry
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Rejoicing Cafe

The dining room provides business set, besides, offers the interval variety international buffet.in different time for you, The good wine and the good food are since the ancient times match certainly. we has prepared the world famous wine come from world production area for you. The dining room is bright, peaceful, also, has the band plays calssical songs during your dinner. This restaurant is the exceedingly good place for you to invite friends and perform business negotiation. Position: Located by the lobby left side. Business hour: 6:30 a.m.- 0:00 p.m. Buffet time: Breakfast 06:30 - 10:00 lunch 11:30-14:00(Only on the Saturdays, and Sundays) supper 17:30-21:00.

Merald Garden

Outdoor Coffee Lounge, also is an ideal place for you to holds the cocktail party and buffet. The sunlight afternoon tea, tastes in season fruit, the delicacy snack, the fine western-style pastry, extra present fragrant and mellow coffee or tea; Come and enjoy the smile and the sunlight! Position: Left side of the hotel, Business hour: 6:30 a.m. - 0:00p.m, Afternoon tea time: 14:30 - 16:30.

Lanjun Chinese Restaurant

The pure Chinese restaurant, matches by 19 style different private rooms.Offers Huaiyang vegetable, Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine which the gold medal master chef manages. Different kinds of seafood, flavor dishes and Special dishes gathers together bring you to the food heaven. Position: On the 2nd Floor, Business hour: Lunch 11:00-14:00 Super 17:00-21:30

Eavenlies Court

Luxurious decoration, homelike atmosphere, provide transact immediate check in and check out procedures of the executive floor, meanwhile, providing the afternoon tea buffet for free of charge for the executive floor, quite, comfort atmosphere, the convenient services that is tailored for you. Position: On the 9th Floor, Business hour: 13:00 - 22:30.

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Best Western Hangzhou has an experience richly, the well-trained conference service troop, and is equipped with the customer service center specially, implements the all-the-way tracking service to the conference, succeeded has received the province political consultative conference, the Hangzhou Xihu exposition, the provincial government high level talented person meeting, each kind of major industry annual meeting, the marketing conference, the press conference, the economics and trade business conference, the academic seminar, and other each kind of conference. The guesthouse conference supposes Executes, the function completely is perfect, may meet each kind of conference need, is you holds the conference the ideal choice.

Four seasons HallFour seasons Hall

Position: 3F

Area: 350square meters

Shape: The semicircle, does not have the column

Shape Classroom Theater U Shape Mouth Shape Cocktail Circle Table
Number 200 260 80 100 180 250

Facility: The microphone, the sound, the projection facility and provide the wide band surfer

Meiyuan HallMeiyuan Hall

Position: 2F

Area: 350square meters

Shape: The semicircle, does not have the column

Shape Classroom Theater U Shape Mouth Shape Cocktail Circle Table
Number 180 250 80 80 180 220

Facility: The microphone, the sound, the projection facility and provide the wide band surfer

Juxian HallJuxian Hall

Position: 1F

Area: 100square meters

Shape: The semicircle, does not have the column

Shape Classroom Theater U Shape Mouth Shape Tea Party
Number 100 150 40 50 80

Facility: The microphone, the sound, the projection facility and provide the wide band surfer

Meeting RoomMeeting Room

Position: 4、5、6、7F

Area: 54square meters

Shape: Rectangle

Shape Classroom Theater U Shape Mouth Shape Tea Party
Number 40 60 30 \ \

Facility: The projection facility and provides the wide band surfer

Atrium VIP RoomAtrium VIP Room

Position: 8F

Area: 45square meters

Shape: Rectangle

Shape Classroom Theater U Shape Mouth Shape Tea Party
Number \ \ 10 \ \

Facility: The projection facility and provides the wide band surfer

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The Best Western Hangzhou Meiyuan hotel is centrally located in Hangzhou, set close to many local attractions and with easy access to West Lake, Wulinmen Business Center and several Chinese government buildings. Visitors are positioned less than one and a half kilometers from the Zhejiang Natural Museum, the Cuiyuan Movie World and the Dragon Sports and Tour Center whilst the Xi'xi National Wetlands Park is situated just a short distance from the hotel. 

  • City Center (10-15 minutes to West Lake By Taxi)
  • 36 kilometers from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
  • 8 kilometers from Railway Station
  • 3km from the West Lake
  • 1.5km form the Wulin Square
  • 8km from Xixi National Wetland Park

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