Full Day Guilin Tour
Elephant Hill Details:
Pick-up from your hotel between 8:45 am and 09:15am
1) Reed Flute Cave: It is just a 15 to 20 minute drive northwest of the downtown area. The cave's serpentine depths wind about within Guangming Mountain and feature some remarkable rock formations. The cave itself is named for the green reeds growing inside, the same ones you might notice being used to make the slide whilstles sold outside the cave.
2) Fubo Hill: This fascinating karst upthrust reminds some people of a towering wave, poised to crash down into the river below; others believe the name comes from the rock formation's interruption of the flow of the Li River. Either way, it's an impressive piece of geology, surrounded by rolling green hills and more karst peaks, water, caves, picturesque rocks, and gardens.
3) Elephant Hill: China's storied landscape is well populated by fantastically shaped natural features named for various mythological figures, especially animals. One of the most famous is Guilin's Elephant Hill, a striking natural arch that juts out into the Li River, bearing a clear resemblance to an elephant dipping its trunk into the water.
4) Seven Star Park: A great place for a relaxing stroll, this ancient park takes its name from seven karst peaks that correspond to the seven stars in the Big Dipper constellation.Covering.1.2 square kilometers (nearly 1,000 acres), the park's rocky landscape is riddled with a number of natural grottos and caves.
Back to your hotel around 5:00pm

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Departure: Daily
Duration: Approx.7 hours
Pick-up point and time: Your Hotel between 8:45 am and 9:15 am
Finishing point and time: Your Hotel around 5:00pm
Language: English
Lunch: Chinese style
Quotation excludes: tips to the guide and driver
Souvenir shops: South Pearl Factory; Folk Custom Center
Rates: USD 80 per adult, USD 54 per child